• Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (21, 3, 2)
  • Online trophies: 19 (14, 2, 2, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 80+ Hours (*) (Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 300+ Online matches, 500+ survival fights, 50+ story mode fights, 50 replays, and multiple extra fights across all modes.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: You must be signed-in to the Street Fighter network to unlock some offline trophies so read the Road Map for more information. The outfit is the highlight of battle trophy is bugged if you own the Championship Edition, because the alternate colours are unlocked by default.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. The Chinese Version has its own, albeit drastically shortened list that stacks with the international list.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats so far.

(*) Note that if you have the Arcade Edition, then the Priceless trophy will take you longer to earn. Read this.

Capcom brings us a new installment of the world classic saga 2D fighting game Street Fighter, an exclusive for PS4 and PC only. This time with 4 brand new characters never seen before: Necalli, Rashid, Laura and F.A.N.G. which, among another 12 fighters, will test your will and skills to the maximum in two big scenarios: combat in ranked matches & survival on the highest difficulty.

Warning: If you are thinking this version will be much better than the past releases thanks to the lack of trials, I must tell you that this time you need to be some kind of supreme god full of skills to reach the almost impossible Golden League Rank by playing only ranked matches.

As usual, in this saga the grind takes an important part. Many trophies are very easy to get, but very time consuming such as reach level 30 with a character, or reach player level 200 and many others.

Glitched Trophies:
It’s important to take note that some trophies may not pop if you are playing offline or without the latest patch installed. So it’s recommended to install the latest patch and always play connected to the servers. You can suddenly lose the connection, and you will be be taken right back to the main menu which means you'll have to repeat what you were doing.

With a final note, I have written shorter descriptions to every trophy just to get a better and fast reference to them.

So be ready to face this journey because the road to the will be hard, tough and full of rage online players grabbing and hitting you like machines as you make your way through the ranks. If you are lucky enough to be one of those rage players your new super Ultra Rare will be one of your proudest in your collection. Happy gaming!

Here is the list of buttons (default settings) on PS4, you can change some of them If you like to feel more comfortable, from the Main Menu selecting Versus, Controller Settings:


You can start the game in any mode you like. The following is just a recommendation to tackle the game somehow, you can jump from one mode to another and return to that mode later:

Step 01. Fast trophies.
Once you load the game for the first time, there are a few quick trophies you can aim for:

  • Mastering The Basics
  • Your Story Starts Here
  • One Step Forward
  • Playing Favorites
  • All In A Name
  • Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail
  • Not-So-Secret Admirer
  • Global Network
  • Bodybuilding Is Life
  • The outfit is the highlight of battle - GLITCHED

Step 02. Story Mode.
This mode features the various character stories of Street Fighter V. Complete them one by one and you should unlock:

  • Lucky We Met!
  • The 16 Trials
  • Quantity Over Quality
  • No Rest For The Wicked

Step 03. Survival Mode.
This section is one of the harder parts of the game. You will have to complete this mode at least once on Hell difficulty, which can be pretty frustrating. During this step you should unlock:

  • Vindicated Honor
  • Burning Spirit
  • Make A Name For Yourself
  • Win Or Die Tryin'
  • A True Warrior's Spirit
  • Back From Hell

Step 04. Online Mode.
This is the hardest part of the game. For this step you will have to go online and fight your way to the Gold League. This will take some serious skill as you can't afford to lose too often. You may also need to play a few casual matches to unlock some of these trophies. During this step, you should unlock:

  • Fighting On The Internet
  • All Going To Plan!
  • A Fiendish Trap
  • Waiting Is Half The Fun
  • I Know Kung Fu!
  • Addicted To Winning
  • Working Up An Appetite!
  • Ceaseless Effort
  • Bam, Bam, Win!
  • Always Someone Stronger
  • Savoring The Win Streak
  • First Promotion!
  • Muscles Bring Victory!
  • Let's fight someone strong!

Step 05. Grinding trophies.
Finally the grind at the end. After everything else, you may still be missing a few trophies. Just head to the appropriate mode and finish them up. After this step, you should unlock:

  • Slow But Steady Wins The Race
  • Number 2 Is The New Number 1
  • Sultan Of Titles
  • Go Out With A Bang
  • Critical Beauty
  • Not Over 'Til It's Over
  • Enlightenment
  • Sudden Reversal
  • See You In My Dreams!
  • Priceless

[PST Would Like To Thank leptonic for this Roadmap]

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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45 trophies ( 35  )

  • "Sweet! You got all the trophies! You're really somethin'. Isn't that right, Ryu?" "You have done well to reach the end of this one journey. The path to becoming a true fighter still lies ahead, but let us take time to share the joy of your accomplishment."

    Get all the trophies to unlock this one.

  • Why don't you try finishing up the tutorial? You might've mastered the first step, but nailing down the fundamentals is what's important.

    Complete Tutorial.

    This trophy will be the first one you unlock. Once you load the game for the first time you will be asked to complete the training, it only takes like 5 minutes and you will have a clue of all the basics in the game.

    If you skipped the tutorial when it showed up or you would like to repeat it go to Story Option from the Main Menu and select Tutorial.

  • Your first goal for Story Mode is just to clear it once. You can probably guess, but I cleared it with Master Zangief first!

    Reach Level 5 with 1 Character.

    This only takes a single story mode run. See No Rest For The Wicked trophy for more information.

  • Whoa, I'm really mixing it with the celebrities here! C'mon, Rashid, you're the Raging Storm! Get out there and finish 5 Character Stories!

    Clear 5 Character Stories.

    Pick 5 different character story modes, and complete them all. Cutscenes can be skipped. See The 16 Trials trophy for more information.

  • So you wish to learn Yoga? If that is truly the case, then first you must complete the Character Story with all characters. There is great merit in walking each of their individual paths.

    Clear all 16 Character Stories.

    From the Main Menu, select Story mode, then Character Story. Here, you will need to complete all the stories for the 16 base characters. These stories are quite short, and only require you to fight a few times (from 2 to 4). You can skip all cutscenes if you would like to speed up the process.

    It’s highly recommended to work towards No Rest For The Wicked as well because these trophies are related.

    Here are the number of fights every character has:

    • Ryu (3)
    • Ken (3)
    • Chun-Li (3)
    • Cammy (3)
    • Nash (2)
    • M.Bison (2)
    • Vega (3)
    • Birdie (3)
    • Karin (3)
    • R.Mika (3)
    • Zangief (2)
    • Dhalsim (2)
    • Rashid (2)
    • Laura (4)
    • F.A.N.G (2)
    • Necalli (3)
  • If you're at a loss for what to do, why not raise a character to level 5? It should help you realize what you're missing.

    Collect 10 Titles.

    Complete 10 different Survival runs on Easy to unlock this one. See Sultan Of Titles trophy for more information.

  • Level up 5 characters! Up to level 5 should do the trick. When it comes to food and fightin', it's quantity over quality, mate.

    Reach Level 5 with 5 Characters.

    Just complete 5 stories for 5 different characters. See No Rest For The Wicked trophy for more information.

  • Your stats are as pitiful as your strength, maggot! Come back when you've raised all characters to level 5.

    Reach Level 5 with all 16 Characters.

    These trophies are almost story related while you play and complete all storylines. See The 16 Trials trophy for more information.

    Important: You must be logged-in to the servers because if you play offline or without the latest patch installed, your progress won’t count, and you will need to replay all stories you played offline after you log in to the servers. The servers are a bit unstable, and sometimes you could be kicked out of the server causing you to return to the main menu and reconnect.

    Every time you complete a single story you can see the level of your character popping in the left side of the screen. Some fighters may need to repeat his/her story to reach level 5 so do it before moving to the next fighter. Do this in order to avoid playing some unnecessary stories again.

  • Your objective should be to raise a single character to level 30. There is great meaning in accomplishing what is difficult. To find your answer, you must set your sights high.

    Reach Level 30 with 1 Character.

    This is one of the long grinds in the game.

    To complete this task you should stick with one, and only one character, you feel comfortable with and play with him/her always. Almost all modes give XP so it’s recommended to play and complete Survival mode on all difficulties with your character: Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell. Play Ranked and Casual Matches and Lounge Online matches as well.

  • Raise your player level to 50. Level up that much and you'll be about ready to exact you revenge.

    Reach Player Level 50.

    This one will unlock after you complete 7 characters stories. See Number 2 Is The New Number 1 trophy for more information.

  • Your player level is a reflection of your passion! Aim for the stars, and reach level 100!

    Reach Player Level 100.

    You can unlock this trophy after you complete 13 characters stories. See Number 2 Is The New Number 1 trophy for more information.

  • Niiihehe! 2, 20, 200! Such a glorious sound, I could say it twice more! 200! Raise you player level to 200! I already have, niiihehe!

    Reach Player Level 200.

    Another long grind, this time you need to reach player level 200. This means you can play with any character you wish because all characters gain Player XP.

    Every time you complete a single story you will gain 8 player levels, so after completing all starting characters' stories, you will be sitting around level 128. So it’s preferable to start completing all of Story Mode, then move on and complete Survival mode on Easy and Normal. Also, you can try to complete Survival on Hard as well as play Ranked, Casual and Lounge Matches.

    You can see your player level from the main menu pressing or once you see the Intro of any fight:

  • Why don't you see if you can collect 10 titles? There's nothin' like a good title! Even Mel said they make me look cool!

    Collect 10 Titles.

    Complete 10 different Survival runs on Easy to unlock this one. See Sultan Of Titles trophy for more information.

  • I am Rashid of the Turbulent Wind! You can change how you feel, just with a title! If you had 30 of them, you'd be set for the rest of your life!

    Collect 30 Titles.

    This trophy is tough, very time consuming, and depends on your personal skills. Each character gives a title after reaching level 10, so you need to play the Story and Survival on Easy for everybody, and you will get 16 titles.

    Another way to earn titles is winning one ranked match with each character, netting you another 16 titles. But this could be really tough if you are in higher leagues, and if you don't know how to fight with all characters. Winning ranked matches multiple times with each character will also net you some titles.

  • Alright, time you fought 10 network battles! The Internet is like my backyard - not a place I tend to lose! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

    Complete 10 Online Fights.

    Only Ranked and Casual matches count for this. See A Fiendish Trap trophy for more information.

  • Master Zangief! I fought in 50 network battles! The ring came to life with the clash of burning spirits! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

    Complete 50 Online Fights.

    Only Ranked and Casual matches count for this. See A Fiendish Trap trophy for more information.

  • Impossible! You fought in 300 network battles? Well then, the time for you to witness my Psycho Power draws near. Mwahaha! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

    Complete 300 Online Fights.

    You must select any online mode excluding Battle Lounge because it doesn't count for this trophy. The online modes required are: Ranked and Casual matches. The difference between them is that Casual matches won’t give you any LP (League Points).

    It’s highly recommended to play Ranked Matches all the way because you need to win at least 100 ranked matches here and you will also be working on some other trophies in this mode. See Ceaseless Effort trophy for more information. Trying to reach 100 wins in this mode should net you around 300 online matches. After that, you can probably boost the rest if you want, but you need to be very lucky and patient to find your partner numerous times across the unsure, random matching system the game has.

    If you need a partner visit the Boosting Thread.

  • Patience is key to any warrior's training. Fight in network battles 30 times using the standby function. The longer you wait, the greater the joy will be when you finally get picked.

    Fight 30 times using Standby Function.

    From the main menu select to prompt the Request Notification. Select ON and enable the option ASK ME since you may not always want to be thrown into the first match you get.

    The objective here is to set up this function and wait for someone to fight against you. Ranked or casual matches counts for this trophy. Simply make sure you have enabled this option, and play around in any other single player mode such as Survivor, Story Mode or Training. Soon enough, a little notification will prompt you asking if you would like to join an online match. Press , then you can choose between joining or rejecting the random invitation.

    If you agree to join, the online match will start. After the match ends you can return to the previous mode you were playing, exactly where you left off. So if you are in the middle of Survival, you will be returned to the same round you left off at.

  • Congratulations on your first win! Keep practicing your Kung Fu in those Ranked Matches and I know you'll only get better and better!

    Win 1 Ranked Match.

    Casual and Lounge matches won’t count for this. See Ceaseless Effort trophy for more information.

  • It seems you've won 10 Ranked Matches. Never forget how it feels to win, or your future will soon be eclipsed by defeat.

    Win 10 Ranked Matches.

    Casual and Lounge matches won’t count for this. See Ceaseless Effort trophy for more information.

  • 30 Ranked Matches already? Lemme go catch up to that! Dinner always tastes better after you've pummeled a bunch of chumps!

    Win 30 Ranked Matches.

    Casual and Lounge matches won’t count for this. See Ceaseless Effort trophy for more information.

  • Ah, your 100th Ranked Match victory. That look in your eyes tells me it was a fulfilling battle. Go forward one step at a time, and never forget this feeling.

    Win 100 Ranked Matches.

    This trophy could take you more time than you think if you aren’t good in the game because of two things:

    • This mode is full of sick pro players
    • If you choose to play against PC AND PS4 players, your chances to win are even worse

    If you're a casual player, this trophy will take a lot more time than if you were very skilled. As long as you can pull off a win every now and again, this trophy will just be a battle of patience. Unfortunately, no true boosting methods are known to help speed up this trophy.

    My advice would be to practice a lot, stick with one character if you see progress, or change it if you see that you're losing too much. With enough time and patience, you will win your 100th to unlock this trophy.

    It’s worth mentioning that you will be working towards the A Fiendish Trap trophy along the way.

  • Winning 300 matches will put the word out for Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu! It'll be like, "the succesor or Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu, Laura Matsuda is right here!"

    Win 300 Ranked Matches.

    For this trophy you need to win at least 300 ranked matches. This could take awhile, mainly for the rage quitters you will find in this game which causes you to lose connection without receiving the win and the LP rewards.

    Boosting in Ranked mode is really tricky but if you want to try it out, go to the Boosting Thread for a partner. It's important to take note that you should try to boost with players in your same region because the chances of finding them will be higher.

  • Why not try fighting someone stronger than you in a Ranked Match? There's a lot you can gain from fighting stronger opponents. Beat 10 of 'em and you'll understand.

    Beat 10 Stronger Players in Ranked Matches.

    Before any Ranked Match starts, you can see your opponent’s stats. You can see his Rank. If his Rank number is lower than yours, that means he is ranked higher than you overall. If you defeat him, then it will count towards this trophy. Repeat this 9 more times to obtain this trophy. You should earn this trophy naturally over time.

  • Achieved three consecutive victories in Ranked Matches, have you? It appears you are getting a handle on your power. Maintain your modesty, and focus on your training; the path ahead is long.

    Win 3 Ranked Matches in a row.

    This trophy could be really difficult to many novice players, one of the strategies to follow is to keep practicing, and try to earn during your time in the lower ranks since you will be matched with less skilled players. The game will try to search for opponents with the same (or close enough) points so you have a nice chance at obtaining this during your time in the Rookie League.

  • Master Zangief sent me flowers to celebrate me moving up a league for the first time! I can't read the card with all these tears!

    Reach Bronze League in Ranked Matches.

    You need 500 LP (League Points) to reach Bronze League. See Let's fight someone strong! trophy for more information.

  • Did you make it to Silver League?! Horosho! You have very good muscle! You can get much stronger from now!

    Reach Silver League in Ranked Matches.

    You need 2,000 LP (League Points) to reach Silver League. See Let's fight someone strong! trophy for more information.

  • Finally, Golden League! There are so many potential rivals! Now the fun really begins!

    Reach Golden League in Ranked Matches.

    The hardest trophy in the game by far. For all the League-related trophies, only ranked matches count since the other modes don't give LP.

    The premise of this trophy is simple. Your wins have to outweigh your losses by a decent margin. As you climb the ranks, the players get tougher and have more experience. You will have to have a decent amount of skill to obtain this trophy. Just do your best and remember to practice!

    If you can manage to win the same amount fights as you lose (1-1), it should take you around 32 fights to reach the first promotion. However, this quickly becomes an obsolete strategy as you lose more LP per loss as you climb the ranks (Depending on the league your opponent is in).

    League Ranking and points needed:

    • 0 LP - Rookie League
    • 500 LP - Bronze League
    • 1,000 LP - Super Bronze League
    • 1,500 LP - Ultra Bronze League
    • 2,000 LP - Silver League
    • 3,000 LP - Super Silver League
    • 3,500 LP - Ultra Silver League
    • 4,000 LP - Gold League
  • "Finishing with an EX Special Move sure feels good, old man!" "You finally understand then, young one? How about you try doing it 300 times?" "Wha?! You know how many years that'll take?!"

    Perform 300 EX Special Move Finishes.

    One of the most time consuming trophies in the game. This trophy requires you to perform an EX Move to end the round and you need to do this in 300 different rounds.

    Before you can perform an EX Move you need to have at least one bar from your Critical Gauge (Blue bar). This bar is filled after hitting, or getting hit by, your opponent.

    Once you have at least one blue bar, make sure your opponent has 5-8% or less health and execute an EX move to end the match. You can see the Special Moves for each player if you press and select Command List. EX moves are typically performed by doing a special move, but hitting two different kick/punch buttons at the same time instead of just one.


    Very Important: Do not get perfect wins because they will cancel out the EX round win.

    It’s recommended to perform as many EX Moves as you can while you play story mode and survival, but if you want to unlock this one faster then you can boost with a partner in a private lounge, or boost in Versus by playing with a second controller.

    If you set up a match with 5 rounds each, you can perform 3 EX Move Finishes per match meaning you have to play around 100 full matches to unlock this trophy. Practice mode won’t count.

  • 300 Critical Art finishes... It would seem a crimson rose that blooms within an ugly heart can still be beautiful...

    Perform 300 Critical Art Finishes.

    Just like Go Out With A Bang trophy, but more time consuming, and this is just because you will need the full blue bar filled (all 3 parts) before performing this move.

    You need to leave your opponent with around 15% health, and execute the move. Press to see the character moveset. Let us say you’re playing with Rashid, and you have the blue bar completely full. Perform the move Altair, + , and you will use his Critical Art. Do this 300 times across all game modes to unlock this trophy. Practice mode won’t count.

    Very Important: Do not get perfect round wins because they will cancel out the Critical Art round win.

    It’s recommended to do as many Critical Art finishes as you can while you play story mode and survival, but if you want to unlock this one faster then you can boost with a partner in a private lounge, or in Versus by playing with a second controller.

    If you set up a match with 5 rounds each, you can perform maybe 3 Critical Arts Finishes per match meaning you will need to play around 100 full matches to unlock this trophy. Practice mode won’t count.

  • When you get that feeling like "I can't let it end like this!", that's when you should use a V-Reversal. Practice it 100 times, and then you'll be able to pull it off in your sleep!

    Perform 100 V-Reversals.

    One of the new features the game has. It’s very unlikely you will obtain this through natural progression, since V-Triggers are often favored over Reversals. So the best way to obtain this trophy is by boosting it. You can use a second controller with another player, or a Boosting partner.

    The first thing to know is that you need to have at less one V-Gauge bar filled (red bar). Once you have it, you need to block an attack and immediately after blocking, press a combination of buttons to perform a V-Reserval successfully (It's often forward + All 3 punches). Do not get this confused with Reverse moves, since those don’t count.

    How to create a private lobby for boosting:

    • Select Battle Lounge from the Main Menu
    • Create a Lounge with this settings:
    • Rounds: 5
    • Time: 99
    • Victory Settings: First To 3
    • Character Select: On
    • Hardware Settings: PlayStation 4 Only
    • Private Slots: 1
    • Password: any
    • Create Lounge

    Your partner must search for your match in the Lounge by using the filters above.

    If you need a partner visit the Boosting Thread.

  • There is a power that resides deep within you. If you wish to know what that power is, trigger a V-Skill 100 times. Do so, and that power will belong to you.

    Perform 100 V-Skills.

    A little easier than Not Over 'Til It's Over trophy. You can replay the Tutorial to understand what a V-Skill is. Every character has a different V-Skill, but they're all pretty useful in one way or another, so you should be using them naturally. All V-Skills are performed by pressing + , but as stated before, all characters do something different.

    Boost with a second controller or with a partner online. Select Ryu as your fighter, and Ken as your opponent. Ryu's V-Skill is Mind's Eye which is a parry similar to that of Street Fighter 3. Have your opponent launch Hadokens while you parry them. You can use any other character you like, just make sure you see the Command List of that character pressing . Practice mode won’t count for this trophy.

  • You know, the V-Trigger is pretty handy for shifting the flow of battle. You'll know just how effective it is once you've triggered it 100 times.

    Perform 100 V-Triggers.

    This trophy is the easiest of the three V-Move trophies. You just need to have the full red bar filled (all parts), and execute the move with +. Just be sure to do this often and the trophy will pop eventually. V-Triggers are an essential part of any battle strategy, so you should be utilizing them very often! Practice mode won’t count for this trophy.

  • You must set a character as your favorite! Can't decide who to choose? Niiihehehe! Well, you can't go wrong with Lord Bison!

    Set your Online Character.

    Very easy trophy. From the main menu select Battle Settings option, and select your Favorite Character.

  • You'll never stand out without an original title. Try choosing an appropriate title for me.

    Set your Online Title.

    Another very easy trophy. From the main menu select Battle Settings option, and pick the 3rd option, Title.

  • Collect 30 replays, kid. Once you've done your prep and know your opponent's weaknesses, you'll be in control of the fight. Don't risk your life by rushing in blind.

    Add 30 Replays.

    This trophy is very easy. Same as See You In My Dreams! but faster.

    Go to CFN section, Replay Search option, Search From Favorites, but instead selecting View Replay, just select Add to Replay List. Repeat this another 29 times until the trophy pops.

    If the screen shows “No data found” keep trying until the ranking appears again.

  • Visualization is a crucial skill, so try watching 50 replays! I watched so many, I started seeing Master Zangief in my dreams!

    Watch 50 Replays.

    An easy trophy, but a little time consuming. First you need to add some players as your Favorites. See Global Network trophy.

    Once you have 2-3 Favorite Players added, select the Replay Search option inside CFN (Capcom Fighters Network) Main Menu, and go to Search From Favorites, 2nd option, then select View Replay. As soon as the match starts press and go to the last option Round Settings to skip 1 or 2 rounds, press , and then 3 times to fast forward until 8x speed. You don’t need to watch the full fight. Repeat another 49 times to get the trophy. Doing this from scratch should take around an hour.

    If you get the message “Failed to retrieve Replay Data” that won't count as a view.

    Also you can watch the same replay over and over again, they don’t need to be 50 different replays.

  • When someone sets their sights on you, don't you just wanna try even harder? Add someone to your Favorites and see what happens!

    Add 1 Favorite player.

    See Global Network trophy for more information.

  • I have the direct lines for all the world's leaders recorded in my pocketbook. You should have 30 names in your Favorites at the very least.

    Add 30 Favorite players.

    This one is very easy. Go to CFN (Capcom Fighting Network), select the last option, Ranking, select any player, and pick Add to Favorites. Repeat another 29 times with different players until the trophy pops.

    If you get a “Failed to add” error keep trying to refresh the window.

  • Go try out Training Mode for 30 minutes! "Bodybuilding never let man down." I borrowed that one from Master Zangief!

    Play Training Mode for 30 minutes.

    Very easy trophy. Just select Training Mode in the Main Menu and keep practicing with any fighter for at least 30 minutes. The trophy will pop once you left the Training arena so take it in mind and keep tracking the time by your own.

  • It's about time you cleared Survival Mode on normal difficulty. You know what happens if you refuse, don't you? Let's just say the only way you live is if you keep on winning!

    Complete Survival Mode on Normal.

    This mode requires you to complete 30 Fights in one go while playing on Normal difficulty. See Back From Hell trophy for more information.

  • A warrior's soul is ri...ripened in Survival Mode. Emerge victorious on hard difficulty and you'll be ready for me to co...consume.

    Complete Survival Mode on Hard.

    This mode requires you to complete 50 Fights with a single health playing on Hard difficulty. See Back From Hell trophy for more information.

  • Feel like taking the plunge into Survival Mode on extreme? Come back alive, and I'll grant you an audience with none other than me, the great Lord Bison!

    Complete Survival Mode on Hell.

    Another tough and long trophy the game has. This mode requires you to complete 100 Fights with a single health playing in the highest difficulty.

    You can refill your health partially or completely after each fight making this a little better, but each refill costs you points so you need to be wise and know when to refill it.

    Also, this mode is very annoying because if you play this logged-in and you lose the connection in the middle of the mode, you could be kicked out from the servers back to the main menu losing all progress. On the other hand, If you prefer to play offline, and if you complete the full road, you won't get any money/xp rewards, and it’s possible you won’t get the trophy, because you were playing offline.

    So keep this in mind before you stress yourself for nothing.

    Here is a great tip for completing this tricky milestone:

    Credit to PowerPyx

  • You managed to get 1,000,000 FM. That's pretty good! The real value, however, is in the path you walked to earn that much.

    Earn 1 million coins.

    Another hard, grind and long trophy to get. Playing all modes will grant you FM (Fight Money) such as completing story modes, online matches and survival in all difficulties (easy, normal, hard and hell). However, it’s recommended to keep playing survival mode because you gain more coins than playing any other mode.

    (*) Note that if you have the Arcade Edition, then the Priceless trophy will take you longer to earn. Read this.

    Very Important: You need to be logged-in to the servers to gain FM because they are storage in the Capcom servers. If you play offline you will be wasting your time because you won't be able to gain nothing.

  • The true crème de la crème know how to give spectators a good show. Now go and gain new colors for your outfit.


    If you have the Championship Edition, then this trophy is glitched because all the alternate colours are unlocked by default but see here for the fix (credit to NME): LINK

    This trophy is very easy to get, you just need to complete 1 survival run on Easy because each time you complete one, you will unlock a color so keep playing this mode until you unlock this trophy.

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