So Close Trophy in Super Hang-On

  • So Close


    Run out of time just before a checkpoint.

    How to unlock So Close

    This will most likely come naturally as you play. If not, you can attempt to make it happen though be aware that the bike naturally moves forward. You can't brake and wait so you'll have to time it perfectly. The time needs to run out right as you get to the checkpoint.

    The best track to do this on is the first Beginner track. Allow the bike to progress forward naturally. DO NOT ACCELERATE. Just as the timer is hitting 27 seconds take off and don't make any mistakes. You'll run out of time JUST before you get to the checkpoint and the trophy will pop. If you go off road or run into anything you'll run out of time way before the checkpoint. So the 27 seconds assumes you'll get there flawlessly.

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  • try this way. course:africa DONT push ANY button from the very beginning and let the timer going down until about 20 - 22 seconds are left, then full throttle but DONT boost and try not to hit anything. i stoped few inches before checkpoint this way. you may have to try a few times to get the propper timing but its quite easy.
  • oh and very easy difficulty otherwise the time counter will be different.
  • worked on the first try thank you
  • most annoying trophy in this game... thanks for the tip.
  • Great tip worked first time, cheers.

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