Pilgrim Trophy in Spelunky 2

  • Pilgrim


    Reach the Sunken City in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    How to unlock Pilgrim

    This trophy will require you to reach the Sunken City, the secret 7th area of the game. To get here, instead of fighting Tiamat, you will have to reach the area above her, which is guarded by spark traps, forcefields and low gravity. Under normal circumstances, this area is extremely difficult if not impossible to reach and requires you to bring a special flying mount, Qilin, which requires many difficult and convoluted steps to acquire. Before listing these steps, it should be noted that using a jetpack in conjunction with well places ropes also makes it possible to reach this area. This however requires very precise movement and is immensely difficult. If you are interested in this method, you can find guides on Youtube that explain it much better than I ever could. 
    Many of these steps yield trophies of their own but for simplicities sake, I will list all steps under this trophy. If you are already familiar with any of these steps, feel free to skip to the next part. Summarized, the steps look like this.
    1: Find the Udjat Eye in the Dwelling
    2: Obtain a piece of royal headwear in either The Jungle or Volcana
    3: Obtain the Ankh by defeating Olmec
    4: Draw the legendary sword Excalibur from its stone in 4-2 of the Tide Pool
    5: Clear the lava at the bottom of 4-3 by setting of the trap
    6: Revive using the Ankh and go through the secret door to Abzu
    7: Kill Kingu using Excalibur and obtain the Tablet of Destiny
    8: Pick the right Ushabti in 6-2 and take it with you
    9: Hatch Qilin in 6-3 and use it to fly to the secret area above Tiamat’s Throne
    1: In order to obtain Qilin, one must start on the Dwelling and find the golden key and bring it to the corresponding chest. Both the key and the chest always appear on the same floor, either on 1-2 or 1-3. From the chest you will get the Udjat eye, which will allow you to see gems hidden in stones and to reach special hidden areas. 
    2: Using the Udjat eye, one can either find the Black Market or Vlad's Castle in The Jungle or Volcana respectively. Your goal in either one of these areas is to find a crown, which will make you royalty. Note that, since you can't go to both areas in a single run, you only need one of these crowns to proceed. 
    The Black Market can be found by listening closely for a beeping sound when navigating The Jungle. The Udjat eye will blink faster the closer you get to the secret entrance. Keep a close eye on both the beeping sound and the eye itself on the top right of your screen, which will blink blue. When the eye starts beeping, it means that you are on the right floor. When the eye beeps rapidly, it means that you are right next to the secret entrance. Place a bomb there and you should find an entrance. For more information on finding the Black Market, see Shadow Shopper trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png. After entering, you will find a massive shop selling all sorts of items, including the Hedjet, a white-golden crown which costs a whopping $40,000 gold. In order to reach the sunken city you must buy or steal this crown, although stealing it might not be the easiest task, since the whole area is swarming with hyper-dangerous shopkeepers. 
    Vlad's castle appears on Volcana, deep underground. Somewhere at the top of one of the four levels, you will find a huge drill, which can be activated by inserting the Udjat Eye into the pedestal next to it. This will cause the drill to drill a large hole through the entire map, creating a passage all the way down, where you will find Vlad's Castle. Be very careful going down the drill however, since it is very likely a pool of lava has formed on the bottom of the hole. You might also find lava still dripping down as you descend, killing you instantly. It is therefore advisable to wait a minute until most of the lava has stopped dripping down. Inside the castle, recognizable by its blood red masonry, you can find Vlad. Killing him will yield his cape but the real treasure is the crown on top of the statue at the very top of the castle. 
    Picking up either of the two crowns will give you the Divine Right trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy and you will be considered royalty for the rest of your run, which will be required later on.
    3: Now, you will have to defeat Olmec by dropping him in the lava and obtain the Ankh. For an in depth explanation of how to do this, see A Second Chance trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png. After picking up the Ankh, you will have to find the Tablet of Destiny. This can be done by killing a specific secret boss in either the Tide Pool or the Temple of Anubis. Since the Tide Pool method is much easier, I will only cover that route in this section. If you're interested in the Temple of Anubis route, see Seen It All trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png.
    4: Now that you are wearing a piece of royal headwear, you are seen as royalty, allowing you to find and pull out the legendary sword Excalibur, which can be found at the bottom of 4-2 of the Tide Pool, which you will need later to slay the secret boss of the Tide Pool.
    5 & 6: In the next floor, 4-3, you will find that the bottom of the floor is covered by lava. There is a secret door somewhere in the lava, which will require you to set off a trap in the secret section on the bottom of the map to enter it. This section is only accessible by a cave entrance somewhere on the level. Before entering this cave however, it is crucial that you leave Excalibur outside of the cave and if you are carrying a Pack item on your back, it is also advised to leave that with Excalibur. You will be able to pick up both later. After entering this area and moving all the way down, you will find a golden idol. Picking up or moving this idol will result in the entire section being flooded with lava, killing you. There is nothing you can do to prevent this so this is where the Ankh comes in. After you are revived and brought back to the beginning of the level, take Excalibur and find the secret exit of the level, which is now no longer covered by lava. Be very careful as to not accidently exit through the normal door, which will make all the previous steps be for nothing.
    7: Entering the secret door will lead you to Abzu, a secret domain at the bottom of the Tide Pool where the deity Kingu lives. Kingu's back is covered by a hard, impenetrable shell, which can only be cracked by Excalibur. Climb on top of Kingu and keep hitting her shell until she is defeated, dropping the Tablet of Destiny, earning you the Chosen One trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy. Again, be very careful not to accidently go through the exit of the level before killing Kingu.
    8: Opening the Journal page dedicated to the Tablet of Destiny by pressing tp.png will give you valuable hints for your next step. The Journal entry for the Tablet will read: "A (personality) servant of (material) marked by the (symbol) will open the door for the Aspirant." These three attributes describe the Ushabti (small doll-like statues) you will be looking for in a secret area in 6-2. Entering the door leading to this area, you will find a huge room, filled by dozens of Ushabti. You will have to find the one that corresponds with the description given by the Journal. Note that these attributes are random and change each run. You can also always find the Tablet of Destiny page in your Journal under Items so you won’t have to remember the attributes throughout the rest of the floor.
    The personality of the Ushabti can be either smiling, designated by a huge grin, simple, designated by a blank vacant expression, cracked, designated by a frown with cracks all over the body or tall, being much taller than the rest of the Ushabti.
    The material can either be gold, jade, wood, clay or onyx. Jade is a bright green, clay is a shining white and onyx is a dark black.
    The symbol on the bottom of the Ushabti can be either a snake, an eye, a vortex, an ankh or a bat. The snake will be a squiggly diagonal line and the vortex will have the shape of a spiral. The rest of the symbols should be recognizable.
    If this is your first time picking the right Ushabti, carefully look at the other Ushabti and make sure you know which attributes you’re looking for. Be careful of the many flying elevators in the room and pick up the Ushabti you are looking for and exit the floor. The game will give you no indication that you have picked up the right one so make sure that you carefully consider each described attribute.
    9: After entering 6-3, given that you have taken the right Ushabti with you, it will start to shake and crack after some seconds. Simply put it down and the legendary mount Qilin will hatch from it. Qilin will give you the ability to fly and breath fire. Make it through the last level of Neo Babylon with Qilin and make sure it stays alive. Entering Tiamat’s Throne, you will now have the ability to enter the secret entrance to the Sunken City, above Tiamat. Simply ignore Tiamat (you do not have to fight her) and fly to the area above. Be very careful, as it is still a challenge to avoid the many forcefields and spark traps in this area. After you make it all the way to the top, be careful of the two vertical force fields covering the top area and you are good to go. You will find Tun here, complimenting you on getting this far. Hop off Qilin (you unfortunately can’t take it with you) and you will find your one-way ride to the Sunken City. Hop on, watch a short cutscene and you will finally enter the Sunken City, a mysterious place filled with strange and dangerous creatures. Don’t worry too much about them for now though, as simply entering the Sunken City earns you this trophy.
    Be aware that you will likely have to enter the Sunken City at least 3 times to earn the Platinum so you should be able to replicate these steps with some consistency.

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