Throw Master Trophy

  • Throw Master


    Earn 1 000 000 coins

    This is the most time-consuming trophy of the game.

    You earn Coins by clearing cards and getting Strikes. There is a Multiplier that goes up with every Pair matched. The higher the Multiplier, the higher the coin payout at the end. Try and match as many cards as possible, but don’t risk missing the strike.

    You can also buy coins from the PS Store: 10k for $.99, 25k for $1.99 or 100k for $4.99. Any coins bought in the store will count towards your Coin Total.

    If you don’t have this by the time you earn Gold Bowl, play Frames in the Pro Club over and over to earn more coins. Only replay the Pro Club once you have earned the Gold Bowl trophy. If you do it before, you risk resetting your Strike count in the Lanes.

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