Survivor Trophy in Spelunky 2

  • Survivor


    Complete the Sun Challenge in a non-seeded run.

    How to unlock Survivor

    The Sun Challenge is by far the most difficult of the three Challenges. It will appear on the Sunken City on either 7-1 or 7-2. If you’re unsure how to get to the Sunken City, see Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png. It should be noted that to unlock the Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy, you'll likely have to clear the Sun Challenge while having carried Hou Yi’s bow to the Sunken City. For this reason, you might consider saving this trophy for when you have the bow with you, as to not have to do it more than once.
    The Sun Challenge starts you in an arena-like subspace where a huge amount of enemies will spawn. Your only objective for this challenge is to survive for about half a minute.  Even so, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of enemies that spawn in a short time. Even having a lot of health is not a guarantee for success, since ample witch doctors will spawn which have the ability to curse you, reducing your health to 1. A possible tactic is to, as soon as possible, place bombs on the enemy spawners, preventing enemies from spawning there. Do be careful not to bomb near the entrance of the challenge (next to the forcefield that activates after entering) as this will immediately stop the challenge, since Tun will think you’re trying to escape. Another useful tactic and probably the most safe, is to go to the middle of the room, place two ropes next to each other above the Arrow of Light and jump between the ropes, trying to jump on any vampires that will fly toward you and dodging the frog traps at the very top.
    If you manage to hold out until the end of the timer, all enemies will disappear and you will earn this trophy and you will be awarded with the Arrow of Light, a very powerful weapon if used together with Hou-Yi’s bow, along with a large amount of bombs and ropes.
    It can also be advisable to store a weapon like the shotgun or Excalibur in Waddler’s store, either on 3-1 or 5-1, allowing you to use it during this the challenge. However, since you will likely also want to carry Hou-Yi’s bow to use the Arrow of Light, you won’t be able to carry your weapon to the Sun Challenge if it spawns on 7-2.

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