Legendary Trophy in Spelunky 2

  • Legendary


    Reach the City of Gold in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    How to unlock Legendary

    The City of Gold is a secret area that is only accessible from the Temple of Anubis. The entrance to the City of Gold is clearly visible as a gold door with a large keyhole and it only appears on 4-2. To open it, you will need some royal headwear (See the relevant section of Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png) and a sceptre. The sceptre is Anubis’ weapon and you will have to kill him to take it. You can find Anubis on 4-1 and you can kill him by throwing a multitude of sticky bombs on him or by blasting him with a shotgun or freeze ray. Do be careful, as his psychic blasts take up a lot of space and will often kill you in one hit. Take his sceptre to the golden entrance on the next floor, together with the royal headwear and you can enter the City of Gold, awarding you with this golden trophy and more gold than you can count.

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