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  • Productive Day


    Sleep for more than one hour.

    When you’re in the slums, after the place is taken out of lockdown by the Guardian, to your left and down the stairs, is a robot called Morusque who wants sheet music for his collection. Next to him is somewhere you can sleep. To get this trophy you’ll need to hit triangle.png and sleep next to him. Do this for an hour… a bloody actual hour, not an in-game hour, and you’ll unlock this trophy. You can just leave the game and come back, just make sure your controller doesn’t turn off or your PS5 goes into rest mode and you’re golden.

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  • Is it specified if this has to be 1 continuous hour, or do the time stacks between sleeping sessions? Like doing it in periods of ten minutes until you add up to 1 hour.
  • Wondering the same...

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