• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-12 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ Level Select
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Level Select is available from the start)
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Superfrog HD is a scrolling 2D platformer that highly resembles the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. It was originally developed by Team17 Software for the Amiga in 1993 and has a large fan base due to its solid gameplay and smooth scrolling. In August 2013 the game was re-released in a remastered HD version for the PS3 and Vita through the PSN store. The graphics have been improved a lot and it will sure to excite fans of the original classic.



Step 1: Play through all 24 of the new levels
Just play through the game and complete all 24 new levels from the 6 different worlds. By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Super Squisher
Hopping To Victory
Frog Of The World
Toad In The Hole

Step 2: Clean up by replaying levels via Level Select
Depending on your luck with the mini game fruit slot machine an if you didn't collect enough coins and all the golden lily pads, various levels will need to be replayed to unlock the following trophies:

Spawny Frog
Lucky Frogger
Aureus Lilium
Multi Aureus Lilium
Bulging Purse

  [PST Would Like to Thank dcollins22 for this Roadmap]

Superfrog Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  )

  • Kill 10 enemies

    You will get this early on depending on if you focus on killing enemies or avoiding them. Most enemies can be killed if you jump on top of them (press to jump). Others will need to be shot by pressing once you have picked up a Spud (a small round green head) which enables you to shoot and kill enemies.

  • Kill 101 enemies

    You will definitely get this as you play through the levels for the other trophies. Just make sure to kill enemies when you come across them either by jumping on or shooting them with once you have obtained a Spud.

  • Complete a level without dying

    This is very easily done on the first level of world 1. Each life consists of 5 'chances' for lack of a better term (represented by the line of orange rectangles in the top left hand side of your screen). You will lose a chance each time an enemy hits you or on some types of spikes. For this trophy you are allowed to lose chances, just not lives. The fixed spikes that you often need to jump over will kill you instantly and taking one life, regardless of how many 'chances' you have.

    If you are struggling to get this trophy or missed it during your playthrough, replay world 1-1 as there is virtually nothing that can kill you in one hit. Just avoid the flying bees and the blue enemies crawling on the ground.

  • Complete a level

    This will be the first trophy you unlock in this game. Once you have completed world 1-1, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete a new world

    This trophy will unlock when you complete your first world, which will be world 1. There are 6 worlds in total each consisting of 4 new levels and 4 Original Levels, the later of which need to be unlocked (see Lucky Frogger for more info).

    Note: Only the 4 new HD levels in each world need to be completed for this trophy, not the original 2D ones.

  • Complete all new levels

    In total there are 24 new levels in Superfrog HD. These are separated into 6 different world (4 new levels each). This trophy will unlock when you defeat the boss for the final time at the end of world 6-4.

    Note: The original levels that you unlock along the way do not need to be completed for this trophy. These levels are termed 'Original 1', 'Original 2' etc when scrolling left and right on the D-Pad within each world.

  • Win an editor brush

    Editor brushes can only be unlocked once all the original levels have been unlocked (see Lucky Frogger for more info).

  • Win all editor brushes

    There are 24 editor brushes that need to be unlocked. These are unlocked via the fruit slot machine that is played at the end of each level. Please see Lucky Frogger for details regarding how the fruit slot machine works.

    You don't have to play different levels to earn different brushes. As long as you line up three of the correct symbols whilst playing the slot machine you will unlock an editor brush. As such you can just replay the first level of world 4 over and over as its pretty quick to finish and get to the slot machine. Thanks to Puzzler for this tip.You must also have unlocked all original levels first before you start unlocking brushes (see Lucky Frogger below.

  • Unlock all the original levels

    At the end of each level you play a fruit themed slot machine. The aim of this mini-game is to line up three of the same picture, which can either be a Cherry, Banana, Apple or a Jewel. You initially start with 3 spins, however more can be obtained if you get 3 Jewels in a row. Obtaining any three of the same pictures in a single spin will reward you with the following:

    • Cherry = 2 x prize
    • Banana = 1 x prize
    • Apple = 1 x prize
    • Jewels = 2 x free spins

    Each prize corresponds to a single original level, in which there are 24 in total (4 for each world). A lot of this is luck, however, I found the fruit slot machine to be quite generous. It is important to note that following each spin you get the chance to rotate, "Nudge", each of the three lines upwards by 1 picture. Press to Nudge the highlighted line, you don't get a lot of time to do this so pay attention to what picture is below the ones that are currently in the middle. You will get the hang of this mini-game after a few goes and will easily unlock all fruit slot machine related trophies on your way to 100%.

  • Find a secret area

    Each level has numerous secret areas where coins, fruit and golden lily pads are located. These areas are found by jumping (press ) into walls and if a secret passage is there, it will then become visible to the player. They can also be found on the ground which will open up upon walking over their location. Its not hard to find secret areas, and once you find a couple you will know where to look. The trophy will unlock upon entering your first secret area, for me this was at the end of world 1-1. Above the Exit sign at the end of the level is a large wall and a tree, climb the tree and you will see some coins in an opening in the wall. Simply jump into the wall near the coins and the passage will reveal itself.

    Secret areas are often linked to one another, jump into the surrounding walls once you are in a secret area and you may reveal another one.

  • Collect a golden lily pad

    See Multi Aureus Lilium

  • Collect all golden lily pads

    There are a total of 24 golden lily pads that need to be collected to unlock this trophy, 1 in each of the 24 new levels. There are none in the 24 original 2D levels. The vast majority of these will be located in secret areas. The levels aren't very big and you it won't take long to find all the secret areas for each level. My advice is to just jump everywhere you can, into all the walls and keep a look out for coins and fruit that look like they are in inaccessible areas as the entrance to them is probably close by.

    You will know if you have collected the golden lily pad from a given level, because there will be a picture of a small golden lily pad to the left of your high score for that level on the Level Select screen.

    If you are struggling to find the golden lily pads, then please refer to the below supplement guide created by MikelAL93:

    Superfrog HD ~ Golden Lily Pad Locations Guide

  • Find some hidden coins

    Hidden coins can be obtained when standing under a certain object and jumping up and down. Each jump will result in a new coin spilling from that object (very similar to the Super Mario games). These objects can include clouds, the sun, mushrooms, paintings of Superfrog in the dungeon levels etc. I unlocked this trophy in world 1-1. As soon as you start, jump underneath the cloud above you and coins will start to spill out. The trophy will unlock once these hidden coins appear.

  • Collect 80% of the total coins for new levels

    This will most probably be the last trophy you unlock in the game. You need to collect at least 80% of the coins in all 24 of the new levels. Each level has a different number of coins, thus the number required for each will differ from level to level. Again I haven't found any video or text guides for the collectables at the time of writing this trophy guide, in my opinion you don't need one. Search everywhere and pick up every coin you come across, make sure you check the secret areas as there are often many coins in them.

    You will know you if you have collected 80% of the coins for a level as there will be a small rotating gold coin to the left of your high score for it in the Level Select screen.

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