• Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 6/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 15-20 hours
  • Offline: 38 10 2 1
  • Online: 0
  • Missable Trophies: None, with Chapter Select
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 2
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: None


You lie unconscious in your own pool of blood. You never saw it coming, as the Corrupted took you down in one fatal swipe. The love of your life, your girlfriend, Jen has been taken away. You're losing consciousness by the second. A mask lies before you, promising to give you back your life and the power to get Jen back. You have no choice; you don the mask. In a mere moment, you are transformed and given an incredible amount of power, fueled from the blood of the enemies you've killed. Your only goal? To get your girl back.

Inspired by the landmark 1988 arcade hit, Splatterhouse combines visceral, adrenaline-soaked combat with horror elements to deliver an original gaming experience that defies the boundaries of the traditional action category with over-the-top gore and shocking new gameplay mechanics.

Splatterhouse is a ridiculously violent, tasteless romp full of gore and sprinklings of Jennifer with her clothes off and every single moment of it is incredibly fun. If you're looking for a quick and fun rental, give this game a try!



Unfortunately, you can’t play on Brutal (Hard) right away, as the game requires you to first finish the game for the first time to unlock it. Start your first playthrough on the difficulty of your choosing, either on Coward (Easy) or on Savage (Normal). The difficulty trophies are stacked, so if you begin on Savage, you'll earn both Bride Of The Corrupted and I Walk With Death.

Use this first playthrough to get all of the story collectibles, such as the ever sexy photos of your girlfriend Jen and the Gramophone Records Dr. West has place throughout the game. Piecing together all of the Jen’s photos in Story Mode will earn you Jen Smells Of Rot...Of The Grave and Creepy Show. Listening to all of Dr. West’s gramophone files will net you Audiophile.

In addition, you will be earning most of the combat related trophies during your progress. Some things to keep in mind when you’re playing:

  • Whenever you come across a 2x4, swing it when you’re beside a wall to slam them against it, working towards The Blackest of Sundays.
  • When you come across Cleavers, if you manage to dismember an enemies head off, pick the head up and throw/swing it at enemies for the Head On Arrival trophy.
  • As soon as you purchase the "Tear you to Pieces" upgrade, allowing you to rip off an enemy's limbs, use it whenever you’re in a battle with no pickable items present. Not only does this kill enemies faster, but you can use their severed limbs to work towards None More Dead.
  • When you unlock Splatter Smash and Splatter Slam, use it whenever enemies bunch up or you get ganged for some quick kills, as well as getting 100 kills for each move for their respective trophies.

Keeping track of your progress for the combat related trophies is made easy, as you can at any time, check the in-game Stats Menu via . In addition, the game will let you know when you've reached a certain milestone with one of the trophies, displayed on the right hand side of your screen. For example, when you've made your 10th Splatterkill, the game will let you know you're 10/75 from earning South of Hell.


When you start a game for the second time, you have the option to bring over your upgraded Rick towards a new game. Do so! With your upgrades and skills, Brutal shouldn’t prove much of a challenge, especially when you can always heal on the fly using Splatter Siphon. The tactics you used for your previous playthrough should still suffice.

Use this playthrough to get the remaining combat related trophies you still haven’t earned.


Perhaps the hardest part of Splatterhouse, this is where you’ll be picking up the rest of the photos of Jen, as well as earning an S Rank on each level. Refer to the guide for Survival Arena tips.

By this point, you should only be a few upgrades away from earning Lust For After Life, so earn your remaining Blood Points here. Also, this is where you'll be earning the remaining percentages for The House That West Built.

[PS3T Would like to Thank Breadskin for this Roadmap]

Splatterhouse Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  )

  • Unlocked all other trophies

    Earn every other trophy to add another shiny new platinum to your collection.

  • Complete Phase 2: The Doll that Bled.

    Story related. Non-missable. Unlocks upon completing Phase 2.

    Boss Tips:
    Of course, a bloodied up doll. The boss battle starts off with the boss hurling furniture at you, so simply avoid them using evasive rolls or just run around the arena. Once he's furniture-less, he will start attacking you with two different types of attacks; a stomp attack and a punch attack. Jump away from his stomp, as both his feet and the resulting shockwave can hurt you. Run away when he plunges his fist into floor. Time and learn the different types of attacks and unleash your own flurries of counter attacks whenever his fists are on the ground.

    Upon lowering his first health bar, he will crash through the floor and you'll begin the second part of the battle. Since he's basically just stuck in the ground, his only attack is a large sweeping attack, which you can easily avoid by jumping over them or staying to the side. Wait for him to jam his fist into the floor where he'll be stuck, then unleash punches onto his vulnerable hand. Lower two more health bars and he will smash through the floor again.

    The last part of this boss battles starts off like part one, in which the boss will begin by chucking some more furniture at you. The tactics against him are still the same, only now he recovers more quickly and his attacks damage you much more than before. Lower his health for the third and last time and the boss will be defeated.

  • Complete Phase 4: The Meat Factory.

    Story related. Non-missable. Unlocks upon completing Phase 4.

    Boss Tips:
    It's not Splatterhouse until you introduce the chainsaw wielding enemy! The battle begins as a side-scrolling section. The strategy, if you can call it that, is to just simply push him back with your Shotgun. Once he backs up towards the end of the walkway with his first health bar gone, he'll disappear and then saw through the floor beneath you, beginning the second part of this battle.

    Now that you're on the ground, it's all about avoiding his chainsaw attacks and rushes. The boss is very slow, so this shouldn't be difficult at all. Let him rush towards you and dodge/run away at the last minute. He'll be stunned, stopping to catch his breath and allowing you a window of opportunity to sneak in a few hits as a counter attack. Lower his second health bar and repeat the same tactic again until you lowered his health a third time.

    Initiate the QTE, ripping off his arms and chainsaw from him. Use his own weapon against him, spamming the crap out of the chainsaw so he won't ever have a chance to counter. Initiate the final QTE to finish him off.

  • Complete Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart.

    Story related. Non-missable. Unlocks upon completing Phase 6.

    Boss Tips:

    This boss is extremely easy, so there really isn't a whole lot of strategy in defeating it. The same tactic you've been using for the previous two bosses work the same for this fight. Wait for him to attack, dodge and then close in on him to launch your own counter attacks. Lower his first health bar and a interactive cutscene will follow where you will jam one of the rods from his back into his head.

    Lower his second health bar and you'll be given a chance to whack him with his own rod. Lower his third and final health bar to finish him off.

  • Complete Phase 8: Reflections in Blood.

    Story related. Non-missable. Unlocks upon completing Phase 8.

    Boss Tips:
    This boss battle is basically fighting an image of yourself. Every move set in his disposal is also in your disposal. Let him attack you; dodge and unleash your own version of short counter attacks. Evil Rick is very agile so you will have to focus on heavy attacks and healing every so often with Splatter Siphon to keep up. Keep doing this to lower his first health bar.

    The second part of this battle has you fighting 3 mirror versions of yourself at once. Use the same tactics making sure to heal yourself every now and then using Splatter Siphon. Once the 3 are defeated you'll fight Evil Rick again;only this time he'll have Splatter Slash + Smash at his arsenal.

    The last part of this boss battle pits you against mirror versions of Rick, as well as one in Berserker Mode. To make quick work of this boss battle activate Berserker Mode yourself; assuming you have the Necro Bar to do so. If not, kill the lesser Ricks until you have enough of your Necro Bar filled. Once he's glowing red, make sure you perform a Splatterkill on him netting you an abundance of Blood Points, as well as earning you the Barrels of Blood trophy.

  • Complete Phase 10: The Wicker Bride.

    Story related. Non-missable. Unlocks upon completing Phase 10.

  • Complete the game on any difficulty.

    See Dreams Of The Dead.

  • Complete the game on 'Savage' difficulty (or harder).

    See Dreams Of The Dead.

  • Complete the game on 'Brutal' Difficulty.

    Brutal Difficulty is unlocked by finishing the game for the first time. Everything you’ve done can be carried over. This means that your move set, your skills and blood points are all carried over.

    Some tips:

    • Splatter Slash/Smashare your friends. Not only does it most of time one-hit kill enemies, but it will prevent enemies from ganging up on Rick.
    • Abuse the crap out of the Grab Move. Combine this with the "Weaponized Grab" for instant kills. "Weaponzed Grab" is very useful as it replenishes 1 slot in your Necro Meter for every kill you do. Their limbs are actually very powerful, so make use of it!
    • With "Unstoppa-bull", your rolls will make you invincible. Use this to get out of any sticky situations you come across.
    • Save your weapons for the lesser enemies. Using it on the mid-bosses will only end with the weapon breaking, as well as doing very minor damage.
  • Kill an enemy with a Splatter Slash.

    See Razor of Hell.

  • Get 100 kills with Splatter Slash.

    Splatter Slash: +

    You obtain the Splatter Slash after the boss fight in Phase 4. The move requires you to have at least 1 slot filled up in your Necro Meter. Simply use this move against 100 enemies and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills with Splatter Slash ".

    To make the move more effective and so you can earn the trophy faster purchase both the "Splatter Slash Upgrades to increase the range and radius of your Splatter Slash.

  • Kill an enemy with Splatter Smash.

    See Downpour of Blood.

  • Get 100 kills with Splatter Smash.

    Splatter Smash: +

    You obtain the Splatter Smash after the boss fight in Phase 6. The move requires you to have at least 1 slot filled up in your Necro Meter. Simply use this move against 100 enemies and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills with Splatter Smash".

    To make the move more effective and so you can earn the trophy faster purchase both the "Splatter Smash Upgrades to increase the range and radius of your Splatter Smash.

  • Regenerate with Splatter Siphon.

    Splatter Siphon: +.

    This is a move you'll use almost every battle when playing the game. Splatter Siphon requires at least 1 slot filled up in the Necro Meter and will heal your limbs and health upon activation. The more enemies within your range and the more you tap , the more health you gain back.

    The trophy will pop when you use Splatter Siphon for the first time.

  • Get 300 kills in Berserker Mode.

    Berserker Mode: with at least 3 slots of the Necro Bar filled up.

    You will gain access to Berserker Mode after completing Phase 2. To activate, press when you have at least 3 slots filled in your Necro Meter. Remember you can always cancel Berserker Mode by pressing again to save up on your Necro Bar. Simply kill 300 enemies while in Berserker Mode and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills while in Berserker mode".

    If you wish to grind this out or for some reason still haven't killed 300 enemies by the end of your second playthrough, you can keep replaying Phase 1, as you basically begin in Berserker Mode. Finish the battle, let the game save, then rinse and repeat till you have the 300.

  • Get 50 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

    See Triumph of Iron.

  • Get 500 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

    Non-fleshy Weapons: 2x4's, Lead Pipes, Cleavers, Baseball Bats, and Shotguns

    You will come across many of these items throughout the game. Simply, press to pick one up and kill 500 enemies for the trophy to pop. It may seem like a grind but since weapons are so useful in one hit killing enemies, not to mention severing body parts for you to use, you'll earn this no problem just by playing through the game.

    Consider purchasing both of the "Weapon Durability" upgrades as that increases the damage a weapon can sustain, allowing you to kill more enemies before the weapon breaks.

    You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills with Weapon".

  • Kill an enemy with an enemy's arm.

    See None More Dead.

  • Get 150 kills with enemy arms.

    You can dismember enemy arms in two ways. One is by performing Splatterkills on the medium sized enemies and the other is by purchasing the "Tear you to Pieces" upgrade. The type of Splatterkill you perform is random; you'll either rip the enemy's torso in half or rip their arms off. When you do rip an enemy's arms off pick them up and swing them at enemies for your kills. The arms are actually very powerful so you'll kill most enemies (the ones without a health bar), in one or two hits.

    The much easier way is to purchase the "Tear you to Pieces" upgrade located under Grabs in the Upgrade Menu. Press and then again against medium sized enemies and you'll rip their arm off. This will not only kill him but you can use their arm on other enemies.

    Kill 150 enemies using a combination of both methods and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills with Enemy arms".

  • Kill an enemy with an enemy's head.

    See Head On Arrival.

  • Get 50 kills with enemy heads.

    There are a few ways to dismember enemy heads. Performing a Splatterkill against the Tentacle Arm Demon with Horns (yes I named it that) will earn you their head as a weapon. Another way is to use a Cleaver to cut off an enemy's head, specifically the lesser demons with spikes around their body.

    Once you've obtained an enemy head, kill them either by swinging it or throwing them at enemies; done by holding . The "Power Head Throw" upgrade, under the Weapons Tab is helpful towards this trophy as it significantly improves the damage from thrown heads.

    Kill 50 enemies using a combination of both methods and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Kills with Enemy heads".

  • Splat an enemy on a wall with a weapon.

    See The Blackest of Sundays.

  • Splat 100 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

    See The Blackest of Sundays.

  • Splat 200 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

    What constitutes as a "Splat"? To splat an enemy on the wall you will need to be wielding a Lead Pipe, 2x4 or Baseball Bat and swing at an enemy when both of you are beside a wall.

    Simply "splat" enemies on the walls whenever you come across Lead Pipes and 2x4s and you'll earn the 200 kills that are needed. This is especially easily obtained during the side scrolling sections of the game, as you're usually provided with a blunt object in the beginning for you to use on the incoming enemies. Almost every swing you do in the side scrolling sections end with the enemies going "splat".

    You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Enemies splattered on a wall".

  • Perform a Splatterkill.

    See Vigorous Vengeance.

  • Perform 75 Splatterkills.

    See Vigorous Vengeance.

  • Perform 150 Splatterkills.

    Whenever enemies are few hits away from being defeated, they will glow red. To execute a Splatterkill, run up to them and press . Follow the on screen commands for the kill. Successfully perform 150 Splatterkills and the trophy is yours.

    There is very little need to grind this considering you'll come across a lot of giant enemies (one where you literally jab your arm up a demon's anus) in which the best way to finish them off would be a Splatterkill. If you do wish to grind them out though, there are many parts of the game that have infinite respawns until a certain objective is achieved. Use that time to grind the Splatterkills if you wish to do so.

    You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stats Menu via , under "Splatterkills".

  • Kill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.

    There are enemies in the game that will slice your arm off, notably the Ghoulish Enemies that Glow Blue (another name I made up!) Once you've accidentally or purposely allowed an enemy to cut off your arm, pick it back up and use it to kill an enemy. Purchasing the "Weaponized Grab" under the Weapons menu with your arm in your hands allows you to perform a one hit kill. Kill an enemy with your dismembered arm to unlock the trophy.

  • Tackle an enemy and pummel it 20 times.

    This is best done on a higher difficulty as enemies can take more hits before being defeated. To perform this attack purchase the "Tackle Pack" upgrade under the Sprint/Roll tab and perform the move by pressing + and then tap repeatedly. Tackle an enemy, punch the poor lad 20 times and the trophy will unlock.

    An easy place to earn this is during Phase 3, right after the train wreck. Kill off all the enemies in the vicinity except for one, all the while leaving the enemy you plan to pummel unharmed. Once he's the only one left, tackle him, punch him 20 times and wait for that sweet, sweet "ding!"

  • Impale an enemy on a spike.

    Considering the game requires you to solve several puzzles by impaling enemies onto spikes, this trophy is un-missable as it's basically a requirement in progressing the game. You'll come across spiked puzzles for the first time during Phase 2. Grab an enemy with then facing a spike, press to kick or throw them into the spike.

  • Kill 6 enemies within one second.

    I personally earned this during the very first battle of the game when you're battling it out in Berserker Mode. There is also another place in the game where you can easily earn this, specifically Phase 2, in the room with the 4 Ghoul Demons on the bed eating human remains. Lure a few more Ghouls beside the bed in addition to the 4 on the bed and unleash a Splatter Siphon when there are at least 6 beside you, making sure to tap the crap out of . This will not only drain all of their health but it'll also end up killing them all.

    See Headlong Into Monsters for an additional method.

  • Kil 6 enemies in one ram attack.

    Ram: , then press or hold .

    This trophy requires you to purchase the "Ram" skill, under the Sprint/Roll tab. Holding allows you to build up more power, producing a much stronger attack. You can easily earn this whenever you have 6 of the Ghoul Demons grouped up together during the many battles throughout of the game, or you can earn this during the side scrolling sections as enemies tend to group together until you defeat them.

    I highly suggest you purchase the "Psycho Ram" upgrade as it will significantly improve the chances of you earning this trophy. It increases both the power and duration of the Ram.

    Kill 6 enemies in one Ram attack, and the trophy should unlock, also earning you Army of Dead Evil if you haven't earned it already.

  • POW!


    Launch an enemy straight up with 'No Head Room'.

    This trophy requires you to purchase the "Uppercut Overdrive" attack, under the Heavy Attacks upgrade tab. Once you have it, hit an enemy with , then hold to perform it. You will need to hold the attack all the way to build up enough strength to launch him in the air.

    You'll know you did this correctly when the enemy flies upwards in the air spinning furiously until he hits the ground. Perform the move correctly and the trophy will unlock.

  • Get 2000 or more BLOOD Points in one chain of attacks.

    The amount of Blood Points you earn every time you kill an enemy is displayed on the left hand side of your screen. The quicker and more efficient you dispose of your enemies, the higher the Blood Count. Earning 2,000 Blood Points might seem difficult to do in the game, but this is easily achievable during the parts of the game where enemies will respawn an infinite amount of times until you finish a certain objective. Simply keep killing enemies without getting hit until the your Blood Points counter reaches 2,000 and the trophy will unlock.

    A much, much easier method to earn the 2,000 Blood Points though, is at the end of the Phase 8 boss battle. Performing a Splatterkill on the boss will net you around 1,800 - 2,000 Blood Points. Combine that with the combos you've previously done on the boss and you'll earn the 2,000 easily. If you earned the trophy using this method, the trophy will pop AFTER you finish off the Phase, not during.

  • Listen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.

    Gramophones, like the photos, are scattered throughout the game. There are a total of 12 of them, specifically in Phase's 1, 2, 6 and 9.

    Please refer to Gramophone Records and Photo Locations for a video guide.

  • Stomp on 1000 Boreworms.

    Boreworms are the red worms that pop out of crates and objects when you break them. You can walk on top of them or punch/slam them to pieces to kill them. Simply break open every crate, barrel and everything else you come across that's breakable and you'll easily kill 1,000 of them before beating the game for the first time.

    The trophy will unlock upon killing your 1,000th. You can keep track of your progress at any time by accessing the in-game Stat Menu via , under "Boreworms killed".

  • Get an S-Rank in Survival Arena mode.

    See Jason Schmason.

  • Get three S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

    See Jason Schmason.

  • Get six S-Ranks in Survival Arena mode.

    Getting an S-Rank in the arenas is all about finishing the challenge in the fastest amount of time possible; the ranking is entirely time-dependent. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Spamming and will get you nowhere. Rather, weapons are your best friend.
    2. If you're using a Cleaver, make sure you cut every enemy 2-3 times so they don't dilly dally. If they're still on screen running like headless chickens, the next wave won't start, wasting a lot of time.
    3. Whenever a Chainsaw/Shotgun is present, don't use it right away! Wait till you're in the last few waves before thinking of using it, as the final waves tend to be where a lot of mid-bosses spawn. They are useful as they don't break with one use.
    4. Whenever you get your arms severed, leave those on the battlefield! They are one of the strongest weapons in the game. Not only can they dish out many hits before breaking, but they can take down mid-bosses in 2-3 swings! They are VERY useful for the Giant Baboons (ape like demons with the red butt) on Shadow of the Wickerman (Arena 5).
    5. If at any time you don't have a weapon in hand, make one! Rip one off the mid-sized enemy's limbs off so you can use them as weapons. With the "Weaponized Grab" upgrade purchased combined with the severed limb, you can one hit kill enemies. "Weaponized Grab" will also refill one full slot of your Necro Meter. Limbs themselves are very powerful weapons, so make use of them!
    6. Splatter Smash > Splatter Slash. For some reason, Splatter Slash doesn't always connect, so at times you'll end up wasting a Necro Bar only to find out you didn't do any damage to a mid-boss. Splatter Smash has a much further range and radius, not to mention does more damage.
    7. Never let your Necro Meter fill to the top, as that's just a waste. Whenever you can, put in a Splatter Smash whenever a bunch of enemies are grouped together. Not only does this save you, but it makes for some easy kills saving a lot of time.
    8. If you find yourself getting hit, immediately stun everything with Splatter Siphon or roll away. Most of the time it's almost impossible to counter back since the AI does such a good job stringing combos.
    9. When you're faced with mid-bosses (ones with health bars), don't bother beating on them. Instead, slip in a few Splatter Slashes/Smashes to end it quick. Unless you really have to, don't bother using Splatterkills, as that wastes a lot of time.
    10. When you're faced with an Aegis (the Squid like demon), spam the Ram move! This not only knocks them down, but it gives you the opportunity for a Splatter Slash, giving you an instant kill.
    11. When you're facing the Imps (ones that dodge and jump all over the place). Don't bother chasing them. Rather, grab a weapon and use + to dash towards them. This usually one hit kills them. If not, just finish them off with another swing of your weapon.
    12. Those enemies that glow red, in which I shall name them as Brutes, are immune to your punches. To make quick work of them, grab a weapon and use Slams + to kill them in one hit.
    13. If your Necro Bar is running low, two words: "Weaponized Grab". For every grab you successfully perform, you will regain one full slot of your Necro Meter.

    Different chests contain different content:

    Red Chests - Contains Items
    Brown Chests - Contains Boreworms
    Green Chests - Contains Photo Pieces, appear every 5th wave

    The times you need to beat each arena are:

    • West Mansion Lobby - 12 mins or less
    • Slaughterhouse - 16 mins or less
    • West Observation Room - 25 mins or less
    • The Death Coaster - 25 mins or less
    • Shadow of The Wicker Man - 26 mins or less
    • West Manor Chapel - 20 mins or less

    Combine all this with the tips I provided and also with a little bit of practice and you should have no problem S-Ranking each arena.

  • Accomplish 5 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

    See Too Much Horror Business.

  • Accomplish all 10 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

    There are 10 secret missions altogether and like the description says you must do them all in one attempt at Survival Arena.

    • Stomp 20 Boreworms
    • Stomp 50 Boreworms
    • Kill 10 enemies with body parts
    • Kill 25 enemies with body parts
    • Kill 25 enemies in Berserker Mode
    • Kill 50 enemies in Berserker Mode
    • Go 1 minute without taking damage
    • Go 2 minutes without taking damage
    • Get 5 Splatterkills
    • Get 20 Splatterkills

    The trophy will unlock after the 10th secret mission is completed, regardless of whether or not you finished the arena. Take your time, taking note of which secret mission you are working towards; there is no time limit. Every time you finish a secret mission, the game will let you know on the screen. Arena 1 or 3 is recommended, due to the abundant amount of enemies, not to mention the arena is overall easy.

  • Purchase a skill.

    See Lust For Afterlife.

  • Unlock 25 skills.

    See Lust For Afterlife.

  • Unlock all skills.

    Purchase every possible upgrade in the game. They are as follows:

    Fast Attacks

    • The Tenderizer - 500
    • Windmill - 1,000
    • Face Melter - 3,000
    • More Cushion for Pushin' - 8,000
    • To 11 - 10,000

    Heavy Attacks

    • Uppercut Overdrive - 500
    • Your Face, My Fist - 1,000
    • T-N-T - 3,000
    • A-Bomb - 8,000
    • Gamma Bomb - 12,000


    • Crowd Surf - 1,000
    • One for the Road - 3,000
    • Tear you to Pieces - 6,000
    • Carousel of Doom - 9,000
    • Meat shot - 12,000


    • Ram - 1,000
    • Tackle Pack - 2,000
    • The Gore Factory - 3,000
    • Unstoppa-bull - 5,000
    • Psycho Ram - 10,000


    • Splatter Slash - Unlocks automatically at the end of Phase 4
    • Splatter Jump Slash - 3,000
    • Splatter Slash Upgrade 1 - 5,000
    • Splatter Shredder - 9,000
    • Splatter Slash Upgrade 2 - 12,000


    • Splatter Smash - Unlocks automatically at the end of Phase 6
    • Splatter Jump Smash - 3,000
    • Splatter Smash Upgrade 1 - 5,000
    • Splatter Ram - 9,000
    • Splatter Smash Upgrade 2 - 12,000


    • Splatter Siphon - Unlocks automatically.
    • Health +25% - 1,000
    • Health +25% - 4,000
    • Health + 50% - 9,000
    • Splatter Siphon Upgrade - 10,000


    • Berserker! - Unlocks automatically at the end of Phase 2
    • Necro Bar +1 - 1,000
    • Berserker Radial Combo - 5,000
    • Necro Bar +2 - 8,000
    • Berserker Directional Combo - 11,000


    • Weaponized Grab - 1,000
    • Weapon Durability +25% - 3,000
    • Power Head Throw - 4,000
    • Weapon Durability +25% - 8,000
    • Rapid Fire Shotgun - 10,000


  • Unlock 5% of Dr. West's journal.

    See The House That West Built.

  • Unlock 25% of Dr. West's journal.

    See The House That West Built.

  • Unlock 50% of Dr. West's jourmal.

    See The House That West Built.

  • Unlock all pages of Dr. West's journal.

    For every 5% of the game you complete, either as part of the Story Mode, Survival Arena or the Collectibles, a page is unlocked in Dr. West's journal. This will be the last trophy you earn as you'll be working towards this as you're playing through each mode. Complete the whole game to 100%, giving you all of the journal entries and the trophy will unlock.

    The trophy is tied to your Stats screen in the Main Menu. The things you must complete are:

    • Unlocked Moves, a total of 45 skills
    • Pictures in Story Mode, a total of 11 photos
    • Pictures in Survival Mode, a total of 6 photos
    • Story Mode Progression, beating the game on each difficulty (playing the game on Savage will also earn you progress in Coward)
    • Survival Mode Progression, earning a S Rank in all 6 Arenas


  • Re-assemble one of Jen's sexy photos.

    See Happy Ending?

  • Re-assemble 8 of Jen's photos.

    See Happy Ending?

  • Re-assemble all of Jen's photos.

    Each Phase in Story Mode has a photo of your sexy girlfriend Jen, with a total of 11 possible photos in which you can obtain. Each photo is divided into 4 pieces, requiring you to re-assemble each picture by finding each piece scattered across each level.

    Please refer to Gramophone Records and Photo Locations for a video guide.

    The rest of the photos are earned in the Survival Arenas that are picked up from Green Chests that appear every 5 waves, as well as inside breakable objects. Just make sure you smash everything possible when they appear.

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