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  • I Remember!


    Gather all B-12 memories.

    When you meet meet your little robot buddy, B-12, in the Flat level, shortly after you’ll be introduced to a collectible known as B12’s memories. There are 27 in all throughout the game and to get this trophy you’ll be required to get them all. They come in two flavours: the first 5, which are unmissable story-related memories, and the other 22, which are missable optional memories. 

    A few things before we run you through them though, in case you want to search alone without the use of a guide: 1. If you press up on the d-pad and tab to the memories it will show you the ones available in that area (they won’t be fuzzied out); and 2. Each of those actually contains a clue. Some of them are helpful, some are less so.

    Regardless, here’s where all 27 are and when you can get them - oh, and feel free to skip reading the first 5 as you’ll get them naturally.

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  • I have a feeling that the cat harness changed its colours after the trophy popped. Its now more like shimmery, like neo chrome stuff.

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