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    How to unlock A Tale of Origins and Endings

    You have conquered your desire for Chaos and paved the way to a brighter future. Congrats!


    In Stranger of Paradise, there are 4 different types of collectibles, all represented by different colored spheres found placed in various areas in the Main & Side Missions. The sphere's color tells you which kind of collectible it is. Of all the collectibles, only the Memory Mementos are required for the Platinum.

    1: Item Drop (magenta): These are magenta-colored spheres that drop an item, much like a chest, except that it's always just 1 item. Also unlike chests, the item it drops is always a specific, set item; it does not change. If you repeat the mission and pick up the sphere again, you'll just get another copy of the same item.
    2: Stranger's Memories/Memory Mementos (purple): These are by far the most important of the spheres. They're purple, and each one you find unlocks a specific side mission. You'll need to find & do all of them for the all Side Missions trophy. These are always only found in Main Missions and some can be hard to spot if you don't know where to look. (See Strangers' Memories trophy_gold.png for more.)
    3: Lore: Lufenian Logs or Fool's Missives (red): These are little bits of lore, usually just a paragraph or two. They have no bearing on the Platinum, but they explain a lot about the story that isn't really talked about in cutscenes and the like.
    4: Boss Info (red): Generally only found after you've died the 1st time, every final boss of a mission has one or two info spheres that you can find right before the door to the boss after you've died. These give you more info about the boss, their abilities, and strategy tips for how to deal with them.

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