The outfit is the highlight of battle Trophy in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

  • The outfit is the highlight of battle


    The true crème de la crème know how to give spectators a good show. Now go and gain new colors for your outfit.

    How to unlock The outfit is the highlight of battle


    If you have the Championship Edition, then this trophy is glitched because all the alternate colours are unlocked by default but see here for the fix (credit to NME): LINK

    This trophy is very easy to get, you just need to complete 1 survival run on Easy because each time you complete one, you will unlock a color so keep playing this mode until you unlock this trophy.

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  • Finished all 16 stories. This didn't pop. Happen for anyone else?
  • Yep me too
  • @benscarisdead @2pacalypse you have to beat survival in any difficulty except hell to get colors for your character. then the trophy will pop. as far as the story mode outfit, you'll have to buy them with fight money in march in the shop.
  • Have done the survival and hadn't popped
  • In Champion Edition, I think I suggest playing survival mode with any character in a base roster like Ryu or Ken on easy difficulty, then this should be unlock the trophy for those who are worry about trophy that’s glitch in champion edition, I hope this help with a fix like I did. Good Luck!

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