Can't Cat-ch Me Trophy

  • Can't Cat-ch Me


    Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.

    Yikes! This one is actually pretty tricky and one of the hardest in the game. By far. When you’re in the Dead City, after dropping the paint can through the pane of glass and continuing a wee while, a short distance later you’ll be dropped into the game’s first chase sequence with the Zurks - who basically look like the headcrabs from Half Life 2. To get through this sequence and get the trophy you’ll have to get through the section without any of them attaching themselves to you (i.e. when it says press circle.png to remove them), which is actually incredibly tricky.

    There is a knack to it though and here’s some tips to get you through it:
    • The biggest tip I can give you is to weave like you’ve never weaved before. You’ll want to combine short and long weaves.
    • Also, take a wide berth when it comes to the big packs of them. Still, weaving in and out.
    • And finally, learn the layout of the chase sequence. For instance, when to keep right and when to keep left, and when to weave.
    Those are general tips, here’s some course tips:
    • On the first set of stairs up, stay left and then at the top pull right slightly and then proceed to bob and weave.
    • Same with the second set of stairs, but instead, when you get to the top step, pull right more sharply.
    • After the long alley with the coffee shop flashing arrow sign, pull a sharp left towards the bin out of sight and then continue to weave.
    • In the open-ish area after that section, excessive weaving is required here.
    And that’s it, after that last bit you’re on the home straight. You will not do this first time, as you’ll need to work out a few corners and what not, but it is doable with some perseverance. And if you get caught, which you absolutely will once or twice, just hit restart checkpoint and try again. 

    Want to see how we did it? Here’s how. Good luck!

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  • Who ever made this trophy, I hope your cat pees into your bed twice a day.
  • This trophy did suck but I managed it on PS4 and PS5. I found sticking near walls and zigzagging when enemies got close helped. Knowing where they are going to pop out from means you can be on the opposite wall ready to start dodging. Also meowing when enemies are near you seems to get one or two to fly away.
  • This trophy requires a good bit of luck, especially in the final stretches of the run. I finally got after who knows how many tries as I lost count. But after putting on something chill to listen to, and just brute forcing through it. I got good at the first half, got lucky on the second and made it through.

    What's funny is I started my speed run immediately after it popped, and got back here pretty quick only to go untouched again as I ran through the hoards. Still chop it up mostly to luck tho..
  • Congratulations to the developers.. With this exceptionally frustrating trophy they have managed to turn a game i enjoyed into one I cannot wait to delete and never touch again.
  • What’s up with everybody? You call yourselves trophy hunters? After reading comments and the guide I was ready for a night of frustration. Got the trophy on first try… All you have to do is keep the run button pressed and zig zag like a mofo. Sometimes the game will cheat and will launch a Zurk from offscreen to your exact position. Well, just move away. This is much much easier than everybody made it look like.

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