Catch! Trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

  • Catch!


    Hit 3 enemies with a single roller mine

    How to unlock Catch!

    This is slightly more annoying than it sounds, as roller mines track relentlessly towards you like a magnet before exploding. You’ll need to first find a cluster of three or more enemies, then Force Pull a roller mine towards you, before pushing it back towards your targets. You’ll have to do it quickly, though, or you’ll get a face-full of exploding roller mine. Bagging two enemies is easy, but getting three can be a pain.

    Try using the Wrenching Pull ability to draw as many enemies as you can into one place, then throw a roller mine their way. There are multiple places to try this, but bear in mind that roller mines will follow you until they blow up, so use that to your advantage. They’ll also respawn after you rest at a Meditation Point, so you can keep trying when you find an ideal spot.

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