Sneakitty Trophy

  • Sneakitty


    Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.

    The Sneakitty trophy actually sounds a little bit harder than it actually is. What you do need to know from the off though is that this trophy is comprised of 3 different stealth sections:
    1. The factory section
    2. Entering the apartment complex
    3. Leaving the apartment complex
    It’s simply a case of learning patterns and dodging the Sentinel drones, which are on set patterns. And each section is only a minute long, so if you do get caught, just reload the last checkpoint, which was at the beginning of the section.

    One more thing, in terms of things to note if you’re looking to get as much out of the first run through as possible, you’ll have to take a slight detour in the factory to get the keys and return them to get the Neco Badge.

    There’s a video solution below, but if you want a text solution for the factory, here it is:
    • When the first drone goes left, run past it to the right.
    • When the next drone stops focussing on the water and the barrels, climb across them and then jump into the box straight ahead. When the drone goes past, jump out and cross the barrels and go behind the next drone.
    • Speak to the worker. And then hide behind the concrete block ahead. When the next drone focuses right, go left and jump onto the blocks, then the girder and jump to the little island by the door. Pull the lever.
    • Go back to your left now and repeat the process to get to the now open door.
    • Stand in the shadow of the two moving boxes to protect yourself from the Sentinels.
    • COLLECTIBLE - Once you’re past the two Sentinels, using the moving boxes, jump onto the barrels and go right and pick up the key (for the worker). Continue through the gap.
    • When in the next area, wait until you see the blue Sentinel detection beam on the left-hand door. When you see it, and it goes away, pull the lever and open the door.
    • Run through the door and hug the left (this is the first room and we’re returning the keys). Head through the door, drop off the key, get the badge, return to the room where you just were.
    • Head round the back of the boxes to the left and avoid the Sentinel straight ahead. We’re heading left.
    • Use the box to get past the last Sentinel.
    • Get into the barrel at the end and roll it through the laser beams.
    And that’s it for the factory, the trickiest part of the 3. Of course there’s the puzzle at the end, but there’s no Sentinels to be wary of. If you’re struggling on that puzzle, check out our guide here.

    As for the apartments, it’s actually super easy and the drones only tend to be stationary or move backwards and forwards, so watch the patterns, use the boxes to jump into and take your time. Simples.

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  • You don’t have to finish the midtown chapter to get this. Immediately after leaving the apartment complex (and before reaching the nightclub) you’ll unlock it.

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