Wax On, Wax Off Trophy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

  • Wax On, Wax Off


    Complete the third tier of the challenge 'Wax On, Wax Off' in any mode.


    How to unlock Wax On, Wax Off

    The challenge "Wax On, Wax Off" is for performing x amount of Parry moves, the third tier of this challenge requires you to perform an overall total of 75 Parries.
    While in regular fighting games you would hold your directional pad the opposite direction (R81Tb8A.gif or gDyPbph.gif) to block an attack, in 3rd Strike there is another form of blocking known as Parrying where instead of moving the directional pad away from the attack you would input towards the attack (LBjSTQ5.gif or GDJsmya.gif). This may sound simple however the timing for a parry is very strict, you basically have to predict your opponents next attack and then press the direction the attack is going to come from a couple of seconds or frames before it actually hits. Hadouken's (scaCehA.gifGDJsmya.gifLBjSTQ5.gif + Z1v8cGW.png) from Ryu, Ken or Akuma are the one of the easiest moves to parry or to practicing parry against, other projectiles work just as well. If you're trying to grind out a couple more parries for your trophy you can also spam  on one controller and parry all of those right next to you. You will know when you have successfully parried a move if your character flashes white for a split second.
    Utilizing Parry Moves in Real Play:
    Parrying is what makes 3rd Strike the game it is, if you ever hope to play 3rd Strike at a competitive level then you must absolutely learn how to parry consistently and effectively. Parrying a move has so many benefits to it if done successfully.
    If you look at the EVO Moment video at the top of the roadmap you will notice the played Daigo Umehara performed a "Parry" on all of Chun-Lis multi-hit Super Move and then followed it up with a combo of his own to win the match, that moment is a perfect example of how a Parry should be utilized.
    Avoiding Chip Damage:
    When you block a Special or Super Move normally you would take what is known as Chip Damage. Chip Damage is unavoidable making it hard to fight player's who apply a lot of pressure on you forcing you into a corner however with a parry you can avoid that Chip Damage. The only downside to this is that you must predict your opponents move, whether it will be high or low and when they're going to use it. Doing a success parry meets you were knew what to expect from your opponent and you countered properly
    No Block or Hit Stun:
    Normally when you block an attack your character will be stuck in the blocking animation for a small period of time however it won't allow you enough time to punish your opponent's attack. When you parry a move you avoid the Block Stun and are able to follow up the parry with a move of your own, with the proper reactions a parry could be a way of getting in on your opponent to do damage.
    If you don't have a second controller and need to find a boosting partner to make this trophy easier please refer to the following thread: Trophy Boosting Thread

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