Super Artist Trophy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

  • Super Artist


    Complete the third tier of the challenge 'Super Artist' in any mode.


    How to unlock Super Artist

    The challenge "Super Artist" is for performing x amount of Super Moves, the third tier of this challenge requires you to perform an overall total of 75 Super Moves.
    During character select after you have selected a character you will be asked what "Super Move" you want assigned to the character for this match, it'll display the name of the Super as well as the input to use it. For example if you were to select Ken it will give you a scroll bar with the following Super Moves:
    • Super Dragon Punch (Shouryuu-Reppa): scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Z1v8cGW.png
    • Super Vertical Dragon Punch (Shinryuu-Ken): scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Push Q0JbjH3.png Rapidly
    • Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku: scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Q0JbjH3.png
    Super Moves require 1 or more bars of Super Meter displayed at the bottom of your screen, when you perform one a lighting like effect will flash on your character and perform the super. Simply perform at least 75 Super Moves over the course of playing 3rd Strike: Online Edition and this trophy should pop!
    Utilizing Super Moves in Real Play:
    Super Moves are perfect for combo enders you never want to throw out a random super even against the most inexperienced players are they are easily punishable. Here is an example of a Combo Link for Ken's Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku:
    scaCehA.gifUUFtJvW.png Cancel Into Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku: scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Q0JbjH3.png
    Using the scaCehA.gifUUFtJvW.png you can use it to confirm your hit and if it was successful quickly cancel into Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku, this will help you utilize your meter and prioritize damage.
    If you don't have a second controller and need to find a boosting partner to make this trophy easier please refer to the following thread: Trophy Boosting Thread
 Streaking (S)
    Complete the second tier of the challenge “Going Streaking” in ranked online mode.
    The challenge "Going Streaking" is for obtaining x amount of wins in a row, the second tier of this challenge requires you to obtain 5 wins in a row, for this trophy is must be done in ranked online mode.
    While veteran players may not have a problem obtaining this trophy, inexperienced players will. You have to keep the fundamentals described in the roadmap in mind when going for this trophy the legitimate way. There are ways to help you keep your win streak, one of which may give you a bad reputation as a gamer.
    Quit Out:
    There are two forms of quitting out, the first way is when you search for an opponent in ranked match when you fare matched up with your opponent you can press :cross: to ready up or :circle: to back out of the lobby room. If you find yourself matched up with someone with a significantly high level you can back out and re-search.
    This way will leave with you a bad reputation if done, if you have a 3 game win streak for example and you are about to lose you can press :start: and quit out to avoid losing your streak. Also, if anyone decides to rage quit and disconnect on you then it will count as a victory towards this trophy.
    Loading your Save:
    It is also worth noting your win streaks are stored locally in your SFIII:3SOE save file on the PS3. For example: If you compile a two-game winning streak, you can quit to the XMB and backup your save file to "preserve" that winning streak. Now if you then lose the third ranked battle, simply restore that save and your previous streak will continue. You can keep doing this until you eventually get a five-win streak to unlock the trophy.
    The tier list for 3rd Strike or for any fighting game usually different from source to source however in the 3rd Strike tier list where ever you look you will find Ken and Chun-Li somewhere in the top, with this said Ken and Chun-Li are good selections for beginning players:
    1NNt35r.png Strategies (Ken):
    Ken has good consistent damage making him an excellent selection for first comers. He has a fast dash so he can get in on opponents easily and just about every one of his moves can combo into super. Things you want to keep in mind with Ken are:
    Choice of Super: Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku: scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Q0JbjH3.png
    This is Ken's universal Super, while it may not do as much damage as Super Dragon Punch (Shouryuu-Reppa) it can however combo out of basically anything Ken does making it the best choice of Super.
    This is a very fast and easy way to gain meter even just inputting this at nothing will build meter. It is also a fast input so if you see your opponent trying to get in on you while you build meter you can counter accordingly.
    This move is a fast downward kick, it's very easy to hit confirm with it into Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku and it also acts as an excellent poke to get in.
    EfMyTvr.png Strategies (Chun-Li):
    Chun-Li is a patient smart character to play as, you turtle and wait for openings and poke out your opponents for little damage but once you have enough meter you can hit confirm in Super for a large amount of damage at one time making up for the time you spent being defensive.
    Choice of Super: Super Lightning Legs (Houyoku-Sen) scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gifscaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Q0JbjH3.png
    Just like Ken's Shippuu-Jinrai-Kyaku it is very easy to combo into and it comes with many benefits as well. It has invincibility so you can use it to punish unnecessary projectiles shot at you, gives you a lot of meter while doing it and takes off an unfair amount of life.
    Not only is this one of Chun-Li's best pokes but it also builds a lot of meter. It has a lot of priority and beats out just about any character's normals, while the downside to this is that it may have such small range it is easily made up for with its speed, damage and everything else.
    Just like Ken's downward kick this move is one of Chun-Li's best normals and pokes and can easily be hit confirmed into Super Lightning Legs (Houyoku-Sen).
    You can look up more in-depth strategies and information about Ken, Chun-Li and other characters in the links below:
    Eventhubs: 3rd Strike Moves, Characters, and Strategy Guides

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