Borf Hunter Trophy in Space Ace

  • Borf Hunter


    Complete the game in Ace mode, with no Move Guide, in 3 Lives mode

    How to unlock Borf Hunter

    Save often! By now you may or may not be at least familiar with Ace mode. You may even have the majority of the movements memorized at this point. However this will more than likely be the last trophy you unlock, and subsequently the hardest one to boot.
    The requirements are the same, though - you must beat the game on Ace mode (again) only this time at the main menu and after selecting "Settings", you must select "Lives" and then choose "Three". Then scroll down to "Move Guide" and select "Off". This essentially turns off your directional button 'guide' on your screen (that shows you which direction to press). As a result of these new conditions, you may have a harder time getting through "Ace" mode, which is why I highly recommend that you save and save often.
    This trophy should unlock upon completing the final battle at the end of the game. Take your time, focus and you'll do just fine.

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