King of the World Trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

  • King of the World


    Reach the highest point of Harvest Ridge

    How to unlock King of the World

    On Koboh, there’s a place called Harvest Ridge. To reach the summit of the big tower there (the highest point), you’ll need a Nekko mount, as they can be used to make higher jumps than usual. Annoyingly, getting one to where you need to go requires two Nekkos, and the solving of a puzzle. First, bring two Nekkos around to the large gated entrance into the red barn on a Nekko farm. You’ll then need to wallrun up to the rooftop entrance into the barn, where three are idly standing around outside. Enter the barn, and use Force Pull to pull out the cord over the top of the small grate, through which you’ll be able to see the Nekkos standing.

    This will raise the main gate open. Remember those Nekko you parked outside the gate? Whistle one of them in with R1, then drop the cord. Mount the Nekko, ride him up the slope inside the barn, onto a platform above the gate. Now get the second Nekko parked outside, and beckon it in, using the same method as before, but this time use this Nekko to vault up to the high point opposite the big Force Pull cord, and use the right stick to connect it to the port there. This will raise the platform and keep it there. Drop back to the floor, then zip up to the platform with L2. Mount the first Nekko and ride it out of the way you came into the barn, using it to boost jump up to the precipice right in front of you. Then it’s just a case of climbing the tower to reach the top. Phew.

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