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    There are 6 badges in all to collect throughout your time in Stray. One you’ll get as part of the story, another you’ll get for a brief platforming section, one you’ll get for opening a safe, while the other 3 you’ll get for collecting stuff, whether it’s flowers, a set of keys or music sheets. Here’s all 6 Stray badges (in chronological order) and where and how you unlock them:

    Music Badge:
    To get the Music Badge, you’ll need to help Morusque in the Slums and retrieve all 8 Music Sheets for him. Here’s where you get all 8 pieces of music.

    Outsiders Badge:
    This is actually a part of the main story, and you’ll get it in the second Slums section, after you’ve fixed the tracker for Seamus.

    Plant Badge:
    After you get out the Sewers and into Antvillage, just before you leave for Midtown, you’ll come across a robot at the top of the village (Malo) - one who’s looking for 3 different coloured plants. Collect those 3 plants from Antvillage and return them to her for the Plant Badge. The specific locations of the 3 plants can be found here.

    Cat Badge:
    As you get into the main street in Midtown, on the right, very early on, you’ll see a shop, which you can climb through the window of. Climb through it and you’ll see a safe in the top right corner, on top of a bookcase. Unlock it and the Cat Badge is inside. Struggling to find the code? Then head here.

    Neco Badge:
    The Neco Badge is received for helping the worker in the factory find his keys. This will be part of the Midtown mission where you’re smuggled into the factory to retrieve a battery. In rough terms, the worker is after the first main room (with the two Sentinels), on the right. And the keys are in the section with the two hanging boxes that move dangling from the ceiling (when you get to the water, where the floating oil drums are, head right and you’ll see the keys). Return them to the worker for the Neco Badge. Check out our Sneakitty trophy_silver.png run through and the location of both are both shown there. 

    Police Badge:
    And last, but by no means least, there’s the Police Badge, which is the easiest to miss by far as it’s hidden away in a platforming section in the alley next to the clothing shop in Midtown. Head here for an in-depth walkthrough of how to grab that one.

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