Go Go Ace! Trophy in Space Ace

  • Go Go Ace!


    Complete the game Energizing in all scenes - (Ace mode, with 5 Lives)

    How to unlock Go Go Ace!

    Save often! The requirements of this trophy are the opposite to that of the Infantilized trophy. You MUST Energize in all scenes in the game, and on Ace mode. This means you're looking at the full animated storyboarded sequences and you must not miss any scene that gives Dex the option to Energize. If you miss it when you're supposed to then you'll have to revert back to an older save or start the game over from scratch. So in light of that information, it's best to save your game often.
    At the main menu, scroll down to "Settings". Click on "Lives" and then select "Five". Back up to the main menu and select "Play Game". After doing so select "Ace" and just play through the game. If you have trouble making it through Ace mode then please refer to the upcoming step-by-step movement walkthrough which I'll be posting soon.

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