Blade Of The Gods Trophy in Strength of the Sword 3

  • Blade Of The Gods


    Reach 111'000 points in the challange pit

    How to unlock Blade Of The Gods

    This is the hardest trophy in the game and you will likely be spending most of your time working on achieving it. Enter the Challenge Pit from the Main Menu. Select whatever sword and shield combination you wish. I used the second sword and the default shield only because this is what I used for the majority of the game. If you are comfortable with another setup then feel free to use that. When prompted, choose Insane difficulty. Theoretically, you could earn this trophy on any of the four difficulties but it is most easily earned on Insane difficulty as you get more points for everything and there are more enemies. You will earn points for killing enemies and simply surviving. You can also spend points in the Bonus Shop (accessed from the Pause Menu), however I do not recommend this. If you really need to, purchase a Health Pack when you're almost dead because it is the second cheapest item and shouldn't hurt your score too bad. It is also important to note that you receive bonus points when you finish. You earn bonus points for time, life and shield remaining. Each second left on the clock corresponds to 100 points, but this fluctuates depending on how much health and shield life you have left upon death. In other words you don't need to reach 111,000 points before you die – you will get at least 10,000 – 15,000 bonus points. This means you could purposely die with anywhere from ~95,000 – 105,000 points, depending on how much time you have left.

    Personally, I got to the wave with 2 Silverback Guards (wave 6) and purchased a Health Pack as I was almost dead. I managed to kill one of the Guards before dying. When I died, I had roughly 215 seconds left on the clock and 102,000 points. After the bonuses were added in, I got a total score of 115,000+.

    There is really no particular guideline to follow for earning 111,000 points, as enemies will respond differently depending on how you attack them. The key however is strategically using your abilities. You don't want to spam your abilities unless you are near death. Try to save your powerful attacks, such as Lightning Storm and rockets, for the stronger enemies (preferably the two Dark Knights you will face in wave 3). If you run out of ammo for all of your abilities (or if you are trying to conserve ammo), the next best thing you can do is use the God Hammer attack. The basic stab move is also a great choice. Also, try to perform a finishing move whenever you can. Apart from killing the enemy, it also makes you invincible for a period of time because other enemies can't hurt you during the animation. You should never be blocking () when going for this trophy. You are being attacked by multiple enemies at once and one of them is bound to hit you regardless of whether or not your shield is up. Stronger enemies will execute unblockable attacks as well. You should be in constant motion and dodging with when necessary.

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