• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (2, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 7-8 hours, dependent on skill and ability to find collectables but can probably be done a bit faster. (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, technically less as you don’t have to play all the exploration levels
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Wealthy is glitchy as it doesn’t pop at 500,000 gold coins like it is supposed to. Mine didn't pop until around 900,000 coins, just keep grinding and it will eventually pop
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Subdivision Infinity DX is a 3D space shooter with some minor RPG elements. You can control your ship in third person view and have an array of attack options with up to two separate guns and a missile launcher at any time. The story revolves around a mysterious occurrence and is generally pretty cliché stuff but doesn't get in the way. Eventually you can have 10 separate ships at your disposal but usually when you get a new ship it means the old ones are effectively worthless. There are mining/exploration levels along with 25 story levels broken up into 5 chapters with each punctuated by a boss fight.


Movement is a bit awkward at first as this doesn’t follow all the standard flight similar controls; handles forward momentum, is your brake and reverse, the allows for vertical and horizontal strafing and the stick is your aiming and general movement. You fire your guns with , and your missiles/mining tool with . You also can boost with , reload traditional firearms with and deploy probes during exploration missions using .


Step 1: Complete the 25 story missions.

Feel free to do exploration missions as you see fit. While playing through try and get all the guns as some of the later ones are really useful.

  • Prepared
  • Crusher
  • Panoplied
  • Tough Contract
  • War-Dog

Step 2: Exploration, Ships and Cleanup

You can do the exploration missions at any point once they are unlocked, with the second mission for each chapter unlocking after you complete the boss fight. That said the ships that you can build with parts from these missions aren't notably better than those you can simply buy so it doesn't matter when you choose to explore. Cleanup will be required though even if you got all of the parts during your story playthrough as you won't have enough money for the Wealthy trophy and will need to grind out materials to sell. After grinding materials you will eventually get the thing to pop and will be the proud owner of a new plat, congrats.

  • Geologist
  • Apprentice
  • Demolisher
  • Explorer
  • Handyman
  • Mechanic
  • Wealthy
  • Platinum

[PST Would Like To Thank bigdrama for this Roadmap]

Subdivision Infinity DX Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 10  2  )

  • Earn all other Trophies in Subdivision Infinity DX

    Wealthy will almost certainly be your last trophy so once that an all others have popped you will get your new Plat.

  • Craft the "Avalon V"

    This is the 2nd ship you can build and requires the following items:

    • 8 blueprint parts (found in Exploration 2 of Chapter 1, and Exploration 1 and 2 of Chapter 2)
    • 20k coins
    • 15 crystal cells (these drop from enemies and have a chance to drop from any asteroid, may also be found in containers)
    • 50 helium (mined in Chapter 2 exploration missions and containers)
    • player level of at least 8

    This along with the other trophy related ships you need to build are in the left column of the ship selection menu. See Explorer for more information.

  • Craft the "SS-Vertex"

    This is the first ship you can build and requires the following items:

    • 4 gear crates (found in containers and as enemy drop)
    • 7 blueprint parts (found in Exploration 1 and 2 of Chapter 1)
    • 30 iron (mined in Chapter 1 exploration missions)
    • 10k coins

    This along with the other trophy related ships you need to build are in the left column of the ship selection menu. See Explorer for more information.

  • Craft the "Tornado X"

    This is the 3rd ship you can build and requires the following items:

    • 50 gear crates (found in containers and as enemy drop)
    • 100 platinum (mined in Chapter 4 exploration missions)
    • 100 ferbyte (mined in Chapter 3 exploration missions)
    • 7 blueprint parts (found in Exploration 2 of Chapter 2, Exploration 1 and 2 of Chapter 3, and Exploration 1 of Chapter 4)
    • player level of at least 11

    This along with the other trophy related ships you need to build are in the left column of the ship selection menu. See Explorer for more information.

  • Destroy a Capital Ship

    Story related cannot be missed.

    The first time you run into a capital ship is in Chapter 2's boss fight. The ship has 7 turrets all of which must be destroyed before you can destroy the ship. Try to stay below the turrets mostly or at least far away, as you don't have to be locked on to damage them. Missiles are helpful hear but not necessary. After the turrets are all destroyed you can directly damage the ship, since it is defenseless at this point that is pretty simple but be sure not to be right up against it as the explosion can potentially kill you if you aren't at full health and shield. If your weapons and ship are evolved/upgraded you’ll have more luck with this fight.

  • Destroy 100 Fighters

    You'll get this while working through the story. Fighters exist in all missions including the exploration mission. Fast firing weapons may be preferred by some but once you unlock it I found the Shard Blaster to be great. These are the main enemies in the game, some have shields while others do not. If for some reason you want to farm this you can just kill whatever shows up in the exploration missions of Chapter 1, but that is very much unnecessary.

  • Break 150 Asteroids

    Asteroids can only be destroyed with the mining tool and only in exploration missions. Further only asteroids that glow green while using to search can be destroyed. None of the exploration missions have a ton of these but you can probably average around 15-20. To speed things up you'll want to upgrade your mining tool. To equip your mining tool you must first purchase it and then unequip your missiles as they both use the same slot. You will get this sometime after Geologist.

  • Find 20 Containers in Exploration

    You will most likely get this while working towards finding the parts for the trophy ships. In the event that you get lucky and find the parts before the rest of the containers then simply return to the exploration missions that still have containers and get those. The mission screen will indicate how many have been found on each mission. The easiest way to find containers is to purchase or pick up a radar probe and then use it with . The probes only work on exploration missions and won't fire if all containers are marked or found so it is not possible to waste them unless you sell them. Once you have a container marked it will remain so until you leave the mission or open it. Some containers are out in the open either near an asteroid or a space station but most are inside asteroids. There are two types of entrance to asteroids: the first is the most common and is a door to mining facilities these are marked with red lights and require key card drops to open, the second is a hole in the asteroid itself there are fewer of these but they tend to be easier to navigate in my opinion and are rather large and obvious. When looking for an entrance look for either a large crate/hole or an extended metal hallway coming out from a large asteroid, the hallways are always rectangular in shape, the circular ones do not have door. There are also often but not always guns near or in these spaces.

    One of the containers in Exploration 1 Chapter 2 is super sneaky so here is a video of all the containers in that mission.

  • Harvest more than 300 tons of Ore

    See Demolisher. I got this about halfway to getting Demolisher but your luck may vary as not all asteroid are created equal as far as the number of drops they have.

  • Earn 500,000 Coins



    I needed nearly double this amount before the trophy popped. I've heard the publisher is aware of the problem but have not seen a date for a fix.

    You do not need 500,000 coins at any one time as this trophy is cumulative. You earn coins by completing missions, killing enemies and selling equipment and materials. After you complete the game, buy all the gear, and build all the trophy ships you should be fairly close to 500,000 coins. Now just go to your preferred exploration mission (I found Cat's Eye 1 to be the best combination of valuables, easy enemies and fast speed) and mine until your cargo hold is full. Now head back through the portal and sell of everything you picked up - rinse and repeat. You can also sell off ships that you purchased but not ships you built and any weapons you aren’t using to help speed things along.

  • Acquire all weapons and tools

    You will need to purchase all weapons that you don't start with, along with the mining tool and a radar probe at least once. Note that to do so you will need 205,000 coins, and most of the weapons require a minimum level before you can purchase them.

    • Pixel Gun - (you start with this, no need to purchase)
    • LQ Blaster – 10,000 coins unlocks at level 3
    • Quantum MG – 15,000 coins unlocks at level 5
    • TB-mx Laser – 19,000 coins unlocks at level 9
    • LRG-400 – 25,000 coins unlocks at level 11
    • Shard Blaster – 29,000 coins unlocks at level 14
    • Purifier – 32,000 coins unlocks at level 15
    • Proton Cannon – 41,000 coins unlocks at level 17
    • Mining tool – 1,000 coins unlocks after the first exploration missions becomes available
    • Pendulum – (you start with this, no need to purchase)
    • Swarm-FX – 28,000 coins unlocks at level 13
    • Radar Probe – 5,000 coins unlocks after the first exploration mission becomes available
  • Evolve any Ship

    You can evolve any ship you own as long as you have enough money and ship evolution parts. The parts drop from enemies occasionally and are also sometimes in containers in the exploration missions. In the ship picking menu simply press then due so again to confirm while you have your current ship highlighted. You should have enough parts and money to evolve every ship you use so I advise doing so as soon as you can since it boosts your armor by 20%.

  • Finish the Game

    Story related cannot be missed.

    All you need to do is complete the final story mission, which involves destroying some shielded generators and then fighting the final boss. It is best to play on easy if you want to get through this quickly as I found normal to be poorly balanced at least in the early stages. Make sure you have an evolved ship, preferably one of that ones that becomes available later in the game as opposed to a low level ship and make sure you have upgraded your guns. I found the Purifier and the Shard Blaster were best for how I played but you may prefer different options. The final boss is actually two ships but they aren’t really any more difficult than what you have already fought at various points in the game to this point.

    You are not required to play any exploration missions to get this trophy. The trophy should pop during or slightly after the ending dialog.

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