• Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Estimated Platinum Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 38 (19, 15, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0 (Online is available, but not necessary for the platinum)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 36-50 Hours (Estimated Platinum Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 7+
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: A second controller or PS Plus in order to play with someone else and obtain  Oops

Streets of Rage 4 is the newest entry into Sega's popular old-school beat-em-up series, Streets of Rage. After 26 years since the last entry, developer Dotemu has taken the helm of this project with approval by Sega. This game features many gameplay aspects of the originals that many players grew to love, while slightly refining them to be more polished and accessible to modern audiences. Taking place 10 years after the events of Streets of Rage 3, Wood Oak City is seeing the rise of a new crime gang rumored to be led by the children of the infamous Mr. X, the Y-Twins. Once again Blaze Fielding calls upon Axel Stone and Adam Hunter to take to the streets, and stop this growing threat. However, this time they are joined by Adam's daughter, Cherry Hunter, and an associate of the brilliant Dr. Zan, Floyd Iraiya.

The trophy list for this game is nothing too crazy, but will definitely require time and patience as your 2 biggest obstacles will likely be 100 Yen and Maniac, which require you to beat Arcade mode on Hard and obtain S-Ranks on all stages, respectively. You can really tell this game was meant as a love letter to the fans of this franchise due to all the care and features included. Anyone who is a fan of the original games or just enjoys the beat-em-up genre is in for a real treat as the game is extremely fun to play and also features a fantastic soundtrack.

Step 1: Beat the Story using any of the 4 original characters

To start, I recommend simply beating the story with any of the starting 4 characters. You will eventually have to use them all, so which you choose to start with does not matter. I would recommend playing on Normal just so you can sit back and enjoy the game. As you progress, you will unlock Adam from the story, and you will likely unlock 1 or 2 additional characters by reaching their required lifetime score. Take this time to enjoy the game, get familiar with the gameplay, and learn the basics of how to manage the various enemies and crowds.

In this step, you should earn:

Any one of All Clear: Axel  / All Clear: Blaze  / All Clear: Cherry  / All Clear: Floyd 

Combo Pro 
Combo Expert 
Birth of the Cool 
Eating off the Ground 
Life's a Struggle 
It's Chilly in Here 
Dude, My Car! 
Wasted Wine 
Walk on Foot 
Demolition Man 
Collateral Damage 
An Elegant Death 
Broke My Toy 
Family Reunion 
Miss Me? 
Dojo Master 
Snap Out of It 

Step 2: Beat the Story on Hard, or use stage select for each level on Hard, using a different character

Now that you have beaten the game once, go ahead and jump back in on Hard difficulty. The jump from Normal to Hard is not very significant, but it's best that you take the time to find a character you enjoy using (if you haven't already) and learn how to manage the different enemies on this difficulty. If your first character was your best, then just pay attention to the enemies, where they appear, and how they act on this difficulty so you can learn how to handle them using your favorite character's moveset. Once you beat the game again on Hard difficulty, you are ready for the first hurdle: Maniac.

In this step, you should earn:

Any one of All Clear: Axel  / All Clear: Blaze  / All Clear: Cherry  / All Clear: Floyd  / All Clear: Adam 

Combo Master 

Step 3: Complete each level on Hard while also obtaining an S-Rank

Here comes the first, and biggest in my opinion, hurdle on your road to the Platinum. Hopefully you've already completed the game on Hard so you have an idea of what each level's layout is like. I suggest picking your best character because you know how they play, and how to handle each enemy. Go through each level and try to obtain an S-Rank on each. This is done by beating the stage with a certain score or higher. Everything such as the time needed, Health remaining, and Stars all factor in to your final score alongside the score you obtained from the stage itself. For more information, tips, and strategies look at Maniac in the Trophy Guide.

In this step, you should earn:

Stage Mastery 

Step 4: Complete Arcade Mode on Hard

This is the second, and last, hurdle on your road to the platinum. Arcade Mode requires you to beat the story in a single playthrough. You do not get any continues, so once you run out of lives, you're done. This shouldn't be anywhere near as hard as the last step, though. At this point, you should have each level's route set due to your S-Rank run through the game. Pick your best character again, or whoever you felt best with in the last step, and head into Arcade Mode. Thankfully, this time you do not have to focus on score so you can be a bit slower and cautious to ensure your survival. You no longer obtain a new life every 8000 points as each life you obtain increases the points required for the next one. Check out 100 Yen for more information.

In this step, you should earn:

100 Yen 

Step 5: Complete the Story, or each level, with all remaining characters associated with trophies

Now that you have finished the hardest trophies, it's all downhill from here. Go ahead and start up Story Mode, or Stage Select, and beat all stages with any remaining characters you have not used yet from the original cast, and at least 1 bonus character from each set of each game. This means besides the original 4 cast and Adam, you will need to beat the game with one character from each, Streets of Rage 1, Streets of Rage 2, and Streets of Rage 3. Check under each respective trophy for the list of characters corresponding to each game and the required Lifetime Score to unlock them.

In this step, you should earn all that remain of the following trophies:

All Clear: Axel  
All Clear: Blaze  
All Clear: Cherry  
All Clear: Floyd  
All Clear: Adam  
All Clear: SOR1  
All Clear: SOR2  
All Clear: SOR3 
Somebody Call the Cops! 

Step 6: Clean Up and a Lifetime Score of 5 Million

At this point you should have just about everything done with exception of the 5 Million Lifetime score. If you need to beat a stage without getting damaged, you can load up any stage on easy and obtain the trophy that way. As for beating a stage on Mania, just pick your best character and go for it. There are a few more enemies on this difficulty, but Stage 1 is still not difficult to beat with all the knowledge and experience you have at this point. With everything done, you should be hovering around the 3.7 - 4 Million mark in your Lifetime Score. Just play the game, making sure to actually finish stages, to get your last remaining Lifetime Score. I found Stage 12 on Hard to be my best source of points, since even on a bad run I ended with around 25,000 - 30,000 points. After that, you're all done and can enjoy your new Platinum.

In this step, you should earn:

All Too Easy 
Bleeding Knuckles 
My Work Here is Done 

Special Thanks
Ashbo for the banner and headers
Mastodon for the video under Perfect
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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 8 (3, 5)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20-30h (personal estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 Story mode playthroughs + many Survival runs
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Story Mode playthroughs can be done on Easy, Survival doesn't have difficulty settings


Players wanted more from Streets of Rage 4, and the teams at Lizardcube, Guard Crush and Dotemu obliged! Released in July 2021 alongside a free update of the game, the Mr. X's Nightmare DLC comes with a number of new features:
  • 3+1 new playable characters
  • New moves for all 21 characters (yes, including the retro ones)
  • New enemies and weapon pick-ups
  • The brand new Survival Mode with weekly challenges
While not revolutionary, this was a nice way to add new challenge and replayability to an already great game!

Trophy-wise, this DLC is rather straightforward. While a bit grindy and moderately hard, it will have you experience all the new content, and in particular unlocking alternate moves and improving your skills against infinite waves of ennemies in a simulation created by Dr. Zan using Data from Mr. X's brain.


Step 1: Character-specific trophies

I suggest to get these trophies out of the way first as they will help you getting familiar with the new playable characters. This will be especially useful if you haven't reached 5.000.000 points of Lifetime Score for the main game trophy list yet, as completing story stages with the new characters will also count for this. Completing Story Mode with the 3 new playable characters in single-player will get you these trophies:
  • trophy_silver.png All Clear: Estel
  • trophy_silver.png All Clear: Shiva
  • trophy_silver.png All Clear: Max
In addition to these, there is also a fourth playable character which is hidden. You will need to unlock it and use its Star Move 3 times in a row to earn this trophy:
  • trophy_bronze.png Clown Wars

Step 2: Survival mode

And now on to the serious stuff! This step is where you'll be spending most of your time. I won't water down what's detailed in the trophy guide, but you should first unlock these 2 trophies after starting to get familiar and making progress in the new game mode:
  • trophy_bronze.png Phantom in the Hull
  • trophy_bronze.png Ultimate Warrior
And then you'll be completing your Streets of Rage 4 trophy journey (but probably not the time you'll spend with the game) with these other two, the first being the "hard" one and the second being the grindy one:
  • trophy_silver.png I Am the One
  • trophy_silver.png The Possibilities Are Endless
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Streets of Rage 4 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

46 trophies ( 20  22  8  )

  • Obtain all trophies.

    You've conquered the Streets of Rage once again, and saved Wood Oak City from the Y-Twins. Well done!
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Axel.

    Axel is unlocked from the start, so simply beat the game as him to unlock this. Axel is a very well rounded character who dishes out good damage while having a moveset to make juggling somewhat simple.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Blaze.

    Blaze is unlocked from the start, so simply beat the game as her to unlock this. Blaze is a technique-based character who can dish out nice damage while juggling with ease. She also excels with knives and short-bladed weapons.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Cherry.

    Cherry is unlocked from the start, so simply beat the game as her to unlock this. Cherry is a speed-based character who doesn't deal much damage, but has a high hit count and fast moveset making combos easy to maintain. She even has a dash to get through areas and across the screen faster.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Floyd.

    Floyd is unlocked from the start, so simply beat the game as him to unlock this. Floyd is a power-based character who is slow, but has hard-hitting moves and a unique moveset to deal massive damage to enemies in a short time. Floyd can also swing large weapons like pipes, bats, spears, etc. easily.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Adam.

    Adam is unlocked after clearing Stage 4, Old Pier, in the Story. Adam is a well rounded character like Axel, but throws away juggle based moves in favor of more hard hitting ones.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR1" character.

    SOR1 characters are the playable characters from the first Streets of Rage game. This includes SOR1 Axel, SOR1 Blaze, and SOR1 Adam. Here's how to unlock them:

    SOR1 Axel - Lifetime Score of 200,000
    SOR1 Adam - Lifetime Score of 250,000
    SOR1 Blaze - Lifetime Score of 310,000

    SOR1 characters do not have their own Specials or Star Moves. Instead, they have the ability to call a police car and fire a rocket launcher which produces a large flame that hurts all enemies in the area. However, SOR1 characters do possess a longer reach than most other characters in the game and deal more damage per hit than most characters as well.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR2" character.

    SOR2 characters are the playable characters from Streets of Rage 2. This includes SOR2 Axel, SOR2 Blaze, SOR2 Skate, and SOR2 Max. Here's how to unlock them:

    SOR2 Axel - Lifetime Score of 390,000
    SOR2 Blaze - Lifetime Score of 480,000
    SOR2 Skate - Lifetime Score of 570,000
    SOR2 Max - Lifetime Score of 650,000

    SOR2 characters feature their own unique movesets pulled from their original game with Skate being a weak but fast character, and Max being a slow but powerful character.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR3" character.

    SOR3 characters are all the playable characters from Streets of Rage 3 (except Roo, unfortunately). This includes: SOR3 Axel, SOR3 Blaze, SOR3 Skate, SOR3 Dr. Zan, and SOR3 Shiva. Here's how to unlock them:

    SOR3 Axel - Lifetime Score of 730,000
    SOR3 Blaze - Lifetime Score of 840,000
    SOR3 Skate - Lifetime Score of 940,000
    SOR3 Dr. Zan - Lifetime Score of 1,050,000
    SOR3 Shiva - Lifetime Score of 1,150,000

    SOR3 characters feature their own unique movesets pulled from their original game with Dr. Zan being a character who excels at group management and technique, and Shiva being a well rounded character with powerful juggles. All SOR3 characters feature a dash, an up roll, and a down roll.
  • Get an S-Rank on any stage.

    See Maniac
  • Complete a stage without taking damage.

    Personally, I would recommend doing this on Stage 1 and on Easy difficulty. For a character, I picked SOR1 Axel due to his long reach, high damage, and high special damage. Take your time going through the stage, toss out jabs to maintain your distance with enemies, and make sure to quickly use combos to get through larger-health enemies faster. Once you get to the boss, Diva, every time she uses her special and jumps to the middle, you can use a police car special to interrupt her and deal high damage. If you utilize all 4 available Stars found in Stage 1, you can defeat Diva this way before any other enemies even enter the screen.

    Here's a video by Mastodon showing an alternative, easy strategy that utilizes Skate on Stage 7, Easy:
  • Get an S-Rank on all stages on Hard difficulty or higher.

    This will likely be the one of the two trophies barring you from the Platinum. For this trophy, you must complete each stage on at least Hard difficulty with an S-Rank. The score requirement for each stage vary, and there doesn't seem to be an exact listing for them yet, so I will post the lowest scores I've seen/found that still achieved an S-Rank:

    Stage 1 - 26,281
    Stage 2 - 26,140
    Stage 3 - 20,150
    Stage 4 - 26,140
    Stage 5 - 28,017
    Stage 6 - 32,007
    Stage 7 - 15,191
    Stage 8 - 24,330
    Stage 9 - 23,062
    Stage 10 - 23,357
    Stage 11 - 26,419
    Stage 12 - 35,841

    Point values:

    1 stock of life = 2,000
    Full Health Bar = 1,000
    1 Star = 500
    Money Bag = 200
    Money Briefcase = 500
    Large Health Item (with full health already) = 1,000
    Small Health Item (with full health already) = 300


    - Try to find a way to secure a solid combo at the start of each stage. It's easy to retry and immediately start fighting the first group of enemies, so make sure you have a plan for how to tackle the first group(s) of enemies efficiently. This means no health lost and highest combo possible going into the next group. That way you maximize your point gain right from the start which leaves room for error later on.

    - Keep the combo meter running between groups, but cash out if it gets dicey. Hitting a barrel or object, hitting an enemy, collecting a score item; all of these things reset the combo timer. Make sure to find a route that uses them to their full potential. Combos are the most valuable thing you can do in a stage, so you need to be able to keep them going as long as possible so you can fill them with more damage. So if there's a way to beat a group, hit a barrel, collect an item, then engage the next group, that's a good way to keep the combo timer going and get more points. For large groups of enemies, it's very easy to rack up a high combo, but it's also easy for you to get hit which causes a BREAK. A BREAK immediately ends your combo and you forfeit all potential points you could have had. It's important to realize when things are getting troublesome so you can dodge enemies for a bit and cash out on what points you already have. If you know a trouble spot is coming up with a large group of enemies, you may want to consider settling for a lower count instead of risking everything and trying not to get hit by every enemy.

    - Don't hold Stars that would otherwise save your life or increase your points. Outside of the first groups of enemies in a stage, if you know there's an upcoming large health item or you think you are going to die, use a Star. Stars are only worth 500 points at the end. Large Health items are 1,000 points and a life stock is worth 2,000. The value of a single Star does not even compare to those, especially because the damage from a Star Move still counts towards your combo. The idea of not using a Star is foolish if it could otherwise save you from a tight situation.

    - Retro levels are extremely helpful, so use them. The Retro bonus stages are super short, don't waste a life stock if you fail, give you a star if you complete them, increase your points and combo if you beat the enemies, and most importantly, refill your health bar when you leave. There's very little reason not to do these. The bonuses you can potentially receive from them far outweigh the time taken to go out and do them. For example, on Stage 5, if you can clear out the Bar area while making sure the Arcade machine stays intact and you don't waste the taser, you can go into the Retro Stage, easily beat it (there's even a Large Health Item in that one so you can get the points or save it if you're struggling with the Retro boss), then leave with full health so all health items left in the bar give you points.

    - Deaths are okay. My runs were by no means perfect, so don't think a single death (for some stages, even multiple deaths) will take away your chances at an S-Rank. Especially if you know you had a "Sick" or "Out of this World" combo, that's really good and can potentially outweigh a death you have in the stage. The scores for most stages give some room for error, so don't get discouraged if a death happens in an otherwise solid run.

    In regards to characters, pick one that you feel comfortable with. It's much better if you pick a character you know how to play well rather than force yourself to use one you're not comfortable with. Also, not all stages need to be beaten with the same character. If you find yourself having an easier time with a specific character for one stage, then use that character. The trophy isn't locked to a single character for all stages, so feel free to experiment and use what feels right for each stage.

    Here is a playlist containing videos on how I got an S-Rank on each Stage:

    Streets of Rage 4 - S-Ranks on Hard - YouTube
  • Complete a stage on Mania difficulty.

    Mania difficulty features more enemies that also act more aggressive. However, beating a single stage is not hard. Since stages in Stage Select are locked by difficulty, and Mania is the highest, you will get this after completing Stage 1 on Mania. Choose a character you are comfortable with, make sure to take your time going through, and use jabs to keep your distance from enemies. Stage 1 has some groups that can be reduced if you just inch your way forward instead of just running straight in. So take the time to clear the screen before going forward if you are having trouble. Try to save health pickups for after you defeat the current wave of enemies so that you can engage the next group with as much health as possible. Also, since there are more enemies, it is easier to earn an extra life which you get for every 8000 points you score.
  • Achieve a "Super!" combo.

    A "Super!" combo is achieved by dealing 200+ damage in a single combo and is indicated by a green combo meter. See Combo Master for more information.
  • Achieve an "Amazing!!" combo.

    An "Amazing!!" combo is achieved by dealing 500+ damage in a single combo and is indicated by a dark blue/purple combo meter. See Combo Master for more information.
  • Achieve an "Out of this world!!!" combo.

    An "Out of this world!!!" combo is achieved by dealing 1,000+ damage in a single combo and is indicated by a red combo meter. 

    Combos are achieved by dealing a certain amount of damage within the combo window. If you take a hit while in the middle of one, your combo will BREAK and you lose all points you potentially could have had. If you take too long without hitting an enemy or collecting an item, the combo timer runs out and you are awarded your combo ranking. Combos go from low to high in the order of: Nice! (yellow), Great! (orange), Super! (green), Amazing!! (dark blue/purple), Sick!!! (pink), and Out of this World!!! (red). Number of hits does not determine your combo nor increases the combo ranking. However, combo length can be extended by hitting enemies or objects and picking up food or score items. Achieving an "Out of this world!!!" combo is possible in quite a few locations in the game, as long as you are capable of not getting hit or collecting items efficiently to keep it going. One spot I found very easy was the Stage 3 boss area on Hard. It's a small room and there's a constant flow of weak enemies entering. This makes it very easy to rack up damage and use specials or Star Moves to ensure everyone gets hit. Once you see the meter go from pink to red, avoid getting hit to earn your combo rank.
  • Clear the Arcade mode on Hard difficulty or higher.

    This and Maniac are the only 2 trophies that will likely provide an obstacle to you on your way to the platinum. However, I feel this is much easier. 

    Arcade Mode is a throwback to the old Streets of Rage titles where the game had to be beaten in one sitting due to no saves. Therefore, you will have to play through all 12 Stages in a single go, but there are no continues. So if you run out of lives it is Game Over.

    First, I recommend attempting this after you do Maniac because obtaining S-Ranks on each stage will allow you to find optimal routes and strategies that will ultimately make playing through them easier. Another thing that makes this tough at times is that unlike Story and Stage Select, lives are not earned for every 8000 points. The amount of points required for a life increases as you earn them. This is because your overall score carries over between levels. So doing the S-Ranks first also allows you to find how to optimize your point gain and make earning extra lives easier. Make sure to select a character you are comfortable with. Hard is not too bad, but there are problem areas and being careless can cost you lives.
  • Reach a lifetime score of 5,000,000.

    This will likely be the last trophy you earn since 5 Million points is a large amount. Save this for last since everything you do and complete adds to your Lifetime Score. After doing everything else I landed around 4 Million, so there's a decent amount of grinding involved. As long as you complete whatever Stage you are playing, the score will be added to your Lifetime Score. If you are trying to grind this, I personally found Stage 12 on Hard to be my most efficient route. A solid run can net you at least 40,000 points and a bad run can still get you at least 25,000 to 30,000. 
  • Oops


    Hit an ally.

    You will need a second controller or Playstation Plus online for this. For this trophy you simply need to hit an ally. So start up a match and ensure Friendly Hits are on during the character select, then hit your partner once for this trophy. You may also join an online match, but most people turn Friendly Hits off.
  • Catch a weapon in the air.

    To catch a weapon you must hit the  button just as a weapon comes flying at you. Certain enemies throw weapons at you that you can catch, or you can throw weapons at enemies which causes them to hit and bounce back so you can catch it. You will probably obtain this naturally since this is very easy to do.
  • Consume a healing item.

    Throughout the game there are large healing items (turkey by default) and small healing items (apple by default). These are core items in Streets of Rage games that allow you to recover health in the middle of a stage or provide points if your health bar is already full. They are usually found in breakable objects scattered throughout the stage. This trophy is almost impossible to miss.

    *Note: You can customize each healing item's appearance in the Options menu.
  • Kill an enemy by tossing them in a hole.

    There are numerous Stages with holes/gaps in which you can earn this and you will no doubt earn this naturally. The first place you can earn this is in Stage 4, Old Pier. There are holes scattered throughout the stage. Simply throw an enemy or hit them so that they fly into the hole and this trophy is yours.
  • Free yourself from a grab.

    The first time you can earn this is in Stage 2, Police Precinct. Dick, the guard in a yellow shirt, will blink red when he is about to try and grab you. Simply let him, then mash buttons and rotate the analog stick to get out. He appears numerous times. Other enemies that grab you are the Lou enemies in stage 8 (guards in red shirts) and Max in Stage 9.
  • Break both elevator window panes.

    In Stage 9, Y Tower, you will defeat a group of Assassin Agents (enemies with guns) then enter an elevator. Both the left and right sides are window panes which can be broken. Simply grab enemies and throw them into the window panes or pick up weapons and throw them into the window panes. Do this enough times and the pane will break. Do this to both sides and this trophy is yours.
  • Break the car in The Streets.

    In Stage 1, The Streets, after moving down along the side of a building, you will eventually see a car crash into a wall and hit 3 enemies. This is the car you need to break. Hit it enough times so that it breaks and you will earn this trophy.
  • Break a wine bottle.

    To break a wine bottle, you simply need to hit an enemy with it or throw it at an enemy. Wine bottles are located in numerous stages so this can be earned in quite a few places. Stage 1 has a wine bottle that you can use as a weapon. One of the easiest locations is Stage 3 since there is a wine bottle in the boss room and numerous enemies that appear. Please be aware already broken wine bottles will not count; it has to be a whole, intact bottle.
  • Destroy all motorcycles.

    This trophy is earned in Stage 5, Underground. After making your way through the bar, you will arrive outside in the boss area. Along the top and the right, there are numerous motorcycles. For this trophy you will have to destroy every motorcycle in this area. Be mindful that since every motorcycle you destroy will summon an enemy, it's easy to mob the screen.
  • Use a wrecking ball to kill an enemy.

    Wrecking Balls can be found in Stage 10, To the Concert, and Stage 12, Y Island. If a wrecking ball is hit with enough force, it will swing and deal damage to anything it hits. They deal decent damage and enemies are pretty dumb so they'll walk into them often. Simply have an enemy get killed by a wrecking ball, and this trophy is yours.
  • Use a barrel or a grenade explosion to kill 3 enemies at the same time.

    Explosive Barrels are introduced in Stage 3, Cargo Ship. Grenades are introduced in Stage 7, but the chance to earn this trophy with a grenade won't be available until Stage 8, Art Gallery. Both Grenades and Explosive Barrels deal a high amount of damage, so just make sure you group the enemies up and kill at least 3 to obtain this. Stage 8 makes this very easy since the enemies can produce infinite grenades, giving you numerous opportunities to get this.
  • Use a chandelier to kill an enemy.

    Chandeliers can be found in Stage 12, Y Island. After crossing the bridge and going inside the castle, you will find yourself in a hallway. Eventually you will see a Chandelier hanging and a rope attached to it on the wall. Just wait for an enemy to stand below one then hit the rope to send it crashing towards an enemy. They are one hit kills on all enemies, so as long as it hits an enemy, you will obtain this.
  • Break a spear.

    Spears can be found in Stage 6, Chinatown. After defeating a Goro enemy (big guy in a white gi), you will enter a dojo. On the ground is a spear, simply pick it up and use it enough times on enemies so that it breaks. This area also features a large volume of enemies so it is very easy to earn this trophy here.

Secret trophies

  • Discover a retro level.

    Retro levels are easter eggs that feature bosses from Streets of Rage 2 and can be found in Stages 2, 4, 5, and 8. To access a Retro level you must first find the Arcade machine within the stage. Once you find one, to enter the Retro level you'll need to pick up a taser weapon and hit the arcade machine with it. Do not throw it, you must hit it. Afterwards, you will be taken into a Retro level where you must defeat a boss. You will earn the trophy by simply going into the level, regardless whether or not you complete it. In Stage 2, the arcade machine is located in a small room after fighting the large group of enemies including Barney (the guard in black with a taser). You must use the taser from the Barney enemy to access it. In Stage 4, it is found after you fight the large group of enemies consisting of police and thugs, right before heading down to the beach. Once again, you'll need a taser from a Barney enemy. In Stage 5, it is in the bar. There is a taser on the ground in the bar which a Galia enemy may pick up and use. In Stage 8, the arcade machine is in the warehouse area right before the boss. The taser is hidden behind a box in front of the machine.
  • Meet Adam.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will earn this naturally. Adam will appear after defeating Estel in Stage 4, Old Pier.
  • Beat Shiva.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will earn this naturally. Shiva is the final boss of Stage 6, Chinatown.
  • Beat possessed Max.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will earn this naturally. Possessed Max is the final boss of Stage 9, Y Tower.
  • Beat Mr. and Ms. Y.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will earn this naturally. Mr. Y and Ms. Y are the final bosses of Stage 12, Y Island.
  • Get the Golden Chicken from the art gallery to the stock room.

    This trophy is obtained in Stage 8, Art Gallery. After the beginning area, you will enter an art gallery and find a Galia enemy and a Donovan enemy looking at a Golden Chicken. This is the item you need. Break the stand so that you can pick up the Golden Chicken and carry it. Even though it is a high damaging item, make sure not to use it on an enemy. Just bring it with you until you can no longer move right, then drop it with a neutral  to ensure you don't accidentally throw it at someone. Make sure to always bring it as far as you can so you don't accidentally leave it behind due to the screen locking you out. After you arrive at the warehouse with the Golden Chicken, you will obtain this trophy.
  • Call the police with a Streets of Rage 1 character.

    To obtain this you simply need to use an SOR1 character and press  while you have a Star. SOR1 characters do not have specials or star moves. Instead, they do what they did in the original Streets of Rage, which is to call a police car to fire a rocket launcher and damage the area around them.

DLC: Mr. X Nightmare

8 trophies

  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Estel.

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you need to finish the 12 stages of Story mode with Estel, a brand new Streets of Rage 4 character which should be available as soon as you install the DLC. It can be done on Easy difficulty and using Chapter Select from the main menu. Please note that despite being added as a playable character with this add-on, everything done with Estel in the main game also increases your Lifetime Score.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Shiva.

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you need to finish the 12 stages of Story mode with the Street of Rage 4 version of Shiva which should be available as soon as you install the DLC. It can be done on Easy difficulty and using Chapter Select from the main menu. Please note that despite being added as a playable character with this add-on, everything done with Shiva in the main game increases your Lifetime Score.
  • Clear all stages in single-player mode as Max.

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you need to finish the 12 stages of Story mode with the Street of Rage 4 version of Max which should be available as soon as you install the DLC. It can be done on Easy difficulty and using Chapter Select from the main menu. Please note that despite being added as a playable character with this add-on, everything done with Max in the main game increases your Lifetime Score.
  • Unlock all alternate moves for one character.

    Please refer to trophy_silver.png The Possibilities Are Endless.
  • Unlock all alternate moves.

    This will be the most time-consuming trophy to unlock and will require you to play several Survival runs with the whole roster.

    First you will obviously need to have access to all possible characters:
    • The 17 base characters: 3 from SOR1, 4 from SOR2, 5 from SOR3 and 5 from SOR4
      This means you'll have to get a Lifetime Score of at least 1,150,000 in the main game
    • The 3 characters automatically unlocked when installing the Mr.X Nightmare DLC
    • Roo-SOR3 that also comes with DLC but needs to be unlocked with a cheat code, see trophy_silver.png Clown Wars for more details
    Every time you complete a Survival run, you will make progress towards unlocking alternate moves for the character you've used. As summed up in the picture below (that screen being available to check your progress in the Survival menu), there are up to 5 alternate moves you can unlock for each character:
    • Blitz (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngsquare.png) - characters from SOR2, SOR3 and SOR4
    • Defensive Special (triangle.png) - characters from SOR2, SOR3 and SOR4
    • Offensive Special (dpad.png+triangle.png) - characters from SOR2, SOR3 and SOR4
    • Air Special (triangle.png after jumping) - characters from SOR4 as well as ROO-SOR3
    • Star Move (triangle.png+circle.png) - all characters

    Of course, the more alternate moves you have to unlock, the more points you will need to get in Survival, and the more runs you will likely need to complete. I've listed below the minimal cumulated points I had to get to unlock all moves for the different tiers:
    • SOR1: 126.390 (it's probably closer to 100.000 though)
    • SOR2 and SOR3: 154.300
    • SOR4: 243.388
    These are just to get you an idea of the scores you need, obviously the real targets are below these numbers. By the way, feel free to comment in the discussion thread if you've unlocked all moves with lower scores and I'll update the guide and credit you!

    You will find more details about the specifics of Survival Mode under trophy_silver.png I Am The One, but when it comes to unlocking moves, it's all about maximizing your score:
    • Like for getting S ranks in the story stages from the main game, try to build up your combo meter (destroy containers or use pick-ups to keep it from expiring if necessary while avoiding damage).
    • Prioritize the food you eat (remember that small food pick-ups are worth 300 points while big ones are worth 1.000).
    • The "A Little Closer to the Stars" power-up boosts your score. It has 5 tiers (+40%, +90% and up to +105%) and is really useful if you want to cut down your grinding time.
  • Reach level 18 in survival mode.

    Please refer to trophy_silver.png I Am the One.
  • Reach level 30 in survival mode.

    If trophy_silver.png The possibilities are endless is the most time-consuming trophy of the DLC, this one is definitely the hardest.

    Survival Mode has you facing infinite waves of enemies. After each wave you are rewarded with a power-up (you'll have to chose between 2-3 random options) and move to a different stage, and every 4 waves is a boss round. If you survive it the difficulty increases, which means you'll face stronger ennemies and in greater numbers, and so on until you're defeated by running out of health.

    I won't explain everything about Survival Mode as this would be too long for a trophy guide, but I strongly recommend you to check |iG| Vertigo's in-depth guide which does a tremendous job detailing pretty much everything there is to know: the basics of this mode, general gameplay tips, the stages and their hazards, the power-ups, how scoring works and even character builds and tips.

    However, for those who don't feel up to the "git gud" challenge, I will lay out a simple method that will greatly help your chances to unlock this trophy. It relies on the Blitz attack (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngsquare.png) and its elemental upgrade power-ups:
    • Electric: stuns and damages surrounding ennemies
    • Toxic: inflicts damage over time
    • Fire: creates a patch of fire where the ennemy lands, stunning/knocking over and damaging surrounding ennemies
    These all have several tiers that increase their range and strength. If you manage to stack 2 or even the 3 elemental power-ups, combined with the quickness and effectiveness of Blitz Attacks, you will be virtually invulnerable most of the time if you keep spamming it while stunning/knocking over and damaging all surrounding ennemies. You will still take damage sometimes as ennemies in the 25+ waves are really fast and aggressive (and your character will have the tendency to grab an ennemy which you won't notice immediately as the screen will be quite hard to read, leaving you open to damage). Note that this method works especially well with Blitz Attacks that have long range (like Cherry's Sliding Knee, Estel's Boot Mark or Shiva-SOR3's Dark Dash - don't hesitate to try out alternate moves in Training Mode). You should also be racking up massive combos with this trick though, so this is a super effective way to unlock trophy_silver.png Combo Master from the main game as well.

    In addition to these power-ups, I would recommend the following ones:
    • Blood Thirst (regain health by hitting ennemies at the cost of pick-ups only increasing your score) is practically essential in higher waves. Not only the ennemies hit so hard that there won't be enough health pick-ups for you to keep up, but your Star Move (especially if combined with the added rockets of Tactical Support) will almost fully replenish your health bar.
    • Ground Level (boosts base stats but prevents you to jump) is worth considering as well.
    • Otherwise, Damage Up, Defense Up, elemental Heavy Attacks and 3 Stars can also be good options.
    • Hey, Buddy (spawns an AI-controlled minion, with 4 variations having 4 tiers each) can help drive away some of the heat, but they usually don't last that long.
    • If you're playing in coop, Altruism is hard to pass up as it offers a lifeline in case one of you meets their end prematurely.
    You will need a bit of luck to grab the mentioned power-ups early enough but considering the number of Survival runs you'll have to play to unlock all alternate moves, you should be able to reach wave 18 and then 30 with this method eventually, and even more than once! Please note that it should take about 1h to reach level 30, and that both trophies (trophy_bronze.png Phantom in the Hull and this one) will only unlock when your current simulation is over and not as soon as you reach the required level.

Secret trophies

  • Lead an army of 3 clowns.

    In addition to Estel, Shiva and Max, a fourth playable character has been added in the Mr X Nightmare DLC: Roo from Streets of Rage 3. Please note that despite being added as a playable character with this add-on, everything done with Roo-SOR3 in the main game increases your Lifetime Score.

    Hidden at first, you will need to use a cheat code to unlock him. On the main menu, highlight Story then press dpad_up.pngsquare.png and :options: at the same time.

    Once unlocked, you will be able to play with Roo in all game modes. His Star Move spawns another familiar face: Bruce, the whip-wielding clown who was a mini-boss in Streets of Rage 3. As can be expected from the description, launching Roo's Star Move 3 times in a row will unlock the trophy.

    To do this, you will first need to gather 3 stars. You can of course play naturally in Story mode or in Survival mode, but there is a quicker way to get 3 stars at once. Start a new Story mode on any difficulty with Roo and once in the first stage immediately hit :options: to bring up the menu before selecting "Retry (Choose Assist)". Pick the rightmost option "Add 3 lives and 2 stars / Score divided by 10", confirm before choosing Roo again and you're set!

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