Road map
-Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 43: 30 9 3 1
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 20-30 hours strongly depending on skill
-Number of missible trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: 1 (Owned all)
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?:None available that I know of.
-Required controllers for platinum?: 2

Sports Champions was one of the PS Move launch titles. It was featured with the Move bundle in the U.S. and is a common game among Move owners. It was expected too be an easy platinum, but turned out to be pretty difficult. Sports Champions consists of 6 events: Disc Golf, Gladiator Duel, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Bocce and Table Tennis. In this road map I will walk you through the 6 events and give you tips on how to beat the different events.

Completing training sessions
Before I start the road map I would advise you to complete all training sessions. Don't skip a single one.

Secret characters
I tell you in the road map to play with certain characters in certain events. This is because certain characters have certain skills. If you want to see a person's skills, press while selecting your character. Always follow my tips on which character to pick EXCEPT if you've unlocked the secret character for a certain event. The secret character is the event "boss" and you will get the chance to unlock the character after you've beaten the Gold Cup for that event. When you beat the Gold Cup a new match will become available and in this match you will play against the event boss. If you beat him/her you will earn 3 stars in the match and unlock the character. If you unlock the character, use them to earn three stars in the events that you don't have 3 stars in. Note that there is a secret character for each event and an additional secret character called "G.R.E.G.," but don't use him. He’s mostly there for fun.

Disc Golf
Possibly one of the hardest events. While playing Disc Golf, you never want to be angling your Move controller down. Before you release the button, you always want to check how you're holding your disc. If you pivot it down you will fail and will probably be unable to earn three stars. Also, remember that when you release the button plays a great role in where your disc will fly. When you should release the button depends a lot on how you are playing the game. Are you standing 8 feet or closer to the PS Eye? Is your PS Eye under or above your TV? I think that in most cases the best thing to do is to release the button when your Move controller is pointing in the direction that you want it to go. Remember to always check out the landscape and the minimap in the left bottom corner. On most holes there are shortcuts and if you don't use them it could mean you lose. To move your character around to check for shortcuts, use the button.

Remember to play as Giselle at all time in Disc Golf.

NOTE: If you screw up while playing Disc Golf you can quit the game, then enter Disc Golf again, select the same match and select "Yes" when it asks you if you want to continue the old match. Doing this will give you the stats you had when you first started the hole.

Gladiator Duel
One of my least favorite events because of one reason: the Move is not 100% accurate here. Now there isn't a lot I can tell you here, but I’ll try to give you as many tips and hints that I can. I find that the PS Move is not 100% accurate here because sometimes when you block, your opponent will swing at you, hit your shield and you will still take damage. The best advice I can give you is to never attack your opponent unless he is attacking you. When your opponent attacks, block his/her attack with your shield, which leaves them vulnerable for but a second. Now try swinging as hard as you can, preferably hitting your opponent in a vulnerable place such as the head. Remember that your "Super Strike" meter will fill up faster if you parry with your weapon.

When you get up to the 5th match in the Gold Cup, things will suddenly get a lot harder. What you want to do here is block everything and swing back when they’re vulnerable. If the opponent does the leg swipe move, you should dodge right/left depending on which side leg swipe is on. If it’s on the left side, dodge right and hit your opponent as hard as you can. After a couple hits your opponent will be knocked down to the ground. Use the jump move and remember to swing in the air to do extra damage.

You should always play as Rin in Gladiator Duel. Check out the "Super Star!" trophy for valuable tips and tricks for Gladiator Duel from LeeroV

So what can I tell you about archery? It's fun and it's accurate. Now a lot of people were having trouble with just simply aiming, so I’m going to help you with this the best way I can. Look at the case for Sports Champions. There should be a nice lady on the cover showing you exactly how to hold your Move controllers when playing archery. What bow you play with does make a difference and there’s been some discussion over which bow is the best. I found that the standard bow that you start with works all the way through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups. The only other tip I can give you is to shoot from the hip if your arm gets tired. This isn't as accurate and it doesn't really feel like playing archery in real life but you should be fine.

Remember to play as Dallas in Archery.

Beach Volleyball
The easiest event; I don't really feel like there are any tips or tricks needed here. I got 3 stars on almost every match I played without even trying that hard. The basic controls will be learned by just completing the training sessions.

The only real tip I can give you is how to fiery serve. To do a fiery serve, move your character holding . You generally want your character in the middle. Now when your character is standing in the middle, take a step back and let go of the button. Flick the ball up in the air and hit it when the circle around it turns green. Remember that you have to be very accurate while fiery serving and it might take you a few tries before you feel confident about it.

Remember to play as Tatupo in Beach Volleyball.

A pretty boring event that doesn't really become difficult until the Gold Cup. Remember that while playing Bocce, you can change your angle with the button and that you can move your character with the button. This is useful for lining yourself up with the pallino.

While going for three stars, it's important to get a sweep. This is important because it will boost your score and will give you a better chance of ending the game with a 6-0 or 7-0 score, therefore giving you a better overall score. Note that you don’t have to successfully get a sweep to earn 3 stars, but it helps.

Remember to play as Boomer in Bocce.

Table Tennis
This event is all about knowing your opponent. Some opponents like the "Event Boss" are best defeated using a defensive style, while most other opponents are best defeated using an offensive style. I recommend that you tackle every opponent using an offensive playing style the first time you play against them. If you lose a couple of times, you can try a more defensive style and wait for your opponent to screw up.

Remember to play as Kenji in Table Tennis.

Sports Champions is a great game, and a difficult but rather fast platinum. You can complete the events in any order that you want and don't need to do them in the order I have listed them.

Also, I would like to point out the importance of arm stretches. You should stretch before and after you play. For more details you can check out the trophy guide. Gladiator Duel and Table Tennis are especially hard on the arm because they involve violent swings.
[PS3T Would Like to Thank FATAL1TY_TF_141 for this Roadmap]

Sports Champions Trophy Guide

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43 trophies ( 30  1  )

  • Congratulations! You are a true CHAMPION.

  • Win a Disc Golf match in any mode.

    Enter Disc Golf from the main menu and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Ace!


    Get a hole-in-one in Disc Golf.

    Go to Disc Golf from the main screen. From here, select the Champions Cup and then the Bronze Cup. After that, select the Bronze Cup match against Jackson. The very first hole you play against him is called "Slippery Slope." I found this to be the easiest hole in the whole game to do this on. Try aiming your disc down a little, but with a little power. If you fail to score a hole-in-one, quit the match and try again.

  • Get a score of 5000 or better in Disc Golf Challenge Mode.

    Go to Disc Golf and then select Challenge Mode. Choose to play as Giselle. Now, Challenge Mode always consists of 3 stages. For the trophy you need to get a score of 5000 or better across all 3 stages. It's a lot easier than it sounds. You only have to think of a few things:

    -Don't angle your disc downwards because then it will go downwards.

    -Release the button when the Move controller is pointing at the part of the TV screen that you want the disc to go.

    -Don't throw the disc too hard!

    -Build a multiplier by not missing the rings and try to get it to at least 8x

    -Get 3000 points in stage 1 and another 1500 on stage 2 and 3.

  • Toss 20 discs close enough to an opponent in Disc Gold to make them get out of the way in Champions Cup.

    Select Champions Cup from the Disc Golf screen. You can do this in any match and I don't think it's particularly easy against any opponent. When your opponent gets close to the hole, you're going to want to throw your disc at him/her - this will cause the opponent to jump out of the way so they don't get hit. You will always be the furthest away and it will always be your turn to throw, so you can keep doing that. However, there is a limit of 10 throws per match and after 10 throws you will automatically lose. You can probably get about 5-7 "Fore!" throws per match.

    Often times your opponent won't be in your sight. In these situations you have to move your character with the button until you locate your opponent.

  • Shoot a score of -10 or better over the full 18 hole course in Disc Golf.

    This trophy is not really that difficult, but you need to be pretty good at Disc Golf to achieve it.

    1. Finish the Bronze Cup. You should do this because you will get a good feel for the courses you have to complete.

    2. Go to Disc Golf and select Free Play. After that, select Play, select Stroke Play, then go all the way to the end and select Full Course - 18 Holes.

    3. Select 1 player and select "No" when it asks you if you want to play with a CPU.

    4. Play as Giselle.

    From here you will have to complete 18 holes and get a Stroke score of -10. To get a - Stroke score, you have to complete a hole below the Par requirement. To see what the Par requirement for the hole is, you can just check the upper right corner under the hole's name. For example, if it says Par 3, to get a - score you have to get less than 3 on that hole.

    The course consists of 2 sets of 9 holes. I'd say that you need at least -5 before you start the 2nd set of holes, but if you can Ace one of the easier holes like Slippery Slope, you will have more room for error. To check your stroke score, press while the next hole is loading.

    Tip: Remember to look around for shortcuts using the button.

  • Win a Gladiator Duel match in any mode.

    Enter Gladiator Duel from the main screen and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Win 30 matches in Gladiator Duel by knocking your opponent out of the ring in Champions Cup.

    The trophy description is a bit misleading, because you don't actually need to win for the ring out to count towards the trophy. This means that if you play a 3 round match, you can get 3 ring outs that count.

    Anyways, the fastest way to do this is to just play the first match in the Bronze Cup over and over again until you have the trophy using the following method:

    Select Rin and hold up your shield with the button. This will make your opponent attack. When you see your opponent is about to swing, dodge left with the button on your left controller and swing at the same time. This will most likely send your opponent flying. Now perform a jump move while he/she is lying down. When they get up, shield bash until he/she is falling off the edge. Now perform a soft shield bash to get a ring out.

  • Get a score of 15,000 or better in Gladiator Duel Challenge Mode.

    I got this on my first try, so it's another easy one. Just follow the guidelines:

    -Hit the red areas.

    -Build your multiplier buy hitting the CPU enough times and killing him.

    -Block, or even better, parry sword attacks.

    -Be careful if you have to move your sword over his body to get to a red area.

    -Get at least 4000 on stage 1, 7000 on stage 2 and 4000 on stage 3.

  • Successfully parry (block using JUST your weapon) a 'Super Strike' attempt againt all 10 opponents in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

    This is a bit tricky if you don't know how this is easily done. Go to Gladiator Duel, select Champions Cup, Bronze Cup and play as Rin. Now select the 3rd match - the one against Belle. The reason we are jumping over the 1st and 2nd match is because it's impossible for Kenji and Giselle to use their Super Strikes in the Bronze Cup. While fighting Belle, ONLY hit her on the shield. If you hit her enough times this will give her a Super Strike. Her weapon will start flashing with a blue light. When she activates it, her sword will become completely blue. This is where you use your shield. I recommend holding your shield to the left so that the view in front of you is completely clear. Now hold your sword sideways and wait for her to try and "Super Strike" you. She will fail and you will have successfully performed a "Super Parry."

    Repeat this on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th match in the Bronze Cup. After that, switch to the Silver Cup and do it on the 1st and 2nd match and Pling! You have earned a trophy!

  • Complete 50 'Super Strikes' in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

    First off, go to Gladiator Duel and pick Champions Cup. You can do this with any opponent, but I think it works best in match 1 when you play against Giselle. Now, you can probably get about 3-4 Super Strikes per round and up to 10 Super Strikes a match if you play 3 rounds.

    The method you should use is this one: instead of blocking with your shield, you should put it completely out of business. Just like you did with the Super Parry trophy. You will be using the same method here. You will never swing and you will try to block your opponent's attacks with your sword - this will fill the Super Strike meter 2x as fast as if you block with your shield. Just keep replaying the first 1 match using this method and you will have the trophy in about 15-20 minutes.

  • Win an Archery match in any mode.

    Enter Archery from the main screen and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Score 3 bull's-eyes in a row on floating Archery targets.

    First off select Archery from the main menu. After that, select Champions Cup and Bronze Cup. Now select match 4. This match consists of only floating targets. The exception is when the target has travelled all the way to the right, left, upwards, downwards or diagonal. Your goal here will be to shoot the target while it's traveling between Left>Right, Right>Left, Upwards>Downwards, or Diagonally.

    You have to hit a Bull's eye. This means that you hit the most inner circle of the target, which is the yellow circle. You can do this any way you want, but I would advise you to shoot from the hip because your aim will be steadier as you can rest your arm against your body. Remember that they have to be consecutive hits.

  • Get a score of 15,000 or better in any Archery Challenge Mode.

    This is another really easy Challenge Mode trophy. As usual, follow the guidelines:

    -Always aim for headshots, preferably even over the helmet - getting a headshot adds to your multiplier and not getting a headshot resets it.

    -Reload fast.

    -Don't pay any attention to the time.

    -Play as Dallas.

    I got 35,100 on this challenge so it shouldn't be too hard. Try to get a lot of points on stage 1, preferably over 6,000.

  • Split three arrows in a row in any Archery mode.

    I had a lot of problems with this trophy at first. First off, you're going to want to unlock the Split Bow. This is unlocked in the Silver Cup against Tatupu. With the Split Bow this trophy gets a lot easier. Go to the Bronze Cup and play the first match against Jackson. Play as Dallas and change your equipment by pressing at the character select screen.

    The way I got this was to shoot a bunch of arrows really close together and then used my 5th arrow to split 3 arrows at once. Shooting the arrows in a triangular form will help but I had mine in a row close together and it wasn't too hard. Just keep trying and you will have this trophy within a short period of time.

  • Get 100 bull's-eyes in Archery playing in Champions Cup.

    For this trophy, go to Archery on the main menu and select Champions Cup, then Bronze cup. The best match to play is without doubt match 1 against Jackson. There are three targets here that are very close to you and there is no time limit. However, you only have 7 arrows, but it's easy to get a bull's eye with every arrow when the targets are this close. Using this method you should have the trophy within 30 minutes. Of course, this will take less time if you've completed all of the Cups.

  • Win a Beach Volleyball match in any mode.

    Enter Beach Volleyball from the main screen and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Win a match in Beach Volleyball without allowing your opponent to score a single point (any mode, any number of sets, and a minimum of 11 points per set).

    Easy as hell, go to Free Play and play as 1 player. While selecting what course you want to play, press and change the number of points per set to 11. Now play on Bronze difficulty as Tatupo. While playing, you're going to want to always use a fiery jump serve. To do this, hold and take a step back with your Move controller. Now just serve. You should be able to get only aces from here. Restart the match if the opponent scores a point.

  • Get a score of 20,000 or better in Beach Volleyball Challenge Mode.

    Stage 1
    Stage 1 consists of 2 different types of targets: high targets and low targets. For the high targets, you should use your underhand serve because it saves a lot of time. On the low targets you should use your overhand serve. The key to success is to get about 15,000 on this stage. You have to be fast. In between the waves of targets there will be 2 rings - 1 ring with extra time and 1 ring that increases your multiplier by 1x for every time you hit it. In between waves this multiplier goes up, 2x 3x 4x 5x etc. To get 15,000 points, you will need to get a multiplier of at least 8x.

    Stage 2
    Stage 2 is the hardest in my opinion, because it has a weird mix of high targets and low targets so you can't use the trick to shift between underhand and overhand serves. For this stage, use only overhand serves and hit the ball high to get the high targets. Try to get the multipliers, but don't worry if you don't hit them. Just try to get a score of approxmiately 2,000 here and you will be okay. To serve as high as possible, wait for the ball to almost touch your hand and aim for the ceiling with your Move controller.

    Stage 3
    First off, you will need about 3,000 points to get through the Challenge Mode here and get our trophy. This round is a bit tricky to explain, but it's pretty simple to understand in-game. The stage consists of one huge wave of 20+ low targets and one wave of 20+ high targets. Don't worry about the multiplier and time here. Just use your overhand serve for everything and hit as far as you can for the targets that are the furthest away.

  • Win a multiplayer cooperative game in Beach Volleyball.

    You have to have 2 Move controllers for this trophy. Preferably play with a friend or a parent or a girlfriend/boyfriend. Turn on the 2nd controller and choose Free Play, 2 players. Now choose to play on the same team or "Head by Head." I got this trophy playing on my own, so it shouldn't be too hard. If you choose to do it by your own, remember that:

    -You have to control both players. This means holding one Move controller in your right hand and one in your left.

    -Choose different characters so they are easy to tell apart, otherwise it might be hard to know when to swing with your right hand "Player 1" or your left hand "Player 2" and this will result in you losing valuable points.

  • Make 50 diving digs and 100 blocks in Beach Volleyball playing in Champions Cup.

    To make a diving dig, simply move your Move control/controllers while prompted in the right direction and you will dive and save your team from losing a point. The game will teach you this in a training session. Repeat 50 times.

    To block in beach volleyball is somewhat easier. When the opponent has the ball and one of the CPUs sets the ball for the opponent to smash it down - stand in front of the net. You will be prompted to move your Move controllers upward. This will result in you jumping up and blocking the shot. The game will teach you this during a training session. Repeat 100 times.

  • Win a Bocce match in any mode.

    Enter Bocce from the main screen and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Sweep a frame by scoring a point on every ball your threw in one round of Bocce.

    This means you have to play a game of Bocce where all of your red balls score a point for you. The opponent cannot have a single ball closer to the pallino. This gives you a full pot - aka full score - for that round. This is a Sweep. It will probably come automatically after about 3-5 matches. The first course in the first match in the Bronze Cup is probably the easiest course to get this on. Try throwing the pallino to the far end against the wooden sidebar. Now just try getting your balls as close to the pallino as possible.

  • Get a score of 15,000 or better in Bocce Challenge Mode.

    This is a pretty hard trophy, but it shouldn't take you more than an hour to get. The goal of Bocce Challenge Mode is to throw the Bocce balls into the rings with the big Bocce balls in the middle.

    You will first have to go to the Bocce main screen and then choose Bocce Challenge Mode. Now, you will have to get most of the 15,000 in the first of the 3 stages. I got about 12,000 in the first round, but you should be able to make it getting 10,000 or a little less.

    In the beginning, try to throw the Bocce balls on the ground, rolling them onto the bigger balls. When you hit the big ball this will increase your multiplier. It's important you try to get a multiplier of at least 7 before you start throwing balls blindly into the circles to score a lot of points. Now the only thing you have to do is score 2,500 in stage 2 and 3 to get the trophy. That shouldn't be a challenge if you get 10,000 on the first stage.

    Tip: Try hitting the clocks to get extra time, but only if you think it's an easy shot, because if you miss a circle your multiplier will be reset to zero.

  • Hit 30 opponent balls out of the way to claim the inside position (aka 'Super Shots') in Champions Cup.

    There doesn't seem to be any fast way to do this, so I can only give you some tips.

    -When throwing the pallino, try to throw it close to where you stand and play on an easy course.

    -Let the CPU throw his ball close to the pallino.

    Line yourself up with the opponent's ball using the and buttons, and try using your ball as a bowling ball with some power, knocking the opponent's ball out of the way and claiming the closest position to the pallino. If you are successful, text will appear at the bottom of your screen that says: "Super Shot."

    Thanks for tips and tricks Naulziator

  • Win a Table Tennis match in any mode.

    Enter Table Tennis from the main screen and win a match in Champions Cup.

  • Get a rally of at least 25 in a Table Tennis match (AND win the point) in any mode.

    In case you don't know what a rally is, it's the number of times you and your opponent have hit the table tennis ball without a miss. This will come without you even trying for it. You should get it playing through the Bronze Cup, but it might not come until you complete the Silver Cup. If you want to get this easily, just avoid smashing and spinning and counter your opponent's hits with soft movements.

  • Get a score of 15,000 or better in Table Tennis Challenge Mode.

    This took me about 3 tries and isn’t really that hard. Follow the guidelines:

    -Always hit the robot so you reduce his health and kill him + increase your multiplier.

    -Hit everything you see. (Table tennis balls.)

    -ALMOST always use your backhand.

    -Try getting about 5,000 on every stage.

  • Hit 10 blazing fast spinning shots that nick off the edge of the table playing Table Tennis in Champions Cup.

    This will come automatically after a few Cups. Slide your arm sideways to spin a table tennis ball.

  • Win 100 rallies in Table Tennis with Smash Winners in Champions Cup.

    You have to win 100 "Rallies" finishing with a smash. I got this trophy just by playing through the Bronze and Silver Cups. Just go for smashes and you will get this trophy.

  • Play at 1 match of Gladator Duel, Archery, and Beach Volleyball in Champion's Cup or Free Play using two motion controllers.

    Turn on a second Move controller in any of the above events and finish a match.

  • Play a multiplayer game in every event.

    Turn on a second Move controller and play a "Free Play" match in every event. This can easily be done by just calibrating with 2 controllers and laying one down, finishing the match quickly.

  • Replay a previously won Champions Cup match (any event) and improve your score.

    You will get this while going for three stars in every event. Just replay a previously won match in any event and improve your score. This can be done, for example, by: winning with more health (Gladiator Duel), finishing with a better score (Archery), or winning with more points (Disc Golf, Table Tennis and Bocce.)

  • Win the Bronze Cup in every event.

    Win the Bronze Cup in every event.

  • Win the Silver Cup in every event.

    Win the Silver Cup in every event.

  • Win the Gold Cup in every event.

    Win the Gold Cup in every event.

  • Win a match with all 10 characters, in every event, playing any mode.

    Glitch warning: this trophy has been reported to be glitched. Try making a checklist before you go for the trophy so that you are sure that you win a match in the Bronze Cup in every event, each with all ten characters. If you don't get the trophy you should try going through the list again.

    Win a match with all 10 characters in every event playing any mode. The 10 characters are:


  • Earn 10 stars in Champions Cup.

    If you play through the Bronze Cup in a event, you will earn 10 stars and get the trophy.

  • Earn 150 stars in Champions Cup.

    See Super Star!

  • Earn 300 stars in Champions Cup.

    See Super Star!

  • Earn 600 stars in Champions Cup.

    This is without doubt the most difficult trophy in Sports Champions. It's pretty straight on. You get stars by playing matches in the different Cups of the events. You'll want to get a 3 star rating in everything in ALL events below the Gold Cup. You'll need to win every Gold Cup, but you don't need three stars in all of them. I would advise you to have three stars in everything in 5/6 events. Remember that you'll unlock Champions Cup after winning the Gold Cup.

    This is how my stats looked when I got the trophy:

    Table Tennis: 3 stars in everything except Champions Cup.
    Bocce: 3 stars in everything except Champions Cup.
    Beach Volleyball: 3 stars in everything.
    Archery: 3 stars in everything except Champions Cup.
    Gladiator Duel: 3 stars in everything except Champions Cup.
    Disc Golf: 3 stars in everything except Gold and Champions cup (one star in every Gold Cup match).

    LeeorV posted a very helpful video and method on how to get through the Champions Cup in Gladiator Duel, earning three stars in every match. You can use the same method to go back and get 3 stars in the other Cups, too. Here is the video:


    Just select Titus, hold up your shield (I've found that this taunts the AI into attacking) once you see movement, dodge left and immediately attack with a right to left slash as quickly as you can, this will do 300-400 damage AND knock them into the air, use a jump attack, and while you are in the air (in the jump attack animation) Do a strong downward smash (you won't see an indication of this on the screen) and the the regular 110 damage will turn into 200-350 damage and it will say "smashed!" and even push the opponent further backward.

    If this didn't kill them (it rings them out most of the time) repeat until you do.

    Using this technique (and memorizing the enemies attack animations so I can see it coming) I managed to 3-star everything! even all 33 stars on champion cup, and only one controller!

  • Win a Match in every event without losing a hole (Disc Golf), round (Gladiator Duel, Archery), or point (Beach Volleyball, Bocce, Table Tennis) in Champions Cup.

    This is self-explanatory.

    Don’t lose a hole in Disc Golf - this means that you can't "throw" more times than the CPU. Don’t lose a round in Gladiator Duel or Archery, and don't lose a point in Beach Volleyball, Bocce or Table Tennis. You should do all of these on match 1 for each event.


Secret trophies

  • Earn at least 500,000 points in your total score. Nigel would be proud.

    Points are earned by playing matches in events or by playing Challenge Mode. There's no real fast way of getting this and the only method is hard work. It's by no means hard, though, and you should unlock it when you have played through about 3/4 of the game. To check your score, press at the main screen and choose "My Statistics." From there you can view your total score in the bottom left corner.

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