Fast Win Trophy in Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Fast Win


    Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

    How to unlock Fast Win

    Now is the perfect time to utilize the SAVE cheat. You must beat the game in under 40 minutes. It sounds a little hard, but it's really not.

    These are the major tips to remember:
    -Avoid trying to get emeralds
    -SAVE before every Act, reload if you die
    -Use the invulnerability technique to keep moving

    I got this trophy by overly using the save cheat. I would save before every act and save 2-8 times during the act at spots where I had trouble moving fast at (and had to restart the act). Really utilize the SAVE function.

    I have replayed the game and listed my times. These are the times you should try to aim for. It lists the acts, game time, and saved data time (taken at the beginning of the next act).

    Green Hill Zone---Game Time-----Saved Data Time
    Act 1-------------- 0:34----------- 0:00:57
    Act 2-------------- 0:35----------- 0.01:46
    Act 3-------------- 1:10----------- 0:03:16
    Marble Zone
    Act 1-------------- 1:10----------- 0:04:41
    Act 2-------------- 2:17----------- 0:07:12
    Act 3-------------- 2:07----------- 0:09:41
    Spring Yard Zone
    Act 1-------------- 1:40----------- 0:11:33
    Act 2-------------- 1:13----------- 0:13:04
    Act 3-------------- 2:21----------- 0:15:42
    Labyrinth Zone
    Act 1-------------- 2:26----------- 0:18:23
    Act 2-------------- 1:47----------- 0:20:38
    Act 3-------------- 2:24----------- 0:23:09
    Star Light Zone
    Act 1-------------- 1:15----------- 0:24:38
    Act 2-------------- 0:56----------- 0:25:09
    Act 3-------------- 1:57----------- 0:28:07
    Scrap Brain Zone
    Act 1-------------- 1:25----------- 0:29:44
    Act 2-------------- 1:45----------- 0:31:55
    Act 3-------------- 5:34----------- 0:37:63
    Final Zone
    FINAL ACT--------- 2:42----------- 0:40:20
    Total TIME________________________________
    -------------------24:44----------- 0:40:20

    The time that you need for this trophy is based off the combined level clocks, not the time it says on your saved data file!

    I purposely took a long time on Scrap Zone Act 3 to prove it.

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  • Hi everybody, i listed the time of this guide on a paper.I used the 4 min. tu put a 20 sec at every chrono listed.Its a lot easier like this for me but not enough. So i decided to check a full walktrought speed run. Not only for the 2 bronze trophies but for the full game.I found that on Scrap level act3 , i could do this level in around 40 sec!The time written was: Act3-------------- 5:34----------- 0:37:63. Ther a very big difference btw 40 secondes and 5 minutes. So if you use the 4 minutes already free in the guide+ 4minutes just for the act3 in Scrap , Its make you a big 20% of margin of error! Hope it will help someone, wish you all good trophy hunting!
  • *16 min.
  • easy. did in like 33 min
  • @1 it was stated in the guide that he did Scrap brain act 3 in 5:34 on purpose to see if the trophy used the time in the game save (of which it was over) or the combined level clear times as there is a difference. So obviously scrap brain act 3 can be cleared in a lot less time!
  • easy
  • lol at the guide, you don't need to hit those times at all. If the final time is 25 minutes with those times, there's still 15 minutes of play. 15 minutes!! Plenty of time for people to go slower than the times listed in each stage and still get the trophy.

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