Cat's best friend Trophy

  • Cat's best friend


    Nuzzle up against 5 robots.

    When you get into the slums and B-12 translates the Guardian robot, you’ll be able to start nuzzling against robots throughout the game - by hitting triangle.png on their legs. Here’s a list of 5 you can nuzzle against (nuzzle means to rub up against them) and their locations (this one is across two chapters, so try not to miss them):

    The Slums:
    1. The guardian who turns off the alarm, you can nuzzle against his leg after the cutscene.
    2.  Grandma, who runs the clothing shop near the start of the level, you can nuzzle against her.
    3 & 4. If you jump out the back window in the upstairs of the pub, you’ll find 2 robots there to the left near the oil drum fire. You can rub against both of their legs.
    5. You can nuzzle against Zbaltazar in Antvillage as well, just go round to him back for the prompt.
    (the trophy didn’t pop for me then though, so maybe he doesn’t count)

    6. As you come out the subway after AntVillage, on the way to Midtown, Ledoc is on the right (listen for their music) and nuzzle against them.
    7. Behind the elevator down (opposite the entrance to Midtown stripe) is Bonobot by a couple of beds.

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