• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 0 - This is an online only game and requires a PS+ Subscription to play it.
  • Online trophies: 30 (12, 12, 5, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 26-35 hours (HIGHLY skill dependent) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: none
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Steep is an extreme sports simulator dealing with skiing, snowboarding, para-gliding, and glide-suiting. It is an open, sand-box style game to where you can play however you would like- playing any event, any difficulty, at any time. It is unlike most games of the past (Shaun White, SSX) in the sense that it is meant to be a "simulator" as opposed to the run-of-the-mill winter game. Between events you can feel free to explore all that the mountain has to offer whether it be new landmarks, new lines, or new drop zones. Steep is a decent attempt at a genre that has been a disappointment since the release of the current-gen consoles.


Step 1: Complete 115 events and earn a Bronze or better

Completing each event with a bronze medals will not only help you gain access to the invitational events but also net you XP to start working towards level 25. The earlier events will come easy to most, which will likely help towards step 3, gaining a gold medal in every event. The competitions across the mountain vary on which sport you must compete in and what the overall objective is. During this step, before each event, be sure to pull out your binoculars before starting in order to scout the immediate are for drop zones. These will help unlock even more events that must be discovered and make Step 2 less of a hassle later on.

During this step you will unlock:

You're ready now
Baby steps
Gold-plated challenger
The memory remains
Once upon a time
Upside down
You spin around
Halfway there
Challenge accepted!
The legend starts here

Step 2: Discover 110 Drop Zones and 149 Points of Interest

As previously stated, before each event you should use your binoculars to scout for drop zones through the the map. These are marked with black and white lines and if you are close enough a message will pop up telling the player that they can "discover" it. Points of interest are generally snow parks, hotels/resorts/villages or places with natural obstacles. Some of these will be discovered through playing all events but some you will have to use the map and the provided coordinate guides to locate. NOTE: Some Drop Zones/Locations are locked until you reach level 25.

During this step you will unlock:

Crash Test
… and you shall find
Like the back of your hand
Road to mountain knowledge
Tour guide
No more secrets
Mountain legend

Step 3: Earn 115 Gold Medals/Clean up

Now that you have discovered all events, go back and earn a Gold Medal in each one. By now you will have an overall better feel of the game mechanics and know when to switch between sports based on your style of play. Most events will be much easier your second go around but some will take multiple runs based on your level of skill. To see the events, and which ones you still need a gold medal in, simply press and it will bring up a list of all events categorized by sport with the events you still need gold medals in at the top of each respective list: LINK

During this step you will unlock:

The end of the World
Legen… wait for it…
The legend was not enough
14 carats Gold challenger
Red-letter day
Shinier than Gold
24 carats Gold challenger
Legendary legend!
King of the mountain

[PST Would Like To Thank Lo Key for this Roadmap]

Steep Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

48 trophies ( 15  26  )

  • Unlock all Trophies

    Obtain all the non-DLC trophies, then will be your reward.

  • Complete the ONBOARDING sequence

    Upon starting the game, you will do a tutorial to learn the basics before you can progress. Once you complete this the open world of Steep will be available to you.

  • Reach REPUTATION level 10

    See The legend starts here.

  • Reach REPUTATION level 25

    You will unlock this through natural progress. Currently, the level cap is set at 25. While attempting to obtain all gold medals you will gain enough experience for this trophy long before you finish.

  • Reach the ROOKIE rank in any field of expertise

    See Legendary legend!

  • Reach the LEGEND rank in any field of expertise

    See Legendary legend!

  • Reach the LEGEND rank in 3 different fields of expertise

    See Legendary legend!

  • Reach the LEGEND rank in 6 different fields of expertise

    Each event has its own distinction of expertise. Going for the gold medal in every event will help towards this trophy, as all experience gained in events goes towards it's respective expertise. The six fields of expertise can be checked at any time by pressing at any time then pressing . The following will explain each field:

    • Freestyler: Yellow events dealing with tricks, generally dealing with serious down-hill lines and snow parks. Make sure you mix up your tricks and try to get your combo-multiplier up without wiping out to keep it there.
    • Pro Rider: Light blue events dealing with mostly races with checkpoints. Just make sure you stay in the lead.
    • Bone Collector: Black colored events. These tend to be the most dangerous with the sometimes-exception of extreme. Some of these events literally are meant for you to fail (by that I mean wipe-out instantly and see who can fall to the finish first). You will break a few bones on the way down.
    • Extreme Rider: Orange events. These are the hardest, fastest-paced, throw-your-controller-through-the TV type events. They are designed for you to fail. With enough practice, you will master them and get the gold.
    • Explorer: Not an event-oriented expertise. This comes with discovering all drop-zones, and all points of interest throughout the game. See Tour guide and … and you shall find for more info.
    • Freerider: Dark-blue colored events. These generally have an "A to B" feel to them. Some are all about finding the best "line" down the mountain. If you have to find the best line, try to stick to the peaks or weave in and out of obstacles (trees, rocks, cliffs etc.) to up your score.
  • Get 115 Bronze Medals in Alps Public Challenges

    See 24 carats Gold challenger.

  • Get 12 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges

    See 24 carats Gold challenger.

  • Get 58 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges

    See 24 carats Gold challenger.

  • Get 115 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges

    Most events are fairly easy across the mountain. Here is a general breakdown of the best tips and strategies to earn a gold medal in each type of event:

    Ski/Snowboard Challenges

    Score multiplier - to increase the multiplier in these events, you can do so by doing tricks, riding close to trees, rocks or glaciers and not crashing. If you crash/wipeout, the multiplier resets. See each event to find out more.


    Cliff Drop - This event is one huge drop off the side of the mountain in order to do one big trick and land it successfully. Sometimes it's better to switch sports to "on-foot" and start further back, than what the game would start you out as so you can gain more speed before making your jump. To get big tricks, move the in the desired direction for flips/spins and the in different directions to do different tricks. Add grabs/holds in by holding either , or both.

    Snow Park - In these events you will not always have speed on your side as much as you'd like. Sometimes it's better to back up your starting point, much like with Cliff Drop events. If you find yourself in a half-pipe, you do not necessarily have to follow the white guide line. You can try to fit in as many tricks as possible, while still keeping your momentum. The same strategy applies to doing tricks here.

    Freestyle - These events are an "A to B" style events, sometimes with checkpoints thrown in. During these events, you can gain points by doing normal tricks but also by riding close to trees, rocks or glaciers. Getting your multiplier up as fast and high as possible in the beginning is key.

    Boarder/Ski Cross, Derby and Races - These are timed events, sometimes with checkpoints involved. Tricks are not required here and your multiplier has no effect on your speed. Depending on the course, sometimes skiing is better than boarding due to the ability to control your character in tight areas. Hold the forward whenever possible to pick up speed, stay low and unless necessary avoid getting "big air" on jumps.

    Creative Line - These events are unusual for a game like this. In this event, points are awarded for taking the path of most resistance. The goal is to ride on hills, cliffs, rocks, glaciers and peaks whenever possible. Doing so is the only way to increase your multiplier, which is slow to increase. Doing tricks will not increase it. Speed isn't required in these events, as most times it's better to take it at a moderate pace so you have more control in the tight areas. Like any other event, when you wipeout; the multiplier will reset. The white guide line is always a good bet but in some of the harder events you want to stray away from it in order to get gold but still stay on the general path. See the Night Owl video here for more info: LINK

    Wingsuit Challenges


    Skydiving and Derby - These events require you to beat a certain time in order to obtain the gold. When starting these events you must have your wingsuit equipped and press the forward in order to begin. You must fly through checkpoints throughout the course. Like skiing/boarding, holding forward will help you pick up speed while also bringing you close to the ground. The is used for faster manoeuvring. Move it to the right or left in order to dodge obstacles in front of you at high speeds. The multiplier has no effect on the outcome of these.

    Proximity Flying - These events are all about flying close to something, whether it be the ground, rocks, glaciers or slopes. Staying as close as possible will bring up your multiplier. If you drift too far away from everything to where you're in "open" air you will not score any points. These events have checkpoints at times so make sure you keep an eye on the orange-highlighted checkpoint coming up next so you can position yourself correctly.

    Paraglide Challenges


    Cross-Country and Ascent - These events are for time, sometimes involving checkpoint in-between start and finish. To be successful, fight the urge to move the . Most times, as long as you're near the white guide line, your glider will be right where in needs to be without sacrificing speed. If you have to make any adjustments, do not use the aggressively as it will end up costing you time. If you find yourself needing to descend quickly, hold down instead of using the as you will descend faster without sacrificing speed. When ascending, you will notice anywhere between 0 and 5 green arrows accompanied by an increasing audible beeping noise. To climb up quickly, stick close to the mountains to find a nice up-draft. When that draft goes away, use to quickly do a 180 and continue to use this "zig zag" method to the top.

    Crossways Thrill - This is the only paraglide event for points. The multiplier is the same as during Proximity Flying events in the wing suit. Stick to the mountains, fly between the tops of trees or close to obstacles in order to increase your multiplier and score points.

    Obtain the gold medal in each event and the trophy is yours. See my video guide for the hardest ones here: LINK

  • Get 7 GOLD MEDALS in the Alps Invitational Challenges

    Invitational challenges are the ones which are sponsored by real-life companies i.e. GoPro and Red Bull. These events stand out from the rest, as the icons in the menu are noticeably different than the rest. Obtain a gold medal in 7 of these and the trophy is yours. See my video guide here for the hardest ones: LINK

  • Get 1 MEMORABLE MOMENT of each category

    See Red-letter Day.

  • Get 15 Different MEMORABLE MOMENTS

    MEMORABLE MOMENTS are sub-achievements that appear in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen in-game. Here is a list of the moments, complete any 15 and the trophy is yours. Credit to disftactive for this info:

    Pro Rider

    You Proved Your Worth (Finish "First Ride Together" Tutorial)
    Gold Medal Crushed
    Gold First Attempt
    All Time High Score
    First of The Week
    Daily High Score
    Personal Record Beaten
    Gain 25,000 Points During Game


    Speed Demon
    Skate On Thin Ice
    World Record Cliff Jump
    30 Seconds Proximity Flying in 1 Ride
    60m Monstrous Jump
    90m High Jump


    2000+ Point Jump
    First Double Flip
    First Triple Flip
    First Quad Flip
    First Quintuple Flip
    First 720
    First 1080
    First 1440
    First 1800

    Bone Collector

    My First KO
    Instant KO
    Stare Death In The Face
    30 Second Fall
    Finisher Anyway
    Bomb Attack
    Crash Test Dummy


    Safe Landing after Major Ascent
    6 Minute Uninterrupted Ride
    All Alps’ Points of Interest Discovered
    Walk 500m Without Giving Up


    5000 Freeride Points in 1 Ride
    GoPro 30 Second Sequence
    Long Ride No Crash
    Stay At Max Multiplier for 2 Minutes
    Hand in Hand With Another Player

  • Complete a MOUNTAIN STORY in Alps

    See Mountain legend.

  • Complete 15 MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps

    See Mountain legend.

  • Complete 30 MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps

    To complete 30 Mountain Stories, you must explore all of the map and find certain points/coordinates to unlock the events. Most mountain stories are either following a "friend" down a certain line, or going from A to B down the mountain while the "voice" of the mountain tells you their story. None are really difficult to complete, as the hard part is discovering them in the first place. These events do not have "medals", just complete all of them and the trophy is yours. Your progress can be checked at any time by looking in the menu and pressing until you get to the "Mountain Stories" tab. See … and you shall find for the locations.

  • Find 10 Points of Interest in Alps

    See Tour guide.

  • Find 149 Points of Interest in Alps

    Points of Interest are one of the few things in the open map that cannot be discovered without knowing where they are. To "find" them, all you have to do is either ride through them or find the coordinates on the map and take the helicopter to the location. See No more secrets for a coordinate-specific guide.

  • Find and unlock 10 Drop Zones in Alps

    See … and you shall find.

  • Find and unlock 110 Drop Zones in Alps

    Drop Zones are general starting points on the map, marked by a thin black arrow pointing downwards. See below for a coordinate specific guide. Credit to NessaMagick for this info. NOTE: Some Drop Zones are locked until you reach level 25.


    Mountain Stories
    Pointe Percee: 2884 S - 899 E (Freestyler; Pointe Percee)
    Piron Du Dejon: 3019 S - 797 W (Freerider; Night Rider)
    Lormay Exit Point: 3196 S - 892 W (Extreme Rider; All in the Reflexes)
    Mont Fleuri: 4169 S - 2077 W (Bone Collector; The Snowmen)
    Pointe De Mandallaz: 4307 S - 2584 E (Explorer; We Trust it)

    Drop Zones
    Aravis Air Balloon: 1424 S - 913 W
    Pointe Percee Exit Point: 3609 S - 322 E
    Grande Pointe Blance: 4532 S - 105 E
    Les Qatres Tetes: 4016 S - 1217 W
    Mont Fleuri Exit Point: 4353 S - 2338 W
    Grande Balmaz: 5024 S - 2203 W
    Tete du Danay Base Camp: 5272 S - 850 W
    Mont Lachat Du Chatillon: 5458 S - 175 E
    Refuge Du Lessy: 6347 S - 316 W
    Snowpark De L'Empereur: 6276 S - 1996 E
    Aiguille De Manigod: 5970 S - 3774 E
    La Croix Fry Exit Point: 3431 S - 2854 E
    La Seche: 2626 S - 2165 E


    Mountain Stories
    Ortles: 1481 S - 6180 E (Explorer; Ortles)
    Hinterer Seleenkogel Base Camp: 2212 S - 6867 E (Freestyler; Chic'N Stunt)
    Schwarznkamm Exit Point: 2972 S - 5099 E (Freerider; Winter Wonderland)

    Drop Zones
    Tyrol Air Balloon: 360 S - 5220 E
    Sudgipfel Exit Point: 344 S - 6411 E
    Vorderer Heuberg: 143 S - 7010 E
    Boderkopfe: 242 N - 5569 E
    Schalfkogel: 531 S - 3558 E
    Furglerseehaus Exit Point: 669 S - 3477 E
    Querkogel: 898 S - 4601 E
    Karlesspitze: 1665 S - 5034 E
    Haupt Schwarzenspitze: 3571 S - 5151 E
    Nordliche Ferwallspitze: 3029 S - 6516 E
    Kleiner Kirchenkogel: 4606 S - 5736 E


    Mountain Stories
    Matterhorn: 4626 N - 5429 E (Extreme Rider; Matterhorn)
    Bivacco Perreli Exit Point: 7080 N - 3724 E (Bone Collector; Ride of the Valkyries)
    Zmuttgrat: 3645 N - 4630 E (Pro Rider; Jump Around)
    Crot De Labie: 4517 N - 4180 E (Extreme Rider; Lights, Camera, Action!)
    Drop Zones
    Aoste Air Balloon: 4056 N - 2046 E
    Hirli: 3191 N - 5399 E
    Furgghorn Base Camp: 4088 N - 5696 E
    Rifugio Teodulo: 4307 N - 6821 E
    Plan Theodule: 5389 N - 6002 E
    Cime Bianche: 6120 N - 6977 E
    Bivacco Pellissier: 5396 N - 5706 E
    Batse: 5353 N - 3172 E
    Goillet & Tramail Exit Point: 5047 N - 5564 E
    Cervino Exit Point: 4651 N - 5505 E


    Mountain Stories
    Monte Rosa: 2723 N - 2386 E (Freerider; Monte Rosa)
    Chili Haupt: 2106 N - 1882 E (Explorer; Barbegazi Ski Orienteering)
    Dent Blanche: 717 N - 1595 E (Explorer; The Singing Fir Tree)
    Pointe Du Mountet Base Camp: 605 S -1810 E (Explorer; The North Face Expedition)
    Pointe De Mourti Exit Point: 502 S - 312 E (Extreme Rider; Mountain Scraper)

    Drop Zones
    Switzerland Air Balloon: 2934 S - 274 E
    Oberrothorn Exit Point: 1090 N - 2797 E
    Breithorn: 782 N - 3041 E
    Tierfad: 499 N - 59 E
    Les Diablons: 603 S - 948 E
    Weisshorn: 1876 S - 1045 E

    The Cursed Mountains

    Mountain Stories
    Peak of the Damned: 2829 S - 6113 W (Bone Collector; Damaged)
    The Dome of the Damned: 3313 S - 6348 W (Extreme Rider; The Mist)
    The Giant's Bed: 6237 S - 6859 W (Explorer; The North Face, the Five Giants)

    Drop Zones
    The Cursed Air Balloon: 2332 S - 7527 W
    Fearless Exit Point: 2583 S - 5976 W
    Into the Cliff: 2774 S - 6274 W
    The Razor Exit Point: 3055 S - 6121 W
    The Death Pass: 3273 S - 5297 W
    The Middle Peak Base Camp: 5099 S - 6399 W
    Lessy's Lake Exit Point: 4799 S - 5765 W
    The Wall: 4571 S - 4792 W
    The Giant's Shoulder: 6510 S - 5944 W
    The Remote Place: 6728 S - 7048 W


    Mountain Stories
    Aiguille Verte: 3186 N - 4484 W (Extreme Rider; Aiguille Verte)
    Perron Aux Aigles: 1624 N - 4105 W (Extreme Rider; The Zlatarog Path)
    Aiguille D'Argentiere: 877 N - 5514 W (Bone Collector; The Tatzelwurm Derby)
    Chardonnet Exit Point: 236 N - 5886 W (Bone Collector; Hole in One)
    Tete Du Moine: 133 S - 4318 W (Freerider; The Great Outdoors)

    Drop Zones
    Aiguilles Air Balloon: 4076 N - 7428 W
    La Freta: 2030 N - 4735 W
    Corridor Exit Point: 1602 N - 4746 W
    Nantillions Exit Point: 1704 N - 5320 W
    Petite Aiguille De Reigne: 1310 N - 5502 W
    La Charpoua Base Camp: 1328 N - 3879 W
    Col Gele: 343 N - 5280 W
    Cabane De Saleinaz: 368 N - 6288 W
    Aiguille Noire Exit Point: 60 N - 6291 W
    Dent De L'ancien: 747 N - 3890 W
    Refuge De Leschaux: 860 S - 5241 W
    Col Des Troilets: 671 S - 5987 W
    Aiguille Du Tour: 1427 S - 6096 W

    Mont Blanc

    Mountain Stories
    Mont Blanc: 4830 N - 2657 W (Extreme Rider; Mont Blanc)
    Dome Du Gouter Base Camp: 4652 N - 545 W (Freerider; Ice Breaker)
    Mont Tondu Exit Point: 6079 N - 453 W (Bone Collector; Bird of Prey)
    Le Gros Rognon Du Geant: 3904 N - 4558 W (Freerider; All For One)
    Ruines De Planpincieux: 6717 N - 4399 W (Freerider; The Forest)

    Drop Zones
    Mont Blanc Air Balloon: 2648 N - 7865 W
    Col Major: 4724 N - 3722 W
    Le Plan Du Truc: 6185 N - 1507 E
    Arrete De Tricot: 3904N - 1406E.
    Pointe Pfann: 5287 N - 117 E
    Aiguille Blanche De Peuterey: 6766 N - 440 W
    Falaises De L'Androsace: 6361 N - 2826 W
    Dome Des Allobroges: 4648 N - 5513 W
    Pre De Bar Exit Point: 4158 N - 4020 W
    La Coulee: 2148 N - 1201 W
    Pyramide Du Tacul: 3508 N - 2950 W
    Aiguille Du Diable Exit Point: 4032 N - 2571 W
    Aiguille De Saussure: 3806 N - 1702 W
    Les Rochers Rogues: 3665 N - 702 W
    Aiguille De Gouter: 2113 N - 424 W
    Les Bosses: 5218 N - 1409 W
    Pointe Helbronner Exit Point: 5447 N - 2873 W

  • Reach the end of ALPS game world (complete the Onboarding sequence)

    This requires you to hit the edge of the in-game map which is only marked by a very thin, barely visible line. See the following video for a good location:

  • Reach 100% exploration on one REGION in Alps

    See No more secrets.

  • Find 110 Drop zones, 115 challenges and 149 Point of Interest in Alps

    In order to get this, you must find 110 Drop zones, 115 challenges and 149 Point of Interest in Alps. You only need to either ride through or take a helicopter to each location. Once you've discovered a new location for the first time, a notification will come up and in the menu it will tell you how many locations you have already discovered for any given mountain.

    Here is a coordinate-specific location guide. Credit to 5hoe for the list:

    The Cursed Mountains

    The Doomed Retreat: 5004 S - 4132 W
    The Haunted Resort: 5453 S - 4704 W
    The Doomed Resort: 6118 S - 4822 W
    Mammoth's Valley: 5084 S - 5198 W
    Abandoned Mountain Lodges: 5954 S 5995 W
    Doomed Bobsleigh Track: 5570 S - 6200 W
    The Cursed Hotel: 7021 S - 7566 W
    Rabbid's Valley: 4212 S - 6911 W
    Abandoned Bobsleigh Track: 2911 S - 7049 W
    Village of the Damned: 2415 S - 6866 W
    Forgotten's Ultra Natural: 2647 S - 6570 W
    Air Park: 2361 S - 5991 W
    The Flooded Resort: 3275 S - 4540 W
    Alignment of Carnac: 3716 S - 4475 W
    Cursed Bobsleigh Track: 3937 S - 6034 W


    Theodule's Snowpark: 1868 N - 7286 E
    Trockener Steg: 2401 N - 6898 E
    Furgggletscher: 3288 N - 5796 E
    Matterhorngletscher: 3303 N - 4829 E
    Plan Torette: 5271 N - 3211 E
    Salette: 6300 N - 3410 E
    Pian Maison: 7676 N - 3571 E
    Breuil Cervina: 6823 N - 4493 E
    Valtournmenche: 7472 N - 5791 E
    Cieloalto: 7361 N - 6536 E
    Avouil: 6879 N - 6229 E
    Bayettes: 6254 N - 6298 E
    Ghiacciaio della Forca: 5219 N - 6494 E
    Theodulgletscher: 4634 N - 6710 E
    Ghiacciaio della Testa Grigia: 4252 N - 6499 E
    Furi: 2794 N - 3883 E
    Florio's Canyon: 5605 N - 4699 E
    Giomein's Pillow Field: 5934 N - 4868 E
    Le Rocce Nere: 6514 N - 5229 E
    Ghiacciaio Inferior del Cervino: 6376 N - 5601 E
    Ghiacciaio Superior del Cervino: 5106 N - 4808 E
    Ghiacciaio del Leone: 4235 N - 4425 E
    Corridoio dei Tre Orsi: 5703 N - 5645 E
    Bivacco Ratti: 5568 N - 5078 E


    Le Villard: 7310 S - 5076 E
    Snow Castle: 6670 S - 3691 E
    Tournance: 7089 S - 1935 E
    Gotty: 6841 S - 324 E
    La Clusaz: 6921 S - 1771 W
    Ultra Natural de la Giettaz: 5875 S - 2617 W
    Le Chinaillon: 5670 S - 307 W
    Les Nants: 3198 S - 1947 W
    Lormay: 3369 S - 1425 W
    Quais Grand Lac: 3777 S - 1719 W
    La Blonniere: 3707 S - 1774 E
    Les Failles: 2598 S - 2066 E
    Snowpark de Bargy: 4785 S - 364 E
    La Turte: 4788 S - 1391 E
    Les Combettes: 5837 S - 3049 E
    Ultra Natural de Foiroux: 5416 S - 2029 E
    Snowpark de l'Empereur: 6453 S - 1764 E
    Colomban: 4566 S - 3963 E
    Les Glieres: 2830 S - 2737 W


    Zweiselstein: 7126 S - 6153 E
    Solden: 6767 S -5723 E
    Oberburgle: 6175 S - 5915 E
    Ferlienz: 6116 S - 5246 E
    Bodenegg: 4254 S - 5322 E
    Ferwallspritze's Pillow Field: 3735 S - 6043 E
    Kirchenkogel's Ultra Natural: 5112 S - 6272 E
    Schwartzkamm's Chaos: 2749 S - 4799 E
    Querkogel's Pillow Field: 1343 S - 4256 E
    Serfaus: 640 N - 4978 E
    Boderkopfe's Gorge: 27 N - 5657 E
    Ladis: 945 N - 7301 E
    Ortle's Ultra Natural: 1063 S - 6894 E
    Prinzen: 4044 S - 7314 E
    Huerberg's Chaos: 210 S - 6261 E


    Evolene: 1348 S - 1958 W
    Eison: 545 S - 1645 W
    Grimentz: 131 N - 1098 W
    Tsevalire's Ravine: 465 S - 891 W
    Le Prelet's Ultra Natural: 1705 S - 1451 W
    Pas de Lona's Canyon: 1941 S - 1309 W
    Chiesso: 1732 S - 499 W
    Telepherique du Brandon: 962 S - 495 W
    Tierfad: 620 N - 504 E
    Observatory: 362 S - 496 E
    Blanc de Moming's Ultra Natural: 1434 S - 2132 E
    Aschhorn's Canyon: 110 S - 2750 E
    Ruin Castle: 1151 N - 4297 E
    Zermatt: 1420 N - 5450 E
    Bielti: 1936 N - 3251 E
    Burg: 1128 N - 1510 E
    Mammoth's Pillow Field: 1186 S - 2687 E


    Montroc: 1658 S - 6859 W
    Glacier de Talefre: 370 S - 6337 W
    Le Tour: 495 S - 7321 W
    Le Planet: 923 N - 7305 W
    Snowpark des Nantillons: 1592 N - 7409 W
    Les Chosalets: 2034 N - 7128 W
    Glacier des Nantillons: 1612 N - 6043 W
    Glacier de la Noire: 2520 N - 6270 W
    Glacier des Pelerins: 1215 N - 5612 W
    Glacier de Taconnaz: 1220 N - 3567 W
    Glacier de l'Ancien: 931 N - 4050 W
    Glacier d'Argentiere: 5 S - 4791 W
    Ultra Natural d'Emosson: 187 S - 4121 W
    Les Chavants: 2028 S - 4443 W
    Les Houches: 1583 S - 4235 W
    Emosson's Dam: 1844 S - 2645 W
    Barberine: 532 S - 2814 W
    Les Gens: 260 S - 1971 W
    Montenvers: 113 S - 2370 W
    Gietroz: 2390 S - 3282 W
    Ultra Natural de Peclerey: 1096 N - 6209 W
    Observatoire de l'Aiguille: 1557 N - 4895 W
    Ultra Natural des Petoudes: 574 S - 6363 W
    Pillow Field le Lavancher: 744 N - 2655 W

    Mont Blanc

    Hotel Steep: 665 N - 874 W
    Bec a l'Oiseau: 827 N - 62 W
    Pillow Field des Arendellys: 2530 N - 1122 E
    Gracier de Bionnassay: 3208 N - 44 E
    Les Toiles: 3345 N - 2556 E
    Le Champel: 3370 N - 3312 E
    Viaduc des Recorbes: 4257 N - 3096 E
    Pillow Field de Vorassay: 4577 N - 2418 E
    Glacier de Miage: 4586 N - 1550 E
    La Gruvaz: 6918 N - 2760 E
    La Villette: 6482 N - 1776 E
    Glacier du Brouillard: 6371 N - 242 E
    Peuterey: 7457 N - 1239 W
    Glacier de Toule: 6343 N - 1664 W
    Glacier de la Brenva: 7316 N - 3822 W
    Plan Pincieux: 7398 N - 4667 W
    Snowpark des Meutes: 5418 N - 6737 W
    Glacier de Febrouze: 5769 N - 5578 W
    Glacier de Pre de Bar: 4179 N - 5575 W
    Glacier des Bossons: 1708 N - 2496 W
    Glacier du Bourgeat: 2087 N - 1435 W
    Le Grand Couloir: 1967 N - 918 W
    Glacier des Gemaux: 3362 N - 1031 W
    Bras des Gemaux: 3742 N - 1443 W
    Glacier du Geant: 3901 N - 3695 W
    Glacier du Mont Frety: 5947 N - 2696 W3
    Glacier Rond: 3586 N - 2239 W
    Canyon du Gouter: 2985 N - 2263 W
    Couloir Marguerite: 5996 N - 4545 W
    Febrouze: 6793 N - 7202 W
    Falaises de la Muete: 4216 N - 7356 W
    Les Chaletes de Truc: 7442 N - 1284 E
    Canyon du Brouillard: 7574 N - 1433 E
    Ravine des Hirondelles: 6871 N - 5666 W
    La Turche: 5447 N - 2292 E

  • Perform your first double backflip (complete the Onboarding sequence)

    In order to perform a backflip, you must first approach a ramp of some sort. When you approach the ramp/ridge, hold and release just before hitting the crest. As soon as you release pull back on the and hold it to perform a backflip. Be sure you have enough air and you must land the trick.

  • Perform your first 1080° (complete the Onboarding sequence)

    Upon approaching a ramp/ridge, hold and release it just before the crest. Immediately after releasing hit the either to the left or the right in order to spin. You must complete 3 full rotations and land the trick in order for it to count. Do so and the trophy is yours.

  • Fall and endure between 90 and 99.9 Gs (complete the Onboarding sequence)

    Some of the bone collector events are geared towards you making your character hurt itself. BTW, "Gs" is a measurement of how fast you are going towards the earth. The event Human Cannon is a good place for this. See the following video for help:

  • Score more than 2000 point in one jump (complete the Onboarding sequence)

    Some events you encounter on the mountain will only consist of one huge jump for points. It will give you plenty of time, as some of the gold medals in the game require more than just 2000 points. In order to perform a jump, hold just before hitting a ridge/jump and release it just before the crest. To get a better score, move the and in order to perform spins and flips. While doing so, press either , or both in order to grab your board while in the air. Land the trick and the trophy is yours. See the following video for more help:

  • Fly into and ring the village church bell while wingsuiting

    There are multiple bells located in building steeples over the map. To do this, you need to switch to your glider suit and fly directly into the bell, ringing it before you hit the ground. The Mountain Story "The Singing Fir" is a great spot for this. See the following video for more detail:

DLC: Winterfest

6 trophies

DLC: Extreme Pack

6 trophies

DLC: Road to the Olympics

6 trophies

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