Lucky Frogger Trophy in Superfrog

  • Lucky Frogger


    Unlock all the original levels

    How to unlock Lucky Frogger

    At the end of each level you play a fruit themed slot machine. The aim of this mini-game is to line up three of the same picture, which can either be a Cherry, Banana, Apple or a Jewel. You initially start with 3 spins, however more can be obtained if you get 3 Jewels in a row. Obtaining any three of the same pictures in a single spin will reward you with the following:

    • Cherry = 2 x prize
    • Banana = 1 x prize
    • Apple = 1 x prize
    • Jewels = 2 x free spins

    Each prize corresponds to a single original level, in which there are 24 in total (4 for each world). A lot of this is luck, however, I found the fruit slot machine to be quite generous. It is important to note that following each spin you get the chance to rotate, "Nudge", each of the three lines upwards by 1 picture. Press to Nudge the highlighted line, you don't get a lot of time to do this so pay attention to what picture is below the ones that are currently in the middle. You will get the hang of this mini-game after a few goes and will easily unlock all fruit slot machine related trophies on your way to 100%.

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  • How original levels can be unlocked ??
  • These are unlocked when you play the slot machine and get a match of 3 with prize.

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