Master Crab Trophy in SpongeBob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge

  • Master Crab


    Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Mr. Krabs.

    How to unlock Master Crab

    Each character has the same seven gizmos and each of these gizmos must be fully upgraded. It costs 39,150 sprockets to fully upgrade one character’s gizmo and a total of 195,750 sprockets to fully upgrade all of them. You will fully upgrade one character’s gizmo sometime during the final world in the campaign. From here you can choose to finish the game with that character or switch to another character to chip away at their upgrades. But if you choose to swap to another character I suggest you return to the first world (2nd level Dutchman’s Hollow) to earn enough sprockets to fully upgrade your 'Pickle Blaster' so you will not be overwhelmed by the stronger third world enemies.

    As for fully upgrading the rest of your characters you have couple of options. One option; a less tedious but slower option is you can play though the story again with each character until you max them out sometime during the third world. Like I said this option is slower as you will need to fight boss battles and complete freefall sections that give you little sprockets for your time. Also, the further you progress through the game the enemies become stronger and are more annoying to kill, these stronger enemies do not yield any more sprockets than their weaker counterparts.

    Or you can use another method which has you replaying the first world (Dutchman's Triangle) over and over again. From my testing this method yields the most amount of sprockets per minute than playing the other two worlds. It is also faster to not play the first level of the Dutchman's Triangle (Shipwreck Reef) because that level has a boss battle and freefall section that slow down sprocket consumption. It is also optional to play the forth level 'Davey Jones' locker or at least up to that level’s boss fight.

    Playing from Dutchman's Hollow up to the boss fight in Davy Jones' Locker I was averaging around 465 sprockets per minute. This is a bit less than playing from Dutchman's Hollow up to Davy Jones' Locker which average about 525 sprockets per minute. I believe these are currently the two best options for grinding sprockets, the latter is faster but the former is more diverse thus slightly less tedious. Muting the game and playing some music of your choice will make this grind seem less monotonous. 

    The only tips for making sprocket collection go faster it to make sure you look out for ‘hidden’ alcoves that contain more barrels for you to destroy. Also, it seems that you get bonus sprockets for killing enemies while your super power is activated (activated by pressing ). Authors Note: You only get extra sprockets with Mr. Krab's super power, thanks to slyjak for the conformation.

    Sprocket allocation breaks down like this. You get five sprockets for each barrel. You get 20 sprockets for picking up the silver sprockets dropped by defeated red bots, these sprockets don’t automatically fly to you so you will need to walk over them to collect them. The charge turret bots and green bots you need to ground slam give you eight sprockets per kill. 

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