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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 40 (25, 11, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 30-35hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Free roaming post credit to get the remaining collectibles and miscellaneous trophies
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, all trophies can be obtained on Easy difficulty.

Hello and welcome to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, this is one of the best star war games out there with great game mechanics and a well written story. You play as Cal Kestis a padawin who lost his connection with the force when the empire took over the galaxy, then a sudden turn of events and you find yourself on a Journey to restore the Jedi force back to fight against the empire only this Journey is not about the Jedi only but a Journey for you as well; Cal Kestis to achieve what he was always meant for him to do. A Journey about Destiny, whats in the way becomes the way. (The Story takes place after Star Wars III Revenge of the sith.)


Make sure to Meditate everytime you stop for a quick save, Resting in optional because although it regenerates your health and Force meter, it also resets enemies in the area bringing back the ones that you've just killed.

Meditation Training. As of patch 1.09, you can access at any meditation point across a New Journey+ based on where you choose to meditate. You can earn combat specific trophies in those arenas as well as gain XP to unlock remaining skills. (Meditation training challeneges unlocks specific costumes for BD-1 for acheiving 3 points, one point for each
  • Beat the Combat Challenege
  • Beat the Combat Challenege without healing
  • Beat the Combat challenege without taking any damage
Credit to Terminator for highlighting this point.


Step 1: Play the game on any Difficulty

There is no difficulty trophy required and most trophies can be obtained post credit so i advice to sit back and enjoy the game then return to the guide and see what you've missed and unlock the remaining trophie to earn this beautiful Platinum trophy.

At the end of this step you will unlock the following trophies:

 The Mantis trophy_bronze.png
Sabersmith trophy_bronze.png
A Long Time Ago trophy_bronze.png
The Obstacle is the Way trophy_bronze.png
Happy Go Wookiee trophy_bronze.png
Everything is Connected trophy_bronze.png
Her Name Was Masana Tide trophy_silver.png
Gorgara Falls trophy_silver.png
The Full Glow-Up trophy_bronze.png
For A More Civilized Age trophy_bronze.png
I Knew He Was No Good trophy_silver.png
The Holocron Awaits trophy_bronze.png
Trust Only In The Force trophy_gold.png

Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies

After finsihing the story, these will be the remaining trophies that you will go out of your way to do/collect, nothing too difficult but roaming through the worlds like DATHOMIR and KASHYYYK can be a little bit confusing.

At the end of this step you will unlock the following trophies:

Collector trophy_gold.png 
Legendary Beasts trophy_silver.png 
Feel the Force trophy_gold.png 
A Galaxy Far, Far Away trophy_silver.png 
Visiting Alderaan Places trophy_bronze.png 
Medical Droid trophy_silver.png 
Green Thumb trophy_silver.png 
Full House trophy_bronze.png 
Data Disk trophy_bronze.png 
Data Collector trophy_silver.png 
Scum and Villainy trophy_silver.png 
Echo Location trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Aim to get the Combat related Trophies

As you play, you will probably die a lot as you get familiar with the game but since dying does not reset your progress towards getting combat related trophies, I play you play boldly and try to get as many combat related trophies as you can.

At the end of this step you will unlock the following trophies:

Bank Shot trophy_bronze.png 
Back At You trophy_bronze.png 
Don't Mess With BD-1 trophy_bronze.png 
Perfect Timing trophy_bronze.png 
Kicking Back trophy_bronze.png 
Look Out Below trophy_bronze.png 
Blade Master trophy_silver.png 
Triple Take trophy_bronze.png 
Can't Touch This trophy_silver.png 
Kickoff trophy_bronze.png 
What Goes Around... trophy_bronze.png 
Big Bang trophy_bronze.png 
Not So Fast trophy_bronze.png 
Cal Got Your Tongue? trophy_bronze.png

By then you should be one with the force and A New Hope trophy_platinum.png  is here.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 11  25  14  )

  • Earn all trophies

    By Completing all the other Trophies, you will unlock the Platinum and A New Hope will be added to your collection. After All.....This is the Way.
  • Kick a phillak that has kicked you

    You need to Unlock the Evasive Kick ability from the Skill Tree before attempting this trophy. Once unlocked go to Either Kashyyyk or Zeffo planet and look for a Phillak, go behind it and let it kick you and then perform the Evasive Kick by pressing circle.png+square.png just before it hits you to move sideways and kick it back.
    Credit to PS5Trophies for the video.
    Note: You don't need to kill it for the trophy to pop, just kick it after it kicks you first.
  • Collect all chests and secrets

    There are Chest and secrets in all Five Planets; Total 107 Chests and 32 Secrets
    • Bogano Planet - 16 Chests and 6 Secrets
    • Zeffo - 43 Chests and 14 Secrets
    • Kashyyk Planet - 27 Chests and 5 Secrets
    • Dathomir - 16 Chest and 4 Secrets
    • Ilium - 5 Chest and 3 Secrets

    Credit to Aboelsas Show for the videos
  • Defeat four mysterious creatures

    This Trophy requires you to defeat 4 Legendary creatures in four ; they are very challeneging if you fought them very early in the game as they can end you health in 1-2 hits so i suggest you do them after you finish the main story unless you feel the force within you and looking for a challenege. The 4 Legendary creatures are:

    OGGDO BOGDO - found in Bogano
    RABID JOTAZ - found in Zeffo
    NYDAK ALPHA - found in Dathomir
    ALBINO WYYYSCHOKK - found in Kashyyyk

    For the exact location of each one of them, you can see my video below:

    Star Wars Fallen Jedi - Legendary Beast Trophy (With Commentary)

    Credit to Aboelsas Show for the videos.
  • Unlock all Jedi skills

    This is one of the end game trophies, You gain XP by killing enemies, scanning surroundings and collecting Echos. XP cannot be lost unless you die and even then if you return you will find the empire enemy or creature highlighted in Yellow/Gold waiting for you to hit him and recover your XP. In this game you will also encounter bounty hunters and if they managed to kill you, you won't get a second chance but your XP will still be there waitingf for you in the very same area you last died.

    To make this game easier, I recommend focusing on unlocking your Survival and Force tree perks first then work on the Lightsaber Perks as you get more familiar with the game.
  • Complete all of BD-1's holomaps

    To Unlock this trophy the following planets should reach 100% exploration:
    • Bogano
    • Zeffo
    • Kashyyyk
    • Dathomir
    • Ilum
    This is achived by exploring all the areas and collecting Echos. some people may find themselves doing everything but still hasn't explored this particular section of the maps. Visit the yellow and green doors to unlock new areas iin the map which you haven't visited yet in order to reach 100%. See below for some videos showing comonly missed areas that will stop you from getting the planets to 100%:

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Crash Site 92% Solution
    SW Jedi: Fallen Order | Tomb of Eilram stuck at 96% all collectible found, DO THIS
    Fallen Order: Weathered Monument 95% to 100% explored, with all echoes and chests already unlocked

    Credit to all of iWookiee, TJump Gaming, Drazsen Blázsev respectively for the videos.
  • Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts

    Press l1.png just when an enemy starts shooting at you, if done correclty the blaser bolt will deflect back and instanly kill the Stormtrooper; The stormtropper commander on the other hand might need 2-3 deflects to be killed. Do that 50 Times to unlock this trophy.
    STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order - How to unlock Back At You Trophy / Achievement

    Credit to S1R CARNAG3 for the video.
  • Parry 100 enemies

    You block using l1.png but if you press l1.png just at the same time your enemies strike, then instead of blocking you will parry and make your enemy vulnerable to an attack. This is a game changer move as parraying will help you alot during boss fights and when fighting the Inquisitors. A slow choreographic slow moton move is triggered whenever you perform a parry, do that 100 Times and remeber in my experience there is no such thing as luck.
  • Defeat an enemy using only kicks

    For this trophy you need to defeat an enemy using only Kicks an ability you unlock when you purchase Evaise Kicks from the Skill Tree circle.png+square.png. This won't work on stormtroopers as they have armors and won't take damage from kicks. What you want to do is go to Bogano and find a Splox (crab like insects) and just spam the circle.png+square.png. 3 Hits should do the trick. if you hit it with a ligthsaber then the trophy won't count.
  • Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw

    You need to unlock the lightsaber Throw l1.png+triangle.png to perform this attack. once unlocked go to a group of enemies and align them so that they are infront of each other then use this attack. A good place instory would be the Fortress Inquisitorius as it throws at you many enemies in waves. A good post-game location is in Kashyyyk where there are three Rocket Launcher Troopers on your way to the origin Tree.
  • Defeat an enemy with their own Slowed blaster bolt

    This trophy description is a bit misleading, not only do you have to slow the stromtrooper while shooting at you with l1.png but you need to pull him to that blaster bolt with l2.png for the trophy to count.
  • Defeat 20 enemies with explosives

    Cal Kestis doesn't have explosive moves so you will need to use your enemies weaponary to get that trophy. You can get that trophy by:-
    • Pulling Rockets lauched at you from the Rocket Lauchner Trooper with l2.png then sending it back with Push r2.png.
    • Pulling explosive enemies such as Flame Beetle (Firefly like insect) in Kashyyyk with l2.png then throwing them back with Push on other enemies r2.png.
    • Usinfg the Push ability when a Stormtrooper throws at you a grenade r2.png.
  • Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid

    On your first visit to Kashyyk, you can access a hidden bench using a secert passage. Using that bench you will unlock BD-1 ability Slice. Then as you meet the Security Droid, hit hom till the left pad stick appears dpad_down.png, using this skill the security droid will fight alongside you and the trophy will unlock once he defeats an enemy most probably a stormtrooper.
    Star Wars Fallen Jedi - Don't Mess with BD-1 Trophy guide (With Commentary)

    Credit to Aboelsas Show for the video
  • Precision Evade 100 attacks

    You need to unlock the Precision Evade ability from the skill tree, then you have to press circle.png just before you get hit, its just like the parry move only you dodge rather than block. You'll know you've done it correctly once Cal slows down as he evades the hit. Do that 100 times and the trophy should unlock
  • Send 25 enemies over the edge

    Push enemies using r2.png, do that near cliffs and edges. smaller enemies and stormtroppers are the perfect choice to do so. Here is a video on a good place to get this trophy if you are want to get quickly out of the way.
    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Look out Below Trophy - Send 25 Enemies Over Edge

    Credit to PlayStation Gaming for the video.
  • Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow

    You need to unlock the Empowered Slow ability from the Skill Tree.You then need to keep pressing l1.png until you perform a move with both your hand and then kill you enemy. if you get hit the effect will go away and the kill won't count. Do that 25 times to unlock this trophy.

    Stormtroopers and smaller creatures are good enemies to perform this ability as they are most likely to do from one hit.
  • Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy

    This can be achieved very early in the game once you unlock the Push Skill. Simply Press r2.png when a group of enemies appear and one of them will be pushed back to hit another and pop the trophy.
  • Slice an oggdo's tongue

    This trophy is a little misleading, because to be able to slice the Oggdo's tongue you need to Pull it out using l2.png then slice it with square.png. Oggdo's can be found in Bogano and the trophy will unlock once you slice his tongue, you don't need to kill it.
  • Find all of BD-1's stim canisters

    These are Yellow Canisters that increases the amount of health stims you can use before resting. There are a totla of 10 stims that BD-1 can carry. This is a video for their locations throughout the 5 planets.

    Credit to Aboelsas Show for the video.
  • Have a fully grown terrarium

    You need to scan 10 different seeds and have them grown into full plants and examine them for the trophy to unlock, . it takes around 15-30 minutes once you plant the seed for them to fully grow. This is a video for all their location and how they look after they are fully grown.

    Credit to Aboelsas Show for the video.
  • Recruit all possible crew members for the Mantis

    For this trophy you need to add Nightsister Merrin and a Bogling along with the rest of the group who are already onbaord Cere Junda and Greez Dritus along with BD-1 who joins you early in the game. Nightsister Merrin, will join you after you defeat the wanderer Talon Malicos in Dathomir and is Story Related.The Bogling however, will join you once you go underground as soon as you reach Bogano and use the Push ability  r2.png to uncover his location.
    Full House Trophy / Achievement Guide - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Credit to Platinum Chasers for the video.
  • Find all of BD-1's encrypted logs

    This trophy only requires you to scan all of Cordova's Journe. That is 19 scans throughout the planets. This is a video for all the scan logs that you need to unlock this trophy.
    EG All Encrypted Log Locations (Data Disk Trophy) - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Credit to Thomas' Trophy Tutorials for the video.
  • Fully customize your lightsaber

    This Trophy can be unlock anytime you want however, as soon as you are introduced to the custamization bench in Bogano, all you have to do is to change each switch out (Sleeve,Emitter,Switch,Material) to one of the free premium switches and while you are at it you might as well change your lightsaber color.
  • Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis

    By unlocking chests you recieve variations for Cal, BD-1 and the Mantis. Cal has a Poncho and Outfit, change all four customizations once and you will unlock this trophy.
  • Scan all enemy types

    You need to scan all the enemies you've defeated and for those who you will not encounter/fight you need to scan dead enemies for them to count. This is a list of all the enemies that you need to scan: I also added a Video showing you where you will encounter them and where to scan the dead enemies to get this trophy.
    EG Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - All Enemy Locations and Scans (Data Collector / Tactical Guide)

    Credit to MrVuule for the video.
  • Discover 75 Force Echoes

    There are a Total of 113 Echos in the game, you need to collect 75 for this trophy but for the Platinum you will collect all of them eventually. Secrets also count as Echos so you should get this naturally as you play the game and discover all the uncovered areas.

Secret trophies

  • Complete the story

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    You must defeat the second Sister as the Final boss and save the Jedi fate. Be prepared with stims as she is a challenging bsoss fight. I recommend using the Slow ability on her using l1.png then jump on her with triangle.png with the one light saber for maximum damage, manage to repeat that multiple times will get you through her. Also make sure to unlock Lightsaber mastery perk for maximum lightsaber damage.
  • Join the crew

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    You will unlock this trophy by completing the Introduction level in Bracca and reach the Crew Ship and meet with your Partners Cere Junda and Greez Dritus.
  • Discover the Bogano Vault

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    You will unlock this trophy in your first mission in Bogano, once your reach the Vault high above and learn your first skill as a Jedi - Wall Run.
  • Complete the Tomb of Eilram

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    You will get this when you reach the Tomb of Eilram in Zeffo and unlock your 2nd Jedi ability (Push) r2.png.
  • Complete the Tomb of Miktrull

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    When you return to Zeffo to uncover another tomb on your Journey to restore the Jedi Force. You Unlock the ability to (Pull) l2.png.
  • Open the Vault

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    After you recover the Astrium from Dathomir, you will head back to Bogano to open the vault and recover the Holocron to unite the Jedi once again. do so and the trophy will unlock afterwards.
  • Free the Wookiees from Imperial imprisonment

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    This will come natrually on your first visit to Kashyyyk.
  • Defeat the Ninth Sister

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    Your first boss fight that will test your skills so far. She is less agile so make sure to keep your distance use the slow ability on her using l1.png, then strike and dodge using circle.png when she hits the ground for an earthquake attack jump and try to get a hit before she regains her form again. She may seem difficult at first but practice makes perfect, eventually you'll beat her and get this well deserved trophy Padawan.
  • Explore the crashed Venator

    This is a Hidden place in Zeffo that can be access from the Crash site area. Go inside and discover the area and the trophy will pop once you reach the end. You will aslo find a Stim waiting for you Outside. Please use the following video to explore and get 100% Chests and Echos, secret in the area.

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Visiting Alderaan Places Trophy Guide - Hidden Trophy

    Credit to MrRedRivers for the video.
  • Defeat the winged terror on Dathomir

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    The Winged daemon of the canyon; you will encounter him in Dathomir while trying to make your way to the temple. Gorgara will try to stand in your way but remember "what's in the way, becomes the way".
  • Craft a lightsaber of your own

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    For this trophy you will go to Ilum and craft a new lightsaber. You need to do some puzzles and swim a little bit before reaching the Bench on this Planet. The Trophy should unlock once you've crafted the ligthsaber and unlocked a new lightsaber move, that is the Split Lightsaber l1.png+square.png.
  • Defeat a former Jedi Master

    Story Related, Can't Be Missed

    Defeat Talon Malicos in Dathomir, he was a former Jedi who lost his way. I suggest you try to parry his moves as this delpetes his energy and give you the advantage to hit him back. use the slow ability r1.png combined with a heavy hit triangle.png to make the most damage. You can also use the single lightsaber combo moves dpad_left.pngsquare.pngsquare.pngsquare.png combined with the split lightsaber l1.png+square.png to break his defenses. Once defeated the trophy should unlock. Also, try aiming for the Blade Master trophy_silver.png  trophy during this fight.
  • Hit a single enemy with all lightsaber types

    Once you repair your Lightsaber Ilum you will unlock the Split lightsaber ability once that is available, you will need an enemy that can withstand at least 3 hits from the lightsaber types. you can achieve that on Talon Malicos fight right after you unlock the double bladded lightsaber or afterwards when fighting any of the Purge troopers (dressed in black) or a security droid.

    Lightsaber Types:
    1. Lightsaber, this is you base lightsaber and can pick it up with dpad_left.png after unlocking the double bladed lightsaber. simply press square.png for a hit to count.
    2. Double bladed lightsaber, you can switch to that mode by pressing dpad_right.png . simply press square.png for a hit to count.
    3. Split lightsaber attack can be performed with l1.png+square.png
  • Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter

    Much like the Legendary beasts, This trophy requires you to defeat Bounty hunters that are after you. There is no specific location to finding them and if they defeated you, they will disappear and re-appear again in another location. There are many bounty hunters after you but this trophy requires you to defeat each type only and there are 3 types of bounties:
    • Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter
    • Haxion Brood Bounty Commando
    • Haxion Brood Bounty Droid

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