Lantern Smasher Trophy in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

  • Lantern Smasher


    Defeated a tonberry.

    How to unlock Lantern Smasher

    Like the Cactuar above, Tonberries are also very recognizable as they've appeared in many Final Fantasies. Small bipedal creatures based on salamanders, they have smooth green skin but wear oversized brown robes and carry a lantern. 

    There are also Master Tonberries, which are a more powerful variant, often found in Side Missions.

    The first Tonberry you'll come across is also during the 1st main quest, "Illusion at Journey's End" in the Chaos Shrine, so you'll be able to get this fairly early on. Like the Cactuar, they drop a lot of good loot, so it's best to always kill them if you can find them.

    Note: Cactuars and Tonberries do not respawn once killed, so if you use a Save Cube after defeating them, they won't reappear.

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