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    Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

    At a certain point in the story you will come across the Doc in the Dead End area/chapter. After doing a few jobs for him he’ll give you the Defluxor, which can nuke those pesky Zurks by using l1.png. The reason I’m telling you all this is basically to lead up to one big point: when you are in the sewers, don’t use it. Do. Not. Use. It. If you use it in that level and kill a Zurk, you’ll no longer be able to grab this trophy in this run (unless your checkpoint restart is far enough back) - and you’ll know when you’re in the sewers as 1. You’ll get on a raft to go there; and 2. It will say in large letters on the screen “ The Sewers.”

    As far as strategies go for this, there are none, really. You can die, multiple times. You can spend hours here. So long as you don’t use the L1 Defluxor you’ll unlock this trophy when you get to the end of the sewers after the big chase scene and the large door shuts.

    Oh, and don’t be worried about what happens in the cutscene, that will not affect the trophy.

    Here's a walkthrough if you want to get the collectibles at the same time:

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