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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 54 (44, 7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to Respawn’s 2019 hit, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and it improves upon almost everything that made the original game so good. Improved platforming, wider worlds to explore, more combat options, and some of the best character arcs in the current Star Wars canon. Outside of some hefty performance issues at launch, it’s really hard to fault Respawn’s latest effort.

The only problem with this increase in scope, is it does make trophy hunting just that little bit more time-consuming. Luckily, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s trophy list is a very fun one to work your way through, and we’ve got the guide to help you do that.


There’s two things to note about the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trophy list - pretty much everything can be done in a single playthrough, and you can revisit every area after you roll credits. This makes the process of getting the platinum trophy a much less strenuous experience than many other games, as you can take your time with it, enjoy yourself, find as many of the secrets as you like, and then you’re able to mop up whatever it is you’ve missed after the fact. This is especially important since Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 

Still, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you make a start on throughout the main campaign, so you’re not having to grind towards the end.

There is one potentially missable trophy, You've Got A Friend trophy_bronze.png, which requires you to tell your companions Merrin and Bode to attack ten enemies each during their respective sections of the game. This is done by holding R1 and pressing Square, and while it’s a very easy trophy to get, it’s also easy to miss, if you do end up forgetting about it.

Outside of this, you’ll also want to concentrate on the many combat-related trophies, such as Han Slowlo trophy_bronze.png , Riposte trophy_bronze.png , and One With the Force trophy_bronze.png , allowing yourself time to build these up naturally, rather than having to grind them out at the end, but it’s not a dealbreaker if you don’t.

You’re going to have to leave a lot of these trophies for the post-game anyway, as several will require you to use all of your traversal abilities, many of which aren’t unlocked until near the end of the campaign, in true metroidvania style. Once you’ve rolled credits, you can head back out into the galaxy to obtain the following trophies, as well as any others you’ve missed.

I'm a Living Legend trophy_silver.png 
Star Tours trophy_silver.png 
Perk of the Job trophy_silver.png 
Growth Spurt trophy_bronze.png 
Gambler trophy_silver.png 
Intergalactic Geographic trophy_silver.png 
Blood, Sweat, and Tears trophy_gold.png 
Splurgle trophy_bronze.png 
Skoova Diving trophy_silver.png 
Caij Match trophy_silver.png 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy Guide

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54 trophies ( 44  23  )

  • Unlock all Trophies

    Congratulations! You not only survived, you thrived. Well done.
  • Defeat 50 enemies under the effect of Slow

    To activate Slow, you’ll need to push in both thumbsticks when the yellow gauge at the bottom of the screen is filled. This will temporarily put enemies in a slow state, enabling you to lay into them - defeat 50 enemies while they’re affected by your Slow ability, and this will pop. Keep using Slow whenever the gauge is full, and this should easily unlock over time, well before the end of the story.
  • Defeat 10 enemies with shots using the Point Blank skill

    First you need a blaster. You’ll get this as a gift from Bode when you visit Jedha for the first time. Then, you need to purchase the Point Blank skill from the Blaster Stance skill tree, which will require a fair few Skill Points. As soon as you’ve added Point Blank to your arsenal, ensure you have the Blaster Stance equipped at a Meditation Point, then use it to defeat ten enemies. You’ll need to essentially parry a weak enemy with a press of triangle at the right moment for a Point Blank kill - it’s tricky, so it might take a little while to work out the timing. Stick with it, and this will pop soon enough.
  • Direct your companions to assist in combat 10 times each

    Anytime you’re thrust into a mission with Bode or Merrin as companions, make sure to use R1 + circle to direct them. Turns out it’s incredibly handy, so whenever Bode or Merrin’s diamond-shaped icon fills (it’s on a fairly short cooldown), be sure to call them into action. Ten times each isn’t much, so as long as you remember to do this, it’ll come very quickly.

    This is missable, so if you do happen to forget, you’ll have to start a new story save (or New Game+, if you like) and try again.
  • Hit 3 enemies with a single roller mine

    This is slightly more annoying than it sounds, as roller mines track relentlessly towards you like a magnet before exploding. You’ll need to first find a cluster of three or more enemies, then Force Pull a roller mine towards you, before pushing it back towards your targets. You’ll have to do it quickly, though, or you’ll get a face-full of exploding roller mine. Bagging two enemies is easy, but getting three can be a pain.

    Try using the Wrenching Pull ability to draw as many enemies as you can into one place, then throw a roller mine their way. There are multiple places to try this, but bear in mind that roller mines will follow you until they blow up, so use that to your advantage. They’ll also respawn after you rest at a Meditation Point, so you can keep trying when you find an ideal spot.
  • Strike an unaware enemy 20 times

    You’ll be presented with numerous opportunities to take out unaware enemies, so keep your eyes peeled for the square prompt, whether you’re approaching a foe from below via a ledge, or from above. You can also slowly creep up behind enemies, wait for the button prompt, then execute them stealthily. Doing this 20 times is incredibly easy, as long as you keep an eye out for opportunities to take down enemies without them noticing you.
  • Push an enemy into the Shattered Moon mining cannon

    Upon your second visit to the Shattered Moon during the story, you’ll see a huge orange and purple beam tearing through the facility here. Your first encounter with multiple enemies is an easy place to do this. Just Force Push the raiders and battle droids into the beam as it powers up, and they’ll burn away to dust. Chances are, you’ll actually take out a whole bunch of enemies doing this.
  • Defeat all legendary adversaries

    There are 13 legendary enemies to dispatch, and they include creatures like the Rancor, Spawn of Oggdo, or Vile Bilemaw, as well as certain named humanoid foes and hostile droids. Each one will require a different strategy, as they’re some of the toughest opponents you’ll face in Jedi: Survivor. Track them all down and dispatch them to earn this one.

    Every Legendary Adversary location and strategy guide
  • Attack 20 Lifted enemies

    During the story, you’ll eventually acquire the ability to Lift and Slam enemies using the Force. To Lift, hold R1 and triangle. Initially, you can only do this to smaller foes, but if you pour Skill Points into this ability, you can Lift larger enemies. Simply Lift an enemy and attack them, performing this 20 times to unlock the trophy. You might have to jump a bit to reach them while they’re suspended in mid-air, or you can use Cal’s blaster.
  • Avoid 50 attacks using Focus Sight

    Focus Sight can be purchased from the Resilience Skill Tree (under Survival). To evade incoming attacks, you’ll then need to hold down the circle button, causing Cal to automatically bob and weave. The manoeuvre will cost a chunk of your Force gauge, so make sure you have a full metre before executing this. If you unlock this early, you should be able to avoid 50 attacks with little effort.
  • A confused enemy defeats an enemy of the same type

    To confuse an enemy, you’ll need to hold R1 and press circle. When confused, an enemy will temporarily turn green while the effect is active. If it wears off, do it again, until the two enemies resolve their fight. We did this on a couple of Bedlam Raiders, and it worked like a charm. However, the weaker the enemy, the quicker the fight will be over, so confusing a Stormtrooper is probably the way to go. Note that you can’t use confuse on droids at all, and you can’t use it on resistant enemies until you purchase the relevant Skill Tree upgrade.
  • Execute 10 perfectly timed precision releases

    You’ll find this ability in the Dual-Wielded Lightsaber Skill Tree - once acquired, you’ll be able to hold down triangle when using this Stance to have Cal put the lightsaber in front of him using the Force. Keep the button held until the moment an enemy attacks you, then let go. If you get the timing right, Cal will hit back with an automatic counterattack, denoting that you’ve successfully executed a precision release. Do this ten times to unlock the trophy.
  • Slam 5 enemies with a single use of Slam

    Once you’ve reached a certain point in the story, you’ll unlock the Slam ability. You’ll then need to save up some Skill Points to acquire ‘Mass Slam’ in the Telekinesis skill tree, enabling you to Lift several enemies at once. Once you’ve purchased Mass Slam, use Lift (R1 + triangle) to raise five enemies, then Slam them down into the ground (R1 + cross). Job done.
  • Parry a Force Pull resisting enemy

    Force Pull resisting enemies include larger Bedlam Raiders, Purge Troopers, certain melee droids, and other larger foes. You’ll know when they’re a Force Pull resisting enemy, as any attempt to use the ability will see them lean back and skid along the floor slowly towards you, rather than being lifted. When they resist, keep the Force Pull button (L2) held down until you draw them in close enough, making sure you have enough Force power in your gauge. Once they’re close, they’ll automatically attack as your hold loosens, so be ready to parry with L1. Successfully deflect their incoming strike, and you’ll earn this. Timing is everything!
  • Discover and complete all Jedi Chambers

    There are seven Jedi Chambers to track down and complete. You’ll automatically visit the first one during the story, but you’ll need to find the other six yourself. There are three on Jedha and three on Koboh, and they’re pretty distinctive, with their gold, cube-shaped entrances and aperture-style doors. Find and complete all seven, and you’ll earn this trophy.

    Every Jedi Chamber location guide.
  • Reach the highest point of Harvest Ridge

    On Koboh, there’s a place called Harvest Ridge. To reach the summit of the big tower there (the highest point), you’ll need a Nekko mount, as they can be used to make higher jumps than usual. Annoyingly, getting one to where you need to go requires two Nekkos, and the solving of a puzzle. First, bring two Nekkos around to the large gated entrance into the red barn on a Nekko farm. You’ll then need to wallrun up to the rooftop entrance into the barn, where three are idly standing around outside. Enter the barn, and use Force Pull to pull out the cord over the top of the small grate, through which you’ll be able to see the Nekkos standing.

    This will raise the main gate open. Remember those Nekko you parked outside the gate? Whistle one of them in with R1, then drop the cord. Mount the Nekko, ride him up the slope inside the barn, onto a platform above the gate. Now get the second Nekko parked outside, and beckon it in, using the same method as before, but this time use this Nekko to vault up to the high point opposite the big Force Pull cord, and use the right stick to connect it to the port there. This will raise the platform and keep it there. Drop back to the floor, then zip up to the platform with L2. Mount the first Nekko and ride it out of the way you came into the barn, using it to boost jump up to the precipice right in front of you. Then it’s just a case of climbing the tower to reach the top. Phew.
  • Help lift a ship out of the tar pits

    On your way to the Gorge Crash Site on Koboh, you’ll encounter a Pit Droid whose ship has sunk into the nearby tar pit. Make a note of his position, as once you’ve acquired the Force Lift skill during the story, you’ll be able to come back and use it to rescue the ship from the pit. Do this, and the Pit Droid will be grateful for your help - talk to him afterwards, and he’ll join you at the Pyloon’s Saloon cantina, which also counts towards the Max Capacity trophy_bronze.png  trophy.
  • Travel 500m of distance while riding creatures

    Once you acquire the ability to use mounts, simply ride around a bunch (you’ll do more than enough during the story). Nekkos, Scamels, and Relters all count, so use ‘em.
  • Keep your feet off the ground and walls for 60 seconds

    The best way to do this is to wait until you can use gliding Relter creatures to fly about the place, then find a place with a bunch of updrafts to keep you airborne, such as the Devastated Settlement on Koboh. Alternatively, you can jump on a zipline, and keep flipping your direction back and forth until this pops.
  • Equip Perks in all slots

    Upon unlocking perks, you’ll be given three perk slots. You might slot in three perks and think ‘job done’. It’s not. You need to obtain additional perk slots first. You can purchase one from Zee’s store in Pyloon’s Saloon for 10 Datadiscs, while another six need to be tracked down. That’s a total of ten slots, and you’ll need to find Essence points to acquire them.

    When you’ve completed all seven Jedi Chambers, travel to the Alignment Control Center (you’ll unlock this Meditation Point towards the end of the story), and use BD-1 to slice the terminal, checking that all seven monitors have turned green. This will enable you to locate the Essence locations required to unlock the remaining Perk slots. Slot enough Perks at a Meditation Point to fill all ten slots once you’ve acquired all ten, and this will unlock.
  • Trade 25 collected items

    Whether you’re trading Priorite Shards, Datadiscs, Jedi Scrolls, Bounty Pucks, or whatever, it all counts towards this. Trade any combination of 25 of these at any vendor you like, and this will unlock. Basically, just buy a bunch of stuff.
  • Train with your weapons while wearing a headband

    You can pick up the headband from Doma’s store on Koboh (the blue door opposite Pyloon’s Saloon) in exchange for Priorite Shards. Buy it and equip it via the customisation menu, then, travel to Jedha and hit the Stormtrooper dummy near where the Mantis lands.
  • Equip a new cosmetic in every Cal slot

    To customise Cal, you need only pause the game at any time, then tab along to the customisation menu. Here, you can switch out Cal’s hair, beard, jacket, shirt, and pants. If you like, you can go full hipster with a beard and manbun, then choose whatever alternate jacket, short, and pants you like. Trophy unlocked.
  • Dropkick an enemy while wearing a mullet

    To achieve the full Swayze look, you’ll need to track down the mullet from the Derelict Dam region on Koboh, then wait until you receive the Crossguard Stance during the story. Once you have both mullet and Crossguard, you can execute a dropkick by pressing the attack button while sprinting at an enemy. To get the mullet, you’ll need the Slam ability obtained during the story, then, from the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, cross the nearby tar pit, and lower the yellow goblet-shaped platform there with Cal’s Slam skill. Climb up, then head left over the gap, taking out the battle droids there. Once you’re on this yellow platform, look over to the right, where there’s a drop to a Sense Echo and the crate, which contains the party-in-the-back hairstyle you’re looking for. Be sure to equip it in the customisation menu and use the Crossguard Stance, then go and dropkick the first enemy you see. ROAD HOUSE.
  • Customize BD-1, the blaster, and Cal's lightsaber with new parts

    As you open crates or make purchases from the various in-game stores, you’ll come to acquire an array of lightsaber parts and paint jobs, as well as interchangeable parts and materials for BD-1. Once you’ve received the blaster from Bode during the story, you’ll then be able to customise this at any workbench. Just make sure to swap out all parts of Cal’s lightsaber, blaster, and BD-1, and this will unlock. Having said that, we managed to unlock this by merely attempting to customise the blaster’s barrel, trigger, and handle, so you may not need new parts for it after all.
  • Find space for a full garden

    Across Koboh, you’ll find various plant life surrounded by glowing green insects. Cutting through these with Cal’s lightsaber will yield seeds, which can then be planted in the rooftop garden at Pyloon’s Saloon. Recruiting Pili in the Blustery Mesa region of Jedha will enable you to learn more about what you’ve planted, and she’ll help you clear more space to grow stuff. There are ten varieties of Koboh Seed to be grown, and you’ll need to plant them all to unlock this. The ten different Koboh Seeds are the Tuber Maw, Pine Fern, Koboh Spiker, Spine Fluff, Palm Fruit Shell, Fire Pineapple, Cactus Ball, Bluebell Squish, Crimson Jelly Spire, and Goldenlight Moss. 
  • Win all holotactics matches

    Find Bhima and Tulli in the Boiling Bluff region on Koboh. Save them from a Mogu and they’ll set up holotactics in an upstairs room at Pyloon’s Saloon. You’ll then need to defeat all eight opponents, with each requiring completion of a certain number of consecutive waves (two, three, or four waves). If you fail at any point, even on the last wave, you’ll have to restart the bout from scratch. If you’re struggling, go away and scan more enemies to bolster your deck of available units. Bear in mind you have a certain number of battle points for each wave, with any unused points carrying over to the next wave. Spend points wisely and set up the best strategy you can to ensure you defeat the enemies put before you.

    Full Holotactics Strategy Guide
  • Scan every type of enemy to fill out the Tactical Guide

    On each occasion you defeat an enemy for the first time, you’ll be able to instruct BD-1 to scan them by pressing down on the d-pad when prompted. During the course of the story, you’ll be able to complete the majority of the Tactical Guide, but you’ll also need to complete Bounties for Caij, as each class of Haxion Brood also counts towards this. Same goes for legendary adversaries - you’ll have to scan some of those, too.
  • Use BD-1 to investigate a target in the distance

    In any area where you can see an enemy that isn’t currently hostile, tap down on the d-pad to enter the BD-1 menu, then click in the right stick (R3) to go into visor mode. From here, hover over the enemy until its name pops up (or Scan the enemy if you haven’t already) and then hit the Options button to open up the enemy’s Tactical Guide entry. Once you do this, the trophy will unlock.
  • Fully upgrade 3 skill trees

    Skill Trees come under three main categories - Resilience, Lightsaber, and Force. There is one Survival Skill Tree (Resilience), five Lightsaber trees (Single, Double-Bladed, Dual Wield, Blaster, and Crossguard), and three Force trees (Jedi Concentration, Telekinesis, and Confusion), and you’ll need to completely max out any three of the Skill Trees. You’ll earn a Skill Point each time you fill the XP bar, and you can then spend them at any Meditation Point. Simply pour any earned Skill Points into purchasing skills, and you’ll soon unlock this.
  • Complete all Force Tears

    Force Tears are glowing purple anomalies you’ll find in certain hidden spots. They’re normally well tucked away, and entering them will present you with either a tricky combat challenge or some sort of gauntlet to traverse using Cal’s acrobatic platforming skills. Some you’ll breeze through with little effort, while others will drive you to despair. You can keep on retrying each Force Tear challenge, or leave and come back later. Generally speaking, combat-based Force Tears are more straightforward, whereas traversal-based Force Tear challenges require very precise wallrunning, jumping, dashing, and so on. Perseverance is key - keep on trying until you get them done, even if it reduces you to (Force) tears.

    Full Force Tears location guide.

Secret trophies

  • Defeat an Inquisitor

    Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll get this upon defeating the Ninth Sister on Coruscant, during the game’s opening missions.
  • Break free from the grasp of the Empire

    Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll unlock this after leaving Coruscant in the Mantis.
  • Chat with the owner of the Koboh cantina

    Story related, can’t be missed. After a cutscene in the Pyloon’s Saloon cantina on Koboh, you’ll meet its owner and unlock this. He’s an old pal, which is nice.
  • Release the Jedi from the bacta tank

    Story related, can’t be missed. Unlocked after working your way into the highest point of the Forest Array.
  • Travel together with a Nightsister

    Story related, can’t be missed. After leaving Koboh and travelling to Jedha, you'll reunite with an old friend.
  • Meet the Jedi Masters

    Story related, can’t be missed. Make it safely to the stronghold on Jedha to re-meet the Jedi Masters residing within.
  • Protect Pilgrim's Sanctuary

    Story related, can’t be missed. Fight off the giant drilling mech and protect Pilgrim's Sanctuary in the process.
  • Rescue a friend from the Bedlam Raiders

    Story related, can’t be missed. Rescue Zee from the Bedlam Raiders on an old Clone Wars ship on Koboh.
  • Collect the Abyss Compass

    Story related, can’t be missed. Travel to the Observatory on Koboh and finally get your hands on an Abyss Compass.
  • Defend the Archive

    Story related, can’t be missed. During the only section of the game where you don't play as Cal, do your best to protect the archive from whatever villains may turn up.
  • Survive Nova Garon

    Story related, can’t be missed. Follow a ship into empire terroritory, confront an enemy, and then escape alive to unlock this.
  • Discover the route to Tanalorr

    Story related, can’t be missed. Head back to Koboh and align the arrays from there, in order to create a route through the Abyss towards Tanalorr.
  • Complete the story

    Story related, can’t be missed. Travel to Tanalorr, and defeat the final boss. Roll credits, and the trophy is yours!
  • Refresh the Refresher

    Interact with the toilet in Pyloon’s Saloon, to the immediate right as you enter, behind where Greez always sits. Flush it, and it’ll spit out a Priorite Shard, as well as this trophy.
  • Drop your mount into the great unknown

    You’ll automatically get a Nekko during the story. To get this, you can send your Nekko off any precipice into the chasm below, making sure to jump off to safety. Alternatively, you can do this with a Spamel in the deserts on Jedha. This might not unlock immediately, so don’t be surprised if it randomly pops when you’re off doing something else.
  • Explore the Phon'Qi Caverns

    The Phon'Qi Caverns is accessible from the mysterious shack in Foothill Falls, and is part of the "Investigate the Abandoned Shack" rumour that you can get from a Prospector in Rambler's Reach. You'll want to tackle the Phon'Qi Caverns with all of your abilities, so come here once you've finished the main campaign.

    It's a good old fashioned dungeon, this, and it comes with an excellent reward at the end. In the final room, there's a piece of machinery to interact with. Do so, and you'll unlock this trophy, along with a Map Upgrade that gives you the ability to see any unfound Chests, Stim Upgrades, and BD-1 Upgrades. Very nice.
  • Have a packed cantina

    There are fifteen characters to enlist to join you at the Pyloon’s Saloon cantina on Koboh. Some of these you'll come across naturally during the main story, while the rest can be found through rumours on Koboh. The full list of characters you'll need to recruit are as follows:

    Wini Eres

    Locations and map screens will be added in the future.
  • You can pet the bogling

    While roaming Koboh, you’ll encounter friendly little creatures called boglings. Some are found alone, while others roll in packs. Simply track one down, walk up to it slowly, and click the right stick in to pet it when prompted. During the story, you’ll come across boglings on several occasions, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Gain the attention of a mysterious stranger

    Acquiring this will require completing all 17 Bounties, issued by Caij from the Pyloon’s Saloon cantina, having first met the bounty hunter during the story. Taking on each bounty will require a Bounty Puck from Caij, unless you happen to randomly run into a target (this happened to us more than once while exploring). Vanquish all 17 bounties and return the pucks to Caij, then head to the location in the Devastated Settlement marked on your map for one final battle..

    Star Wars Jedi Survivor - All Bounties Guide
  • Obtain your first bounty

    Story related. During the story, you’ll fight a jetpack-wearing member of the Haxion Brood, drawing the attention of mysterious bounty hunter, Caij. This unlocks the bounties required for Caij Match trophy_silver.png , and grants your first Bounty Puck, as well as unlocking this trophy. 
  • Wear an old wardrobe staple

    On Koboh, head towards the Fort Kah’lin meditation spot, then grapple up to the upper level, and follow it around until you find a load of droids on a landing platform, next to a Priorite Shard. Walking towards the shard will see the ground crumble beneath you, dropping into a boss fight with the Spawn of Oggdo. This throwback to the infamous Oggdo Boggdo boss fight from Fallen Order is tough, but defeating him allows you to open the crate in its pit to acquire the Poncho. Equip it in the customisation menu to unlock the trophy.
  • Fill the aquarium in the cantina

    You can start working on this upon picking up a Rumor pertaining to a mysterious fisherman. It’s Skoova, and you can find him in the Foothill Falls region on Koboh. Talk to him, and you’ll complete the Rumor, recruiting him for Pyloon’s Saloon, where he’ll look after your fish tank. You’ll also subsequently find Skoova in various locations, where talking to him will prompt him to dive and throw up a new fish to add to your aquarium. There are 12 fish to track down in total.

    Full Skoova Fish Aquarium Guide
  • Purchase all of Doma's merchandise

    To buy everything from Doma's shop, you'll need to find all 100 Priorite Shard dotted around Koboh, Coruscant, and the Shattered Moon. We'll have a full list up soon, but in the meantime, you can press square.png on the map screen to see how many Priorite Shards you're missing from the area that you're in, making it easier to find them all.

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