• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline: 46 ( 33, 11, 1, 1 )
  • Online: 4 ( 2, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 1 to Any (Ghost Master) - See "Glitched Trophies" for details.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies? - There are no cheat codes.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies? - No

Hello folks! This is your commentator speaking and I welcome you boys and girls to Sonic and Sega All-Stars! - Introduction
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a racing game featuring characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and other SEGA franchises. The reason why "Sonic" is in the title is not just for marketing purposes, but because a quarter of the playable characters are from the Sonic franchise.

Also I would like to say, we have finally got a kart racing game that ACTUALLY tests your kart racing skills thanks to the mission mode. There are 64 missions in total you must get a AAA rating in to get the platinum.

If you bought the game and got the platinum, please don't sell it yet. There is planned DLC coming for the game in the near future.

Overall you could say it's an easy platinum, and it is. But it's certainly not a quick one.


The "Ghost Master" is currently glitched. This is a bit hit or miss. You can get this trophy without problems. But some trying for it CAN be unlucky and not recieve the trophy. If you haven't got the Ghost Master trophy and in your stats it says you have defeated all ghosts, then I'm afraid you're screwed and you'll have to start a fresh game save.

There has been a number of people who having problems unlocking a certain number of random trophies too. If this ever happened to you, there is no workaround you MUST start a new save file to get them. It sucks, but this happens when your save file gets glitched.


Of course this is a kart racing game, with characters collecting power-ups to boost their speed or hamper their opponents. Like Sumo's previous Sega game, Sega Superstars Tennis, each character has a 'All-Star Move' unique to them, such as Sonic transforming into Super Sonic. They can be used against opponents. The game will have multiplayer options for up to four players in split-screen and eight players online.

Vehicles are separated into four different categories: racing, off-road, bike and hovercraft. As the terrain on the tracks will vary, vehicles can be either assisted or hindered by the surfaces they drive upon. For example, racing-type vehicles perform best on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete, but are hampered by soft terrain such as mud, sand or snow. The opposite is true for off-road type vehicles. Hovercraft are not affected by any terrain and are able to perform multiple boosts after a jump, but they are unable to drift and have low acceleration. All of the vehicles also have their own specific engine sounds. By playing through the game, players can earn Sega Miles that can be spent in the in-game shop to unlock additional content such as characters, tracks, art and songs.

The game will have customizable multiplayer options for up to four players on split-screen and eight players online, including Free Races and Arena Modes. There is also Grand Prix, Time Trials and Mission mode.

Here are a few notes:

  • Don't worry about the license trophies until the very end of the roadmap.
  • Be careful when you're playing this game. Many people have reported some trophies aren't unlocking for them. If this ever happened to you, there is no simpler way than to tell you that you're screwed and you'll have to start all over again.
  • The Dreamarena trophy has been fixed in the latest patch. Ghost Master is unknown.
  • When you want to purchase anything in store, make sure you purchase the items in this order:

    - All the courses.
    - ONLY buy these selected characters "Chuchus", "Beat" and "Zobio & Zobiko".
    - All the music.
    - All the rest of the Characters.

    Nothing bad will happen if you mix this up, but your time to platinum will slightly increase.
  • Getting the Magical Sound Shower trophy can be annoying if you don't keep track. That's why luckily I made a checklist in the Guide Supplements section in this guide. Printout a copy for yourself and tick off each track you are listening to.

1 - Complete Sonic's Test Drive
When you start up the game for the first time, the game will ask you to take a test drive. Select "Yes" and complete his test drive. DON'T quit until Sonic says you are ready to leave the test drive. Then leave the test drive. You should have the Rolling Start trophy after this.

2 - Complete all the Grand Prix Championships
First of all complete all the championships on Beginner difficulty. There is no trophy for completing a championship on higher difficulties. Your top priority on this is to come 1st in EVERY race in one championship. If you've done that, you should get a silver trophy. Then after that you just need to win all the championships.

At the end you should have all the trophies that are put down in the "Grand Prix Trophies" category below in the guide. If you don't, delete your save file and start again because your save file could be glitched.

3 - Complete Mission Mode
Your next task is to go mission mode and get AAA in every single mission. There are a total of 64 missions for you to complete and it will take a lot of your time. Some missions are difficult but doable. If you are stuck on one mission, feel free to post here or start a new thread and the friendly PS3T community will help you as soon as possible.

When you have completed every single mission to an AAA standard, you should have all the trophies under the "Mission Mode Trophies" category below in this guide.

4 - Purchase all the Courses & Complete all the Time Trials
By now you should have enough SEGA miles to purchase all the locked tracks (if you don't, still purchase some of the courses you can buy). Head over to Time Trial, select and play EACH course, being sure to also beat the Staff Ghost that is there.

If you didn't have enough SEGA miles to get all the courses from the start, now you should have enough. If not, do some single races until you get enough.

When you have beaten all the staff ghosts in each track, you should have all the trophies that are put down under the "Time Trial Trophies" category in this guide.

5 - Go and get all the PlayStation Network (Online) Trophies
You need a boosting partner for at least 1 trophy which is of course Dreamarena. Set up a match with them and take turns lapping and beating each other to quickly get the Dreamarena, Racing Hero and Outrunner trophies, then keep playing online races and using weapons on people until you get the Death Adder trophy.

6 - Clean Up
Now all that's left is getting the rest of the trophies from the "License Trophies", "Gameplay Trophies", "Shopping Trophies" and "Secret Trophies" categories in this guide. Here is what I suggest:

  • First is to aim for the Fighters Megamix & Classic Collection trophies first. Then get the rest of the trophies in the "Gameplay Trophies" category except Magical Sound Shower. LEAVE that trophy for later.
  • Then purchase the rest of the stuff from the store using your SEGA miles. Purchase the characters "Chu Chus", "Zobio and Zobiko" and "Beat" first. Then move to the music section and purchase all of the music. When you purchased all the music, move over to characters again and purchase them all. If you don't have enough then that's okay. Leave this to later.
  • Get all the Secret trophies in the game. You should definitely have the Giant Egg trophy before doing this step if you have followed my roadmap. Just get the rest.
  • Now aim for the Magical Sound Shower trophy. Purchase all the music. If you have been keeping track on the music you've been listening to you shouldn't be far from getting this trophy.
  • Now the only trophy that should be standing in your way from your platinum is Golden Acts. Grind, grind and just grind until you have 750,000 SEGA miles.

[PST Would Like To Thank StarlightSammy for this Roadmap]

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

50 trophies ( 13  35  7  )

  • Earn every Trophy in the game.

    Congratulations on this platinum!

  • Earn your BLUE SEGA License.

     You need 50,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this trophy.

    See "Golden Acts". 

  • Earn your AMBER SEGA License.

    You need 100,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this trophy.

    See "Golden Acts". 

  • Earn your RED SEGA License.

    You need 150,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this trophy.

    See "Golden Acts".

  • Earn your BRONZE SEGA License.

    You need 300,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this trophy.

    See "Golden Acts".

  • Earn your SILVER SEGA License.

    You need 500,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this trophy.

    See "Golden Acts".

  • Earn your GOLD SEGA License.

    This is a grinding trophy but it's not that much of a big one. You get Sega Miles on every mode you do and when you receive the right amount of Sega miles, the specific trophy unlocks. You can get better Sega Miles if you have come 1st in any type of race or receiving AAA on your missions. You get Sega Miles even if you win or lose. You need 750,000 SEGA Miles to unlock this final SEGA Miles license trophy.

  • Win your first Grand Prix Cup.

    See "To be this good takes AGES!".

  • Win every race within a Grand Prix Cup.

    See "To be this good takes AGES!".

  • Win every Grand Prix Cup.

    Start the Grand Prix on Beginner difficulty. Choose your favorite racer and begin your first Grand Prix cup. Make sure you come 1st in all the races (get 40 points) at the end of the tournament and you will receive the Welcome to the Next Level! and Now There Are No Limits! trophies. When you have got those trophies, you don't have to worry of becoming 1st in ALL races anymore. However you still need to win all the other 2 Grand Prix Cups. Breeze through the rest of the Grand Prix Cups championships and you'll receive this trophy. You will also get SEGA World after getting this trophy.

  • Take out an opponent with each character's All-Star Move.

    A time-consuming trophy but it's kinda fun to do! Once you purchased all the characters do a single race with each character. Make sure the CPUs are on Beginner difficulty and leave "Catch-up" on. Stay around 6th place or below and keep smashing the item boxes until you get the character's all star move. Use it and then TOUCH an opponent with the all-star move. You need to TOUCH an opponent while you're in an all-star move otherwise you'll have problems. Check on the "Trophies" section under the "License" menu for your progress.

    Alex Kidd: Make sure you hit an opponent with his bullets and the opponent spins out after. The reason why I mentioned him because I spent 40 minutes trying to figure out who was the character I didn't properly do and it was him.

    Shadow: Most people have problems unlocking the trophy because of Shadow. Again you have to TOUCH an opponent with Shadow while he is all-star. DO NOT use any of his spears to hit an opponent otherwise it WON'T count.

    Opa-Opa: When you become all-star you have two choices between the missiles and some other move. You only need to select one move, hit/touch an opponent and it counts all together. Meaning you DON'T need to do another all-star move with Opa-Opa.

    Amigo: Amigo's all star move is quite different. When you get his all-star move, make sure you are near some racers. The near racers will then form a line behind you and dance. At the end of the dance they all spin out.

    Knuckles: Make sure you charge up your earthquake to the fullest. Then release it, every racer no matter where they are will then spin out. You don't have to be near a racer at all.

    Ulala: Same as Amigo's only you shoot the opponents.

    Aiai: When using Aiai, he will go in to a ball and other monkeys will come out of nowhere to help Aiai. The other monkeys will try and spin the other opponents out. You (Aiai) MUST hit/touch an opponent. It will not count if you don't even though the other monkeys knocked the opponents out for you.

    Warning! (From jthamind): The Bonanza Brothers' mission where you use the blimp does NOT count as doing their all-star move. I had 19/20 done and was wondering why I hadn't unlocked it. I had never tried the BB's one in a race since I already did the mission where you use their move but I tried them anyway and it unlocked.

  • Set a Personal Best Time on any Time Trial course.

    See "Clock Work".

  • Set a Personal Best Time on every Time Trial course.

    Set your personal best time on every track available. Just setting your personal best on one track will unlock Time Stalker. You just need to do one lap and once you finish the lap, quit the race. Remember you need to unlock ALL the courses by purchasing from the store to get this trophy and play all courses.

  • Defeat a Staff Ghost on any Time Trial course.

    See "Ghost Master".

  • Defeat a Staff Ghost on every Time Trial course.


    Defeat all the staff ghosts on every course. To defeat them obviously, you have to reach the end of the lap. If you defeat a Staff Ghost once, you should get the Shadow Dancing. Check the "Trophies" screen to track your progress. You should get the Clock Work trophy to when you receive this trophy.

    Beware this trophy as it can be glitched! For some people, they have defeated all ghosts but this didn't unlock! If this ever happened to you, try doing the trials again (However make sure you are NOT racing a Sumo Ghost) if it still doesn't unlock, then you have to start a fresh save file.

  • Score AAA on any mission.

    See "Top of the Class".

  • Pass every mission.

    See "Top of the Class".

  • Race to every piece of music.

    This trophy should be one of the very last ones to get. Do not AIM for this trophy until you finished all the modes and have gotten most of the trophies and just grinding for the Golden Acts trophy. There are two ways to get it.

    - Purchase all the music from the store. You need alot of SEGA miles to get them all. If you have the Captain Silver trophy, you are fine and you shouldn't have any problems getting all the music.

    - You can play online over and over, you need be the host and keep selecting the same course over and over again until you listened to all the tracks from that course, then move on to the next course and do the same to that until this trophy unlocks. If you want to play online all the time you DON'T need to purchase any music however I would not recommend this as you need to purchase everything from the store anyway to get the platinum.

    See here for all the music tracks you can purchase in this game: LINK


  • Score AAA on every mission.

    There are only 5 missions are very tricky for you to get AAA in. Apart from those "5", the rest of the missions are pure easy. There are a total of 64 missions for you to complete. Try the mission first to see how well you go, then choose “Restart” once you’re done and keep doing it until you get an AAA rating. The reason why I asked you to finish the mission to the very end then restart because you get SEGA miles at the end of each try. Get an "AAA" rank in any mission will unlock the Mega Driver trophy. Completing all 64 missions will unlock the Crazy Box trophy. Completing ALL the missions to an AAA rank will unlock this trophy.

  • Play with a Friend online.

    This is the easiest online trophy. Simply invite or join a friend online and race. Should unlock 10 seconds in to the race.

  • Win any race online.

    Simply win any type of race online. You can win against a friend and still get this trophy.

  • Lap a trailing player in a race online.

    You may need a boosting partner for this. Your partner must do nothing when the race starts and you just finish the whole lap until you see your partner's cart again. Drive past it and the trophy should unlock. Try to get Racing Hero too if you haven't got it yet.

  • Take out opponents with items one hundred times online.

    You don't really need a boosting partner for this. Just play any game online and use any items and take your opponents out with them. You must take them out 100 times. You can check your progress by looking at the "Trophies" section via the "License" menu.

  • Purchase any item from the Shopping Menu.

    See "High Roller".

  • Purchase every item from the Shopping Menu.

    Simply purchase every single course, character (racer) and music from the store. You should able to clear everything when you have the Captain Silver license trophy. Buy any item there though will unlock the Lucky Dime trophy.

  • Win a race as each racer.

    Should aim for Fighters Megamix trophy while doing this. Purchase all the characters and just simply go to a single race and win the race with that character. Make sure the races are on Beginner difficulty to make things easier. If you are after the Fighters Megamix trophy too, then start the race close to last place and stay there until you get an item box with an all-star move. YOU MUST get an All-Star move on the 1st lap otherwise you will have problems coming 1st at the end of the race. Be careful.

  • Complete a race on each course in Grand Prix, Single Race or Time Trial mode.

    Okay I know this trophy doesn't really "fit" in this category as you can get it also in Time Trial mode and a Single race. However when you start up the game for the first time, completing ALL the Grand Prix cups will give you this sweet trophy. It's also the fastest way. Doing the championships should be your 1st priority if you are following my roadmap.

  • Perform a fifteen second Drift.


    This can be hard if you don't know what you're doing. You should know how to drift after completing Sonic's Test Drive. You have to drift and keep drifting for a full 15 seconds. I got mine from the Dark Arsenal course. But there is an easier way. On Mission 4 - Treasure Island (Under Missions Mode), simply find a nice open space and drift for 15 seconds.

  • Perform twenty Turbo-Boosts within a single lap of any event.

    This isn't hard but you don't use the right character you will have problems. Make sure you use Amigo or any other character that can launch boosts very quickly. Do NOT attempt to make level 2 or 3 boosts (If you have a Dualshock controller when it vibrates once while drifting let go immediately). Dark Arsenal or any other Final Fortress course from Sonic the Hedgehog is good enough for you to make 20 boosts. Mid-air tricks may not count (unless someone confirms this) so I recommend not doing any tricks.

  • Perform three Tricks in one jump and make the landing.


    If you played Madagascar Kartz, you'll get this without even trying. Just like that game press three times while in mid-air and land perfectly to unlock this trophy. You MUST land perfectly otherwise (duh!) it won't unlock. The Shibuya Downtown track is a perfect place to do this. Perfect place.

  • Get a Turbo-Boost Start to any event.


    See "Wheels of Fire".

  • Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.


    You get a turbo-boost start if you start accelerating at the right time before the race. You have to start holding as soon as the ‘2’ starts to appear during the countdown. The timing for this is pretty precise so you might not get it on your first try, but if you don’t get it just pause and restart the race. Doing it once will secure your Gaining Ground trophy. Do it THREE times in a row in any event will give you this trophy.

  • Complete Sonic's Test Drive.

    Can I say this is the easiest trophy in the game? Anyway when you start up the game for the first time, you'll be asked to be taken to Sonic's Test Drive. Select "Yes" and complete the test drive. DO NOT leave the test drive until Sonic says you are ready. Then quit and the trophy should unlock. You can revisit the Test Drive anytime by going to the License menu.

  • Take out three opponents with one All-Star Move.

    Best to do with Sonic, Shadow or Knuckles. When all star, make sure you hit/touch three opponents. Remember you have to hit/touch three racers with ONE all star move. Knuckles is by far the easiest if you have unlocked him. Charge up your quake to the fullest and release. It will take out EVERY racer on the course.

  • Take out three opponents with one triple-weapon.

    This can be really confusing for some people. First, you need a triple weapon (could be triple rockets, triple exploding cones, triple bombs or triple boxing gloves) and you need to release all the weapons at ONCE by holding the button. You have to hope the three bombs/rockets/gloves/cones hits three different opponents. If it does it will unlock. It WON'T unlock for sure if you have a triple weapon and just release one bomb or whatever at a time.

  • Take out a racer by manually directing an item.


    I'm sure you will unlock this while playing the game without even going for it but if not then basically all you have to do is release an item then use the to control the item manually to hit an opponent. The easiest way to get this trophy though is by hitting an opponent behind you with a rocket or a glove by using holding the down and hit .

  • Ram an opponent off the course without using a Weapon or Power-Up.

    Best to do with 2 controllers. Ram the second player off the track and the trophy should unlock. It doesn't matter if you managed to fall off yourself too.

    If you don't have a second controller, use Big the Cat and use level 3 boosts and hope to hit an opponent so hard they fall off the course.

  • Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse.

    TURN OFF the Catch-up system. If this is on, no matter how much you're boosting a 2nd placed CPU will catch up eventually. Turn off the catch up system and just before the finish line on the 3rd lap reverse using the button over the finish line.

  • Win a race while using an All-Star Move.


    Easy to do with Beginner difficulty. You can get this trophy along with Last Survivor if you follow what I've written down here. Select your best racer and make sure catch-up is on. Start in last place and stay in that position until you receive the all star move. Continue to stay last place until you reach the 2nd lap. Now don't use your all star and hold it until the final lap. Make sure you're 1st (you need to catch up with the CPUs, keep boosting and you should meet them in no time) then just before you're at the finish line, activate your all-star transformation and cross the finish line.

  • Finish the first lap in last position and go on to win the race.


    See "Altered Beast".

  • Win the race holding first place on each lap.


    Simply make sure you finish 1st place in EACH of the laps you do. Trophy should unlock after the race. Best to do in beginner difficulty and you should get this while doing the tournaments.

  • Complete any Race event without collisions.


    Best to do with the first Sonic course. Start a single race and stay last place. Do NOT hit any racer and do not hit anything else with your kart apart from item boxes. Don't even touch the puddles. Trophy should unlock after the race.

  • Play one hundred events including any race, mission or time trial in any mode.


    You'll get this trophy naturally. If you are after the platinum you'll unlock this in no time. Replaying events also count towards the trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Use Sonic's All-Star Move to take out Dr. Eggman and show him who's boss!


    Here you have to use Sonic’s All-Star move and make sure you hit Eggman with it. Start a Single Race as Sonic on Beginner difficulty and make sure Eggman is one of the other drivers. (You can use 2 controllers and the 2P can be Eggman). Stay last place (or 7th place if you're using the 2nd controller trick), hit the item boxes until you get Sonic's All-Star Move which is the Super Sonic. Find Eggman and get a good distance behind Eggman, then trigger the All-Star move and just simply touch Dr. Eggman.

  • Use Amy's All-Star Move to send Sonic dizzy with love!


    This trophy is slightly different to the "Sonic Unleashed" trophy because you can't just touch Sonic to unlock this trophy. Here you have to use Amy’s All-Star move and make sure you hit Sonic with it. Start a Single Race as Amy on Beginner difficulty and make sure Sonic is one of the other drivers. (You can use 2 controllers and the 2P can be Sonic). Stay last place (or 7th place if you're using the 2nd controller trick), hit the item boxes until you get Amy's All-Star Move which is the Piko-Piko Hammer. Find Sonic and get a good distance behind Sonic, then trigger the All-Star move and hit Sonic as you approach him by pressing . Make sure you hit him using the button otherwise the trophy will not unlock.

  • Use Ryo's All-Star Move to take out Jacky and Akira and show them who's the ultimate martial artist!

    This one is similar to the "Feel the Magic" trophy. You have to use Ryo’s All-Star move and make sure you hit Sonic with it. Start a Single Race as Ryo on Beginner difficulty and make sure Jacky and Akira are one of the other drivers. (You can use 2 controllers and the 2P can be Jacky and Akira). Stay in last place (or 7th place if you're using the 2nd controller trick), hit the item boxes until you get Ryo's All-Star Move which is the Forklift vehicle. Find Jacky and Akira's car and get a good distance behind Jacky and Akira, then trigger the All-Star move and hit Jacky and Akira as you approach him by pressing . Make sure you hit him using the

    button otherwise the trophy will not unlock.
  • Use Billy's All-Star Move to squash the Crows!

    All you have to do is play Mission 12 via mission mode. You will get the trophy there as you play as Billy and you must squash the crows using his all-star move in order to pass the mission.

  • Perform three tricks in one jump with Beat on Tokyo-to - Shibuya Downtown.


    You must unlock Beat in order to get this trophy. Then choose the Shibuya Downtown track. Eventually you’ll be able to either go through a tunnel or go up one of two ramps at either side of it. Go up one of the ramps and then turn left to a huge jump. Bash the button until he makes 3 tricks and land perfectly. You must land perfectly!

  • Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.

    Now I spent 3 hours doing this trophy...and I was 100% sure I knocked out 100 zombies so I was confused. Then I found the answer. You MUST use an item or boost over the zombies to get this trophy. Hitting them and you spinning out at the same time WON'T count. Make sure you unlocked Zobio and Zobiko (it must be them only!) and choose any mansion course. I recommend the "Outer Forest" course. As I said, just hit the zombies with an item or boost over them and this trophy will unlock soon.

  • Summon the giant KapuKapu and gobble up Big the Cat for mouse revenge!


    Please note, this is an all-star move against Big the Cat. You must be the Chuchus (you have to unlock them) and when playing a track, you must have Big the Cat as one of the opponents. It is easier with a second controller, having the 2P as Big the Cat. When the Chuchus (you) get their All-star move, find Big the Cat, activate your All-star and run towards/touch Big the Cat.

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