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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 8.7 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (14(B), 12(S), 5(G))
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 20-100hrs depending on skill
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 9 but probably much, much more
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, there are no difficulty options
  • Do trophies stack?: Master trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png and Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png require you to beat the same boss on two different runs. Journeyman trophy_bronze.png and Ironman trophy_silver.png do stack however. 
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Most trophies cannot be unlocked in seeded runs, except for Seen It All trophy_gold.png and Mama's Big Helper trophy_silver.png.


Spelunky 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Derek Yu's Spelunky, a rogue-like platformer, notorious for being very hard and filled to the bring with complicated secrets. If you’re a veteran to the series, you might find that getting all trophies in Spelunky 2 is even more difficult than in the first game. Not only is there a lot more to do, see and get killed by, it is also in many ways much more challenging this time around. If this is your first time playing Spelunky though, don’t worry, as Spelunky 2 is an excellent entry point to start the series, requiring no prior knowledge of the gameplay or the story. You’ll quickly notice that the game is much more difficult than it seems, as you’re likely to die from a single mistake on every single step you take. The game is as fun as it is difficult and will often make you question why just wasted 30 minutes on a run, only to die to some ridiculous series of events you feel like you could have never seen coming. Completing the game is very difficult but the true difficulty comes from finding the secret areas in the game, revealing that simply defeating the final boss is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t be intimidated however, because exploring these secrets, getting better and learning from your many, many deaths is the most fun part of the game!
Obtaining the Platinum consists for the most part of beating the game, including the secret ending, completing three runs with very difficult extra conditions, finding all secrets and filling out the Journal.

About spoilers:

Due to the nature of the game, it is almost impossible to discuss it without spoiling the many surprises you might find along the way. If you’d rather find these out for yourself, play the game at your own pace first and refer to this guide when you’re ready. Under every trophy, I’ll only discuss spoilers that are relevant to the progress of earning it and the roadmap itself is completely spoiler free. Be advised that especially the Seen It All trophy_gold.png trophy contains very heavy spoilers, since it lists almost every single secret in the game.


Step 1: Complete the game without shortcuts

The first step is quite straightforward and doesn’t warrant much explanation. Simply complete the game by defeating the boss. Unlocking and using shortcuts is perfectly fine and allows you to practice later areas without having to spend 20 minutes getting to it first. Be aware though, that you will eventually have to get comfortable in completing the game without  shortcuts, as later secrets and trophies require you to beat the game from the beginning.
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies: 

You Got This trophy_bronze.png
Feels Good trophy_bronze.png
Skills Improving trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
Persistent trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
Journeyman trophy_bronze.png
Ironman trophy_silver.png

Step 2: Complete the secret ending and reach the final secret area

The secret ending requires many, many steps to complete, most of which are listed under the Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy and the Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy. Perfecting your play to be able to get here will likely take up the most of the time spent getting this Platinum so don’t worry if it feels like progress is slow: even if you’re not getting any further, you’re getting better and every dumb death is a learning opportunity.
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies: 

Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png
Master trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png
Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png
Excavator trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
Survivor trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png
Divine Right trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
A Second Chance trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png
Chosen One trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png

Step 3: Obtain Miscellaneous Trophies

I would actually recommend combining this step with Step 2. You can of course do these whenever you want but this might a good time to take the time to do some miscellaneous objectives. They break up the monotony of trying to complete the same steps over and over again so it might be a good change of pace to try something else if you find yourself getting bored or irritated. Note that some of these are simple and might take only a couple of minutes, while others can be almost as frustrating as getting the secret ending.
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies: 

Torchbearer trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png
Mama's Little Helper trophy_bronze.png
Mama's Big Helper trophy_silver.png
Track Star trophy_bronze.png
Arena Champion trophy_bronze.png
Turkey Whisperer trophy_bronze.png
Support a Local Business trophy_bronze.png
VIP trophy_silver.png
Shadow Shopper trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
Legendary trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png
Her Favorite trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png
Parenthood trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png

Step 4: Complete the Challenge Trophies

Likely the most difficult part of the Platinum, the three Challenge trophies will require you to complete the game under certain conditions. Low Scorer trophy_silver.png and Speedlunky trophy_silver.png are just incredibly difficult, requiring near-perfect play to complete. You’ll need to combine your pre-existing skills with new strategies to overcome these trophies and even then it will likely take a lot of attempts to complete them.
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies: 

Speedlunky trophy_silver.png
Low Scorer trophy_silver.png 
Millionaire trophy_silver.png

Step 5: Complete the Journal

Now that you’ve completed all challenges and likely have seen most of the game already, it is time to explore and complete all Journal Entries you’ve missed. This will mean finding many secret areas, most of which require very specific conditions to enter them. This is the only step where you are actually allowed to use seeds and multiplayer so go all out! Both of these can make these last steps much easier. 
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies: 

Seen a Lot trophy_silver.png 
Seen It All trophy_gold.png
The Full Spelunky trophy_platinum.png

Spelunky 2 Trophy Guide

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32 trophies ( 12  14  15  )

  • Obtain all other trophies.

    Earn every other trophy to earn this very difficult Platinum. Congratulations! Below are some important general tips and information to help you earn all other trophies in this game.


    Most of the trophies in the game requires you to play without using seeds or Co-op. However, in completing the Journal, you are allowed to use seeds, making your live much, much easier. Seeds are a combination of letters and symbols that correspond to a particular run someone found. Typing these in after selecting ‘seeded run’ in the main menu allows you to play that exact run. A good seed will for example have many powerful items near the start, giving you an enormous boost. They also have the added benefit of knowing in advance which Ushabti to pick in 6-2, allowing you to skip the many, many steps required to go to the secret area. You can find many great seeds at, along with which Ushabti you will have to pick and other information. You can also use the Ushabti predictor on this same guide to find which Ushabti to pick for a given seed. Note that playing a seeded run will only make that individual run ineligible for earning trophies so you won't have to worry about using them.

    Note: You will need to have unlocked at least 16 characters (including the 4 you start with) to unlock Seeded runs, after which you will have to interact with the spaceship just outside of the base.

    Warning: As of December 23th 2020 (and December 15th for PC), the way seeds are read has been changed. This means that any seed you find from before this date will return a different run than before the patch. When using or any other source for seeds, please check if it has been posted after this date. 
    Multiplayer: As with seeds, multiplayer is not allowed for earning most trophies, except for completing your Journal. Multiplayer is also not required for any trophies. Playing with like-minded friends however can greatly improve your chances, allowing many new strategies along with a fun chaotic time. Consider inviting some friends in completing the last entries of the Journal but it is not at all required. Multiplayer in Spelunky 2 can be either done via online or local Co-op.
    Keeping a cool head: Spelunky 2 can be incredibly frustrating. There is no worse feeling than losing a 40 minute run at the last second because of some ridiculous interaction. Believe me, I’ve been there. The best thing you can do is accept that these things are part of the game and can and will happen to everyone. If you feel annoyed after dying for the 10th time in a row in the Dwelling, just take a break. Go play something else, get up and grab something to eat or go watch some Spelunky death compilations to laugh at the misery of others. Spelunky is a game that heavily punishes players who are impatient so trying to brute force your way through likely won’t result in anything but more dumb deaths.

    On Shopkeepers: Shopkeepers are such an important part of the game, in particular for the Challenge runs, that they warrant their own section on how to deal with them.
    Introduction: If you’ve ever tried to take an item without paying, you’ll find that the seemingly innocent, old shopkeepers are a real force to be reckoned with if angered. They will run all over the floor at breakneck speed blasting everywhere with their shotgun, likely killing you if they touch you at all. It is therefore not recommended to mess with them if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you are experienced in facing them, it most often might be a better idea to just pay for your items instead of taking the risk of ending your run prematurely. With that said, getting many powerful items early on can be very useful, especially when trying for the Challenge trophies like Speedlunky trophy_silver.png and Low Scorer trophy_silver.png so here is an in depth guide on how shopkeepers work and how you can rob them most effectively.
    Shopkeeper forgiveness: If you anger a shopkeeper, you will not only be chased by him for the rest of the floor, you will also find another one with a shotgun waiting for you in front of every subsequent  exit. However, depending on the severity of your crime, you might find that they will eventually forgive you if you don’t mess with them after that. You will know that the shopkeepers are no longer angry with if you see “You feel forgiven” when entering a new floor. If you kill any one of them though, it’s over, as they will likely never stop chasing you until you are dead. If you only hurt or rob one however, the crime is seen as much less severe and they will stop chasing you after 2 floors. The caveat here, is that you also can’t defend yourself against the shopkeepers guarding the exits, as hurting him will reset the 2 floor timer. You should therefore try and lure him away or jump over his shot and enter the door before he can fire a second one, both of which can be hard depending on the layout of the floor and takes much practice.
    Robbing shopkeepers: Since killing them will cause them to chase you forever, you should try to take the items you want without killing him. The most easy and efficient method requires you to knock him out with a rope (pressing triangle while standing on the same place as him), quickly grab is shotgun and run away, grabbing any items in the process. Note that items you have to manually pick up, like capes jetpacks and weapons will require you to go back later and pick them up then, as you have very little time until the shopkeeper wakes up. Also note, that if there is a jail cell adjacent to the shop, the shopkeeper will drop a key along with his shotgun, which you will first have to toss away before you can grab the shotgun, making it much harder. Be wary that even without his shotgun, he can still knock you out for a couple of seconds if he touches you, likely stunlocking and killing you in the process. He will also pick up any other shotguns or freeze rays he finds on the way so be careful if he sells any of them in his shop. On a side note, hurting him after this won’t make the shopkeepers any more angry so feel free to jump on blast, freeze or knock out the poor guy, as long as you keep him alive.
    Dealing with angry shopkeepers: An angry shopkeeper, even without his shotgun, running around is a very dangerous and unpredictable enemy, especially if you’re not allowed to hurt/kill him. There are however some ways to get rid of them. First, if they get stuck in a cobweb, they will not get out (they can still shoot though) so you can try and lure him into one. Secondly, any shopkeeper death not directly caused by you won’t make them angrier so a shopkeeper falling on spikes or getting pierced by an arrow trap won’t delay your shopkeeper forgives.
  • Unlock the entrance.

    This trophy requires you to complete the tutorial. From the main menu, simply select play, followed by adventure and select the character you want to play as. You will see your dog Monty exiting through a door on the left, dropping pages of your journal. Simply run after him through the tutorial, while picking up all journal pages. After picking up the last journal page and viewing it by pressing :touchpad:, you will see a key drop out which will unlock the entrance and with it, this trophy.
  • Make it past 1-4 in a non-seeded run.

     This trophy requires you to finish the first four floors, beating the first area, the Dwelling. On the end of the fourth floor, you will see the game's first boss, Quillback, a huge caveman with a porcupine on his head. To unlock this trophy, you do not need to kill him, just get close to him until he rolls towards you, which will open a path either to the left or to the right. Use the ladders to dodge this attack, after which you can enter through the newly formed path to the end of the level. Taking the left path will take you to The Jungle, while the right path leads to Volcana. Going through either door will unlock this trophy.
  • Complete the game in a non-seeded run.

    This trophy requires you to make it to the final boss and defeat them. Below is a short guide on how to approach the bossfight.
    This trophy requires you to beat Tiamat, the first final boss of the game. She is located at the end of Neo-Babylon, the 6th area of the game. She will sit on her throne in the middle of the stage and spawn many different types of enemies, some more dangerous than others. Defeating her without the right equipment is tough so I would recommend you to try to bring at least one of the following items, if you plan on fighting her.
    Shotgun: Probably the easiest and most practical way of killing her. The only place where she can be hurt is her head so try to get a good line of sight and start blasting her. She is surrounded by a small wall of blocks on both sides so you can either bomb these blocks and shoot at her from a distance or climb on top of blocks, drop a rope towards her and shoot her from this rope. Note that if you do not have a shotgun, you can get one by killing one of Madame Tusk's bodyguards, which can be found guarding the exits to her palace on 6-3. Just be careful that the bodyguard does not shoot you in the process. 
    Freeze ray: If you manage to bring the Freeze Ray to this fight, you should be able to kill her in a matter of seconds by shooting her head, which will freeze her. Now jump on her head like you would a regular enemy. This kills her instantly.
    Bombs: If you don't have any fancy weapons, you're going to have to make do with using your bombs. Using this method is much more difficult than the previous two,but it is still doable. You need to drop a bomb on the ground and pick it up again, "cooking" it, then throw it towards her face right before it explodes. She has a lot of health so you might need to throw multiple bombs to actually kill her. You might be inclined to use paste for this fight but sticking a bomb to her head causes her to roar, which flings the bomb right back at you. This does not mean that having paste makes this strategy unviable, just make sure you cook the bombs in the same way as you would without paste. 
    Teleporter/Telepack/Axolotl: This is, in my opinion, the least practical strategy to face Tiamat but if you manage to bring either of these three items to the fight, just teleport on her face and it will kill her instantly. The axolotl requires you to do a double jump and press :cross: a third time to teleport. The hard part of this strategy is getting this far with the item itself, seeing how easy it is to kill yourself with a misplaced teleport.
  • Complete the game without using shortcuts in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    Just like the Journeyman trophy_bronze.png  trophy, this trophy requires you to beat the final boss, only this time without using shortcuts. Simply start from the first level (the Dwelling) and make your way to her and defeat her. This means that you have to survive a long time without dying so be careful, especially on the later floors.
    To progress further into the game and earn later trophies, you are required to perform certain tasks, starting from the first floor. This means that exclusively using shortcuts prevents you from beating the full game and entering secret areas. You should therefore eventually get used to completing the game without using shortcuts, if you want to be able to earn the Platinum trophy.
  • Complete the game in 10 minutes or less without shortcuts in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    This is one of the most difficult challenge trophies in the game, rivaled only by Low Scorer trophy_silver.png. It requires you to start the game from the first floor and make it to Tiamat's throne and beat her, in under 10 minutes. If you were to play normally, this would usually take upwards of 40 minutes, if not more so doing it in under 10 minutes is quite a challenge. It will require you to head straight to the exit on every single level, beat Olmec and Tiamat as quickly as possible and, for the most part, ignore the money-making opportunities and secrets scattered throughout each level. Below is a guide for each individual stage of the game, followed by some general tips to earn this very difficult trophy. 
    The Dwelling: In many ways, the first area of the game is the most important and decides your chances for the rest of your speedrun. Getting unlucky with a hard to navigate floor or taking too much damage early on means you should probably restart. The rest of the game is already hard enough and going in with a sub-optimal start, means you will likely not make it. There are however exceptions, like finding a useful item in a crate or finding a large amount of money early. Don't be afraid to go a little out of your way if you get a change to get your pet, a lot of money or most importantly, a crate. Because of the importance of shops in the early game, further below you can find a dedicated section discussing your tactics for getting the most out of them.
    Volcana/The Jungle: While both paths are viable, in my experience, the Volcana path is the most speedrun-friendly of the two: it has a lot of open sections, making it possible to run through the level without having to stop and puzzle out how to get through obstacles too much. Due to your time constraint, going to the black market won't be an option, unless you are really lucky and find it by accident. Since you probably won't pick up the Udjat Eye in the Dwelling, entering either the Black Market or Vlad's Castle won't be an option 9 out of 10 times so this won’t really be a factor. Furthermore, don't be afraid to spend some time to pick up a mount if you find one, since they allow you to progress through the game much easier with their double jumps. 
    Olmec's Lair: Since you're in a rush, just beat the first phase of Olmec as quickly as possible and run for the Tide Pool entrance. Unlike the previous area, going to the Tide Pool instead of the Temple is almost non-negoitable; not only does it take much more time to get through the second phase of the Olmec fight, the Temple is also much harder and more cramped, making it a very bad choice for a speedrun. 
    Tide Pool: Not much to say here, just rush through the tide pool as quickly as possible. Just make sure you don't take too much damage from Jiang shi's hopping around and you should be good to go. 
    Ice caves: The Ice Caves can either be the easiest area in the game or an absolute nightmare, depending solely on if you have the means to skip the Wet Fur section. Having the climbing gloves, cape, jetpack, hoverpack or a parachute allows you to simply jump down and find the exit, making having at least one of these items a must for this section.
    Neo Babylon: This will by far be the most difficult section to do quickly. It is debatably the most difficult area in the game under normal circumstances and heavily favours slow play to plan around the spark traps and elevators that can crush you if you're not careful. This is where your bombs come in. If you're even the littlest bit uncertain about a particular section of the area, just avoid it all together and bomb your way through. Just make sure you at least have some bombs left for the next section:
    Tiamat's Throne: Beating Tiamat will be your final challenge for this trophy. Depending on your equipment, this can either take a few seconds or take up to a minute or longer, possibly ruining your run. For this reason, I'd advice making sure you either carry a shotgun or freeze ray through the run or to take a shotgun from one of the bodyguards guarding Tusk's palace on 6-3. For a more in-depth analysis of the Tiamat fight, see Journeyman trophy_bronze.png.
    General tips:

    Valuables: 10 minutes is quite a short time to complete the entire game but if you keep a good pace and don't run into too much difficult floors, 10 minutes should still be enough to allow you some leeway. Given your dependency on items, don't be afraid to take a couple of seconds to grab a crate if you see one: a couple of bombs are often much more valuable to your run than the couple of seconds it would save to ignore them. The same goes for pets, although they are a slightly smaller priority, grabbing some extra hp can make your life much easier, especially in the later levels. Money is the least important of these three categories but still don't be afraid to take a second to grab some gold bars if the floor layout permits it, especially in the Dwelling, where having enough spending power can make or break a run.
    Shopkeepers: First and foremost, you're going to need items, preferably mobility items, a weapon and a lot of bombs. The problem with running through the game at a high pace, is that most of the money on the map is not reasonably obtainable without wasting time. This means that your buying power is very limited and leaves you with two options: prioritizing the most important items with the money you do have or stealing. Both options are viable and both have their pros and cons. A shop always spawns on the second floor of the first area, making this a good time to decide which strategy you're going for. Are the items decent and affordable? Buy whatever you can afford. Are the items really good but too expensive? Try to steal them, without killing the shopkeeper. Are the items trash/unusable? You might consider restarting. Unless you are a literal god at avoiding shopkeepers, it is not recommended to kill any, since they will haunt you for the rest of the run, creating a huge risk and wasting a lot of your time in trying to avoid them. In The Full Spelunky trophy_platinum.png, you can find a dedicated section on how to rob shopkeepers without killing them. Keep in mind that it is not at all required to anger any shopkeepers to earn this trophy but will probably requires you to either get lucky with a crate or earn enough money to buy what you need without wasting too much time. 
    Rushing: The time limit of 10 minutes requires you to move fast and make quick decisions. It does not however require you to rush through the game without looking. If you come across a difficult situation, don't be afraid to stop for a second to think of how to get through it, instead of trying to force your way through. Spelunky is the type of game where one moment of carelessness can and will ruin your entire run, which is of course not preferable to losing a couple of seconds to clear a threat.
    Look down!: As an extension of the previous section, be sure to look down before jumping! When rushing through a floor, it can feel very enticing to just jump down without looking at certain places, especially in the Dwelling. Do NOT do this! Taking a literal second to look down to see if it is actually safe is not likely to lose you your run. Taking fall damage and getting tossed around by a caveman or falling into spikes is.
    Useful items
    Mobility: The best item for a speedrun is without a doubt the jetpack. It allows you to move through the game quickly and avoid many obstacles. That said, any form of mobility, like some spring shoes, a cape or a hoverpack, is very much appreciated, if not mandatory.
    Compass: The compass ensures that you know exactly where the exit is, shaving off seconds of every level, which you would otherwise have spent trying to find where to go.
    Shotgun: If you decide to rob the shopkeeper, don't forget to take his shotgun, which not only allows you to quickly dispatch enemies which would otherwise cost you your precious time but is also invaluable in taking down Tiamat.

    Mattock: Just like bombs, the mattock can be used to swiftly skip sections of the floor, allowing you to reach the exit faster and avoid threats. 

    Teleporter/Telepack: Although it is very easy to accidently kill yourself by using the teleporter, it does allow you to go through each floor at lightning speed. If you find one, you might consider using it for the first part of the speedrun to get a headstart and drop it later to minimize the risk of killing yourself as you get closer to finishing the game.

    Camera: Unlike the Shotgun, the camera allows you to dispatch enemies without recoil, allowing you to go through floors much faster and safer. The main drawback of using the camera however is that it can’t be used to kill Tiamat. If you manage to make it to 6-3 with a camera, try to stun one of Madame Tusk’s bodyguards and take their shotgun before entering Tiamat’s Throne.
    Bombs: In Spelunky, bombs are debatably your most important tool, doubly so when trying to go through the game quickly. Having many bombs allow you to skip difficult or long sections and take down enemies that block your path. Making sure you have enough bombs should therefore be at the top of your priority list, especially when navigating Neo Babylon.
  • Complete the game without collecting any treasure and without using shortcuts in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    This trophy requires you to make it through the game and beat Tiamat without picking up any money. It’s not entirely confirmed whether picking up money and spending it later is allowed so it is not recommended. You will also gain $100,000 gold for completing the game but this is not counted for the trophy so don’t worry about it.
    This is very likely the most difficult trophy in the game. Making it through the game, while avoiding enemies, traps and obstacles is a feat in its own right. Doing all this while also avoiding each and every gold nugget, gold bar, gem and diamond scattered throughout the world, often barely visible, is just insanely difficult. You will quickly notice that every one of these being a literal landmine, ending your run instantly if you as much as touch one, makes the game even more difficult and especially, even more unfair. First and foremost, the game is obviously not balanced around being able to avoid picking up money. You will often find gold bars blocking a narrow path, effectively meaning there is nothing you can do but try and whip it away or to find another path. Secondly, any explosion can and will fling any gold and gems in the area through the air at high speed, making using bombs very dangerous, especially since blowing up a block with gold in it makes the surrounding area a literal minefield. For this reason, you should avoid using bombs as much as possible and if you have to use them, make sure not to hit any blocks with money in them. Grabbing the spectacles or the Udjat Eye can be very valuable for this reason, since they make it so that you can see which blocks contain gems as well as gold, allowing you to avoid blowing them up. The little gold pieces are especially dangerous, since they are very difficult, if not impossible to see. Luckily they don't spawn normally in the area and only come free from interactions with the player. These include: breaking blocks with gold ore, breaking vases or lighting torches.
    Shops: Not picking up money has the rather obvious side-effect that you cannot buy anything. This is especially tough since you’ll likely need bombs, mobility items and a weapon to make it through the game. For this reason, I highly recommend trying to steal from the shopkeeper in 1-2 (and possibly 1-3 if the items are worth it) and try to get them to forgive you as soon as possible. To find out how to do this, see the section dedicated to robbing shopkeepers in The Full Spelunky trophy_platinum.png. Being hunted by shopkeepers not only makes every floor much more dangerous, killing one also makes him drop a ton of coins, which you will have to avoid each time. I therefore highly advise against killing them and instead learning to rob them effectively.
    Useful items

    Jetpack/Hoverpack: Both the jetpack and the hoverpack are very good items under normal circumstances. When trying for this trophy however, they become invaluable, allowing you to avoid touching the ground almost entirely, drastically lowering the risk of accidently stepping on any hidden gold. This goes for the cape and mounts too, albeit to a lesser extent.
    Shotgun: The main use for the shotgun is to kill Tiamat. Killing her by tossing bombs at her is possible but not recommended due the risk of exploding a gold block. It is also valuable in dispatching enemies easily but watch out you don’t accidently shoot a vase or TNT block (or god forbid a shopkeeper or Tun) on the other side of the floor, since they can scatter gold around without you noticing.

    Shield: Either the wooden or the metal shield will allow you to push gold and gems out of your way instead of picking them up, making walking in a straight path much safer. The metal shield can also crush gold by pressing it against a wall, allowing you to clear these obstacles with much more ease. Just be careful not to accidently jump on any gold, as the shield only blocks gold that lies directly in front of you.
    Camera: This might seem like a weird choice but the camera can be an extremely powerful weapon in the right hands. It can kill Jiang shis and bats in one hit and stun most other enemies, including shopkeepers, the ghost and Quillback. It can also light up dark areas for a short time, though you should take care as snapping a lightning bug will weirdly enough count as picking it up, ruining your run. The main drawback of the camera is that you can't use it to kill Tiamat. I would therefore recommend swapping it out for a shotgun from one of Madame Tusk's guard on 6-3.
    Turkeys: Turkeys are surprisingly good for this challenge, since they allow you to double jump and to float, making it much easier to jump over gold and avoid obstacles and enemies. If you find one in Volcana, consider taming it. Just watch out you don't run into any gold lying around.
    Spectacles/Udjat eye: Both of these items allow you to see gems hidden in blocks, which makes it easier to bomb through areas while avoiding blowing up blocks containing money.
    Hp: Since avoiding enemies is often easier than avoiding gold, hp has less of a priority than it would on a normal run. This does not mean that it is worthless, since you can of course still die if you take enough damage but it should be a lower priority if you manage to keep it above 4.

    Common run killers

    Explosives: Any explosion has the risk of breaking a nearby gold block, scattering tiny gold pieces all across the floor or launching gold and gems through the air. Explosions are mainly caused by your own bombs but can also be a consequence of interacting with certain enemies like UFO's and the robots in Volcana. Avoid setting off these enemies when possible. 
    Dark levels: Dark levels are always hard, as they make it very difficult so see enemies, traps and money. For this challenge however, they have the added danger of wall-mounted torches dropping gold when lit. This makes carrying torches around slightly more risky but still recommended for the most part, as you'll need to see where you're going and avoid stepping on gold. Note that if you go quickly, you can move through the wall-mounted torches without picking up the gold, just be careful on your way back. Also take care that torches can also be lit by other means, like magmars in volcana or flaming arrow traps, dropping gold without you noticing.
    Vases: Unlike normal runs, where opening vases has a risk-reward trade-off, it is simply a double risk when going for this challenge. It can either spawn an enemy or a barely visible gold piece so try to avoid interacting with them when possible.
    Quillback: While he himself is not too much of a threat, the blocks he breaks can scatter the ground with gems and tiny gold nuggets. Consider leading him away or killing him and carefully whipping the gold out of your path or taking the other way if it is less risky. Picking up his extra bombs and hp can be helpful but since it is possible that a gold nugget is hiding behind these items, you should be very careful in picking them up.
    Olmec: Since this trophy does not requires you to get the Ankh, you can skip the second and third phase of the Olmec fight. This is highly recommended since Olmec has the tendency to crush a lot of gold blocks, scattering gold while you’re trying to dodge him. If you have enough bombs, try to lure Olmec to one side of the floor and bomb your way down to the Tide Pool, trying to avoid blowing up bombs with gold in them. If you don’t, make very sure Olmec crushes all gold pieces he creates or you’re very likely to step on them trying to avoid him.
    Tide pool: Generally speaking, the Tide Pool is not the most difficult section of the game. It does however have the tendency to obscure gold bars and gems behind difficult to see through foliage that appears in this biome. Be very careful, try to whip in front of you when in doubt and try to avoid the ground in places with a lot of plants.
    Tiamat: Making it to the last floor of the game might give you the feeling that the run is as good as won. It is not. Be extremely careful fighting her, since she can spawn UFO's, which are able to break the blocks around her, scattering the ground with gold without you even noticing. I failed to get this trophy 2 times because of this so don't underestimate her. Either break the blocks yourself and take cover for the falling gold or try to finish her as quickly as possible.
  • End a run with $1,000,000 or more in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    This trophy requires you to end your run with $1,000,000. Dying while you have this amount does count. After beating the game, you will be awarded with an extra $100,000, meaning you’ll effectively need to win the game with $900,000.
    This is still a lot of money. Luckily, there is a way to get around $600,000 relatively easily. You will want to head to Madame Tusk’s Palace on 6-3 and ‘ghost’ the many treasures she has there. The palace is guarded by one guard for each of the two entrances and many more guards inside, all carrying shotguns. After killing the one at the main entrance (the door that is not locked), enter the palace, grabbing the guard’s shotgun if you don’t have one already,and kill all other guards. Since you are invulnerable for a short time after entering a door, you can repeatedly enter and exit the door until the guards have all killed each other. Kill any remaining guards, including the one in the basement of the palace and the one guarding the second exit outside and locate the chests in the left side of the basement. Without opening them, pick up all chests and place them so that they overlap each other. Then open them with your whip, without picking up the gems that fall out. Next, either wait until the ghost appears or break open the ghost pot on the other side of the basement and make the ghost move through the gems, which will turn them into diamonds, which are worth a lot of gold. Picking them up afterwards and exiting the area should net you upwards of $600,000 gold. Be careful not to get trapped by the ghost and ensure you have a way to exit the floor quickly after collecting your money. You can find the key for the bottom exit by killing Madame Tusk on the top floor of the palace. You will be pressed for time while performing these steps so make sure you find the entrance to the palace quickly and pick up the clover that is located somewhere on the ground floor.
    Combining this $600,000 with the $100,000 you’ll get after beating Tiamat, means that you have to collect $300,000 during the rest of the run. This is still a lot so make sure to collect a lot of gold, idols and ghost pots and don’t buy too many expensive items like the Hedjet and you should be good.
  • Complete 50% of the Journal or more.

    See Seen It All trophy_gold.png , although you'll likely eventually unlock this trophy by simply playing the game. 
  • Complete the Journal.

    Apart from the Challenge trophies, this will likely be the last trophy you will earn. It basically requires you to see everything in the game and to find every single secret so it won’t come easily. Thankfully, this trophy is somewhat unique, in that does not have the “non-seeded single-player run” requirement, meaning that you can use seeds to your heart’s content. You can find more information on using seeded runs in the dedicated section in the The Full Spelunky trophy_platinum.png. Using seeds is especially recommended for the more complicated and difficult secrets, which you can find at the bottom of this section. 
    In filling out the Journal, you are also finally allowed to use multi-player so feel free to invite a buddy if you think it might make finding the last pages of the Journal easier. Also, on a side note, while the game does not specifically require you to unlock every character for the Platinum, it does require you complete the Journal entry for every unlockable character. This means that if, for whatever reason, you failed to find an unlockable character, you can use online multiplayer to find someone that does have this character unlocked and kill them or get hit by them, to still get the Journal entry, without having to go back to find and unlock the character. Do also note that unlockable characters will not appear in seeded-runs or in multiplayer runs.
    The Journal can be opened at any time by pressing the touch-pad. For every category, it shows you how many entries you have completed and how many you are still missing. The entries are sorted by biome so you can use that to find out where your missing entry can be found. An incredibly helpful source for finding which entries your missing is so be sure to check it if you want to find out where to go next. Note that for most entries, especially enemies and traps, you have to actually interact with them (that means either killing or getting hit by them), before the entry is unlocked. You might find you will still be missing the entries for some enemies you’ve seen before, like the lavamander or the humphead for this reason. Below some easily missable Journal entries are listed, followed by a guide on how get to the to some of the more secret sections of the game. If you’re wondering how to find any of the other secret areas not mentioned here, check the Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png  trophy.

    Warning: This section contains spoilers for the game's secrets! 
    Easily Missable Entries and Secrets

    Golden Monkey: Awarded to you by Kali for placing a Golden Idol on her altar.
    Perci & Poochi: In the gameplay options, you can select which pets appear in the caves for you to rescue. By default, only the dog Monty is selected. Simply select either the cat (Perci), the hamster (Poochi) or all three and you will be able to find them in place of Monty, giving you the opportunity to add them to your Journal.
    Queen Bee: Sometimes when entering a floor on either The Jungle or the Temple of Anubis, you will be notified that you “hear an incessant buzzing”. This lets you know that a beehive is somewhere on the floor. After entering, you will find the queen bee, which drops some delicious Royal Jelly when killed.
    Lavamander: These giant salamanders will spawn in the lava pools in Volcana. If you get close, you can see their head sticking out, before they splash a wave of lava at you. Getting killed by the lava may not count as an interaction with the lavamander so it is very much possible you are still missing this entry. If you find one, you can consider trying to bomb below it to get it out of the lava pool, after which it will turn a purple colour and he will be susceptible to damage, like bombs, spike boots or a shotgun. Alternatively, you can try jumping on its head while it's still in the lava, which will still net you the Journal entry because you'll get hit (and likely killed) by it. Of course, if you get lucky, one might appear below the drill, which you can use to kill it, although this is not reliable. 

    Boulder: Grabbing the idol found on the Ice Caves will cause this giant boulder to appear.
    Great Humphead: This large Napoleonfish can be found swimming in the water below 4-2 in the Tide Pool. Killing it will always drop a gift, a camera and a Hired Hand.
    Ghist: Ghist’s are small ghosts that appear in some places, which you can only see when you are cursed. You do not actually have to be cursed to gain the Journal Entry however. Using the camera kills a ghist, adding them to your Journal. The easiest way to do this is to kill the Humphead on 4-2, which will drop a camera and to use it on the caveman’s body you can find inside the small subspace on the bottom-right of the body of water on the same floor.
    Elixir: This item heals you for a lot of HP and is awarded to you for beating the Stars Challenge on the Temple of Anubis.
    Clone Gun: This item allows you to clone anything you shoot with it and is awarded to you for beating the Stars Challenge on the Tide Pool.
    Broken Sword: This broken version of Excalibur can be found by trying to clone Excalibur with the clone gun on 4-2 of the Tide pool.
    Dirk: Dirk is a playable character that is hidden inside the mouth of a Goliath Frog inside the Sunken City. To unlock him, find and kill a Goliath Frog and enter through its mouth, where you should find Dirk trapped in a coffin. As mentioned previously, you could also unlock his Journal Entry by playing with an Online player who does have him unlocked.
    Sparrow & Tusk Idol: To gain access to the Tusk Idol, you will have to find Sparrow, who will challenge you to steal it from Madame Tusk. Sparrow will (usually) appear in 2-1 (independent of which path you choose) if you impress her by successfully stealing from a shopkeeper in 1-2. The definition of stealing here is very strict and kind of vague: you have to rob the shopkeeper without hurting him (using the rope tactic counts as hurting him), which you can do by grabbing something from his shop and running out. Be careful, as he will immediately shoot his shotgun so be sure to jump over it or place a rope to dodge him all together. You will know if you did it right if you see the shopkeeper yell “Stop Thief!” instead of his other voice lines. It is unclear whether hurting or killing him afterwards will cause Sparrow to not appear so make sure you run straight to the exit. Try to get shopkeeper forgiveness by 2-1, although it is unclear whether this is actually required for Sparrow to appear. Sparrow can be found in a wooden hut-like structure. When talking to her, she gives you a rope bundle and challenges you to rob Madame Tusk. Later on in either 4-1 or 4-2 of the Tide Pool, you will have to enter the closed door above Madame Tusk's Casino. This can either be done with a Skeleton Key or you can get the key by killing Tusk. Inside you will find Tusk’s Idol. If you haven’t talked to Sparrow earlier in the run, you will only find a note saying that she was there first, making the previous steps a requirement for finding the Tusk Idol.
    Ghist shop: The Ghist Shop is a very secret shop located on 1-4, which sells incredibly rare items for a steep price. It can only be entered while you are cursed so make sure to curse yourself somewhere before 1-4. Cursing yourself in the Dwelling can be done by dropping the Ghost Pot on yourself, which can be quite tricky. Consider placing the Ghost Pot on a two tile high platform, placing a sticky bomb on the bottom of the platform and standing below it, causing the Ghost Pot to fall on you. When you are successfully cursed, you will have to find the entrance to the shop, which is directly below the two middle ladders that lead down to Quilback, at around the same height as the door where you exit the subspace, leading to 2-1. This means that you will have to dig around 10 tiles deep, requiring a lot of bombs or using a well-placed bomb in Quilback’s path causing him to fall down, rolling through a deeper layer in the ground. Whichever method you use, it is advisable to try and obtain some extra bombs before attempting this. Upon entering the shop, you will find the Ghost Shopkeeper added to your Journal entry. It should be mentioned that, while all items he sells are very rare, none are impossible to find elsewhere so you don’t have to actually buy anything in the shop to earn the Platinum Trophy.
    Beg & The True Crown: Beg is Tun’s Hundun-worshipping brother. He loves chaos and will reward you with The True Crown if he feels you do as well. To make Beg appear, one must first blow up one of Kali’s altars. On the next of Kali’s altars you find, you will find Beg, who will after talking to him give you some bombs before disappearing. Next, you will have to curse yourself, before Beg will appear again. Cursing yourself can be done with either the ghost pot, as described in the Ghist Shop section or by a witch doctor in The Jungle. Whichever way you choose, entering a floor with an altar while cursed, will have Beg standing on it again. Talk to him and he will be impressed by your love of chaos and award you with The True Crown. The True Crown has the rather fitting effect of randomly teleporting you every 22 seconds, often to your death. Note that The True Crown technically counts as royal headwear and can be used instead of the Crown or the Hedjet for obtaining Excalibur or entering the City of Gold. This is however not recommended, as the random teleporting makes any attempt at a normal run while having this item a fool’s errand.
    Secret Areas: 
    Duat: The Duat is a secret area that requires you to sacrifice yourself on the large altar in the City of Gold, while carrying the Ankh (see A Second Chance trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png and Legendary trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png). After reviving, you will find yourself in an underworld-like area, with low gravity and many dangerous enemies. The Duat is the Temple of Anubis equivalent of Abzu in that in both places you can slay a boss to obtain the Tablet of Destiny. The Duat-route however is much more dangerous and yields very little benefit to make up for it, making the Abzu-route the more desirable route if one is to obtain the Tablet of Destiny. Moving through the Duat and killing the two (yes, two) bosses at the top will yield you the Journal entries for Ammit, Apep, Osiris and Anubis II.
    Alien Mothership: The Alien Mothership is another very secret location, found at the very bottom of the Ice Caves. The entrance is only locatable by using the Alien Compass, although there is a cheeky way of finding it without the Alien Compass, which is explained in the section below. To obtain the Alien Compass, one must first free Van Horsing in 2-1 in Volcana, by bringing a key to his prison. Next, you will have to kill Vlad, in Vlad’s castle along with Van Horsing (he will wait for you at the top of the castle after freeing him). Lastly, you must find Van Horsing somewhere hidden in a subspace in either 4-1 or 4-2 of the Temple of Anubis. Talking to him, he will give you the Alien Compass. The Alien Compass works like a regular compass but it also points to the entrance of the Alien Mothership. Note the entrance to the Alien Mothership is located at the literal lowest tile of the Ice Caves so you should be careful not to accidently jump past it.
    Inside the Alien Mothership, you can find the following Journal Entries: Lamahu, Proto Shopkeeper and Plasma Cannon and an unlockable Character, The Pilot. If you are using co-op while entering the Mothership, you will not be able to unlock The Pilot however.
    If you want to find the Alien Mothership without the Alien Compass (note that you will have to find the Alien Compass at least once for its Journal Entry), you can use this method. The entrance will always appear at the very bottom of the Ice Caves in one of three locations: 5 tiles from the left, 6 tiles from the right or exactly in the middle of the stage (15 tiles from either the left or right edge of the floor). To find in which of these three locations the entrance is located, pick up a mine and hang from a ledge just above one of the locations, then drop it by pressing :square:. You can hang from the ledge with the mine in hand by jumping slightly past the edge and quickly moving back, instead of crawling towards the edge, which drops your mine in the wrong place. You might have to use some bombs to make sure there is an edge to hang from on the right place as this method won’t work if you just drop it while standing. If you hear an explosion, it means the mine fell all the way down and that the entrance is in different place. If you don’t hear an explosion, it means the mine has landed exactly on the entrance. You can then get to it by placing a rope down and jumping down from it. Be careful though, as the mine is still there. You can clear it by dropping a dead yeti on top of it. Also note that jumping down without any way to slow your descent, will make you take 1 point of fall damage but you won’t fall of the edge. This can be done without any prerequisite items so you are free to start from the shortcut to the Ice Caves, then make your way down through the Wet-Fur section. This method is quite tricky to get right so it might take multiple tries before you manage to get in this way.
    Eggplant World: The final and most mysterious secret area of the game, getting to the Eggplant World is likely the task that requires the most luck, patience and skill to complete. It requires you to find the Eggplant Child and carry it to the Sunken City and place it on the mother statue, which will open the red door next to it. This combination of steps, in theory, requires you to combine every single step from Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png and Parenthood trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png. However, since you are allowed to use seeded runs for this trophy, you can ensure that you get a good start, find the present and Kali altar on the same floor and skip having to obtain the Tablet of Destiny, making this much, much easier than it normally would be. Note that as of December 23rd, all seeds have been changed. As of now, I would recommend BEEF5EED, as it yields a Jetpack on the first shop and a chance to get the eggplant on 4-2 (possible by killing the Humphead for it to drop a present). Note that the Eggplant Child behaves largely the same way as a Hired Hand so it will still be a challenge to keep him from harm for the entirety of Neo Babylon. Your most effective method of keeping him safe is to pick him up and put him down, which will make him go to sleep for exactly 2 minutes. Entering the Eggplant World, you will find the Journal Entries for the Eggplant World, the Eggplant Minister, the Eggplup, the Eggplant King and by hitting him, the Eggplant Crown. Note that this area is mostly safe and you won’t be attacked by its inhabitants so you won’t have to worry about dying after you make it this far.
  • Unlock the first shortcut.

    After exiting 1-4, you will find Mama Tunnel, who will ask you to bring a specific item the next time you see her. Simply bring her the item and the next time she will ask for something else. After the third time, she will have finished the first shortcut and the trophy will pop.
    The items she will need on each visit are as follows:
    1 bomb
  • Unlock all three shortcuts.

    Just like with Mama's Little Helper trophy_bronze.png, Mama tunnel will ask you for a specific item after exiting 1-4, 3-1 or 4-4, depending on whether the previous shortcut is finished. Giving her what she asks for three times and finishing the shortcut will make her start to work on the next location. Finishing all three shortcuts, totalling to a minimum of 9 runs, will unlock this trophy. Below you can find the things she will ask for for each shortcut.

    1 bomb

    1 Rope
    A weapon, like a shotgun, boomerang or freeze ray
    A mount: a turkey, rock dog or axolotl 

    A Hired Hand
    The Golden Key
    The second-to-last item she will ask for in 4-4 is a Hired Hand. Since Hired Hands have the tendency to get themselves killed, you will want to find one somewhere in the Tide Pool (or the Temple of Anubis) and keep him alive until 4-4. The easiest way to do this is making them go to sleep by picking them up and putting them down. The last item Mama will need is the Golden Key you can find in the Dwelling. You will therefore have to carry the Golden Key through the entire game, before giving it to her. This can be quite a chore so make sure to be careful not to drop it in lava or getting it crushed by Olmec.
  • Finish the Tutorial Speedrun in under 30 seconds.

    The Tutorial Speedrun can be attempted at any time by entering the door near the left side of the base and taking the ladder down. Talking to the person next to the finish will allow you to attempt a speedrun of the tutorial. Finishing in 30 seconds can be quite difficult and requires good bomb and rope usage. Ignore all carboard cut-out enemies, since they can't hurt you and move as quickly as possible. Using your ropes and especially bombs well, you can go through the Speedrun much faster than you usually would. Here you can see the method I used for completing the Speedrun: LINK. In particular, notice where and when I use my ropes and bombs and you should be able to clear it in under 30 seconds as well. It might take a couple of tries but the placing and timing is not too strict so you should be able to master it after some practice.  
  • Win a First-to-Five Deathmatch against three bots using the Default ruleset.

    To find the Deathmatch mode, from the start menu, select Arena where you would otherwise select Adventure. From here, don’t change any of the settings, select your character and start fighting the bots. These matches are very hectic and the bots are surprisingly good at fighting and dodging so you might have to attempt this a few times. Don’t forget that you can toss ropes and bodies as a means of damaging enemies and you should have a fair chance. After winning 5 times before any of the other bots, you will earn this trophy.
  • Bring two turkeys to Yang in a non-seeded run.

    In either 1-2 or 1-3, you will find Yang, who will ask you if you want to help him find turkeys. He already has one in the pen below him so you need to find two others, which will always spawn somewhere on the floor and place them in the pen. After this, the trophy will pop and you will gain access to Yang's treasure. Be careful though, as bringing Yang a dead turkey will not count for this trophy and causes Yang to try to kill you with his crossbow. 
  • Buy out Yang's Pet Shop in a non-seeded run.

    After bringing Yang his two turkeys (see Turkey Whisperer trophy_bronze.png), he will open up shop in a later area. Assuming you did nothing to anger him after bringing him the turkeys, he will spawn with his shop in 2-1. Simply buy everything he's selling, after which he will exclaim how happy he is, which will earn you this trophy. 
  • VIP


    Enter Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure as a guest (in a non-seeded run).

    This trophy consists of 2 parts. First you must impress Madame Tusk with your gambling skills in her casino in the Tide Pool, after which you can enter her palace in 6-3 as a guest, earning you this trophy. 
    Madame Tusk's casino will always spawn on either 4-1 or 4-2 of the Tide Pool. To earn her favour, you will have to win her prize 5 times. This is done by throwing a 7 with the two dice combined. After you throw a 7, the laser field protecting the prize will open, allowing you to grab it, after which a new prize is added. The laser field won't reappear until you pass through it with the prize so don't be afraid that it will hit you. Gambling in Spelunky is surprisingly dangerous however, since there are many ways to mess up and anger her, which makes the bodyguard kill you with his shotgun. First, be sure that the dice does not leave her shop and does not hit her or the bodyguard. Secondly, be very careful not to throw the same dice twice, since this is counted as cheating. Before every second throw, take a second to make sure that the die you're holding has not been thrown yet, which is indicated by a small white hand pointing to it. I would advise throwing the dice into or just above the force field, instead of at the wall, since the latter often results in you hitting yourself. 
    A very useful trick to ensure that you throw a 7 is to, after throwing it, whip the die, just before it lands. It might seem like this does nothing at first but it ensures that the resulting throw is always either a 1 or a 6, giving you a 1/2 chance of throwing a 7 if you do it for both throws, much higher than your normal odds. If this method does not work for you, try aiming at the block just above the laser or throwing differently, getting this method right really helps a lot. This method is especially helpful given that you only have three minutes to find the shop, win five prizes and complete the floor, before the ghost comes. If you are able to find a clover elsewhere in the level, this will be incredibly useful as well, granting you much more time to gamble. After winning all five prizes, Madame Tusk will be impressed by your gambling skills and will invite you to her "Palace of Pleasure". You can check if this is indeed the case by looking whether a new item spawns behind the force field. 
    Since gambling with her is not cheap, it is advisable to bring a lot of money to the start of the floor. Around $30,000 should be enough but more is always better. For this reason, it is not recommended to use the shortcut to the Tide Pool, since you will enter the floor with zero money. The shortcut to The Jungle or Volcana is usable however but it might still be better to start in the Dwelling, to ensure you have enough money and the means to make it to 6-3.
    After being invited, you will have to make your way to her palace, somewhere in 6-3 and enter the door guarded by the bodyguard, netting you this trophy and an opportunity to relax and heal yourself at Madame Tusk's party. Since you are a welcome guest, the guards won't attack you, as long as you don't do anything to anger her. Also note that there are two entrances to her palace in the floor. One of which (towards the bottom of the floor) is locked so you won't be able to use that one. 

Secret trophies

  • Make it past Olmec's Lair in a non-seeded run.

    After beating either The Jungle or Volcana, you will find Olmec, a huge golden head-shaped statue. As soon as you approach him, he will try to crush you so watch out. You can either make him crush the blocks below him or bomb your way down to the second stage of the fight. For this trophy you only have to clear the first section of this fight. Afterwards, just run to the right, past the push block, to enter the Tide Pool area, after which the trophy will pop. If you go down another level, you will instead find the Temple of Anubis, a much harder alternative for the Tide Pool. For this trophy, it does not matter which you enter however. 
  • Reach the Ice Caves in a non-seeded run.

    This trophy requires you to beat either the Tide Pool or the Temple of Anubis and make it to the Ice Caves. The Tide Pool is recommended for your first try, as this is the easier of the two areas but clearing either will earn you this trophy.
  • Reach the Sunken City in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    This trophy will require you to reach the Sunken City, the secret 7th area of the game. To get here, instead of fighting Tiamat, you will have to reach the area above her, which is guarded by spark traps, forcefields and low gravity. Under normal circumstances, this area is extremely difficult if not impossible to reach and requires you to bring a special flying mount, Qilin, which requires many difficult and convoluted steps to acquire. Before listing these steps, it should be noted that using a jetpack in conjunction with well places ropes also makes it possible to reach this area. This however requires very precise movement and is immensely difficult. If you are interested in this method, you can find guides on Youtube that explain it much better than I ever could. 
    Many of these steps yield trophies of their own but for simplicities sake, I will list all steps under this trophy. If you are already familiar with any of these steps, feel free to skip to the next part. Summarized, the steps look like this.
    1: Find the Udjat Eye in the Dwelling
    2: Obtain a piece of royal headwear in either The Jungle or Volcana
    3: Obtain the Ankh by defeating Olmec
    4: Draw the legendary sword Excalibur from its stone in 4-2 of the Tide Pool
    5: Clear the lava at the bottom of 4-3 by setting of the trap
    6: Revive using the Ankh and go through the secret door to Abzu
    7: Kill Kingu using Excalibur and obtain the Tablet of Destiny
    8: Pick the right Ushabti in 6-2 and take it with you
    9: Hatch Qilin in 6-3 and use it to fly to the secret area above Tiamat’s Throne
    1: In order to obtain Qilin, one must start on the Dwelling and find the golden key and bring it to the corresponding chest. Both the key and the chest always appear on the same floor, either on 1-2 or 1-3. From the chest you will get the Udjat eye, which will allow you to see gems hidden in stones and to reach special hidden areas. 
    2: Using the Udjat eye, one can either find the Black Market or Vlad's Castle in The Jungle or Volcana respectively. Your goal in either one of these areas is to find a crown, which will make you royalty. Note that, since you can't go to both areas in a single run, you only need one of these crowns to proceed. 
    The Black Market can be found by listening closely for a beeping sound when navigating The Jungle. The Udjat eye will blink faster the closer you get to the secret entrance. Keep a close eye on both the beeping sound and the eye itself on the top right of your screen, which will blink blue. When the eye starts beeping, it means that you are on the right floor. When the eye beeps rapidly, it means that you are right next to the secret entrance. Place a bomb there and you should find an entrance. For more information on finding the Black Market, see Shadow Shopper trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png. After entering, you will find a massive shop selling all sorts of items, including the Hedjet, a white-golden crown which costs a whopping $40,000 gold. In order to reach the sunken city you must buy or steal this crown, although stealing it might not be the easiest task, since the whole area is swarming with hyper-dangerous shopkeepers. 
    Vlad's castle appears on Volcana, deep underground. Somewhere at the top of one of the four levels, you will find a huge drill, which can be activated by inserting the Udjat Eye into the pedestal next to it. This will cause the drill to drill a large hole through the entire map, creating a passage all the way down, where you will find Vlad's Castle. Be very careful going down the drill however, since it is very likely a pool of lava has formed on the bottom of the hole. You might also find lava still dripping down as you descend, killing you instantly. It is therefore advisable to wait a minute until most of the lava has stopped dripping down. Inside the castle, recognizable by its blood red masonry, you can find Vlad. Killing him will yield his cape but the real treasure is the crown on top of the statue at the very top of the castle. 
    Picking up either of the two crowns will give you the Divine Right trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy and you will be considered royalty for the rest of your run, which will be required later on.
    3: Now, you will have to defeat Olmec by dropping him in the lava and obtain the Ankh. For an in depth explanation of how to do this, see A Second Chance trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png. After picking up the Ankh, you will have to find the Tablet of Destiny. This can be done by killing a specific secret boss in either the Tide Pool or the Temple of Anubis. Since the Tide Pool method is much easier, I will only cover that route in this section. If you're interested in the Temple of Anubis route, see Seen It All trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png.
    4: Now that you are wearing a piece of royal headwear, you are seen as royalty, allowing you to find and pull out the legendary sword Excalibur, which can be found at the bottom of 4-2 of the Tide Pool, which you will need later to slay the secret boss of the Tide Pool.
    5 & 6: In the next floor, 4-3, you will find that the bottom of the floor is covered by lava. There is a secret door somewhere in the lava, which will require you to set off a trap in the secret section on the bottom of the map to enter it. This section is only accessible by a cave entrance somewhere on the level. Before entering this cave however, it is crucial that you leave Excalibur outside of the cave and if you are carrying a Pack item on your back, it is also advised to leave that with Excalibur. You will be able to pick up both later. After entering this area and moving all the way down, you will find a golden idol. Picking up or moving this idol will result in the entire section being flooded with lava, killing you. There is nothing you can do to prevent this so this is where the Ankh comes in. After you are revived and brought back to the beginning of the level, take Excalibur and find the secret exit of the level, which is now no longer covered by lava. Be very careful as to not accidently exit through the normal door, which will make all the previous steps be for nothing.
    7: Entering the secret door will lead you to Abzu, a secret domain at the bottom of the Tide Pool where the deity Kingu lives. Kingu's back is covered by a hard, impenetrable shell, which can only be cracked by Excalibur. Climb on top of Kingu and keep hitting her shell until she is defeated, dropping the Tablet of Destiny, earning you the Chosen One trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy. Again, be very careful not to accidently go through the exit of the level before killing Kingu.
    8: Opening the Journal page dedicated to the Tablet of Destiny by pressing tp.png will give you valuable hints for your next step. The Journal entry for the Tablet will read: "A (personality) servant of (material) marked by the (symbol) will open the door for the Aspirant." These three attributes describe the Ushabti (small doll-like statues) you will be looking for in a secret area in 6-2. Entering the door leading to this area, you will find a huge room, filled by dozens of Ushabti. You will have to find the one that corresponds with the description given by the Journal. Note that these attributes are random and change each run. You can also always find the Tablet of Destiny page in your Journal under Items so you won’t have to remember the attributes throughout the rest of the floor.
    The personality of the Ushabti can be either smiling, designated by a huge grin, simple, designated by a blank vacant expression, cracked, designated by a frown with cracks all over the body or tall, being much taller than the rest of the Ushabti.
    The material can either be gold, jade, wood, clay or onyx. Jade is a bright green, clay is a shining white and onyx is a dark black.
    The symbol on the bottom of the Ushabti can be either a snake, an eye, a vortex, an ankh or a bat. The snake will be a squiggly diagonal line and the vortex will have the shape of a spiral. The rest of the symbols should be recognizable.
    If this is your first time picking the right Ushabti, carefully look at the other Ushabti and make sure you know which attributes you’re looking for. Be careful of the many flying elevators in the room and pick up the Ushabti you are looking for and exit the floor. The game will give you no indication that you have picked up the right one so make sure that you carefully consider each described attribute.
    9: After entering 6-3, given that you have taken the right Ushabti with you, it will start to shake and crack after some seconds. Simply put it down and the legendary mount Qilin will hatch from it. Qilin will give you the ability to fly and breath fire. Make it through the last level of Neo Babylon with Qilin and make sure it stays alive. Entering Tiamat’s Throne, you will now have the ability to enter the secret entrance to the Sunken City, above Tiamat. Simply ignore Tiamat (you do not have to fight her) and fly to the area above. Be very careful, as it is still a challenge to avoid the many forcefields and spark traps in this area. After you make it all the way to the top, be careful of the two vertical force fields covering the top area and you are good to go. You will find Tun here, complimenting you on getting this far. Hop off Qilin (you unfortunately can’t take it with you) and you will find your one-way ride to the Sunken City. Hop on, watch a short cutscene and you will finally enter the Sunken City, a mysterious place filled with strange and dangerous creatures. Don’t worry too much about them for now though, as simply entering the Sunken City earns you this trophy.
    Be aware that you will likely have to enter the Sunken City at least 3 times to earn the Platinum so you should be able to replicate these steps with some consistency.
  • Complete the game by defeating Hundun in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    After entering the Sunken City (see Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png) you will have to defeat the final boss of the game, Hundun, which is located in 7-4 of the Sunken City. Be wary as the Sunken City is full of traps, strange enemies and many ways to kill you. If you make it to 7-4, you will find Hundun, a huge egg-like entity with two heads. For the first part of the floor, Hundun’s heads are retracted and he can’t be hurt. He will chase you upwards so move as quickly (and safely) as you can to the top of the map. After reaching the arena at the top of the map, Hundun’s heads become visible. Destroy both of the heads by tossing bombs at it or blasting them with a shotgun. Be very careful, as the heads have the ability to shoot fireballs and headbutt you, likely slamming you into the spikes below. After defeating both heads, Hundun’s eye will open and he will be defeated. Simply go to the door on the top of the map and you will have conquered the Sunken City and you will be rewarded by this trophy along with a new secret character.
    I have not tested it but it can be assumed that this trophy does not stack with Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png, since this one requires you to beat the game by defeating Hundun, instead of just defeating him. You will therefore be required to defeat Hundun at least two times to earn the Platinum Trophy.
  • Reach the Cosmic Ocean in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    This trophy requires a ridiculous amount of steps, most of which are covered in the Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png and
    Master trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png sections. The added step here is that you will have to take the bow from the Moon Challenge, all the way to the end of the Sunken City, grabbing the Arrow of Light from the Sun Challenge on your way.
    The Moon challenge can be found anywhere in the second area (see Excavator trophy_bronze.pngtrophy_secret.png for more information on the Moon Challenge). Somewhere in the challenge, a special bow is hidden inside a 1 by 1 open segment. If you are careful with your pickaxe uses, you should be able to find the bow but if you’re unlucky, you might have to spend a few bombs to get it. Note you will need the specific bow from the Moon Challenge: you can’t just buy a crossbow from a shop. Next, you will have to carry the bow to the Sunken City (you only need the bow itself, don’t worry if you lose the arrow along the way). The problem with this is that you have to also carry either Excalibur or the Sceptre for at least a floor to enter the Sunken City. Seeing as you can only exit a level with one item at a time, you will have to use a special method to transport Hou-Yi’s bow to the Sunken City. In Olmec’s Lair, you can find a secret room, containing a large, friendly, slimy creature called Waddler. Waddler provides the special service of carrying an item for you through the caves, meaning that you can drop off the bow here and pick it up later in the Sunken City. You can find Waddler’s room by bombing the right side of the 1st stage of the Olmec fight. Two well placed bombs should open the secret entrance, marked by either a grass block or a metal block. Simply drop the bow on the purple pedestals in front of Waddler and you will be good to go. If you have trouble finding Waddler, you can see him on the to the right side, near the top of the subspace where you pick up the Ankh, to get an idea of his location.
    *It should be noted that there is currently a bug, which makes Waddler angry with you if blow up the entrance with a big bomb from the Power Pack. If you’re carrying a Power Pack at this point, simply unequip it (by pressing dpad_down.png+ l1.png) before bombing into Waddler’s shop and equip it again later.
    The next time you will see Waddler will be in the Sunken City (Waddler can also be found in the Ice Caves but you don’t want to pick the bow up there, since you will later have to carry the Ushabti). Waddler‘s store will always appear on 7-1, designated by a green cave entrance.
    Next you will have to find the Arrow of Light, which will be your reward for clearing the Sun Challenge. Be aware that the Sun Challenge can be incredibly dangerous and is likely to kill you if you’re not prepared. See Survivor trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png for more information on the Sun Challenge. Since you only need the arrow, it may be easier to kill Tun and steal the arrow, although she will come back every level and try to kill you. Also note that you will have to clear the Sun Challenge eventually for the Survivor trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy. After clearing the Challenge or killing Tun, you can draw the arrow into Hou-Yi’s bow simply by walking over it, like you would a regular arrow. This will be a powerful weapon for the rest of the run, capable of killing most enemies in one hit. Be very careful not to lose either the arrow or the bow though, especially to the pink regenerating blocks found throughout the Sunken City. After making it to Hundun, beat him like you would regularly. Consider using bombs instead of the arrow, as to not lose it later, although this is optional. After he is beaten and sits down with its eye open, shoot him with the arrow, which will open up a portal. Jump in and you will find yourself in the Cosmic Ocean, the final, hardest and by far the longest area of the game, netting you this trophy.
    Note that for the Platinum, you will also need to complete the Journal Entry for the Cosmic Jelly, which requires you to collect three orbs in the first level of the Cosmic Ocean (this is required before you can exit the floor so you can’t miss it). Make sure you don’t die or exit before doing this, as you will have to repeat all steps again to get back there. Apart from this, you won’t have to do anything in the Cosmic Ocean so after grabbing this entry, you won’t have to go back there.
  • Complete the Moon Challenge in a non-seeded run.

    The Moon Challenge will always spawn on one of the four floors of the second area (either The Jungle or Volcana) You can recognize it as a large wooden structure, with a hooded figure, Tun, standing in the middle. To enter the Moon Challenge, talk to Tun and spend $10,000 gold to enter through the door. Inside the door, you will find a very large subspace with a Mattock (a kind of pickaxe) in the middle. The challenge is completed when the mattock breaks so break as much blocks as you can with it, possibly collecting some money or items in the progress. There is no time limit so the only thing you’ll have to watch out for are traps and scorpions you might find in the subspace but overall the challenge part of this trophy is greatly exaggerated.
  • Complete the Star Challenge in a non-seeded run.

    Entering the Star Challenge works largely the same as the Moon Challenge, only this time you will see a sign with stars inside the hut. The Star Challenge appears on either the Tide Pool or the Temple of Anubis and will always spawn on either 4-1 or 4-2. It will cost $25,000 gold to enter the Challenge and you will find a couple of torches lying on the ground and a large amount of unlit wall-mounted torches scattered throughout the subspace. To complete the Challenge you will have a short time limit to light all torches in the room so be quick. It is very useful to have some sort of mobility, like the jetpack or some Spring-Shoes for this challenge but it is doable without. Do be careful not to hit yourself with any torches you throw, especially when you have some sort of pack item on you, since it can explode if you’re not careful. The pitching mitt is also a useful item for this challenge, since you can use it to throw a torch perfectly horizontally, lighting all torches in a straight line.
  • Complete the Sun Challenge in a non-seeded run.

    The Sun Challenge is by far the most difficult of the three Challenges. It will appear on the Sunken City on either 7-1 or 7-2. If you’re unsure how to get to the Sunken City, see Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png. It should be noted that to unlock the Awakened trophy_gold.pngtrophy_secret.png trophy, you'll likely have to clear the Sun Challenge while having carried Hou Yi’s bow to the Sunken City. For this reason, you might consider saving this trophy for when you have the bow with you, as to not have to do it more than once.
    The Sun Challenge starts you in an arena-like subspace where a huge amount of enemies will spawn. Your only objective for this challenge is to survive for about half a minute.  Even so, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of enemies that spawn in a short time. Even having a lot of health is not a guarantee for success, since ample witch doctors will spawn which have the ability to curse you, reducing your health to 1. A possible tactic is to, as soon as possible, place bombs on the enemy spawners, preventing enemies from spawning there. Do be careful not to bomb near the entrance of the challenge (next to the forcefield that activates after entering) as this will immediately stop the challenge, since Tun will think you’re trying to escape. Another useful tactic and probably the most safe, is to go to the middle of the room, place two ropes next to each other above the Arrow of Light and jump between the ropes, trying to jump on any vampires that will fly toward you and dodging the frog traps at the very top.
    If you manage to hold out until the end of the timer, all enemies will disappear and you will earn this trophy and you will be awarded with the Arrow of Light, a very powerful weapon if used together with Hou-Yi’s bow, along with a large amount of bombs and ropes.
    It can also be advisable to store a weapon like the shotgun or Excalibur in Waddler’s store, either on 3-1 or 5-1, allowing you to use it during this the challenge. However, since you will likely also want to carry Hou-Yi’s bow to use the Arrow of Light, you won’t be able to carry your weapon to the Sun Challenge if it spawns on 7-2.
  • Reach the Black Market in a non-seeded run.

    To reach the Black Market, you will first need the Udjat eye from the Dwelling. This can be found in a golden chest, which can only be opened by a golden key found on the same floor, either on 1-2 or 1-3. Next you will want to enter The Jungle and listen for a beeping sound. The closer you are to the secret Black Market entrance, the faster the Udjat Eye on the top-right corner of your screen begins to beep and light up with a blue glow. If it beeps once, it means you are at least on the same floor as the Black Market. If it beeps very rapidly, you are right next to it. Place a bomb there and the hidden entrance to the Black Market becomes visible. Entering through the door, you will find a large shop selling all sorts of items, including the Hedjet, which is needed for solving later mysteries but simply entering the shop is enough to net you this trophy.
    It should be noted that finding the Black Market can be quite difficult, depending on the floor layout. When you notice you are on the right floor, listen closely to the beeping sound and try to find the secret entrance as quickly as possible, since time is somewhat limited and passage through The Jungle is often difficult and may require clearing a path with bombs. On that note, make sure you have enough bombs to find the entrance itself.
    The compass is also useful in finding the Black Market, as it will point towards any exit of the level. Since the Black Market leads to another exit, you will notice a second red arrow instead of one, indicating that the Black Market entrance is somewhere on this floor. Note that the arrow does not point towards the entrance, it simply tells you that you are on the right floor. The Black Market also cannot spawn on 2-1 or on the same floor as the Moon Challenge so you won’t have to look for it there.
  • Reach the City of Gold in a non-seeded, single-player run.

    The City of Gold is a secret area that is only accessible from the Temple of Anubis. The entrance to the City of Gold is clearly visible as a gold door with a large keyhole and it only appears on 4-2. To open it, you will need some royal headwear (See the relevant section of Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png) and a sceptre. The sceptre is Anubis’ weapon and you will have to kill him to take it. You can find Anubis on 4-1 and you can kill him by throwing a multitude of sticky bombs on him or by blasting him with a shotgun or freeze ray. Do be careful, as his psychic blasts take up a lot of space and will often kill you in one hit. Take his sceptre to the golden entrance on the next floor, together with the royal headwear and you can enter the City of Gold, awarding you with this golden trophy and more gold than you can count.
  • Obtain the Kapala in a non-seeded run.

    The Kapala is an item that is awarded to you by Kali for sacrificing enough creatures on her altars. It allows you to collect your enemies’ blood to heal you and is very valuable in making sure you have enough health to sustain yourself over the course of your run. To earn the Kapala, you will have to earn 16 of Kali’s favour. Every type of creature in the caves yield a different amount of favour. Your pet will yield 8, a Hired Hand 6 and most enemies 2. Sacrificing a dead creature halves the amount of favour they yield. The most efficient way to earn 16 favour is to sacrifice two pets, although any other combination of creatures can add up to earn her favour more quickly. Note that you don’t have to sacrifice all creatures on the same altar, many more altars will spawn throughout the run and her favour will not decrease over time. Do be careful not to blow up her altar, as this will anger her, making earning the Kapala much more difficult.
  • Obtain some royal headwear in a non-seeded run.

    You will get this trophy by picking up either the Hedjet, the Crown, True Crown or the Eggplant Crown of which the latter two are much more difficult to get. To find out how to get the Hedjet or the Crown, see the relevant section of Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png (step 1&2).
  • Obtain the Ankh in a non-seeded run.

    The Ankh is a secret item that allows you to revive with 4 HP after dying once. It can either prove as a helpful extra life or as a way to access some of Spelunky 2’s more complicated secrets. It is awarded to you for beating all three phases of the Olmec fight in 3-1.
    The first phase is fairly simple, although Olmec might still surprise and squish you if you’re not experienced fighting this boss. You will have to fight him many more times over the course of earning the platinum so it is recommended to practice this fight until you feel comfortable taking down his first phase without using bombs. When you get close to him, Olmec will leap at you for quite a far distance so make sure you dodge in time. If you are close enough to him though, he will hang in the air for a second, before dropping down, giving you enough time to dodge. If he drops down in this way, he will crush all blocks one layer beneath him. Going back and forth and doing this multiple times creates a deep enough hole for him to fall through, clearing the first phase of the fight.
    The second phase is more tricky, because he will start to hover and drop bombs all over the floor. Standing under him is somewhat safe but the safest places are above him, either on the ladder to the far right or on top of him. He will only drop bombs when you are below him though so you will have to bait him to make him drop his bombs and quickly get to safety. He will always drop 3 bombs in each direction per salvo and he will shoot 3 salvos before he is out of bombs. After he is out of bombs, you are save to traverse the arena and try to hit the purple buttons on his bottom side. This is most safely done by throwing a bomb with paste at him but a precise hit with a rock, shotgun or even your whip will be just as effective. After breaking both buttons, he will drop down and clear all blocks below him up to three layers deep. If he falls all the way down, the second phase is finished. If he can still find some blocks to land on, he will lift off again, in the same way as in the beginning of the phase and start shooting bombs again. Repeat these steps until he falls all the way down, starting the third phase.
    The third and last phase is very similar to the first phase, only now he will also spawn UFO’s, which makes the fight much harder and more dangerous. Even for an experienced player, these UFO’s add an extra layer of unpredictability to this section so consider bombing the left side of the floor until there is a hole large enough for him to fall through. Now climb on top of his head, standing on the left side and he will keep jumping to the left, eventually in the hole into the lava. Jump after him and you will see some doors leading to a secret cave entrance, which you can only enter by standing on top of his head. You might have to wait a few seconds until his head is low enough to enter the door but don’t wait too long, as he will eventually drop too low. It might seem like you can’t enter any doors if he falls down on the wrong place but you can always at least enter one of the doors by standing on the far end of his head so don’t worry too much about where you make Olmec fall into the lava. Entering the door will lead you to a secret area, on top of which you will find the Ankh, earning you this trophy. Just make sure you don’t leave through any of the doors on the bottom, as you will fall into the lava and make sure you don’t leave the subspace until you grab the Ankh, as you can’t go back to get it afterwards.
  • Obtain the Tablet of Destiny in a non-seeded run.

    The Tablet of Destiny is a secret item, awarded by fighting a secret boss in either the Tide Pool or the Temple of Anubis. Since earning the Tablet of Destiny is a necessary step to complete another trophy, you can find how to find it in the relevant section of Pilgrim trophy_silver.pngtrophy_secret.png  (steps 1 to 7).
  • Wake the Eggplant Child in a non-seeded run.

    Of all the trophies in  Spelunky 2, this one is probably the most luck-dependant. It requires you to wake the Eggplant Child in the Ice Caves, by placing an eggplant on the altar marked by a Moai head. To obtain an eggplant, one must place a gift (a wrapped gift found most commonly in shops but also obtainable by killing the Humphead on 4-2 of the Tide Pool) on Kali’s Altar, for which she will award you with an eggplant. This might sound simple but it is the most frustrating part of this trophy. Since you can’t carry presents to the next floor, you have to hope that a shop with a present and an altar spawn on the same floor, which happens very rarely. While just playing the game, you should keep an eye out for floors in which it is possible to get the eggplant, as knocking this trophy out early can save you a lot of trouble later. If you want to get this trophy as quickly and efficiently as possible, my best advise is to just start a new run, clear the first floor as quickly as possible and to check whether the shop on 1-2 has a present and if there is an altar. If either of these requirements aren’t met, which will happen like 19 out of 20 times, just restart and try again. It is very possible to spend half an hour just restarting, doing the first floor over and over again, before getting the right requirements to get the eggplant. 
    Getting the eggplant does not mean the worst is behind you though. Far from it; the eggplant will break if you so much as toss or whip it (you can put it down), meaning that you will have to be very careful, carrying it through every floor until 5-1. I would recommend placing the eggplant at the start of the floor, clearing a path and dealing with most threats, before picking it up again and taking it to the next section. Carrying the eggplant, which you can’t throw, makes you pretty much defenceless, since you can’t whip enemies and any major knockback might cause you to drop the eggplant, turning it to mush. Try to find a means of mobility like a jetpack or a hoverpack. A turkey can also be very valuable, since its double jump and floating ability makes it possible to avoid most threats. It also serves as a shield, taking damage for you if you get hit.
    After reaching the Ice Caves, look for a large Moai Head. Next to it you will find an altar, covered in purple eggplant mush. Place the eggplant on it and a passage inside the Moai head will open, in which you will find the Eggplant Child sleeping. Walking to him will wake it up, earning you this trophy.
    Note that to complete the Journal, the Eggplant Child must eventually be guided to the Sunken City. The nice part about this though, is that seeded runs are allowed for completing the Journal, meaning that you will only have to wake up the Eggplant Child in a non-seeded run, after which you can use a seeded run, in which you won’t have to rely on RNG, to lead the child to the Sunken City. This is covered in detail under the Seen It All trophy_gold.png trophy.

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