• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal opinion); 1/10 with debug method (vote here)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (15, 8, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 4-6hrs (personal opinion); ~1 hour with debug method (vote here)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 ( You came, you looked around, you bought)
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes but there is a work around (see the Debug Method in Walkthrough for more info)
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


20 years after its first release, the fan favorite racer is back in a new HD re-release! In Star Wars Episode I: Racer, take control of a podracer speeding through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, anti-gravity tunnels and much more in a pulse-pounding, do-or-die fight to the finish line. Choose from 25 playable racers including: Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba and Ratts Tyerell, then race on tracks spanning 8 unique worlds including: Tatooine, Baroond and Malastare. Work with Pit Droids to upgrade your podracer for higher top speeds and acceleration and discover short-cuts and secrets to master your lap times.

With the new re-release, Aspyr has given this game trophies along with a platinum! Overall, the game is actually an easier platinum than it was to 100% its sequel Star Wars: Racer Revenge; it is even more so with the workaround using the debug method. Luckily, many of the trophies are rather easy and just take upgrading your parts to get you there. You may struggle with a few races but it really is forgiving when you have upgraded important parts. In fact, even though I died around 10 times on the final race, I still managed to get first place. Only thing you have to worry about is getting enough truguts to buy the parts. If you don't ensure you win enough, you will have too few and will have to do a time-wasting method of raising it or you have to restart entirely.

List of Controls:

  • & = Steer (Press to turn Podracer).
  • = Reverse (Press to get out of a tight corner or if you missed a tight corridor).
  • or = Roll (Press to turn Podracer vertically on side; good for tight spaces).
  • + = Boost (At top speed, press and hold for meter to reach boost ability and then press to activate boost; you must hold in an upward position to continue the boost. Be careful, excessive boosting can overheat your engines).
  • or = Slide (Allows you to make sharp turns at high speeds).
  • = Weapon/Taunt (Press to give taunt or weapon for Sebulba).
  • = Air Brakes (Press and hold to slow down).
  • = Accelerate (Press and hold for acceleration).
  • = Repair (Press and hold to repair. Speed drops while you are repairing).
  • = Rear View (Press and hold to switch camera to look back at opponents).
  • or Change Camera (Press to change the camera view between 4 options).
  • = Toggle Map (Press to change the race map view or to hide it).



  • Try not to use for the Air Brakes. They usually never help.
  • Always wait for a good straight path to use your boost. You accelerate faster when you are not moving (even slight movements will lessen the acceleration).
  • Always change race winnings to first place only. This ensures you get the most truguts out of winning the race, which will help you get the most expensive parts needed for a trophy.
  • You cannot win more truguts by playing a race for the second time. If you are almost at the finish line for the final lap and know you will not reach first place, simply restart the race to keep the winnings in play.
  • Maximum of 3 Pit Droids can be purchased to add to your 1; they will repair damaged parts after the race is over. I suggest only upgrading to the following parts: Top Speed, Acceleration, Turning and Cooling.


There are two methods of getting this platinum. One involves normal play; the other involves using a debug menu to cheat most of the trophies. If you want to enjoy the game and any challenge it might present, I suggest using the first method. However, if you are just seeking an EZPZ platinum, then go for the second method.

Step 1: Play the Tournament (getting first place in each) and buying Pit Droids

During this step, you should play through each race in the Tournament, with the goal of getting first place. There is a trophy that can be missable so change your winnings to "Winner Takes All" so you get enough truguts to purchase upgraded parts later on. Pit Droids are cheap and ensure your parts don't remain damaged so buy them after your second or third race (you should have enough truguts by then). If you are struggling with a race, it's best to upgrade some of your parts. Since you only have 4 Pit Droids maximum, don't waste truguts on all parts since they get damaged during the race; focus on Top Speed, Acceleration, Turning, and Cooling. If you purchase parts from the Junkyard, they will be repaired to full value after you complete a race, giving you more truguts to spend when you trade it for better parts (very helpful if you lose out on winnings). As you win first place in each race, you'll unlock characters along the way.

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Beedo's wild ride
Don't get cocky, kid
It’s a new lap record
May the first be with you
Mind tricks don't work on me—only money
Start your engines
Taking the high road
This is podracing
Welcome to the Dark Slide
Brake check
By far the favorite today
Cell block racer
From Oovo IV to Tatooine
Serv-O-Droid, Inc.
The devlikk is in the details
Invitation accepted
The fastest racer in the galaxy

Step 2: Post-Tournament Cleanup

For this step, you will be finishing up trophies that you may not have gotten during your Tournament — two trophies involve taunting, boosting at the start, reaching 1,000 MPH, repairing your engines from "warning" as Anakin and purchasing the best upgrades.

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Don't count on it, slimeball
Light speed
Eat my exhaust
It's working! It's working!!
Kessel Run
You came, you looked around, you bought

Step 3: Sebulba & Mirrored Race

In this step, you will be playing as Sebulba on Amateur Podracing Circuit: Mon Gazza Speedway (the shortest of all races) in Mirror Mode. Select Sebulba, then change the race option to be "Mirrored". In the race, use Sebulba's weapon to hit 10 enemies — if it looks like you aren't going to win, just restart the race then win it with Sebulba.

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Bantha poodoo
An especially dangerous Dug
Left… I mean, right!
Now THIS is podracing


Cheats technically do disable trophies but there is a workaround to utilize the debug menu to get through most of the trophies. It will involve the use of 2 save files. Below is a step-by-step guide on activating the cheats:

  1. On the first save file, before entering initials, hold the button and enter the cheat code RRTANGENTABACUS — you must press to enter each letter while holding (you must do the same with the "END").
    • If successful, you will see a green "OK" at the bottom left of the screen pop up.
  2. Enter initials for this save.
  3. Once on character select screen, back out to the save files.
  4. Select the second save file and enter new initials.
    • Using the first save file will lock you out of trophies but using the second will allow you to use the unlocked cheats and pop trophies.
  5. Before starting a race, change winnings to "Winner Takes All".
  6. As soon as you are in the race, pause using . Here, you will press . This will unlock the "Game Cheats" pause menu option.
  7. In this "Game Cheats" menu, change the following:
    • Debug Level to 6
    • Invincibility to ON
    • Lower AI Level to at least 6 using (I usually did it to 5 but it can go as low as 2)
      • Note:You must do this one for every race, as it always resets
  8. As soon as you start the race, press to go past the finish line (the big green laser thing in the sky), then press to go back a bit before the finish line (sometimes will require you to press it multiple times depending on the race).
  9. Rinse and repeat #8 until you finish the race in first place, which should only take around 10 seconds! If you find the opponents are going past you still, lower the AI Level further.
  10. You mustn't use this method on the final race, otherwise you will be locked out of the trophy to get first place in all races.

Here is a video by |BadDriver| that shows how to enter and use the debug mode:LINK
Note: He mentions 3 trophies that pop in the beginning but these trophies were changed to something else in a later update (you can ignore this).

Step 1: Play the Tournament (getting first place in each) EXCEPT the final race

During this step with your debug mode activated, you should play through each race in the Tournament, with the goal of getting first place. Change your winnings to "Winner Takes All" so you get enough truguts to buy parts later on. As you win first place in each race, you'll unlock characters along the way. Just make sure you do don't use the debug method to win the final race in the Tournament! Since you'll be using a lot, you'll automatically unlock a taunt-related trophy. It helps getting a boost start so try to use that but don’t worry, we'll get that in the next step. On any of the races, change the map to "Mirrored" on the Game Cheats menu so you can get that out of the way quickly. Lastly, buy all of the Pit Droids as soon as you have the truguts.

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Beedo's wild ride
Don't count on it, slimeball
Don't get cocky, kid
It's a new lap record
May the first be with you
Start your engines
Taking the high road
This is podracing
Welcome to the Dark Slide
Brake check
By far the favorite today
Cell block racer
From Oovo IV to Tatooine
Serv-O-Droid, Inc.
The devlikk is in the details
Left… I mean, right!

Step 2: Cleanup with cheats active

For this step, you will be finishing up trophies that you did not get during your Tournament. First, select podracer as Sebulba, play any race and finish it in first place. Now replay a race with Sebulba and change the Debug Level to 0 so you can use his weapon on 10 enemies. Exit and change back to Anakin, then you'll be doing some boosting — one using a taunt during a boost, and another boosting until your engines have the warning sign up; you will then repair it. If you haven't already, restart the race and attempt to get a Boost Start (keep restarting if you fail).

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Bantha poodoo
Light speed
An especially dangerous Dug
Eat my exhaust
It's working! It’s working!!
Kessel Run

Step 3: Buy upgrades and complete final race with cheats inactive

In this step, you will want to completely close out the game; this will deactivate the cheats so you can get the final trophies. Go to the final race that you have not completed (should be the last one on the Invitational Podracing Circuit) and select it. Before you start, head to the "Buy Parts" option and purchase all top upgrades for the racer of your choice. Now, start the race and then win first place.

At the end of this step, you will have these trophies:

Mind tricks don't work on me—only money
Invitation accepted
The fastest racer in the galaxy
You came, you looked around, you bought
Now THIS is podracing

[PST Would Like To Thank HaoleDave for this Roadmap]

Star Wars Episode I: Racer Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

30 trophies ( 15  )

  • Earn all trophies.

    This will pop after getting all of the other trophies.
    Congratulations! You've got your new Plat!

  • Complete Amateur Podracing Circuit.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    See The fastest racer in the galaxy for more info.

    You will need to complete the 7 races in the Amateur Podracing Circuit, which will be your first circuit. For this trophy, it isn't required to get first place in any of the Amateur Podracing Circuit races; however, you will need to get first place to unlock the Invitational Podracing Circuit. This trophy will pop after completing the seventh and final race in this Circuit.

  • Complete Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    See The fastest racer in the galaxy for more info.

    You will need to complete the 7 races in the Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit, which will be your second circuit. For this trophy, it isn't required to get first place in any of the Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit races; however, you will need to get first place to unlock the Invitational Podracing Circuit. This trophy will pop after completing the seventh and final race in this Circuit.

  • Complete Galactic Podracing Circuit.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    See The fastest racer in the galaxy for more info.

    You will need to complete the 7 races in the Galactic Podracing Circuit, which will be your third circuit. For this trophy, it isn't required to get first place in any of the Galactic Podracing Circuit races; however, you will need to get first place to unlock the Invitational Podracing Circuit. This trophy will pop after completing the seventh and final race in this Circuit. The credits will roll at the end of this Circuit; however, it isn't the last Circuit in which you can race.

  • Complete Invitational Podracing Circuit.

    See The fastest racer in the galaxy for more info.

    In order to unlock all 4 races of the Invitational Podracing Circuit, you must come in first place in every race on the other Circuits. For this trophy, it isn't required to get first place in any of the Invitational Podracing Circuit races; however, you will need to get first place for The fastest racer in the galaxy. This trophy will pop after completing the fourth and final race in this Circuit.

  • Finish your first race.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will pop immediately after finishing your first race. Doesn't matter what place you are in.

  • Reach 700 MPH.

    See Kessel Run for more info.

  • Reach 1000 MPH.

    Before you attempt this, be sure to have upgraded your Top Speed and Acceleration to the best possible upgrade (see You came, you looked around, you bought for more info).

    Once you have this, the easiest race to accomplish this on in my opinion is Vengeance on the Amateur Podracing Circuit. There are anti-gravity tunnels here where you freefall suspended in the air. This is the best spot to reach at least 1,000 MPH. The only thing to be careful for are some rocks that appear around the area you are falling in — just steer around them. If you get hit, the Acceleration upgrade will help you get back up to a higher speed. The trophy will pop as soon as you reach the 1,000 MPH goal.

  • Come in first place.

    See The fastest racer in the galaxy for more info.

  • Taunt your opponents.

    Taunting is easy. All you need to do is press then your racer will give a taunt.

  • Set a new lap record.

    A rather easy trophy that should come naturally while playing, as the lap records aren't very high. I got this on my first lap playing as Anakin on the Boonta Training Course. The trophy will pop as soon as you see the "new lap record" announcement.

  • Purchase your first upgrade.

    See You came, you looked around, you bought for more info.

  • Complete a Boost Start.

    This is only possible at the very beginning of a race. Just before the race begins (and the clock actually starts), you'll have a countdown "III", "II", & "I". You'll need to time pressing (the normal button to "gas" it) within the very short period between the countdown and the race start.

    If you are too early or late, you'll just start off like normal. If you do it just right, you'll experience a boost right at the beginning and the trophy will pop. Don't worry if you didn't get it after the first few races; just keep trying and you'll eventually get it. If not, just boot up any of the races and try again. If you fail, just pause () and hit Restart until you get it.

  • Hit 10 enemies with Sebulba's weapon.

    See An especially dangerous Dug for more info on unlocking Sebulba.

    Once you have unlocked him, start up one of the earlier races (since they are easier) and play as him. In order to use his weapon (which is a flame plume coming out the side of his pod engines), you will need to press , similarly to taunting. You must do this with an enemy nearby or passing through your flame. The easiest way to hit 10 enemies is to get in first place, then slow down and use the weapon on all of the ones passing you. This works best in tight corridors as well. Hit 10 enemies and the trophy will pop.

  • Unlock "Bullseye" Navior.

    You will unlock "Bullseye" Navior by finishing first place in Sunken City race in the Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit.

  • Unlock Wan Sandage.

    You will unlock Wan Sandage by finishing first place in Scrapper's Run race in the Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit.

  • Perform a boost.

    Performing a boost takes a bit of work. Once you are at top speed, you must press and hold to charge the boost meter on the bottom right. Once full, the dot will change to red; you can then press to activate the boost. This works best in straight paths, as turning usually negates the boost charge. After you activate the boost, the trophy is yours.

  • Finish all races in first place.

    Some races are rather easy to get first place. Luckily, you don't have to worry about permadeath unlike Racer Revenge. Instead, you will respawn back onto the race! Even on some of the hardest races, I died so many times but I still ended up winning! It's a rather forgiving game. If you are struggling with getting first place, you should upgrade your parts! I focused on Turning, Acceleration, Top Speed & Cooling.

    You can do all of the races with just Anakin, as the upgrades make him pretty good and reliable. Some podracers are better suited for certain tracks; however, it would be a waste of time to jump around as you are trying to focus on upgrading just one podracer.

    Below are some tips for each race:

    Amateur Podracing Circuit:

    • The Boonta Training Course
      • Really straightforward race that shouldn’t give you too much of a problem.
    • Mon Gazza Speedway
      • Shortest race in the Tournament; it just has a lot of turns. I highly suggest using this for any clean-up trophies.
    • Beedo's Wild Ride
      • This race has an ice part, which for some reason causes you to slide around (despite being a hovering podracer). Other than that, just be careful when you see open ledges — you can fall off that and die.
    • Aquilaris Classic
      • On this track during the third tunnel, there are parts with 2 doors that are either opened or closed. Don't go too fast so you don't ram right into the door. It won't always be the same side that is open on the other laps so don't assume it will be!
    • Malastare 100
      • There is a part during this race with a jump — you’ll notice it with a green waterfall. If you are not at a high enough speed or boosting, you will most likely fall, causing you to lose time.
    • Vengeance
      • This race includes anti-gravity tunnels with rocks that you have to avoid. There will also be a lot of dodging obstacles around and you may even need to use a Roll through some tight spaces ( or ).
    • Spice Mine Run
      • This race has a lot of straight paths that are optimal for boosting. Just be careful halfway through there is a hovercraft randomly in one of the tunnels — it is very easy to ram right into it. There is a path that splits into 3 different routes; the safest route is the one on the left as you don't have to do any sharp turns.

    Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit:

    • Sunken City
      • This track has a lot of tight turns so get used to using Drift ( or ). Since this is the same planet as Aquilaris Classic, those darn open/close doors are back again!
    • Howler Gorge
      • After the first lap, one of the tents on the left side near the start/finish line opens up a shortcut; use this to save some time! There are some winding parts around as well so you'll need to drift a bit. Lastly, beware of ice again, which causes you to skid for some reason; unfortunately, for a bit of the shortcut, you will be on ice and skid!
    • Dug Derby
      • Right after the start of the race, you'll see a fork in the path; choose the right path as that is the shortest and safest (the left path will drop a random rock pillar in the middle of the track). There is a part with a very sharp left turn so watch your map for that and slow down a bit.
    • Scrapper's Run
      • Here you'll find some tight parts of the track, as well as some parts that could see you flying off to your death. There are plenty of great straight paths to boost; however, be careful of ledges so you don't fall off.
    • Zugga Challenge
      • This race has a bunch of loops around so the map can be a bit confusing at times. There is a very dangerous part with a large crane-like vehicle that can randomly block you as you drop down, causing you to crash.
    • Baroo Coast
      • After the beach part, you will reach a jungle area where you will be highly tested on your turning abilities! In the middle of the jungle, the map will have a faintly dotted line going straight instead of more turning. Here, you’ll see some overgrowth two times where you can head straight through; do this to save you a lot of time and from running into walls.
    • Bumpy's Breakers
      • This is again on the Aquilaris, which means those moving doors are back; luckily, this is the last time you'll see those. Besides some jumps that can cause you issues if you aren't going fast enough, there are many sharp U-turns here. Your drifting skills will be tested. After a U-turn in a tunnel, you'll notice the map has two different paths. You can drop down on the one on the right, which will save you some time.

    Galactic Podracing Circuit:

    • Executioner
      • This is another race that consists of anti-gravity tunnels. This time, however, they are not entirely straight so you have to be careful not to go full speed or you will crash against the wall. Once you reach a small rectangular tunnel (not anti-gravity), you will notice the map splits up into two paths. The path on the right is accessed from staying on the path you are headed and will throw you into an anti-gravity tunnel with a bunch of rocks to dodge. The other that looks like it is going straight is accessed from a ramp on the left side (so it is going up). This path has no obstacles and allows you to boost to your hearts content!
    • Sebulba's Legacy
      • There are three different forks on this track. The first one doesn’t matter much. The second one splits between a very windy path on the left or a short cave on the right (which is a sharp turn to reach or you'd miss it); take the path on the right to save you time. The third one involves different levels: by hugging the left on the upper level, you'll reach a smooth straight shot to the finish line; by dropping down below, you'll have to endure a longer path with a bunch of tight turns… Choose to hug the left!
    • Grabvine Gateway
      • This is one of the most difficult races; it is highly suggested to race with highly upgraded parts. You must not rush this too much; slowing down and using Drift can help get you through some of these tough spots. The first tough part is the canyon; here, you'll experience super tight turns. There is a shortcut right in this canyon — right after your first U-turn, you'll have to make a very sharp U-turn again, which cuts off a nice portion of the track. The next tough part is the jungle; this has a bunch of vines that block your path making it extremely difficult to see where you are going — you must rely on your map. The last tough part is the swamp, because you'll have more tight turns with less visibility. There are some parts where you can cut off the track but be careful — you can easily run into a wall that blocks your path.
    • Andobi Mountain Run
      • This one starts similar to Howler Gorge but will look much different half-way through the race. Early on, there is a fork; I suggest taking the left path, as it is slightly shorter and doesn't involve you hitting random icicles in your path. After leaving a tunnel (which was after the frozen lake), you'll pass through the legs of some structure; be careful to pay attention to the dark path on the ground or you may end up going off track into a wall. After your first lap, you'll be able to go through that tent on the left (same shortcut as the Howler Gorge), which will save you time. Be cautious though because that shortcut is filled with ice for half of the way so you may skid a bit.
    • Dethro's Revenge
      • This is another race where it is easy to fall to your death since you are in the clouds but luckily it is a rather short race. After the first net tube, you'll see a big flat building amongst the gas canisters — immediately on the right of that building is a shortcut to cut off a big turn. Also, there are a few big jumps near the end; you will need to have a high enough speed to make it.
    • Fire Mountain Rally
      • This track can be a bit difficult to maneuver. After crossing a bridge, you'll be near a canyon wall. After taking a large turn around to the right, you must boost — there is a really large jump that can only be reached with a boost. Shortly after, there will be an area with snake-like turns so be prepared to use Drift. Once you head into what looks to be a cave (it's really the volcano), you'll see three different paths to take; taking either the left or the right path that heads upwards rewards you with no obstacles compared to the middle one. Once you exit the volcano, you must stay on the ramp or you'll fall into the lava and be trapped and/or die. You'll eventually reach the same twisty canyon we raced in Grabvine Gateway but this time it's backwards; the second time going through this will cause shaking and some falling rocks.
    • The Boonta Classic
      • Here is the race we all know and love (sort of). This can prove to be a rather difficult, complex, and long race. Shortly after the start, you'll see a few buttes ahead on the right of the path. For a shortcut that will save a bunch of time, head towards the right side of the wide butte (left of the first tall butte); there you'll see a path in the wall! Head toward this and hug the wall on the right towards another path in the wall. From here, you'll jump through a hoop and take a tight right. After you see two paths merge on the map, you'll take a right & then a left (like an S-turn); as soon as you are turning right again, hug the right wall to go up a ramp that gives you a smooth straight path to use a Boost! After the large jump, you head through another canyon that splits up three ways — head to the left path (it doesn't cause as much headaches). After you are back in the open with some tall buttes, instead of following the path, head straight along the right side and you'll see a nice hole to go through (you'll have to use Roll for this — if you aren't good at that, stay on the route). Soon you'll arrive at an area with a bunch of arches that has a couple of forks on the path — I suggest taking a left on the first fork and a right on the second fork. Eventually, you'll reach a cave. Don't panic here (by going right or left because it's blinding light), just stay straight and you’ll be on the easy path out of here. Outside of the cave, you'll be getting shot at by Tusken Raiders — avoid their blasts (that look like flames coming up from the ground), and try to hug the left side. Soon, you'll see three different paths on the map (very close together), hug the left so you can be on a ramp (this works better because of your turning). It is an easier path than the middle, which most take; you'll still need to dodge the Tusken Raider shots. As soon as you are out of that area and turning right, you'll see a large Jawa Sandcrawler — don't hit it. After a bit of a smooth ride on a wide path, you see the light at the end of the tunnel (canyon) — it's best to use Roll so you don't hit the edges but you should be fine if not. From here, it's a good time to Boost straight to the finish line! Now you just have to repeat that two more times.

    Invitational Podracing Circuit:

    • Ando Prime Centrum
      • This race is on that snow planet again but luckily no ice! Near the start, there will be a cave with two split paths; one is shorter and looks like it has a really tight turn but instead you can head straight on the path and break through some ice walls to make a cut through. Once you reach what looks like an arena, you'll have the chance to decide between three paths. I honestly don't find that much difference between the two but my preference was to just go to the left — I felt there were more chances to boost.
    • Abyss
      • This is the most hated race of all. When you are in the first caged tunnel on this track, you must be careful and not go to the edges. If you do, you'll fall down to a lower level, which will take much longer to get you back on the main course, possibly costing you the race. Immediately after the second caged tunnel (which is only one level), you need to cut to the left at what appears to be a wall. In the middle of the wall is a shortcut that will help you get ahead. The third caged tunnel also has a lower level but it isn't too bad. After this, you'll be on a very straight path that is perfect for using Boost, then a few little turns, and then another VERY straight path towards the finish line (you should use Boost here as well!).
    • The Gauntlet
      • Did you miss anti-gravity tunnels? Then you're in luck! Sometime after the start, you'll be in a caged tunnel; this is a good time to use Boost. Outside of that tunnel, you’ll be on the rocky ground. Right before what looks to be your first right turn around a bend, instead of following it, go straight up the edge and then keep going straight up the edge again! You'll bounce over that part of the track for a few seconds. After you pass a bunch of large rocks, you'll see the path heading towards this large structure — don't go to that. Instead, go off the path and hug the right side! This will lead you to a shortcut that will shave off around 15-20 seconds. Shortly after it merges back with the other paths, you’ll be in a large metal tunnel — be careful of a large rock on the left side! Eventually, you'll reach a part with a large loop. Focus on the middle of this path and don’t fall off; you'll head down a tunnel with a nice straight path for a Boost, then a U-turn, and then more straight paths. Now, you'll finally reach the anti-gravity tunnel. Avoid the rocks until you land back on solid ground and head towards the finish line.
    • Inferno
      • This race isn't actually too bad, and is rather short compared to everything else you just did. I died plenty of times and I still could win this easily (with the best upgrades); just try to stay on the path and use your Drift! At the first fork, take the right path for an easier ride. Then, at the second fork, take the left path to shave off a few seconds. In the room with twisty paths, it doesn't really matter which one you take, just be careful not to slam yourself into the wall or stay on any lava too long (which would heat up your engines). When you are outside of the volcano, turn around the bend, then boost towards the finish line.
  • Unlock Teemto Pagalies.

    You will unlock Teemto Pagalies by finishing first place in Mon Gazza Speedway race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit.

  • Unlock Fud Sang.

    You will unlock Fud Sang by finishing first place in Vengeance race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit.

  • Purchase all of the best upgrades.


    For this trophy, you will need to purchase all of the best upgrades for one of your podracers. You will need a total of 73,900 truguts to purchase all of the best upgrades new. Truguts are not plentiful in the game, so to ensure you have enough, always set races to "Winner Takes All" to get the most truguts necessary — you must finish first place.

    Here are the upgrades that you will need to buy:

    • Traction: R-600 Repulsorgrip — 6,000 truguts
    • Turning: Control Stabilizer — 7,500 truguts
    • Acceleration: Mag-6 Injector — 14,000 truguts
    • Top Speed: Block6 Thrust Coil — 20,000 truguts
    • Air Brake: Quadrijet Air Brake — 14,000 truguts
    • Cooling: Turbo Coolant Pump — 5,400 truguts
    • Repair: Cluster2 Power Plug — 7,000 truguts

    Alternatively you can use what the gamers of old used to do in the N64 days, called the "Junkyard Strategy". Since Pit Droids repair any damaged parts to "new" status at the end of a race, the value is at its peak. If you purchase a damaged part from the Junkyard, then race with it, the part will be new again and the value will be more than what you purchased it for! You can then go back to the Junkyard and trade your part in for the damaged version of that same part. Thankfully, you can trade parts at 100% of the value they would be to buy so you will never lose truguts that way. Using this method, you can farm your way to having tons of truguts and even upgrading every single podracer.

    Here are the steps to the "Junkyard Strategy":

    1. Set all races to "Winner Takes All".
    2. After earning at least 3,000 truguts, purchase the three Pit Droids (bringing you to a total of four).
    3. Complete around 5 more races to give you enough truguts to buy some items from the Junkyard.
    4. Head to the Junkyard and look for any of the best upgrades that were listed above (the prices will be cheaper than what you would get from the "Buy Parts" shop.
      • If you do not find what you are looking for, back out to the podracer selection screen, then go choose a race again, then head to the Junkyard — all of the items will be refreshed!
    5. Race with your damaged part. At the end, your Pit Droid will fix it.
      • Check "Vehicle Upgrades" to confirm the part is now in mint condition.
      • If you are in the middle of your Tournament, choose a race you haven’t completed. However, if you have already completed all of the races you need to, choose the shortest race — Mon Gazza Speedway.
    6. Repeat Steps 3-5 until you have the parts you need.
      • Make sure to only buy four upgrades. You can only repair with the amount of Pit Droids you have, which is four.
      • I suggest getting the upgrades that help you the most within a race. I personally choose Turning, Acceleration, Top Speed and Cooling.
    7. Now that you have the four best upgrades fully repaired, repeat Step 4. Trading will net you a bunch of profit!
    8. When you have successfully finished all races in first place, you can now purchase the other three upgrades that you do not yet have on your podracer.
  • Taunt during a boost.

    After using to charge and to activate the boost, anytime while the boost is active, press to taunt an opponent then the trophy will pop.

  • Repair your engines from "warning" back to stable as Anakin.

    This one should be easy enough. Make sure to select Anakin as your podracer if you haven't already been playing as him. Simply use your boost ( to charge, then ) and keep the boost active until one of your engines are on fire. Now press to repair the engines. Once it is back to stable, the trophy will pop.

  • See An especially dangerous Dug for more info.

  • Unlock Slide Paramita.

    You will unlock Slide Paramita by finishing first place in Ando Prime Centrum race in the Invitational Podracing Circuit.

  • Unlock Aldar Beedo.

    You will unlock Aldar Beedo by finishing first place in Beedo's Wild Ride race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit.

  • Unlock Bozzie Baranta.

    You will unlock Bozzie Baranta by finishing first place in Abyss race in the Invitational Podracing Circuit.

  • Max out your Pit Droid Crew.

    You start out with one Pit Droid; however, there are three additional Pit Droids to purchase from the "Buy Pit Droids" menu option after selecting a race. These cost 1,000 truguts each. I highly suggest purchasing these droids before any upgrades, as they keep up repairs to your parts that get damaged after each race. Just remember that one Droid can only work on one part so don't upgrade too much until you have the four of them. After you have purchased the final Pit Droid, the trophy will pop.

  • Win a race with Sebulba.

    You will unlock Sebulba by finishing first place in The Boonta Classic race in the Galactic Podracing Circuit. Once you do so, head to The Boonta Training Course with Sebulba as your racer. Once you reach first place on the final lap, the trophy will pop.

  • Complete a Mirrored Race.

    After you have finished all 25 races in first place, you will unlock "Mirror Mode". This will create a mirrored version of the race so turns will be the opposite of what they normally are. I suggest heading to Mon Gazza Speedway in the Amateur Podracing Circuit, as it is the shortest race of them all. When viewing the race details screen, turn "Mirror" to "ON" by pressing . Start up the race and finish it (doesn't matter if you are in first place or not).

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