Fast Chemical Trophy in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • Fast Chemical


    Beat Chemical Plant Zone 1 in under 45 seconds.


    How to unlock Fast Chemical

    This trophy is a lot harder than Fast Emerald. Must be done under 45 seconds, not exactly 45 seconds. Just like the Fast Emerald trophy, you just really need to get used to the level's layout so you know what paths to take. See video guide below for visual aid. The video guide really helped me out a lot. It was pretty hard to do on my own. While watching the video, pause every couple of seconds and try to do what he just did.

    Video by XRedDragonClawsX

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  • Thanks for this video. Using it and the "save" cheat I was able to get the trophy for it. Really appreciate it.
  • You needed a video for this? This game's easier than inFAMOUS 2 -.-
  • Infamous 2 isn't even a justifiable comparison... MY TOASTER STAYS STILL BETTER THAN YOUR PET MONKEY! Yeah, the game's easy. Sonic's a badass, but not everyone is a self-proclaimed vet... and judging by the distance between the two comments I'd say you had your eyes on that video also. Already knew about the save, it's a life saver- no pun intended... No rage.
  • Lol Sonic is an easier game than inFamous and yes it's justifiable. Sonic isn't easy because people played it a lot, it's easy because it was made easy. You run through a level at high speeds, just needing to make sure you remember where the gaps are. At the very worst, you don't run full speed the whole time. And the whole "toaster/pet monkey" thing, that's not the same situation at all. Sonic 2 is an archaic game of simple design. inFamous was built on superior technology to be infinitely more complex that Sonic 2 was a simple 16 bit 2D platformer from 1992. You jump and you roll/spin. That's literally all you do and you kill everything. I think there's a "little bit" more strategy to inFamous than that. It's like Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
  • GIT GUD 90s Nostalgia Douche detected

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