Tower Offense Trophy in Stick it to the Man

  • Tower Offense


    Climb the asylum tower without alerting any nurses

    How to unlock Tower Offense

    This is also in Chapter 6. If you press Select and look at your map, the tower is clearly visible. This is a stealth trophy and you can't be detected by the nurses (or let the spotlights alert them). You do not have to restart the level if you mess up! I can confirm this, I got the trophy simply be restarting from the bottom of the tower. It took me several tries to figure out and it popped fine once I made a clean run. Just make sure you trigger the autosave at the beginning of the sequence before starting over.

    Simply run past the first nurse and light. The tricky part is the 2nd area, with the 2 nurses and the 1 spotlight. You may think that you need to sleep stickers, but it is possible to get by them. Start from under the first nurse, so that you are standing right beside the spotlight beam. Take the sleep sticker from the nurse and put her to sleep, then grab the thumb tack to the upper left. There is a series of 3 platforms here, stand on the middle one. She cannot see you because there is a wall there. Wait for her to wake up, get the sleep sticker again - be careful not to accidentally grab the thumb tack, although there is enough time to drop back down if you do. Now is the tricky part. You have to put the top nurse to sleep, then jump to the platform below the thumb tack. You will be visible to the bottom nurse and she will start to spot you so you have to hurry, jump to the next platform up and quickly run to the far left wall. If you do it fast enough, she won’t spot you in time, and she will reset. Now run past the sleeping nurse and head up the tower. The trophy should appear shortly after grabbing the last thumb-tack.

    See here for a video Guide to this trophy, courtesy of RomanClaret:

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  • For this, in chapter 6, you must climb the mental hospital tower without being caught by any camera.
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