Jack-of-All-Trades Trophy in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

  • Jack-of-All-Trades


    Unlocked all jobs.

    How to unlock Jack-of-All-Trades

    "Jobs" are your class type, such as a Warrior or a Mage. Each job has its own skill tree with 2 or 3 branches, each one usually ending in a panel to unlock another job. Every job has specific weapons it can and can't use; for example, a Mage can only use a Club, whereas a Knight can use both Swords and Greatswords. 

    While actively playing, in any Battle Set, you can only 'carry' 2 jobs with you. However, if you want to, you can switch jobs at any time. This 2-job limit only really means that, on the battlefield, you can easily & quickly switch between those 2 with just one button (triangle.png). To switch to any other job, you'd have to go to Main Menu > Battle Settings and then either click on your job name at the top, or try to equip a weapon type that is not usable by your current job.

    All in all, there are 28 different jobs in total and you'll have to unlock all of them. These jobs are split into 3 types: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. 
    • Basic jobs: are those you start with, like the Swordsman, and those you unlock through the story by obtaining the necessary weapon type, like the Mage (Club) and Ronin (Katana). 
    • Advanced jobs: are those that you must unlock by completing the requirements, which are completing a specific skill tree branch found in either 2 or 3 Basic jobs. For example, to unlock the Knight Advanced job, you need to complete one of the branches to reach the Knight panel in both the Swordsman job and the Swordfighter job.
    • Expert jobs: are basically the same as Advanced jobs, except the trees you need to complete are from 2 or 3 Advanced jobs rather than Basic jobs. In other words, to unlock the Sage Expert job, you'll need to do the necessary tree in both the Black Mage and White Mage jobs. What sets Expert jobs apart are that they are highly customizable and have access to many skills and weapon abilities from other jobs/classes.

    Note: There are preset slots where you can save almost as many battle settings sets (jobs & equipment sets) as you wish; up to a total of 100. Because you are going to have to essentially max out nearly every single job to unlock all 28 jobs, it's definitely encouraged to create and use these presets, so that you can save time when you want to switch. To create or switch between presets, you can access them by going to Main Menu > Change Preset either from the World Map or at any Save Cubes during missions.

    There are 8 Basic jobs, 10 Advanced jobs, and 10 Expert jobs:

    Basic Jobs: *(listed in chronological order)
    These will all be unlocked naturally as you complete the Main Missions.
    1. Swordsman
    2. Pugilist
    3. Duelist
    4. Mage
    5. Lancer
    6. Swordfighter
    7. Ronin
    8. Marauder

    Advanced Jobs
    1. Knight – To unlock this, reach the Knight panel in the Swordsman & Swordfighter trees.
    2. Warrior – To unlock this, reach the Warrior panel in the Swordsman & Ronin trees.
    3. Berserker – To unlock this, reach the Berserker panel in the Swordsman & Marauder trees.
    4. Samurai – To unlock this, reach the Samurai panel in the Ronin tree.
    5. Black Mage – To unlock this, reach the Black Mage panel in the Mage tree.
    6. White Mage – To unlock this, reach the White Mage panel in the Mage tree.
    7. Red Mage – To unlock this, reach the Red Mage panel in the Mage & Swordfighter trees.
    8. Dragoon – To unlock this, reach the Dragoon panel in the Lancer & Marauder trees.
    9. Monk – To unlock this, reach the Monk panel in the Pugilist & Lancer trees.
    10. Thief – To unlock this, reach the Thief panel in the Duelist & Pugilist trees.

    Expert Jobs:
    1. Sage – To unlock this, reach the Sage panel in the Black Mage & White Mage trees.
    2. Paladin – To unlock this, reach the Paladin panel in the Knight & White Mage trees.
    3. Dark Knight – To unlock this, reach the Dark Knight panel in the Berserker, Warrior, & Black Mage trees.
    4. Void Knight – To unlock this, reach the Void Knight panel in the Knight & Red Mage trees.
    5. Liberator – To unlock this, reach the Liberator panel in the Warrior & Dragoon trees.
    6. Ninja – To unlock this, reach the Ninja panel in the Samurai & Thief trees.
    7. Assassin – To unlock this, reach the Assassin panel in the Thief & Monk trees.
    8. Breaker – To unlock this, reach the Breaker panel in the Samurai, Dragoon, & Berserker trees.
    9. Tyrant – To unlock this, reach the Tyrant panel in the Red Mage & Monk trees.
    10. Cyclic Warrior – Unlocks upon completing the game.

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