Call Me Ace Trophy in Space Ace

  • Call Me Ace


    Complete the game in Ace mode, in 5 Lives mode

    How to unlock Call Me Ace

    Save often! At the main menu, scroll down to "Settings". Click on "Lives" and then select "Five". Back up to the main menu and select "Play Game". After doing so select "Ace" and just play through the game. The overall experience on this mode is definitely more challenging than the previous difficulties, but that's how the developers intended it to be. "Ace" mode contains the full animation experience and as a result, players will experience not only a harder playthrough but more of the worlds in which Space Ace takes place. It goes without saying that the full presentation of the game is offered in this mode.
    I will, however, be including a step-by-step directional movement walkthrough in this guide for players who either might be new to Space Ace or just having problems in general.

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