• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (4, 6, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 4 ( I Will Survive, God Loves a Coward,What Does this Switch Do? Ah..., Rollin
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 6-10 Hours (Depending on if you want to play all 80 levels & boost the MP) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None, Level Select is always available
  • Glitched trophies: Baby Boomer , patch 1.02 must be installed to unlock Baby Boomer.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats


Important - With so many reports of people getting corrupted save files after playing for a decent amount of time, it's recommended that you Backup your saves every 10 - 20 levels with USB/PS+ (I Personally did not have this issue so again, it's Hit or miss).

Credits to DJ1s & zeze for this information.

Vita Specific info:

If You're playing this on your Vita and also own a PS4 than this is for you. It was confirmed that you are able to Boost with yourself (Using the same account) Using your Vita or PS4. Just load up the game on both PS4 an Vita. An Search for yourself on both. This seems to be hit or miss just beware it could happen, While playing on in VS Mode, trophies seem to not be popping if you're not hosting the game so in this case always Host the VS Match while playing on Vita.


Step 1 - Play the Puzzle stages
Welcome to the Super Exploding Zoo. This is a new release to the PS4/Vita an is a surprisingly fun Top down Puzzle game. You take control of a Variety of different zoo animals through out your playthrough protecting your Eggs from the Aliens trying to kill them. While it is a puzzle game it is extremely easy to figure out after you have played the first 20 or so levels and have a idea what each animal can do.

Play through Levels 1 - 60. Play all the way to 80 if you would like but it's not required as once you unlock the final stage you can chapter select for the stickers you need. Focus on this as it will save time in the long run and also avoid "The Hatchery" until you have gotten the Hogan's Delight trophy as unlocking different skins for Crocs will make it take a lot longer an do not count for the trophy.

Trophies earned:
Sticky Start
Failure Is An Option
Armed To The Teeth
You Snooze, You Lose
A Small Victory

Step 2 - Misc/Stickers

Now it's time to go and do any miscellaneous trophies you missed. This includes any Destroy/Finish a level a specific way trophy. Also You have already most likely picked up a lot of stickers playing naturally. Now's the time to Chapter Select and do these also.

Trophies earned:
What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.
Prepared For the Ark
Hogan's Delight
Mindless Violence
Scorched Earth Policy
Come To A Sticky Ending
Baby Boomer

Step 3 - Multiplayer (VS Mode)

Super Exploding Zoo has a VS Mode. This can be found within the Zoo's Hub to the right of the Puzzles. You can either do this Step legit as it is not to bad but can be frustrating because the patterns of the Rhinos, Pandas are really easy to dodge. You can either Create your own game or Find a game, Being that this game isn't too popular it is really easy to boost it with a friend. After you have done this you should have everything an have popped your Platinum, In case you haven't then now it's clean up time.

Trophies earned:
I Will Survive
God Loves A Coward
What Does This Switch Do? Ah....
Everything's Ruined

Special thanks to the following people for the video Guides:


[PST Would Like To Thank zb420 for this Roadmap]

Super Exploding Zoo Trophy Guide

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19 trophies ( 7  )

  • Complete Super Exploding Zoo.

    You destroyed the Zoo and earned the Platinum trophy, congratulations!

  • Finish a level with 60 animals for the Hatchery.

    To finish a level with 60 extra animals, you will have to play until you reach "Kaboom Lagoon" and select level 28. Here it teaches you how to breed your animals, drag them through the green grass to get babies then bring them through the orange grass to make them adults. Do this until you have 60 or more then finish the level and the trophy is yours.

    Here's a video Guide:

  • Finish with exactly 2 of each animal in your herd on Dynamite Heights Level 3.

    Unlock Dynamite Heights, this is levels 41 - 60, then load level 43. Once you have begun, run around collecting every animal on the stage. Be careful an try not to hit an alien an kill them off during this. After you have collected everyone including yourself by the Egg, then Use & for Strategic playing. Start sending off your animals from the bottom up an be sure you never drop below 2 animals of each. You can kill off animals, for example: If I have 1 lion left but two of everything else. I can kill the Lion and still get the trophy.

    Here's a video Guide:

  • Allow the motherships to spawn 40 babies on Dynamite Heights Level 8.

    Note: Providing you have the 1.02 patch installed, then this isn't glitched

    During Dynamite Heights you will come across "Mothership" enemies, they are huge versions of the normal Alien and spawn baby aliens. This trophy can be done only on Dynamite Heights level 48, kill 40 babies before the Mothership reaches the egg and trophy is yours.

  • Aliens ate 56 sleeping animals.

    The earliest you can do this is level 9. Replay this level twice without doing anything and the trophy will pop upon your 56 sleeping animal being killed.

  • Stay armed for an entire level.

    Load up Stage 1 and hold down from the very start until it's finished, then the trophy is yours.

  • Breed 100 Baby Crocs.

    Load up "Kaboom Lagoon" level 27 and as soon as it starts, go and open the Croc den and start breeding them (drag them through green grass, then Orange Grass). After doing this level 5 times or so and only breeding until you fail the trophy will pop.

    Here's a video Guide:

  • Finish a level with just baby animals alive.

    Load up "Kaboom Lagoon" Stage 26. Now Breed enough adults to take out all the aliens and use your last adult animal to win the game an make sure you still have only babies alive.

    Here is a video Guide:


  • Vandalise all the cars.

    The cars are located in the Zoo's hub bottom right corner, just walk up to the bottom of the cars and they will explode. Once all 8 are destroyed the trophy is yours, Alien Vehicles don't count for this but destroy them anyway.

  • Survive your own rampage and then defeat opponent on their rampage.

    Once in a VS match, after a couple of seconds whoever has collected the most sleeping animals will start rampaging. The rampaging player has been granted Extra Speed/Damage but his weakest animals will start to explode every two seconds. Once the rampaging stops your opponent starts his rampage. For the trophy, you will need to survive your rampage then kill your opponent while he's rampaging. It's easier boosted as the loosing player can keep holding while be hit by a rhino.

    Warning: PS4 and Vita Players are not able to earn these trophies without hosting the VS Match. This seems to only affect a select few as I didn't have this problem. If your VS Mode trophies aren't popping then try Hosting. Thanks to mrwarmhands for the confirmation.

  • Defeat an opponent using Pandas.

    Pandas only appear on one map and tend to be rare, they will jump out of crates and roll around on the map. This trophy can be a bit challenging legit because Pandas are easy to dodge.

    Here is a video Guide:

  • Collect your first sticker!

    This trophy will come after collecting your first sticker. See Come To A Sticky Ending for the Sticker locations.


Secret trophies

  • Destroy everything in a Dynamite Heights level.

    Another very easy trophy. Load up level 43 and go around destroying everything (if it makes a small explosion after stepping on it, then it counts). After you're sure you have destroyed everything, then kill the Aliens (because they also count) and the trophy will pop.

    Here's a video Guide:

  • Destroy everything in the Zoo Hub.

    To gain full access to the Zoo's Hub you will need to complete Levels 1 - 60 Once you have done this, go around destroying everything that stands. Grass blades are hidden in some corners and blue walls that can be exploded grow back so make sure you check these if your trophy hasn't popped.

    Here's a video Guide:

  • Fail by using your last animal to blow up a wall.

    Load up Stage 2, run straight into the Red Wall and the trophy will pop.

  • Fail a level by deploying a special skill animal as your final animal.

    Start up Level 6 and send your Croc straight to a gap to cross the island, you will fail the level and the trophy will pop.

  • Force a draw in VS mode with only 1 animal left.

    Do as the description says and finish with a draw. Stay alive until time runs out, suicide your animals a couple of seconds before it ends so you only have one left then the game will end and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat an opponent using Rhinos.

    While playing in VS mode you will come across Blue buttons on the stage floor. Once you or your opponent steps on these, Rhinos will come out of cannons on the sidelines. Kill an opponent with a Rhino and trophy is yours!

    Here is a video Guide:

  • Collect all the stickers!

    There are 20 stickers in Super Exploding Zoo, with five in each stage and two from each are located in the Zoo's Hub. Once you collect a sticker, it does not matter if you finish the level or not. You can collect the sticker kill yourself, exit to hub. If you would like to check your progress, go to the Souvenirs stand located to the right of the VS mode stand in the Zoo's Hub.

    7, 12, 18 - Gunpowder Gardens
    ?23, 29, 40 - Kaboom Lagoon
    42, ?54, 57 - Dynamite Heights
    65,? 75, 79 - Torpedo Tropics

    Here is a video Guide for all of the stickers:

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