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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate) (Estimated Trophy Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 
  • Online trophies: 13 (10, 2, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20+ Hours, Depending on Skill (Personal Estimate) (Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many, Many Games
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None, though some can unlock early
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A

Super Animal Royale is a 2D-top down battle royale where murderous animals fight tooth, claw, and machine gun across an abandoned safari park. With 350 animal variants to unlock and play with, you'll find it hard to run out of cute animals to kill with. With solo, duo, and squad modes, the gameplay loop is pretty standard for battle royales and is super easy to hop into and get lost in anytime.


As this is a battle royale game you can kind of tackle all of this in whatever order you want and will most likely be working toward multiple trophies at a time.

STEP ONE - Complete 100 Games Played

While you wouldn't be focusing on completing 100 games, you need to complete that many for Workhorse trophy_gold.png . As you reach 100 games played, you should be getting better with the weapons and mechanics at the game. This will include getting wins in different game modes and unlocking any of the trophies listed in STEP TWO.

Completing this step should unlock the following trophy:

Workhorse trophy_gold.png 

STEP TWO - Clean Up

Technically you can complete any of the trophies listed in this step during STEP ONE. After completing your 100 games play Workhorse trophy_gold.png, you should focus on getting specific kills, or grabbing Crates, or any other misc trophies you didn't unlock during those first 100 games.

Completing this step should unlock the following trophies:

First Kill trophy_bronze.png 
Every Super Dog Has its Day trophy_silver.png 
Super Birds of a Feather trophy_silver.png 
Claws and Effect trophy_bronze.png 
Roll Out trophy_bronze.png 
Big Boom trophy_bronze.png 
A+ Repair Job trophy_bronze.png 
Super Tape Can’t Fix That trophy_bronze.png 
You Bring the S’mores trophy_bronze.png 
Get Juiced trophy_bronze.png 
Holy Moley trophy_bronze.png 
Praise Banan trophy_bronze.png 

Super Animal Royale Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 10  )

  • Get 1 kill

    Pretty straight forward, you just need to eliminate someone with your melee weapon, gun, grenade, or a vehicle. This can be done in any game mode.
  • Play 100 games

    The quickest way to get this done is to play solo games and just get killed or kill yourself with explosives. You will need to play a lot of games to earn the other 12 trophies, so focus on this last if you still need to complete games.
  • To get a victory, you can try to be super aggressive and get the best weapons and items by killing opponents. Or you can try to hide, staying on the edge of the circle and only fighting when necessary. As you play more games, you should get more comfortable with the mechanics, guns, and strategies.
  • Duo or Squad victory

    Similar to Every Super Dog Has its Day trophy_silver.png, you can use the strategies mentioned their; however, this is much easier. You won't need to survive until the end as long as your teammate(s) do. You can play with friends in a party or matchmake to find random teammates.
  • 20 melee kills

    NOTE: Due to issues with tracking, this can unlock prior to 20 kills for some players

    You always start every game with a melee weapon. It does 33 damage per hit. So it will take at least 4 hits to get a kill, assuming the opponent doesn't have any armor. The best strategy is to land at a popular area and try to get some early kills before people collect guns and armor.
  • 50 Hamster Ball Kills

    NOTE: Due to issues with tracking, this can unlock prior to 50 kills for some players.

    The Hamster Ball is one of the vehicles available in the game. They can be found randomly dotted around the map. All you need to do is pick up some speed and roll into people. But beware, as they can shoot and destroy the Hamster Ball, which will leave you as an easy kill.
  • 10 Grenade kills

    NOTE: Due to issues with tracking, this can unlock prior to 10 kills for some players.

    You can damage/kill enemies with the normal grenade and the skunk grenade. The skunk grenade creates a cloud of poison that damages enemies that stay in it. Grenades are pickups you can find around the map on the ground, in boxes/crates, and by cutting grass. You'll want to damage an enemy below half health to kill them with either type of grenade.
  • 50 Super Tape used

    Super Tape is used to fix your armor. It is a random pickup, so you'll need to find it on the ground, in boxes, or off of enemies. You can carry 5 Super Tapes at a time. You'll also need to find some armor and get into a fight so it is damaged. You could damage yourself with explosives if you have them. Then hold circle.png to use the Super Tape to fix your armor.
  • 400 Armor broken

    NOTE: Due to issues with tracking, this can unlock prior to 400 armors broken for some players.

    If you play aggressively, you should earn this while completing your 100 games for Workhorse trophy_gold.png. This requires you to fight opponents who are wearing armor. You need to break their armor and do this to 400 different opponents.
  • 10 Campfires used

    Campfires are dotted around the map in random locations. Keep an eye out for them as you fly over the map at the start of each game. You will automatically use one if you approach it when injured. Campfires will heal you over time, but eventually burn out and can't be used again in the game. So it is possible that an opponent uses a Campfire before you even get to it. If you find a Campfire to use, you can always damage yourself with explosives to grind this a bit quicker.
  • 2500 Health Juice

    You will notice in the bottom right corner that you have a cup. The contents of this cup are used to heal yourself. You will find health juice all over the map and it is added to your cup. Collecting the health juice does not count toward this trophy. In order to gain progress, you need to heal yourself using the health juice you collect. You can heal by holding triangle.png
  • 10 Mole Crates opened

    Mole Crates are a special box that gets dropped in the first 2 to 3 minutes into a game. They often contain high level items and weapons. You will receive an on screen indicator and countdown for when it will spawn. It will also be marked on your map. You'll want to go after it as soon as you see it spawn to make sure you beat everyone else to opening it.
  • Find the Banan cave and place a banana on the offering plate

    The Banan cave is located in the Northeast corner (G2) of the map near Thomas's Workshop. Before heading here, you'll need to find a banana. These are a grenade type that can be found on the ground, in boxes, in chests, and by cutting grass. Now head to the cave to find a banana statue with a plate in front of it. Throw a banana on the plate to make your offering.
    See the video below for more information.

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