Infantilized Trophy in Space Ace

  • Infantilized


    Complete the game without Energizing in all but the final level

    How to unlock Infantilized

    This trophy can be obtained on any difficulty however playing on Cadet will be the easier route to go in the long run.

    Save often! In order to acquire this trophy, you must NOT Energize at all during any given scene which offers the option (which is most of the animated storyboard). Whenever Dex starts flashing with red rings or you see the word "Energize" on the screen, do NOT press it or you'll forfeit the trophy and have to restart either your save or your entire game.
    There is a scene during the final battle that calls for you to Energize. This is normal so don't try to avoid it at that point. You can go through the first few frames of animation as Young Dex after the first prompt, but you'll have to Energize really quick anyway for the actual fight (or you'll die).

    (Thanks to Dark_Adonis for some much needed insight on a few particulars with this trophy)

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  • I got a little problem, in the scene with the 2 blue giant cats, the game asks me to click energize, but if I don't those cots throw me off a cliff ... must i choose another direction?

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