Growth Spurt Trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

  • Growth Spurt


    Find space for a full garden

    How to unlock Growth Spurt

    Across Koboh, you’ll find various plant life surrounded by glowing green insects. Cutting through these with Cal’s lightsaber will yield seeds, which can then be planted in the rooftop garden at Pyloon’s Saloon. Recruiting Pili in the Blustery Mesa region of Jedha will enable you to learn more about what you’ve planted, and she’ll help you clear more space to grow stuff. There are ten varieties of Koboh Seed to be grown, and you’ll need to plant them all to unlock this. The ten different Koboh Seeds are the Tuber Maw, Pine Fern, Koboh Spiker, Spine Fluff, Palm Fruit Shell, Fire Pineapple, Cactus Ball, Bluebell Squish, Crimson Jelly Spire, and Goldenlight Moss. 

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