Sharing Is Caring Trophy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

  • Sharing Is Caring


    Complete the challenge 'Sharing Is Caring'.

    How to unlock Sharing Is Caring

    The challenge "Sharing Is Caring" is for uploading a replay into the Match Server of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. After you select "Upload to Match Server" you will be prompted to add a tag to the video you're uploading. After you have added the tag press Triangle18x18.png to upload and it will push you back to the main upload page where your trophy will unlock.

    If you were curious about the "Upload to Youtube" selection the way it works is the same way as you would Match Server just a tad bit longer. It will ask you for your youtube email and password before uploading afterwards you have to wait through the process of it actually uploading, depending on your service provider it may take a very short or long time. Sadly the server on 3rd Strike can only upload replays in 240p, below you will see an example of an upload to youtube from 3rd Strike Online Edition:

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