• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (18, 10, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60-90+ hours (luck dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No selectable difficulties
  • Do trophies stack?: NA/JP stack. EU version not released yet
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God features a curry-loving girl who finds herself on a quest to save her favorite curry shop from shutting down. Along her journey she meets some rather bizarre new friends and foes who add some charm into this rather light-hearted story.

This is a roguelike RPG and in it you always start at level 1 for every dungeon and lose your money and inventory when you die, fortunately your equipped items are kept but the dungeons have several enemies who can remove your equipment and destroy your items at will so caution must be used.

This will probably be the easiest roguelike Platinum on the Vita and is a good introduction to the genre. The only real hurdle is luck and time. A good approach to this trophy list will save you many, many hours. See here for some tips that will help you: LINK.

Step 1: Watch the opening and clear the intro dungeon
Once the game starts watch the intro and start a new game. Go through the tutorial dungeon and you will earn a few trophies when you're done. After this you'll get:

It's There For A Reason!
I Wonder What's in Here
Hardened Resolve

Step 2: Preliminary equipment upgrading (optional)
After the prologue you'll be able to visit the first real dungeon, the Rock Hard Caverns. Instead of beating it, however, you'll want to run it a few times and pick up equipment and in particularly those with a + or -. When you get to floor 9, exit the dungeon and run it again.

The reason for this is Kuu always gets the Crafting Smarts skill when you visit the dungeon as long as you haven't killed the boss yet. This allows you to synthesize equipment without cost and get a head start on the rest of the game. Once you beat the dungeon's boss, Kuu will start getting randomized skills so it's best to abuse this while the option is still available.

What you'll want to do is get all equipments with + or - on them and use Kuu's Crafting Smarts to combine all the + and - gear you have into stronger gear. When you get around +10 for your desired equipment, you can go ahead and progress the story. I recommend using swords for the rest of the game. After this, you'll get:

Alert the Fashion Police!
It's Almost Presentable
Hey, It's a Start
It's FAR from over!
I Made It Myself!

Step 3: Beat the game
Once you have your upgraded sword and shield you can now proceed to beat the game. Don’t rush to the next floor and explore the whole floor before advancing, and open every chest you come across, particularly the white ones. You'll want to kill most of the enemies you come across and loot the various items scattered in the dungeon floors. Do all this and you should have no issues taking on the bosses. If you happen to find Attack Orbs and Secret Scrolls, hang on to them and craft one of each into your gear. They will make everything trivial.

While traversing the dungeons, stockpile equipment as you'll need one of every weapon and shield eventually so this is a good time to get those. If inventory space is starting to become an issue, prioritize getting + and - gear over regular gear. You'll also want to acquire as many Change Scrolls, Divine Scrolls and Magic Compacts as you can find. If you find any ID scrolls, keep those as well as you'll need at least 3. Everything else is really up to you. After this you'll get:

But Can You Eat It?
Thou SHALT Commit Laundry!
Really, Was that so Difficult?
Wizard About Town
Crass Consumerism
It Wasn't THAT Hard...
Sick Burn, Dude...
Wow, What a Dump...
Not Much of a Threat...
Mystery, REVEALED!

Step 4: Sky Palace run 1 - Upgrading swords and shields
After beating the main story, you'll unlock the Extra Chapter. This grants you access to the Sacred Sky Palace, the longest dungeon in the game. It has a whopping 256 floors and the "hardest" boss awaits at the end. Along the way you'll face off against some old bosses until floor 100, then it's basically the same thing until floor 256. Instead of rushing to the final floor, you'll want to use this as an opportunity to upgrade your equipment.

Fill your inventory with junk items like Potions and enter the Sky Palace. Feed them all to Kuu and watch what skills he learns. You'll want to get at least Crafting Smarts before you start the actual run. If he doesn't learn Crafting Smarts, make a temp save but do not load it when you get to the title screen. Instead, select Continue and load that save as it will put you back before you entered the dungeon with all your stuff intact. The good news is each one of these resets will also count towards the Greetings, Dr Jones! trophy.

When you finally start the run, get all the swords and shields you find and make sure you don't have any duplicates. All items will be unidentified and some might be cursed but there's a trick to figure out which ones are cursed. Simply attempt to craft an item and if the item doesn’t show up for crafting then it's cursed. What you'll want to do is equip all non-cursed items to identify them, they'll stay that way for the remainder of the run.

Just keep running the dungeon like usual and when your equipment reaches tier 5, craft that onto a new sword/shield you'll want to upgrade and keep going. Once you reach floor 80+, you can seriously start upgrading your stuff. Make sure to have curry active for each floor and you'll upgrade items easily just by killing everything.

Hang on to any + or - equipment that you find as well and if you think you'll have no trouble finding that item again, combine them to work towards the +99/-99 trophies.

Make sure to reach the boss at the very end of this whole thing and beat it. You'll need the entry for the Bookworm trophy. After this you'll get:

Who's the Bwave Monster H...Killer...
Aren't WE Bloodthirsty?!
Magus Bestiacidal
I am Woman, Hear Me ROAR!
Um, I have an invite...

Step 5: Sky Palace run 2 - Upgrading staves
After your first run of the Sky Palace, you should have upgraded almost all the swords and shields. The next step is upgrading staves. Staves are more tedious to upgrade as they don't boost ATK and spells have limited uses, what you'll want to do is craft as many ATK+ seals onto your shield and work from there. Hopefully you won't have many shields left to upgrade as you'll want to use the same tier 5 shield for the entire run.

It's basically the same thing as your first Palace run except you're now focusing on staves and won't be switching shields. If possible craft an Attack Orb onto a staff you're upgrading for ATK +10 and when upgrading a new staff, get it to Tier 2 first before crafting the previous staff you were upgrading onto it to pass the ATK+10 seal on. After this you'll get:

Gosh, What a Witch!
For the HOARD(ing)!

Step 6: Theater item farming
Next you'll want to run the story dungeons again looking for any theater items you're missing, These items appear only on specific floors of specific dungeons and are found in white chests. While running these dungeons, keep an eye out for any equipment you're missing and make sure to grab a copy.

Step 7: Sky Palace run 3 - Upgrading anything that's missing
Hopefully by this time you'll have any equipment you haven't upgraded yet sitting in your inventory. Now is the time to take one of each and go through the Sky Palace one last time to upgrade them.

This time you want to rush to floor 80+ and start upgrading gears there, since you'll have all of what you need in your inventory now. After this you'll get:

Only the Finest
Let's Play Depreciation!
Lady Death

Step 8: Cleanup
At this point you most likely only have the trophy for dying 50 items plus all items and spells left to go. If you've been following the guidelines so far, you should be well-prepared to finish up the other trophies in a few hours. Check the respective trophy requirements and finish them off to claim your Platinum. After this you'll get:

Someone, HEEELP!
Down for the Count
Grand Magus!
Greetings, Dr. Jones!
Master of the Way of Curry
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Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Trophy Guide

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34 trophies ( 10  18  26  )


Secret trophies

  • 모든 스킬, 마법을 최대 레벨까지 습득했다!

    This trophy requires you to learn and max out every skill. To learn a skill, you need to find a spellbook and use it. Some spells can be enhanced further by finding and using another spell book, for example: Fire has 5 levels so you need to find and use 5 Fire Books to max it out.

    Spellbooks are found randomly in dungeons, and some are also given out as rewards for unlocking skits in the Character Theater, although this is one-time only. It's unlikely you'll max out your spells by the time you finish upgrading all your equipment so you’ll probably have to farm your last few spellbooks.

    To do this you'll need a lot of Change Scrolls, Divine Scrolls or Magic Compacts. Fill your inventory with all those items and a Transport Book. Now enter any dungeon and keep using those items until you get the book you want. If you get a book, use the Transport Book and save your game then restock on scrolls/compacts and repeat. If you didn't get the book you want then make a Temp Save and when at the title screen but don't load it, instead go to Continue and load that save. You'll be back to before you entered the dungeon with all your scrolls/compacts intact.

    Each one of these resets also counts towards Greetings, Dr Jones!

  • 몬스터를 합계 10,000마리 물리쳤다!

    Just kill 10,000 enemies and you'll get this. This will come as you play the game. You'll definitely get this as you’re working towards upgrading your equipments for Bookworm.

  • 도감 정보를 모두 입수했다!

    This will require you to find one of all the 700+ items and kill one of every enemy in the game.

    Most of the time you'll spend will be upgrading every equipment in the game, which is the only way to get a majority of the entries. Use this checklist to check off the tier 1 equips you've upgraded: LINK. There are also theater items which are found on white chests on specific floors of specific dungeons, a list of the theater items can be found here: LINK. The other items will be found naturally as long as you pick up everything you see.

    Filling up the monster book isn't hard either, as long as you kill everything you see. The only entries you're likely to miss are the merchants and the Minotaurs. A different type of merchant appears in each of the story dungeons from Flaming Volcano up to Sky Palace, you'll have to keep an eye out for them as you go through the dungeons and kill one when you see them. To kill them take an item they're selling and attempt to leave, they'll get mad and attack but usually Kuu will be in the way and absorb the punishment. He can't walk past Kuu so you can just fling spells at him whilst on the other side of Kuu and he'll die eventually.

    The second group are the Minotaurs, there are 5 different kinds and all of them can appear on one floor. Just hold + to wait out the turns and eventually you'll get a message that a great evil is approaching which means one has appeared, just find it and kill it. They can make you drop your equipped items, to counteract this just drop a useless item at your feet and fight them there. You'll have to keep waiting until you get all 5 to spawn. Be careful not to take too long to kill them as you'll get kicked out of the dungeon if you spend too many turns on the floor.

  • 모험에 나간 횟수가 100번을 넘었다!

    Simply enter a dungeon 100 times to get this. You'll get this as you're farming deaths for Down for the Count and resetting for Grand Magus and Kuu's skills for your Sky Palace runs. There's really no need to grind this.

  • 천공성전에 발을 내딛었다!

    After beating the main story you will unlock the extra chapter. The Sacred Sky Palace opens up after some scenes, simply enter it to get this trophy.

  • 몬스터를 합계 2,500마리 물리쳤다!

    See Lady Death

  • 몬스터를 합계 5,000마리 물리쳤다!

    See Lady Death

  • 던전에서 합계 50번 전투불능이 되었다!

    To get this you'll need to die 50 times, whether it be through items or by enemies. It's very difficult to die normally in this game, so you’ll have to grind this one out. Make sure you’ve beaten the game, then make sure you have nothing in your inventory, and head to the Spicy Curry Tower.

    When in there, find any enemy and walk in front of them and hold +. Punimans are ideal for this as Kuu won’t be able to kill them fast enough before they kill you. Simply repeat this 50 times for the trophy. You’ll also get 50 adventures this way, which counts towards Greetings Dr Jones.

  • 신비로운 카레탑을 클리어했다!

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the final story dungeon you'll visit. It lasts 43 floors (3 forest area + 40 for actual dungeon) and you'll fight Gigadis at floor 30F and Currysia at the end. The trophy pops when you exit the last floor after defeating the boss.

  • 스킬을 20종류 습득했다!

    See Grand Magus

  • 장비품을 +99까지 강화했다!

    For these trophies you'll need to craft +99 and -99 equipments. You can do this through the Giant Kuu or if Kuu has the Crafting Smarts skill. To enhance/weaken items, you just need to find items with a + or - then craft them with each other. Make sure you're crafting the same types of items (sword with sword, staff with staff, shield with shield) otherwise it won’t work.

    You will find + and - equips in any dungeon so you'll just need to pick up everything. - equips are rarer than + equips so you may want to prioritize keeping those if your inventory is full. When going through the Sky Palace, Kuu should have Crafting Smarts at all times so this is a perfect time to work on these trophies. Just pick up all + and - equipment you find and keep combining them and you'll eventually get the trophies.

    While - equips don't really do much for you stat wise, you shouldn't work on one specific type (shields only, swords only, etc) but instead work towards a - shield, - sword and - staff all at once. Due to the random nature of finding these you won't really know which one you'll get to -99 first, plus it gives you something to fall back on in case you lose progress towards one of the equipment types. The same idea goes for + equipment as well.

  • 장비품을 -99까지 약화시켰다!

    See Only the Finest

  • 마도의 탑·초심의 미로를 클리어했다!

    This is the first dungeon you'll delve into, it serves as a tutorial more than anything. Simply complete it and the trophy will pop.

  • 꽁꽁깡깡 동굴을 클리어했다!

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the first real dungeon you'll visit, it lasts 13 floors (3 forest area + 10 for actual dungeon) and you will fight the Crystal Turtle at the end. The trophy pops when you exit the last floor after defeating the boss.

  • 앗뜨거 화산을 클리어했다!

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the second story dungeon you'll visit. It lasts 18 floors (3 forest area + 15 for actual dungeon) and you will fight Zeo at floor 7F and the Lavapotty Shrimp at the end. The trophy will pop when you exit the last floor after defeating the boss.

  • 고대유적 마다델을 클리어했다!

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the third story dungeon you'll visit. It lasts 23 floors (3 forest area + 20 for actual dungeon) and you will fight the Possessed Puni at the end. The trophy will pop when you exit the last floor after defeating the boss.

  • 쌀쌀맞은 황야를 클리어했다!

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the fourth story dungeon you'll visit. It lasts 28 floors (3 forest area + 25 for actual dungeon) and you will fight Cliora at floor 15F and Imhotep at the end. The trophy will pop when you exit the last floor after defeating the boss.

  • 처음으로 장비품을 합성했다!

    When going through the first real dungeon, Rock Hard Caverns, Kuu will always have the Crafting Smarts skill as his first skill. To get this you just have to get any two equipment, then open up the Crafting Smarts skill. Select any two items to combine them and get the trophy.

  • 처음으로 카레를 만들었다!

    When you reach Chapter 2 you'll unlock the option to make curry. You can access this from the menu. You'll need at least one of an ingredient, rice and spice item to make one. Once you do, access the Curry on Demand option and select your ingredients. Pupuru will then make some curry and the trophy will pop after. The success rate seems to be random and sometimes she'll fail and make Cursed Curry instead so it might take a few tries.

  • 처음으로 옷을 갈아입었다!

    You'll get the option to do quests around Chapter 3. Completing one will award you with a clothing item. Go to Pupuru's room, then Clothing and select one of the clothing items you got for this trophy. You'll be able to clear a quest and get a clothing item immediately, once quests open up as clearing a dungeon for the first time counts as a quest (which you'll have done already).

  • 처음으로 스킬을 익혔다!

    See Grand Magus

  • 처음으로 카레가게에서 아이템을 샀다!

    You'll be able to get this in the first chapter. Smile Curry opens up once you start looking for the legendary ingredients, buy any item from the shop to get this trophy. Holy Waters are good to buy as they're cheap and you'll need some in case your items get cursed.

  • 처음으로 보물상자를 열었다!

    Treasure chests are randomly found in dungeons and appear as a green mark on the minimap. Simply walk up to it and press for the trophy. You’ll be able to get this as early as the tutorial dungeon.

  • 몬스터를 500마리 물리쳤다!

    See Lady Death

  • 던전에서 합계 15번 전투불능이 되었다!

    See Down for the Count

  • 오프닝 영상을 넘기지 않고 봤다!

    Once the game starts, simply stick around and watch the intro sequence. The trophy will pop once it's finished.

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