Juggernaout Trophy in Strength of the Sword 3

  • Juggernaout


    Conquer each of the 11 stages with 100% SPEED score


    How to unlock Juggernaout

    To get a star in the Speed category you must complete the level within a certain time limit. Even though the actual time limits are unknown, this is the easiest of the 3 star-related trophies. What it boils down to is using your powerful abilities on the stronger enemies and your weaker abilities on the weaker enemies. Ideally you should never have to use your sword but rely solely on your abilities. Note: You do not have to earn all 3 stars in one go, however it is much easier to do so and will probably happen automatically while you are attempting these trophies. I have created a playlist of YouTube videos (courtesy of SanctusGaming) that demonstrate how to obtain all 3 stars in one playthrough of every level.

    Strength of the Sword 3 – 3 Stars Walkthrough

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