• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 31 (13, 12, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - Kill 'em all trophy_gold.png 
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Back from the black trophy_bronze.png (though it's not glitched in a bad way, see that trophy for more information)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulty Settings

Space Crew is an RPG that follows 6 brave crew members as they complete missions and defeat enemies, all in the name of their home base, Athena. From delivering packages, to rescuing scientists, to coming to the aid of fellow space stations under attack by the Phasmid, you'll invade, evade, and hyperjump your way through space and time to ensure the safety of the galaxy. Level up your crew to gain more skills and take on higher risk missions until you've reach your final fight with the leader of the Phasmid. Take out high ranked Champions and collect artifacts along the way to gain reputation and unlock upgrades for your Crew and their ship. You have the option to customize both your crew and the ship, from their names to their looks, allowing you to really personalize the experience of this Star Trek parody of an indie. You'll need to boldly go where only few others have gone before to get this Platinum, so with that, Godspeed, Captains.


Step 1: Play through the Campaign while defeating the Champions as they appear

For this step, you'll just be playing the game as it was intended. The missions that progress the story are all marked with a star next to them, but you'll undoubtedly need to do a handful of side missions to get enough money and rep to upgrade your crew and ship so they can take on the more hefty battles. The autosave point for the game is when you're in the hangar, so if at any point during any mission you start to feel overwhelmed, you can close the game app and restart it to try the mission again from the start. You shouldn't need to use this too much at the beginning of the game, but it can come in incredibly handy as you get towards the end game as the missions get increasingly harder with each new phase you enter. As you do the main missions, you'll also want to keep an eye out for the Champions. There are 8 in total. When one becomes available, it will be added to the Bounty List (on the mission tab, hit r2.png to scroll over one screen to see them). You need to get all of them done on one save file, so make sure you're being adamant about going after them. Take your time through the Campaign!! When you can upgrade, choose upgrades that provide shields, efficiency, and power - in that order. The less time you spend repairing all your modules, the more time you can spend killing enemy Phasmids.

When your Crew Members reach level 6, they'll be able to train in a secondary skill. You want to make sure all of the skills (save for Pilot/Captain as it won't be available) have at least one additional person trained in it. That way if things don't quite go as planned, you can move your crew members around accordingly without worrying about any single station being un-manned. What you actually choose, though, will be up to your individual play style so play around with them a little bit until you find a layout that works for you. Once you're done with this step, you will have earned:

That must hurt trophy_bronze.png 
We're gonna fight trophy_bronze.png 
We're gonna win! trophy_silver.png 
Nerves of steel trophy_gold.png 
First Handshake? trophy_bronze.png 
Resistance is.. not futile? trophy_silver.png 
Fire Warden trophy_bronze.png 
Payback Time trophy_bronze.png 
I feel safer already! trophy_silver.png 
Kill 'em all trophy_gold.png 
Battle Hardened trophy_silver.png 
Mastery trophy_bronze.png 
Double Mastery trophy_silver.png 
What's a circle in three dimensions? trophy_silver.png 
Do not go gentle into that good night trophy_silver.png 
Saviour of Humanity trophy_gold.png 
Bomber Crew trophy_silver.png 
A Close Encounter trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Clean-up / Miscellaneous Trophies

After you're done with the Campaign, you'll be able to work through the miscellaneous trophies on a new save file. All of them can be done as soon as you complete the Tutorial except for Spaghettification trophy_bronze.png which requires a Black Hole. These are only available in Phase 2, but since you already have a pretty good feel for the game, it shouldn't take you too long to get to where you need to be to get this done. For tips on the fires and how to grind them out, please see Fire Fighter trophy_silver.png and Nature abhors a vacuum trophy_gold.png (these aren't nearly as bad as the description makes them sound). Bittersweet success trophy_silver.png, Escape velocity trophy_bronze.png, and Back from the black trophy_bronze.png can all be done in one mission, making those not too difficult at all (see Bittersweet Success or Back from the Black for a video guide on how to get them done). Outside of those, you'll just be grinding out repairing your modules (if you didn't already get to 100), repairing your Reactor when it goes critical, and saving some crew members before they meet their demise. This step shouldn't take you too long to crank out and once you're done with it, you will earn:

Fire Fighter trophy_silver.png 
Nature abhors a vacuum trophy_gold.png 
Engineering Expert trophy_silver.png 
Bittersweet success trophy_silver.png 
Critical Reaction trophy_bronze.png 
Scavenger trophy_bronze.png 
Abandon Ship! trophy_bronze.png 
Escape velocity trophy_bronze.png 
Back from the black trophy_bronze.png 
Spaghettification trophy_bronze.png 
Escape Artist trophy_bronze.png 
Back from the brink trophy_gold.png 
A Space Odyssey trophy_platinum.png 

Space Crew Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 12  13  1  )

  • Unlock all the trophies in Space Crew

    Congratulations! You saved the human space race and defeated the Phasmids! It's been a long journey, but someone had to do it! For your troubles, you've also earned yourself a new Platinum trophy!
  • Destroy 25 enemy phasmid ships

  • Destroy 50 enemy phasmid ships

  • Destroy 100 enemy phasmid ships

  • Destroy 250 enemy phasmid ships

    This will more than likely unlock naturally as you play through the game. In every mission you play, no matter how easy or difficult, you'll be attacked by enemy ships. These are the Phasmid Ships. You need to destroy 250 to unlock this trophy. This is cumulative across all your saves, so don't worry about doing all 250 in one game, but as mentioned before, this will undoubtedly unlock naturally as you progress through the game. The only chance it won't is if you're jumping through gates without killing the enemies attacking you, but that's a horrible strategy and wastes a lot of time to charge your ship's jump ability. Don't forget you actually need to lock on to the Ships with your scanner (l2.png) before your gunners will attack them. Otherwise the enemy ships will just blast you away without you defending yourself. As soon as you kill you 250th Phasmid Ship, the trophy will unlock.

    You can "somewhat" see your progress towards this trophy on each save file by going to the Mess Hall when you're back on home base. On the bottom of the screen will be a tally of all the Missions completed, Crew Members lost, Credits earned, Research Gained, Ships lost, Jumps completed, Enemy Ships destroyed, and Enemy Boarders killed. Just add them all up across each save to get your overall total.
  • Kill 10 Enemy Phasmid Boarders.

  • Kill 50 Enemy Phasmid Boarders

    Every now and then, as you're fighting the enemy Phasmid Ships, one will attach to the back of your ship and 2-4 aliens will board your ship. These are the Phasmid Boarders. Your Security officer should be the one to handle these as they have enhanced melee ability against them, but anyone can attack them with one of your ship's stowed guns. This is cumulative across all your save files, so you don't have to worry too much about getting it done in one single game. There is a pretty good chance this will unlock naturally in one game, though, so just keep killing them as they board your ship and as soon as you've taken down the 50th Boarder, the trophy will unlock.

    You can "somewhat" see your progress towards this trophy on each save file by going to the Mess Hall when you're back on home base. On the bottom of the screen will be a tally of all the Missions completed, Crew Members lost, Credits earned, Research Gained, Ships lost, Jumps completed, Enemy Ships destroyed, and Enemy Boarders killed. Just add them all up across each save to get your overall total.
  • Extinguish 25 fires

  • Extinguish 50 Fires

    This DOES NOT stack with Nature abhors a vacuum trophy_gold.png. You have to manually put out fires with a physical extinguisher for them to count towards this trophy.

     You'll mainly be using your Engineer to extinguish the fires manually since the fires tend to always start from an electrical system breaking, causing sparks to fly about and, in turn, starting a fire. There are 7 electrical panels in that can start a fire/fires:

    Your ship's default tool layout includes a handful of fire extinguishers, but you can add more if you want via the Spaceship menu when you're back at base. When a fire starts, have one of your crew members pick up one the fire extinguishers and select "Extinguish Fire" from the options. They'll put out the fire and then begin repairing the broken module that caused the fire (this is why you want to use the Engineer, as they repair the modules on the ship much quicker than the other crew members).

    This is cumulative across all your saves, so don't worry about getting all 50 in one game. If you want to, however, you can actually grind this out. When an electrical module breaks and the sparks cause a fire, extinguish the fire and when the crew member begins to repair it, instruct them to go anywhere or do something else. This will leave the module broken with sparks still flying, which will cause another fire shortly after. You can keep repeating this until you put out 50 fires. While that'll get you the trophy quicker, it's not really recommended since the longer you're just floating around in space, the more enemies you'll have to fight against, so it's best to just wait for this to unlock naturally.

    Alternatively, while not recommended, there is a chance your Weapons Officers will cause a fire by using their Weapon Overdrive ability (unlocks at level 5). This is not guaranteed, however, and the alternative is a possible radiation leak, which can cause far more damage to your crew, so it's best to just the let fires happen from damage received by your ship.

    As soon as you've extinguished your 50th fire, the trophy will unlock.
  • Extinguish 50 Fires by decompressing the ship

    Any fires you Extinguish by decompressing the ship will NOT count towards Fire Fighter trophy_silver.png. This is cumulative across all your saves. You don't need all 50 to be in one single game.

    You'll have the Decompression ability from the start of the game. It belongs to the Security Officer. When they're at their console at the front of ship, they'll have the option to "purge" sections of the ship. There are (6) sections total, some of which can be individually decompressed, combined with adjacent sections, or the entire ship can be purged at once. By purging the ship, you are decompressing it. If you're decompressing a section where a crew member is active, make sure they are securely in their seat before starting the decompression. If you don't, they'll fly off the ship. Great for memes, bad for morale.

    The fires will start when an electrical module breaks on the ship, causing sparks to fly. There are 7 electrical panels on your ship:

    When the fire starts, make sure the Security Officer is at his computer and choose the corresponding section of the ship to decompress to put it out. You'll need someone to repair the module afterwards, otherwise it'll continue to spark and another fire will start, which honestly, isn't a horrible thing as it allows you to grind out this trophy as you complete the mission. Just keep purging/decompressing each time a fire starts. You can keep it going all the way back to Athena and just float around home base until you have extinguished 50 fires using this method.

    As soon as you've extinguished your 50th fire via decompression, the trophy will unlock.
  • Repair on board systems 100 times

    This is cumulative across all your saves. All 100 repairs don't need to be done in one single game.

    For the most part, you'll be using your Engineer for the bulk of this trophy. They have a speed boost on their repair abilities, which can come in handy in rather dire situations. As you fight enemy ships (and the Champions), your ship's shields will dwindle down which will in turn, cause the hull of the ship to take damage. Every now and then, a module (or two... or three...) will break and need to be repaired. Select a crew member and then select the module to get them to repair it.

    The priority systems you want to make sure you repair asap are the Oxygenator:

    The reactor:

    The Shield Generator:

    The Gravity generator is important, but you can upgrade to gravity boots as you progress through the game which will help you remain on the ground should that go out. The others, however, if they go out, you're a sitting duck, so make sure if multiple systems go out at once, you prioritize those in the order they're listed in.

    Once you've repaired your 100th system/module, the trophy will unlock.
  • Defeat 1 enemy champion in a single playthrough of the game

  • Defeat 4 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game

  • Defeat all 8 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game


    This doesn't need to be done in one sitting. It just needs to be done on one single save file.

    As you play through the game, you'll come across "Champions" that will attack you. They can appear during missions (you'll get a warning when you start the mission that they're in the area), or a mission objective to defeat them will appear. It's kind of hard to defeat them during a general mission, so your best bet is to just look out for their designated missions. Their names are:
    • Hewpen Garratt
    • Vorb Kibb
    • Valadu Appakutt
    • Kashaya Poross
    • Anga Hake
    • Quoy'dee Tuxem
    • Fat'allan Owa
    • Karr Slabb
    They each have two health bars - one is their shields and one is their hull. They'll also have a lot of backup Phasmids helping them try and take you down as you fight, so you want to make sure you've upgraded your ships weapons, shields, and if possible, the reactor (as mentioned in the Roadmap, you want to go for upgrades that provide armor over speed). The champions appear in every phase of the campaign, so you don't have to worry about defeating them all in any single one. Of course it'll be easier if you crank them out in Phase 3 as your crew should be max level (if not almost max) by the time you reach it, but you'll still be able to defeat a few during Phases 1 and 2. Once you've defeated the 8th and final Champion in the game, the trophy will unlock.

    The latter fights will be incredibly time consuming and you'll need to use your individual crew member's perks as often as possible. The pilot needs to use evasive maneuvers whenever it's up, the Weapons Officers need to use the Focus Aim and Boost whenever possible, the Communications Officer needs to call for back up whenever it's available, and the Security Officer needs to repair the shields as often as possible. The Engineer will for the most part be running around repairing everything. It may take a few tries, but just keep at. If you know you're going to lose or if the Champion runs off like a little... if he gets scared... close the game app and start it back up. You'll restart back at your home base. This will prevent you from losing any crew members should you become overwhelmed.
  • Have a member of your crew survive 30 missions

    This trophy is NOT cumulative across your saves, even if you have the same designed/named crew member on multiple saves. It must be done in one single game.

    You'll get pretty close to this trophy by grinding out levels in the beginning of the game. There are 3 mission types: Low Risk (Green), Medium Risk (Yellow), and High Risk (Red). You really shouldn't be attempting the Medium or High Risk missions until you've leveled up the majority of your crew to at least 10 (though a max level of 12 is preferred), so you'll be grinding through Low Risk missions for a bit. If you grind out 30 Low Risk missions before doing anything else, your crew will easily be high enough level to start taking on the Medium and High Risk missions, which will net your more currency and research as rewards.

    Decide which crew member you want to focus on keeping alive (preferably either your Captain, Engineer, or Comms). Keep an eye on their health bar as you progress through the missions and use the Med-bay and health packs as needed. As soon as they've returned to Athena after completing their 30th mission, the trophy will unlock.

    You can see your progress towards this trophy by going to the Mess Hall when you back on home base. On the bottom of the screen will be a tally of all the Missions completed, Crew Members lost, Credits earned, Research Gained, Ships lost, Jumps completed, Enemy Ships destroyed, and Enemy Boarders killed. Just add them all up across each save to get your overall total. As long as you've used at least one of the same crew member the entire time, the trophy will unlock once your Missions Completed count reaches 30.
  • Complete a mission and return to Athena with 2 or fewer crew members surviving

    As you play through the game, especially in the Medium/High risk missions, there's a good chance you'll come up against some enemies that put up a pretty good fight, and even just fighting the Champions needed for Kill 'em all trophy_gold.png will test you a great deal. For this trophy, you need to hit a struggle to the point where you lose at least 4 Crew members during the mission, then return back to Athena/Home base with the survivors.

    Luckily, if you want to make it a lot easier for yourself, you can actually set this up and murder your own Crew Members. It's not the most ideal scenario, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the name of trophies. It's highly recommended you either do this at the very start of your game or on it's own separate save file, that way you don't lose high level Crew Members. Pick a low-risk mission from the Mission list and complete it up to the point where you're about to Hyperjump back to Athena. With the hyperjump charged (so you can easily escape if enemies appear during this next part), have at least 4 of your Crew Members (anyone but the Pilot) exit the ship without spacesuits on. After about a minute in space, your floating Crew Members will start to suffocate and die. They'll also begin to leak radiation, so you know, it's just a dead man's party all around really. When they're all down, it should just be your pilot and one other crew member. With the hyperjump charged, hit "Engage" to go back to Athena. Land at your home base to end the mission and once you're back in the hangar, the trophy will unlock.

  • Fully level up a crew member

  • Fully Level up a crew member in two skills

    When you first start the game, each of your crew members will have one skill. You'll have (1) Captain/Pilot, (1) Communications Officer, (1) Security Officer, (1) Engineer, and (2) Weapons Officers. As you complete missions, you'll gain currency and research (used to unlock better gear and parts for your ship), and you'll also earn XP for each crew member that survived the trip and made it back home to Athena (alive). As you level up, you'll unlock Skills that will come in handy in the more difficult missions.

    To max out one skill, your crew member(s) needs to reach Level 12. To unlock a second skill, your crew member(s) needs to reach Level 6. When the second skill is open, you can train in one of four of the skills (Communications, Security, Engineer, and Weapons - Pilot/Captain is not available as a secondary skill). From here, you need to continue doing missions to get that second maxed out (level 12). Depending on when you actually trained for it will depend on when you'll max out, but as soon as you have all the abilities available for both skills, this trophy will unlock.
  • Lose the ship due to a reactor going critical

    It's highly recommended you do this on either it's own save file, or near the beginning of the game, as it'll cause you to lose your ship and, depending on how many escape pods you have, possibly your entire crew.

    Outside of the Oxygenator, the Reactor is one of the (if not the) most important module(s) on your ship. It's located right in the center, inside the Engineering office. The health of the reactor is the green bar on the bottom left:

    This controls your ships power. If it goes out, you'll lose your shields, your guns, and will be in a world of trouble. Unfortunately, that's exactly what needs to happen for this trophy. As you're fighting enemy ships, when your shields get low, the hull will start to take damage. When the reactor first gets damaged, there will be a wrench symbol above it. When this happens, don't repair it. Instead, you're going to go through a few stages with the reactor slowly dying. When the first phase is done, your reactor will move into subcritical status. The lights in your ship will turn red and there will be a diminishing bar on the bottom of your screen, showing the remaining "health" of the reactor:

    As you can see in the picture, it is incredibly hard to miss when this stage starts. If you don't repair your Reactor before the timer finishes, your ship will go into severe critical status. When that timer runs out, your ship will explode. When it does, the trophy will unlock.
  • Recover adandoned cargo, found adrift in space

    Your first opportunity to get this trophy won't be until Phase 2.

    As you play through missions, a side mission will randomly appear for you to collect some floating cargo out in space. The side mission will have a purple market and a magnet symbol, letting you know that you need to retrieve it in the back of your ship. There are two types of cargo: general/basic cargo and Phasmid cargo. The cargo you want matches the trophy image. If you pick up the shiny purple cargo, that's Phasmid goods and won't count towards this trophy.

    For this trophy, you need the general/basic cargo. When you pick up the floating cargo, you need to bring it all the way back to Athena/the home base. When you're going through the earnings of the mission, the side mission will appear on the list and when the rewards are given, the trophy will unlock.

    When this side mission appears is very random and will vary for everyone. Just keep playing through side missions and eventually it will appear. 
  • Save one or more crew members from certain death by issuing the abandon ship command

    The number of crew members you can save will depend on how many escape pods you have on your ship. You'll automatically start with one and will need to purchase additional ones at your main base. For this trophy, that single escape pod will do just fine.

    When you start up a mission (any mission), hyperjump to an area and immediately have your Captain give the "abandon ship" command. Depending on how many escape pods you have available will determine how many crew members will survive. Your ship will start with one, which again, is just enough for this trophy. After you've made the Abandon Ship order, tag the next hyperjump so your ship moves away from the eject escape pod(s). If your ship explodes too close to the pods, the crew members inside will die, so you want to be as far away from them as possible. Now you need to get to that "certain death" point.

    There are a few ways to get into a "certain death" situation, but the recommended method to use is to let the Reactor hit subcritical levels (see Critical Reaction trophy_bronze.png for more information on getting that to happen) or to simply let those who weren't able to escape from the ship die. By the time you reach a critical reactor point, there's a pretty good chance a handful of crew members will already have died as it'll cause a massive power failure on all the modules, shields, and weapons on your ship, causing them to take damage inside the ship. When ship explodes / your remaining crew dies, the mission will end and the trophy will unlock.

    If the trophy did not unlock (it can be a little finicky)... you'll need to rescue the surviving crew member(s). The game will continue from here with a new ship and a new crew. Make your way back to where the surviving crew member(s) is/are and use your scanner (l2.png) to target them. Have any crew member jump on the computer by the airlock and when the escape pod is in range, pull it into the spaceship to save the escaped crew member. When you do, the trophy should now unlock.

  • Complete Phase 1 of the Campaign

    Story Related.

    You'll need to go through 4-5 Tutorial Missions before the actual Campaign starts. When it does and when you're on the Mission Select tab, the missions that progress the story forward will have a little star next to them. You'll need to do miscellaneous missions between these so you can level up your Crew and gain money/rep for gear and ship upgrades. The last mission of Phase 1 will require you to defeat a Mothership. Once you're done, you'll go through a wormhole and the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete Phase 2 of the Campaign

    Story Related.

    As with Phase 1, the missions that progress the story on the Mission Select tab will have a small star next to them. Phase 2 is all about finding and rescuing a previous expedition. Once you've completed the final mission, you'll go through (another) wormhole and the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete the campaign

    Story Related.

    The Campaign is split up into 3 parts. You'll earn this trophy once you've finished the 3rd one and have saved mankind. As with the previous two phase-related trophies, the missions on the Mission Select tab that have a star next to them will progress the story. If your crew is not already maxed out with their levels, there will still be miscellaneous missions that you can do to earn XP, money, and rep so you can level up and upgrade everything you need/want to. Once you've completed the final mission, the trophy will unlock during the cutscene that follows.
  • Purge a crew member through the airlock

    You'll need to purge a crew member via this method for Back from the black trophy_bronze.png, so please see that trophy for more information.
  • Recover a Crew Member that was purged through the airlock before he dies.


    This trophy is glitched, but not necessarily in a bad way. You're supposed to purge your Crew Member through the airlock in the back of the ship:

    But if they happen to fall off the ship when you go through a jump, you'll be able to get this trophy still. To get it legitimately, you'll need your Security Officer, Communications Officer, and Pilot all to remain on the ship. Make sure whichever crew member you're ejecting is wearing a spacesuit. This is incredibly important. If they're not wearing a spacesuit, they will die much, much quicker. Put them in the airlock and then have your Security Officer sit at their computer. Decompress/Purge the back room, which will cause your unlucky crew member to be ejected from the ship.

    Use your scanner (l2.png) to lock onto your now floating crew member and the ship will align with them. Have any other crew member sit at the console by the airlock and once the ship is aligned, "beam" them back into the ship. As long as they're still alive, the trophy will unlock.

  • Be torn apart by a Black Hole

    You'll be able to do this in the second phase of the Campaign. Periodically, a mission will pop up that requires you to drop a drone off near a black hole so the scientists can research the area around it. You won't be coming back from this mission, so if you need to back up your save file before doing this, please do so.

    When you're near the black hole, go ahead and release the drone to complete the mission so you're left just floating in space around the black hole (without an objective, the ship will float freely). You'll need your entire ship to be sucked into the black hole, not just one crew member. You can eject them using the escape pods, but if you're anywhere remotely close to the black hole, they won't survive.

    After a few minutes (and while fighting enemies no doubt), a bar will pop up on the bottom of your screen that says "Black Hole". This is your timer for how long it'll be before you get sucked into it. When the timer runs out, you'll lose control of your ship and it'll sink into the darkness. After a few seconds, the trophy will unlock.
  • Destroy a Mothership

    Towards the end of the first part of the Campaign, a mission will appear that will require you to destroy a Phasmid Mothership. It's the last one you'll get for this section and is a "very-high" risk mission. You shouldn't be attempting this until you've upgraded all your guns, your reactor, and the O2 tank. You also want to make sure all your crew members have a secondary skill so you can better maneuver around the ship during the fight. When you're ready, select the mission to start it.

    When you get to the ship, your first task will be taking out its shields which will be located on the top and the bottom of the mothership. Afterwards, it's reactor will be vulnerable. Destroy that and you'll destroy the mothership. You won't be fighting just the Mothership, of course. Enemy Phasmid ships and boarders will be attacking you throughout this, so make sure you always have a Comms Officer to man the scanner. Make sure you're also making diligent use of your pilot's evasive maneuvering and your Weapons Officers' focused aim abilities. This will help ward off the Boarders for a time being and help prevent the enemy ships from locking on to you.

    As soon as you've destroyed the Mothership, the trophy will unlock and the first part of the Campaign will finish (which will also unlock What's a circle in three dimensions? trophy_silver.png).
  • Slip away from enemy fighters by performing a hyperjump to a different area

    You'll be using your ship's hyperjump ability a lot as you play through the game, so you'll have ample opportunities to get this by either setting it up or even just getting it by accident. Before you can hyperjump, you'll need to charge it up. With no enemies around, the charge will take 4 seconds. When enemies are around, the time it takes will depend on A) The number of enemies around you and B), the level of your Captain/Pilot (they will gain a perk to make the time it takes to charge around enemies lower). You can actually set this up to be easier for yourself and use the 4 second charge.

    When you're in any area outside of Athena/the Home Base area, go to a jump and when no enemies are around, use the 4-second charge, but don't hit "engage" yet. Instead, just idle for a little bit and eventually, enemies will appear on your radar. Since you're already charged up, you don't have to worry about wasting time re-charging with them there and can just hit "engage" to hyperjump. When you do, the trophy will unlock.
  • Repair the reactor after it has gone subcritical

    The reactor is one of the (if not the) most important module on your ship. It's located in the center of the ship, inside the Engineer's office:

    For this trophy, you want to try and keep your Engineer alive for as long as possible so he can be the one to repair the Reactor. When enemies attack you, your shields will begin to deplete and when they're low enough, your ship's hull will begin to take damage. When the reactor takes damage, a wrench symbol will appear above it. Normally, you'd want to repair it right away, but for this trophy, you're going to let it go into very dangerous levels before repairing it.

    As you let the reactor go, it'll first drop into Subcritical status. The lights in your ship will turn red and power will be diverted to prioritize your shields and guns (you can change this with the Engineer via their console in their office).

    A bar will also appear at the bottom of your screen that will act as a timer. You need to repair your reactor when it's in this Subcritical stage. There is one additional "failure" stage after Subcritical, but it's much more difficult to recover from, so don't wait around for it. You'll need to do two rounds of repair - one to get out of Subcritical status and one to complete the repair of the reactor. Once it's all fixed up, the trophy will unlock.

Secret trophies

  • Wipe out the Phasmid Homeworld

    Story Related

    This is part of the final mission of the game. Towards the end of the campaign, you'll be tasked with destroying the Phasmid Homeworld. When you do, the trophy will unlock. You really, really want to be prepared before you go into this as you'll be up against a LOT of enemies. Make sure all your modules have proper shield protections on them and use all your crew member's abilities as often as you can. This will most likely take a few tries to get down, but as soon as you've destroyed their planet, you'll get your trophy.

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