-Estimated trophy difficulty: Not enough votes (Personal estimate: 2/10)
-Offline: 14 (1 , 2 , 11 )
-Online: No online trophies
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15 – 20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: Fleet Admiral (only on Vita)
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? Nope
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Not at all

If you’re reading this, you are either a member of the Guide Team, a poor sucker who paid full price for this game, bought this game while it was on sale (the only recommended way of acquiring it), or obtained the game through other means. This is Starlight Inception. It is not a good game. It’s bad. It’s boring. But it’s also easy, especially if you play it on PS3. This guide is mainly for the PS3 version, but any differences that are in the Vita version are noted. 

Step 1 – Story Time
Here’s where you’ll spend your first few hours of time with this game. Simply playing through the story will earn you at least 11 of the 14 trophies. There is one trophy for each for all 10 missions and one trophy for completing the campaign. Two other trophies can be acquired in the story as well, but you if you don’t get them the first time through, you can always use Mission Select and go back for them later. Each mission will take about 10-20 minutes. 

One thing to be aware of in the game is that because this game is so bad, missions can glitch on you and you will need to restart them. For example, if you get destroyed just as you reach a checkpoint, every time you reload that checkpoint, you will be killed immediately. 

Note: If you are playing this on Vita, Fleet Admiral requires completing both the Fly Patrol and Story to unlock. However, the trophy is glitched, so yeah. 

Trophies earned:
Driver’s License 
Chi-Town Hero 
Death Blossom 
Rocket Man 
Titanic Effort 
Saturn’s Fury 
Ace Scavenger 
Jupiter’s Hammer 
Luna Rising 
Early Riser 
Between a Rock and a Hard Place 
Fleet Admiral 

Step 2 – Campaign Clean Up (Optional)
If you didn’t earn Driver’s License or Death Blossom, then go back for them now via Mission Select. Driver’s License can only be done in Mission 1 and Death Blossom can be done in any mission, but Mission 2 is by far the easiest.

Step 3 – Fly Swatter
This final step will be where you spend a majority of your time. There are 10 Fly Patrol missions and each mission has at least 10 waves of enemies. Each of these missions will take 10 minutes to about an hour. 

Trophy earned :
Top Gun 

[PST Would Like to Thank olsen77 for this Roadmap]

Starlight Inception Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

14 trophies ( 11  )

  • Complete all levels in the single player campaign


    Story related and cannot be missed. 

    Vita note: This trophy requires completion of both the campaign and fly patrol campaign in the Vita version. On top of that, this also appears to be glitched on the Vita. There doesn’t appear to be a fix until the developers put out a patch. 

  • Complete all levels in the fly patrol campaign

    This is where most of your time will be spent. There are 10 levels in the Fly Patrol campaign. Each level has at least 10 waves of enemies. Purchase as many missiles as possible and the self-replicating missile. 

    Mission 1 - 10 waves
    Mission 2 - 12 waves
    Mission 3 - 15 waves
    Mission 4 - 15 waves
    Mission 5 - 20 waves
    Mission 6 - 20 waves
    Mission 7 - 25 waves
    Mission 8 - 25 waves
    Mission 9 - 30 waves
    Mission 10 - 40 waves

    This mode is a combination of flight sim and tower defense. Use all of your credits to improve your ship. In the mission, line each enemy spawn portal with turrets. The enemy fighters are larger ships will be trying to attack your ships. They can only be hit 10 times. Kill the enemies as quickly as possible before they can damage your other ships. 

    Sometimes, the game will do something buggy and spawn a ship so far away that you can't target it. Don't go after it. Wait for it. It will get close and attack, eventually. Wait and respawn some missiles or put out some turrets. If you go after it, then the next wave will get easy hits against the ships you are supposed to be protecting. 

  • Achieve 100% accuracy in any mission

    Do this in Mission 2. That mission is short, there are only a few enemies, and your squadmates are pretty good about shooting down other enemies. The easiest way to do this is to load up your fighter with as many missiles as you can afford and DO NOT FIRE YOUR GUNS. The controls are not the smoothest, so keeping the yellow circle to lead with guns can be difficult. I had 60, but only used 12. Upgrading to the AAM-2 also helps since most enemies will only take one or two missiles to destroy. There are buildings that can get in the missile’s way and you may have your squadmates steal your kills by destroying whichever enemy you targeted before the missile hits. If either of those happen, you will need to restart the mission. 

    Doing this on Mission 1 is possible because of the number of stationary targets, but you will need a fair amount of missiles to destroy the fighters. 

    Note: If you somehow get over 100% accuracy, then you will not get the trophy. I had 134% accuracy in one mission and the trophy did not unlock until I completed a mission with exactly 100% accuracy. 

  • Successfully complete Guided Training in Certification level

    When you are able to take off at the start, push  to go through the Guided Training. After you destroy the frigate and start moving towards the first waypoint, this will unlock. 

    If you want to try for Death Blossom on Mission 1, then you CANNOT do the Guided Training. Part of this tutorial is firing without targets. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 01 Certification Flight

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 02 Operation: Render Hope

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 03 Operation: Extreme Justice

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 04 Operation: Titan Dawn

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 05 Operation: Free Rhea

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 06 Operation: Neptune's Solace

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 07 Operation: Star Hammer

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 08 Operation: Lunar Freedom

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 09 Operation: Morning Star

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

  • Successful Completion of Level 10 Operation: Rock and Roll

    Story related and cannot be missed. 

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